Fibershots – Embellish Your World

Fibershots – Embellish Your World
FiberShots Community Challenge helps support the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles. All 16”
squares are donated by artists and sold using reverse auction with prices beginning at $300. Starting
April 8, FiberShots are reduced to $150 and April 22, all squares will be $74. All proceeds will be
used to support the Museum’s fiber art advocacy efforts.
FiberShots is an important investment in the Museum’s future and provides fiber art for people to
collect and appreciate.
Artists who have contributed:
Ann Baldwin May
Mel Beach
Jessica Bernhardt
Susan Bianchi
Nancy Brown
Irene Bunner
Marsha Burdick
Frances Cheng
Ginny Dixon
Margaret Fabrizio
Bobbi Finley
Jean Gillette
Ann Grundler
Dawn Herrell-Jones
Louise Horkey
Jen Johnson
Gloria Kahn
Jean Gilette Untitled
Robin Koenig
Lynn Koolish
Amy Rebecca Lang
Therese May
Nany Neal
Caroline Ogg
Roberta Pabst
LaVerne Parmley
Geri Patterson-Kutras
Yvonne Porcella
Carolyn Spitz
Marilyn Stocker
Marie Strait
Sue Vaughan
LaNelle Wilkinson
Ellen Wong
Marilyn Stocker Untitled
Yvonne Porcella What Once Was SOLD
Irene Bunner Dragonfly Soaring
Lynn Koolish Sparkling Color Wheel SOLD
Ann Baldwin May Purple Fish Swimming
Jen Johnson Zip Your Lips
Susan Bianchi Sinuosity #1 SOLD