2015 candidate statements - Associated Students of SDSU

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My name is Jeremy Zaida. I am an ecology major, a theatre design major,
and an eagle scout. I am not your typical candidate for AS President. I want to
use the position to reach out and make AS receptive to all students’ ideas and
needs. I promise to be a voice for everyone, not just a few select groups on
campus. I want to expand on the quality programs AS already offers, while also
working to make this campus more sustainable and more affordable. Vote for
me, and I will make our campus a safer and more exciting place to go to school.
I want San Diego State to be a leading university for student involvement in
campus life. Stay classy San Diego.
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Greetings Aztecs, my name is Brian Oh and I am running to serve as
SDSU’s next Vice President of External Relations.
I see my candidacy as the best opportunity for me to give back to the school
that has given so much to me.
With my two years as an Aztec, I have been involved in the Army ROTC
program, held a position on the Executive board as Vice President of Internal in
the Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity, been a member of Phi Kappa Theta
and I am currently on the TEDx SDSU Committee.
SDSU is my second home and my passion for this school will drive me to succeed. Vote
Brian Oh for VP External and GO AZTECS!!
My name is Blaire Ward and I am running to be your Associated Students
In my 3 years as a student leader, I have held many roles from A.S.
Representative for the Student Diversity Commission and PSFA, to involvement
in Greek Life and Rotaract. These experiences give me the confidence that we
can continue building on our excellence.
I am passionate that each student is able to actively pursue the
enhancement of their experience at SDSU, by promoting student involvement, strengthening
alumni support, and increasing auxiliary organization integration in providing opportunities to
With your support, I am ready and excited to create a bold, fresh legacy that supports
communication, strengthens the Aztec experience, and serves student success!
I believe that every Aztec has a voice to be heard and that voice has the
power to transform San Diego State University.
During my time with Professional Studies and Fine Arts College Council, I
have served as vice president of public affairs, executive vice president and
currently, president. While leading this diverse group of student
representatives, I have listened to the voices of the college and helped address
the critical needs of thousands.
If elected, I would continue to strengthen communication by creating an
informed campus culture. Monthly “State of the University” videos will help those who feel a
disconnect between AS and their college experience.
It’s time to bring the campus together. So, vote Chelsea Baer as your next Associated
Students President.
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My name is Kyle Murphy and I am running to be your Associated Students
Executive Vice President.
With involvement in A.S. on the Board of Directors, an active role in Greek
Life as the Interfraternity Council Vice President, and diverse experiences in
many other student organizations, I understand the importance of enhancing
opportunities for all students.
Using my experience, passion and network I will work to develop a culture
that promotes Aztec pride. By bringing together students from all areas on and off campus, we
will create a university dedicated to a more collaborative Aztec community.
With your support, I am ready and excited to create a bold, fresh legacy that supports
communication, strengthens the Aztec experience, and serves student success!
I believe that every Aztec has a voice to be heard; and that voice has the
power to transform San Diego State University.
My involvement with Associated Students has opened my eyes to the ways
any student on this campus can impact the university. No idea is too small to
make a difference. My experience with event planning and helping oversee the
operations of the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union, through the Aztec
Student Union Board, has taught me how students can make their voice heard.
I want all students to feel empowered to create the change that they want to
see, and that begins with you.
It’s time to bring the campus together. So, vote Trevor Yarnall as your next Executive Vice
My name is Leo Carrillo and I am running to be your A.S. Executive Vice
My experience as the A.S. Student Support Commission Representative,
Vice President of Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity, involvement in diverse cultural
organizations, EOP, and role as a Community Service Officer has prepared me
to serve the SDSU student body. I have developed practical and theoretical
knowledge to passionately unify and enhance the Aztec Experience!
My vision is to increase awareness of numerous student resources available and boost
collaboration among student organizations, A.S., and the campus community. I will cultivate
relationships with campus departments to increase Aztec pride and student success.
This position is an opportunity to serve my peers and further enhance SDSU’s national prestige.
About the Candidate Statements
Associated Students invited all candidates to submit a written statement not to exceed 125
words for today’s election special publication. Statements appear as they were submitted by
each candidate. No corrections or editing were made by the A.S. or The Daily Aztec, unless
otherwise noted. However, some changes to formats for the purpose of uniformity were
necessary. The views, opinions, statements or other content in these statements belong to
the respective candidates and are not endorsed or fact-checked by the Associated
Students, The Daily Aztec, San Diego State University or any of their officers or employees.
Other Election Information
Please note: All regularly enrolled SDSU students may vote for the A.S. Executive Officers
and Campus Life Council Representatives. Students may only vote for the A.S. Council
College representatives from their respective colleges. Write-In Candidates are eligible for
all elected positions after submitting required candidate forms in the A.S. Office, 3rd floor of
the Conrad Prebys Aztec student Union.
Call 619.594.6555 for more info or visit www.as.sdsu.edu
My name is Tyler Aguilar and I am running to be your Associated Students
Vice President of External Relations!
As current Vice Chair of the External Relations board, Associated Students
Recreation & Wellness Commissioner, and leader in the Greek community, I
am confident I can utilize my experience to serve the entire student population.
Through continued campus collaboration, I strive to create lasting
relationships with local communities, increase the exposure of Aztec pride, and
advocate and lobby on behalf of students for issues that provide greater academic achievement.
With your support, I am ready and excited to create a bold, fresh legacy that supports
communication, strengthens the Aztec experience, and serves student success!
I believe that every Aztec has a voice to be heard; and that voice has the
power to transform San Diego State University.
As Vice President of External Relations, it is my duty to ensure that SDSU
has a well-informed student body, aware of the legislative actions that affect us
as students. With my experience of leading statewide organizations focused on
advocacy for student rights, I am looking forward to working with passionate
students who will advocate on behalf of the needs of our campus. I will be the
bridge between students and our legislators, but the power to elicit change
starts with your voice.
It’s time to bring the campus together. So, vote Cameron Lyons as your next Vice President
of External Relations.
I am running for the External Affairs position because I love SDSU. This love
is not merely extended to what SDSU is, but what it has the potential to
become. I have been part of Associated Students for the past two years and it
never fails to surprise me how progressive and open minded our student body
is, but I feel like we can be even greater than we already are; and this
greatness is not just confined to the walls of our classrooms and lecture halls,
but to the rising consciousness of our student body in challenging issues of
race, sex, and social justice; I want to be a part of that positive change, and in
voting for me, I hope you do to.
Aztecs, I am here to channel your voice. You the people have the power –
The power to create happiness – The power to make this experience free and
beautiful. Let us use that power. Let us come together; let us do away with
greed and intolerance; let us embark on a new era, an era where our progress
provides happiness and respect, for each and every one of us.
It’s been 75 years since Charlie Chaplin delivered a similar message to
humankind. I believe it’s time we listened to him; it’s time we take swift action;
it’s time for you, the student body, to be heard; and I am here to channel your
voice. Onward.
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My name is Dominic Bilotti and I am running to be your Vice President of
Financial Affairs!
With leadership experience as the current A.S. College of Business
Representative, member of the A.S. Financial Affairs Committee, and leader in
the Greek Community, I am prepared to serve the student interests.
As Chief Financial Officer, I will enhance the transparency of finances,
increase the accessibility of program funding, and continue to raise the bar for
Aztecs Rock Hunger. I believe this position is a chance to engage the students in creating a
healthy financial state for SDSU.
With your support, I am ready and excited to create a bold, fresh legacy that supports
communication, strengthens the Aztec experience, and serves student success!
I believe that every Aztec has an influence.
During these last three years, I have involved myself in managing the
finances of many student organizations through Associated Students and have
sat on numerous Boards. I have learned that it is not just about hearing
someone’s voice, but listening to it. The difference is that the people who listen,
are the people who act. If Elected, I will be listening to YOU, honoring YOUR
voice, and YOUR concerns.
There is more to life than just living. It is about perpetuating the good and
making sure every student has an influence on campus. I am the person that can do that for
you. So, vote Jason Peretz as your next Vice President of Financial Affairs.
VOTE March 16-19
on the
SDSU WebPortal
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My name is Andrea Byrd and I am running to be your Vice President of
University Affairs!
With my diverse experiences as the Vice President of Public Relations for
Alpha Kappa Psi, Community Relations Officer for Afrikan Student Union, and
Media Correspondent for KCR College Radio, I am confident that I am prepared
to serve the student body.
Through my role as Chief Academic Officer, I will connect students to the
campus community through leadership collaboration, enhance the Aztec Culture Project with
renewed programming, and increase accessibility to academic resources by developing the
College Council-student relationship.
With your support, I am ready and excited to create a bold, fresh legacy that supports
communication, strengthens the Aztec experience, and serves student success!
As your Vice President of University Affairs, I will put my expertise to work for
the university and my fellow students. I have gained valuable experience
throughout my life from being an Eagle Scout, a lifeguard instructor, leading
extended backpacking trips, and currently teaching a leadership curriculum at
high schools.
I will report to the Associated Student University Council to keep them aware
of current events. I will facilitate all necessary steps to ensure the fair and
consistent treatment of all student causes. I will perform these duties, and all
others entrusted to me.
A strong leader not only can take initiative but can also follow. It would be an honor to serve
you as a member of the AS Board of Directors.
I believe that every Aztec has a voice to be heard; and that voice has the
power to transform San Diego State University.
Through my involvement in organizations such as Andres Bonifacio
Samahan, AIESEC, and the Aztec Student Union Board, I was given the
opportunity to grow and connect with students of diverse backgrounds.
This next year, I look forward to working strategically with the university to
strengthen the communicative efforts we are all taking to combat sexual assault
on campus. Furthermore, by encouraging dialogue between students, I will
ensure that every Aztec feels supported in making the changes they want to see at SDSU.
It’s time to bring the campus together. So, vote Jolly Mateo as your next Vice President of
University Affairs.
Fellow Aztecs! My name is June Kim, and I am running to be your next
Associated Student, Vice President of University Affairs! As a student leader, I
believe that it is important to have the student’s voices heard and keep
everyone’s best interests at heart.
As for my leadership experiences on campus, I was the formal Intramurals
Chair for my sorority and am a member of the KSA.
If elected, I would take on student issues regarding academic policy and
further engage with other organizations, such as the Associated Students
University Council. I love being an Aztec and I would love to be able to represent all of the
students at SDSU in a positive light!
Thank you, and vote June Kim!
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My name is Suraj Patel and I am running to serve YOU as your Campus
Community Commission Representative!
I am committed to improving relations with our surrounding community, and
enhancing the role that SDSU has in being a good neighbor. With the support
of my fellow Aztecs, I will strengthen communication efforts by maximizing
transparency between the surrounding neighborhoods and the student body.
My involvement within Associated Students and the Greek community has
provided me with a comprehensive understanding of our university’s relationship with our
community neighbors.
By implementing programs to empower our students to get out into the local neighborhoods, we will
continue to build on excellence and strengthen our community partnerships for long-term success.
My plans as an Associated Student leader are simple. I want to be able to
support the future commissioner in anyway possible. I want to be the go-to
person whenever he/she needs assistance and or guidance. I also want to be
able to motivate students to get involved with A.S. and show them it is not as
intimidating as others may think. Lastly, I want to be able to continue with the
progress we have made with the Campus Community Commission. I am
involved with a variety of organizations. I am in the Pre-dental organization, the
Campus Community Commission, Green Love, and I am also a resident advisor
here on campus.
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Hey Aztecs!
My name is Meghan Andrade and I am running to be your next Community
Service Commission Representative.
As a freshman I have become an active member on the Community Service
Commission, Marketing and Communications Committee, and Entrepreneur
Society. I also serve on the Dance Marathon executive board as the Public
Relations and Marketing director. Together, these boards and committees have
given me the leadership, creativity, and dedication needed to excel in this position.
As your Community Service Commission Representative, my primary goals are to include all
organizations and clubs in service events like the Community Service Expo and Aztecs Rock
Hunger and ensure that these opportunities will enhance SDSU and the surrounding community.
Vote Meghan Andrade for Community Service Representative!
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My name is Vanessa Girard and I am running to be your next Conrad
Prebys Aztec Student Union Program Board Representative.
My involvement within Associated Students, the Residence Hall Association,
and various leadership programs has provided me a diverse perspective of
campus life.
As a member of the Aztec Student Union Board, I have overseen a wide
variety of campus programs and I am confident that I have the experience and
knowledge to enhance our programming efforts and effectively utilize our union.
Through collaborative efforts that focus on unifying the student body, I intend to empower our
communities though our union programming. With collaboration, unification, and empowerment I
will enhance the Aztec experience.
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Hello fellow Aztecs!
My name is Michael Liu and I am a third-year Public Relations major. I am
running for the Recreation and Wellness Commissioner Representative
because I can make a difference in our SDSU community! As an avid user of
our recreation centers such as the A.R.C., Aquaplex, as well as the recreation
fields located at ENS and Peterson Gym, I know what needs to be done to
improve the facilities to make them even better. I have been involved with our
SDSU community since my freshman year starting with my residence building
as Vice President of Hall Council and A.S. orgs such as The Good Neighbor Program and the
External Relations Board. I am currently serving as an Exec in my fraternity.
It would be an honor to represent you as the next representative for Aztec
Recreation & Wellness Commission!
Living an active and healthy lifestyle is upmost important to me. If elected I
will continue to strengthen the current activities we have, foster new ideas for a
wider variety of activities, as well as effectively communicate with our student
body about current projects and programs.
As a current project manager for ASUB Operations committee, a member of
Aztec Pride and an active member in Alpha Phi sorority, I am heavily involved in my campus
community and committed to making the SDSU experience amazing for all.
My name is Hailey Seibel and I want to represent the Recreation and
Wellness Commission. These past two years, I have gained leadership
experience through AS Commissions, Kappa Delta, and serving as the
Undeclared College Council President. I believe I have the necessary
knowledge and skills such as delegating, time management, and organization
to promote SDSU recreation services and the importance of wellness across
campus. My passion for helping others and interest in Occupational Therapy
make me well-suited for this position. I ensure you that your questions and
concerns will be heard! Thank you for your time!
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No candidates
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My name is ITZELT SANTOS and I want be YOUR Student Diversity
Commission Representative!
As your Student Diversity Representative I will foster UNITY,
EMPOWERMENT and help create an INCLUSIVE space for all Aztecs.
As a Chicano/a Studies major, current On-Campus Representative for
MEChA, and voting member on the Student Diversity Commission, I know what
it takes to promote Cultural and Political Awareness through out Associated
Students and across campus to reflect our DIVERSE student population.
Through effective communication and understanding we can work together to bridge our
Hello everyone! My name is Bahman Hayat, I am a second year Computer
Science major and I am running for Student Diversity Commission
representative. My goals for next year are to further the voice of
underrepresented students on campus, improve our presence at all levels of
Associated Students, and create new opportunities to strengthen diversity at
SDSU. I represented the Muslim Student Association on SDC last year so I'm
familiar with how it operates and functions. I am looking forward to the
opportunity of becoming a part of AS and bringing change.
Fun fact: I moved to the U.S. from Pakistan on a Diversity Visa!
Hello Aztecs!
I am JESSICA SANTOS and I would be honored to be YOUR Student
Diversity Commission Representative!
Today, I serve as an executive board officer for Andres Bonifacio Samahan,
as an Ambassador for the university and as a Student Liaison for our Library.
On your behalf, I want to continue to hold AS ACCOUNTABLE to the university’s
dedication to diversity, EMPOWER the voices of all diverse groups on campus and
offer unconditional SUPPORT to the ongoing needs of those I represent.
I believe we can learn a lot from each other and I want to help foster an attitude of mutual
understanding through this position. Our Aztec experience should encompass the insight and
exploration of our fellow Aztecs’ rich and diverse backgrounds and cultures.
VOTE March 16-19 on the SDSU WebPortal
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As Student Support Commission Representative, I plan to be totally
committed to helping my fellow Aztecs get the most out of their careers here at
San Diego State. After serving a year as the Sargent at Arms for the Student
Support Commission already, I’ve gained loads of knowledge of the various
programs at State that all students can and should take advantage of! My goal
is to promote awareness of all of these amazing programs we all can take
advantage of for everyone’s benefit! I’m super stoked and motivated to help you
all make the most of your time here at State and I look forward to spreading the
stoke by showing you all that State has to offer for you, the students!
Choose two
Hey Aztecs! My name is Hannah Fogg and I want to be your
Student-at-Large Campus Representative. As the Student-at-Large Campus
Representative, I will increase student involvement in AS and foster improved
relationships among the members of the various committees and commissions.
Additionally, I want to promote the endless opportunities and resources
Associated Students has to offer. I am involved in Aztec PRIDE, Rotaract, AS
Financial Affairs Committee and Community Service Commission, Relay for
Life, and I am on the Executive Board of Delta Zeta Sorority. If you choose me
as your Student-at-Large Campus Representative, you are choosing a better AS.
Hello Aztecs! I am Kelsey Moss and I am a junior studying Public Relations
and Political Science.
My involvement on campus includes organizations such as the Professional
Studies and Fine Arts College Council, the Aztec Student Union Board, the
Public Relations Student Society of America, on-campus jobs, and my current
position as a representative on the A.S. University Council.
As a Student-at-large representative I can apply these experiences to a
variety of situations and relate to students throughout campus. In the upcoming
year I hope to increase A.S. engagement, collaboration and outreach to students to strengthen
our campus community.
I believe that the Aztec experience continues long after graduation, it’s not just about earning
a degree, but becoming an #AztecforLife!
My name is Christopher Perry and I am running to be YOUR next Student at
Large Representative! Ever since arriving here at SDSU I have done all that I
can in order to enhance my involvement. I am a proud member of Sigma Alpha
Epsilon. Over the past two semesters I have sat on the Executive board of the
fraternity becoming a Vice President this spring. Believing that a united campus
is the key to success, I will transparently communicate the thoughts and ideas
of all of campus life in order to ensure that every individual has the opportunity
to be heard. Together with your innovative ideas and my commitment to effective execution, we
WILL make a difference!
My name is Megan Dickson and I am sophomore majoring in Management.
Currently, I serve as VP Philanthropy through my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega,
and would like to further my leadership and become more involved with the
school. With over 33,000 students, getting your voice heard can be a difficult
task. If elected, I will strive to bridge the gap between the students and A.S. and
make it easier for your concerns to be recognized. I will listen to every student
and put my time and effort into resolving issues dealing with registration, tuition,
parking, and many others. I humbly ask for your vote and, if elected, will work
hard to improve campus life and be the best representative for students here at SDSU.
Choose three
I am seeking a leadership position in Associated Students to enable me to
represent the College of Arts and Letters. I will actively pursue increased
support for College of Arts and Letters students, partner with other colleges in
creating a unified atmosphere, and communicate the concerns and proposals of
Arts and Letters students.
In a dignified manner, I will accomplish my goals to complete all of my plans
that are successful for Arts and Letters students, thereby earning respect within
the school and A.S. by being trusted with a greater responsibility to become a
successful asset to this school, and take the knowledge and leadership experience from A.S.
and apply it to life outside of the university. I humbly and respectfully ask for your vote.
Hello Aztecs!
My name is PABLO TINOCO. I am a sophomore pursuing a double major in
sustainability and political science. I want to be your College of Art and Letters
I want to represent You the students, to learn from YOU, and to EMPOWER
Your voices. My experience in A.S. on the GREENFEST executive committee
and STUDENT DIVERSITY COMMISSION has prepared me for this position.
My leadership on M.E.Ch.A de SDSU’s executive board as Co-vice Chair
and on-campus representative will also allow me to effectively communicate Your views to the
College of Arts and Letters.
Along with the ever-changing climate of the university, we’ll make GREAT decisions together.
I am Harrison Baum. As a sophomore studying International Business, I
currently serve as the Fundraising Chairman of Sigma Phi Epsilon and the Vice
President of SDSU’s French Club. I will represent every student of the College of
Arts & Letters as an effective communicator and a responsive leader. As your
University Council Representative, I will work to improve your academic
experience by actively facilitating student input and involvement in the ongoing
discussions on campus. My resolve to provide fellow students with a medium
through which to participate in this dynamic process will ensure that students’
needs are being effectively represented, and that every voice is heard by our student government.
Vote for Harrison Baum.
Go Aztecs!
College of Arts & Letters Representative continued
Hey fellow Aztecs! My name is Mustafa Alemi and I am a first year Political
Science and Religious Studies double major. I was born and raised in San
Diego, California and think that I can make a great representative for the
College of Arts and Letters. I have four years of student government
experience and believe that will enable me to be a strong leader. As a
member of A.S., I would continue the already strong tradition of activism, hard
work, and Aztec pride displayed by our student government. I plan to be very
accessible and listen to the ideas and concerns of our fantastic student body. I
hope to get your vote SDSU!
I am Dylan Colliflower and I hope to be your next College of Arts and Letters
Through my first two wonderful years here, I have had the amazing
opportunity to become involved in numerous leadership positions. Through my
positions in: Interfraternity Council, Green Love Commission, International
Business Society, EnviroBusiness Society, and the Executive board of Sigma
Alpha Epsilon I have acquired the experience and skillset necessary to wholly
complete the duties as your Representative
As students of CAL you deserve a Representative that will go above and beyond to bridge
the gap between students and faculty, ensure the administration clearly hears your voices, and
empower future leaders through the creation and promotion of new leadership opportunities.
Vote for Dylan Colliflower if you agree.
Choose four
Hello, my name is Paul Sullivan. I’m running to be a representative for the
College of Business. I’m currently in my third year at San Diego State but have only
spent the past two years studying business. Since my transition I’ve grown familiar
to the strengths and weaknesses within the Business program and now strive to
highlight the extraordinary resources currently available as well as bring in new
change. I’m currently Vice President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon where I relay
information from the school to chapter members and vice versa. These experiences
will allow me to best represent the wants and needs of the students studying
Business here at San Diego State. My dedication though, is what will turn words into actions.
My name is Brian Peacock and I am running to be your next College of
Business Representative. My involvement in different Business Societies as
well as Greek life has helped give me a diverse perspective as to how the
College of Business operates. If elected, I will strive to improve student
involvement, increase networking opportunities, and make sure every student’s
opinion is heard. I am a confident leader and I look forward to representing you
as the College of Business Representative. Thanks and lets go Aztecs.
Ever since my first day at SDSU, I knew that A.S. would be one of the most
important things I would ever do. Right now, I am only a sophomore, but I have
big plans: I know how to make A.S. more accessible, and your vote will help
me do it. I’ve been a leader before; In high school, I was captain of the wrestling
team, last year, I became the sales manager of an entire showroom, today, I’m
on track to become a founding member of brand new fraternity. And now, I look
towards the future that I can use my skills to help build for A.S., SDSU, and you,
the student.
Hello College of Business Students,
I am Keaton Lash, and am running to be your next College of Business
Representative. Throughout my career at San Diego State University, I have
been ambitiously involved with Sports Business Initiative, The International
Business Society, and the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. These diverse
organizations have given me insight on the global business environment and its
effects on San Diego State’s campus. My goal is to supply College of Business
students with more opportunities to develop in order to be prepared for the
unforgiving world of business. I will strive to improve and stress to underclassmen the
importance of involvement on campus and assist them to take advantage of the opportunities
this campus has to offer.
Hello Aztecs, My name is Mohamed Jawad and I am running to be your next
College of Business Representative.
I have been involved with the International Business Society, the Kappa
Sigma Fraternity, and have served as Vice President of Arab Student
Association. My involvement with diverse organizations has allowed me to gain
experience of how to work with people and get things done.
With your support, I plan to work with students and faculty to achieve
meaningful results for students in the College of Business. I want to see
expanded opportunity for student involvement and growth in the impact of activities undertaken
by the College of Business.
I love SDSU and I want to ensure all students on this campus are fully aware
of the opportunities around them. I want to strive for a sense of community with
all business majors and truly enhance this college council. Doing so will require
my leadership skills I have already acquired in being the AS council
representative of Undeclared majors. My previous experience for a year on this
University Council taught me what to expect and what is expected of me. The
voices of the Business students in my council are the most important feedback
and I will transfer those messages to the AS council. With my enthusiasm and
motivation in this position I know that I can be an incredible asset to this role!
AZTECS! I’m Erik Tamiyasu running to be your College of Business
Representative. I want to bridge the gap between employers and students by
advocating for the remarkable opportunities on campus that help ensure
student success and increase funds that can be used for many diverse
I played football here freshman year, and I’m an active member in Delta
Epsilon Iota Academic Honors Society, financial controller of Phi Kappa Theta,
and served as a Justice on the Judicial Affairs Council of Associated Students
which have given me the tools that are necessary to be an effective leader on our prestigious
I will face the concerns of our impacted college head on and improve the transparency and
communication between students and administration.
VOTE March 16-19 on the SDSU WebPortal
College of Business Representative Candidates continued
Hello fellow Aztecs
Im Steven Evensen and I am running to be a representative for the College
of Business. I’m currently a Junior and have had multiple executive postions in
my fraternal organization. These postions helped me to develope the proper
leadership and communication skills that are imparitive for a Business
representative. If elected i will strive to inform students of the plethora of
resources avalible to help become an excellent business professional and
leader. Our school is full of wonderful oppertunities for people to excel and learn
outside the classroom and i intend to help my fellow colleagues and organizations reach their full
potential. Go Aztecs!
Choose one
Hello Aztecs!
My name is Brooke Snyder and I am running to be your College of Education
As a junior majoring in Liberal Studies, I am surrounded by my passionate
peers on a daily basis and feel the communication between Associated
Students and the College of Education must be improved! One thing we all
have in common in the College of Education is wanting to make a difference in
a child’s life! I have the leadership experience to increase student’s involvement
in the various clubs on campus. If this occurs big changes will be made! I have a true passion
for education and would love the opportunity to give a voice to all future leaders under the
College of Education department!
Choose two
My name is Dalton Wilmers and I am running to be your College of
Engineering Representative. As your liaison between Associated Students and
the Associated Engineering Student Council, I will provide engineering students
with the networking and professional development opportunities required to
ensure that they are prepared for their future careers.
Currently I am serving as the Fundraising Chair for the American Society of
Mechanical Engineers, Substitute AESC Representative for the American
Society of Mechanical Engineers, Vice President of Judicial Affairs for Rotaract, and the
External Vice President for Theta Chi. Combined, these leadership experiences have given me
the wide variety of skills necessary to be the voice for engineering students which is heard.
Thanks and Go Aztecs!
My name is Ana Morino and I’m running to be your College of Engineering
Representative. Currently I am the Outreach Coordinator for Baja SAE, a
member of Tau Beta Pi the Engineering Honors Society, the Society of Women
Engineers, Rotaract, and M.E.S.A. Being involved with these organizations and
my previous internship with NASA-Armstrong has molded me into the leader I
am today. As your AS representative, my goal is to promote participation in all
the wonderful clubs we have in our college, and to be the bridge between AS
and the College of Engineering. Just like any other bridge, it takes a team of engineers to build,
and I believe that together we can make this college stronger than ever before!
My name is Alvaro Ulargui and I would like to be your College of Engineering
representative. As your representative I want to strengthen the communication
and relationship between the College of Engineering students and the
Administration. If appointed, I promise to provide all our students with the
necessary tools and opportunities to graduate in time set yourself up for a
successful path after graduation. One main issue within the College of
Engineering is how compacted some of our classes can be and I know many of
our students can’t get into the classes they need. As your representative I plan to
tackle this issue to the best of my ability so that the College of engineering can continue to improve.
My name is Amanda Corbett and I am running to be your College of
Engineering Representative. During the past three and a half years at SDSU I
have had leadership positions in both American Society of Civil Engineers and
Society of Women Engineers. The College of Engineering is a huge part of
SDSU and I want to insure that the engineering student body is heard. I plan on
representing the College of Engineering with diligence and making it a point to
increase awareness and participation in engineering events and organizations.
Thank you for your consideration. If elected I look forward to actively participating
in all the duties the position entails and even taking a step beyond what is expected.
Hey guys, my name is Miguel Gonzalez and I’ve been an Aztec for almost
four years now. As I continue onto the infamous fifth year, I am ready to influence
the direction in which our College of Engineering is headed. Specifically, I’d like
to focus on ensuring that our students are receiving the resources they need to
gain hands on and real world experience, whether it be through extra curricular
projects or internships. I plan to take what I’ve learned from being the President
and Vice President of the ASCE student chapter and apply it to improving the
engineering experience at SDSU. I appreciate your consideration and I hope that
you vote for the candidate that you see representing you best.
My name is Megan Mahdi and I am running to become your College of
Engineering Representative. I am a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major
involved in multiple student organizations and clubs on campus. I value the
importance of creating a strong network throughout one’s college career, and will
work to provide opportunities to bridge the gap between students and future
employers. I would also like to further promote the engineering organizations and
events on campus by enhancing their financial and marketing capabilities.
Through my involvement in campus organizations and Alpha Chi Omega
sorority, I have developed the communication skills serve as a strong representative and voice for
the engineering community at San Diego State University.
Hello Aztecs! My name Erasmo Canongo. I am a sophomore pursuing a
major in mechanical engineering. I want to be your College of Engineering
Representative. I want each student’s voice be heard and no student left in
silence. I want to represent all students and to empower them to strive for more.
I have gain leadership experience through Society of Hispanic Professional
Engineers (SHPE). I was graphic designer for the club and my roles were to
keep our website up to date, which I did a good job. You can count on me to
keep all engineers students up to date with important events. I will make great
decisions for all of us. Vote for Erasmo Canongo as your College of Engineering Representative.
College of Engineering Candidates continued
Hey Aztecs!
My name is Lloyd Tisuela and I am running to be your next College of
Engineering Representative.
My involvements in A.S. include being members of the FLEX team and
University Affairs Board as early my first semester at SDSU; inspiring my
passion to serve other students. As a member of student run organizations such
as SDSU’s FSAE team, I have been provided with an informed perspective of
the College of Engineering’s extent as a resource for its students.
I understand the importance of having healthy engagement between administration and
students. If given the honor of being your representative, I will do whatever it takes to encourage
communication and personal development within the students of the best college at SDSU. That
is a promise.
No statement submitted.
As a College of Engineering Representative I will offer the perspective of one
deeply ingrained within San Diego State University’s Engineering community. I
will accurately voice the concerns and opinions of the College of Engineering,
to best benefit engineering students like myself. My inclination to be a
representative of Engineering stems from my significant involvement within
engineering organizations on campus. I hope to help influence our school to
make it the most academic and enjoyable place that it can be.
As an active member of the SDSU community I have been involved in a
variety of engineering-related organizations throughout campus. Through membership in
Engineers without borders, I have learned the positive impacts engineering can have on within a
No statement submitted.
Choose three
My name is Dylan Hotis and I am a freshman at San Diego State. As an
elected College of Health and Human Services representative, I would attempt
to accomplish many things in my department which would make student
experience easier and manageable at San Diego State. Offering more
internship opportunities to students for work experience and having the budget
spent efficiently are some goals that I want to reach during my term. I have
plenty experience in leadership roles that make me credible including being vice
president and co founder of the Future Health Professionals of America Club in
both New York and California, member of student leadership at Palisades Charter High School,
leader in both football and lacrosse, and a tutor to student athletes.
My name is Lewis Collazo and I am running to be your AS Representative for
the College of Health and Human Services. My current position on the
executive board of Phi Kappa theta has groomed me as a leader and I am
excited for the opportunity to apply those skills on campus. Being a committee
member of Recreation and Wellness as well as the Student Support
Commission, I see the limitless opportunities our amazing school has to offer. I
plan on being a resource to ensure your voice is heard and to inform you of all
the opportunities presented by the various committees in Associated Student so we can grow as
students and excel in our prospective job markets after graduation.
My name is Ty Yates and as a AS leader for College of Health and Human
Services I would like to represent those of whom share the same passion as I
do. I want to represent my fellow peers and create a bridge between student
and faculty and lead my fellow peers with integrity and responsibility. College of
Health and Human Services has so much to offer and if elected I plan on going
above and beyond all ceilings in making sure that we all succeed together.
Carpe Diem. In the upcoming year I hope to be able to make sure the voices
of all students from the College of HHS are heard. I really do want to hear what
everyone would like to say on how to make our college experience better.
Servant leadership is one of my main attributes I would like to bring to this
position. Wanting to be a leader is simple, but accomplishing goals from which
thousands of students will benefit is as much different task. I have sat in all
College Council meetings and grasp what it means to be an AS representative
for one of the best colleges at SDSU. Let’s make this upcoming school year the
most memorable and create change to benefit all!
Hello Aztecs!
My name is Ian Fielden and I am running to be your representative for the
College of Health and Human Services.
As your representative I will be a catalyst for communication and
representation between A.S. and our peers. I will work diligently and efficiently
to disperse information and provide resources to the student body in order to
ensure that everyone has an equal chance to succeed as well as an excellent
experience! I believe that each student's voice should be heard and I will make
myself available to you in order to improve the continued excellence of our university. Currently, I
am the Health and Safety Officer of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity.
Thank you for your consideration. Go State!
VOTE March 16-19
on the SDSU WebPortal
Choose three
Hey there Aztecs!
My name is Marisa Cubing and I am currently a first year here at San Diego
State. I am an active member of Delta Gamma and I am a part of the First-Year
Leadership Initiative (FLI) program for Associated Students. My passion and
commitment to the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts has
encouraged me to run for your College of PSFA Representative. If elected, I
plan to be a resource when needed to my fellow peers and I strive to voice the
wants and needs of our college.
Vote Marisa Cubing for College of PSFA Rep!
Hello Aztecs! My name is Julia Elhai and I am excited to be running as your
PSFA representative.
Currently, I am a first year student who has become very active on campus
including serving on the executive board of the Jewish Student Union, while
being involved in several other campus organizations. I believe these
leadership positions have prepared me to take on a role that serves to
represent you.
If elected, I want to ensure that we are heard when important decisions are
being made regarding SDSU. I believe that all students have a right to a voice. If given the
opportunity to serve you, I will take the responsibilities that come with the position seriously and
be dedicated and committed to best represent PSFA.
I am currently pursuing a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Sociology.
I grew up in a household of five, in the South Bay area of San Diego. My whole
life I have been taught to be humble and to give back to the community. This is
why I aspire to work with juvenile delinquents. I have been involved on campus
with C.A.S.A, Alpha Pi Sigma, and the A.S Student Support Commission. I
aspire to be my college representative, in order to voice commuter and transfer
student needs. I am hoping that this position will enable me to learn more
about my college, and provide me with the tools I need to successfully reach
out to other students.
Hello Aztecs! I have been involved with AS since the very beginning of
being a student hear at SDSU. My immediate involvement with multiple boards
and committees quickly immersed me into campus life and taught me there is
so much more to SDSU than I had ever imagined. I have a great
understanding of how AS works and know a majority of the people involved. As
a PSFA Representative, I would make sure to listen to what students suggest
and would do my best to see that their voices are heard. As a student in the
PSFA college and a member of the PSFA college council, I have a great
understanding of what this position entails and how to properly execute it. Go Aztecs!
College of Sciences Representative Candidates continued
Hello Aztecs!
My name is Alexis Dumitrescu and I’m running to be your next College of
Sciences Representative! As Biology major, a contributing member of AMSA and
the Phi Eta Sigma Honors Society, as well as an active member of Alpha Phi, I
believe I have the drive, passion and resources to effectively represent our
college. My main focus is to ensure a positive voice for the students in our
community, and serve as a direct connection between the College of Sciences
and the University. If elected, I will strive to work toward more networking
opportunities, greater class availability and most importantly, keeping the voices of each and
every student heard in the advocacy of policies. Thank you for your consideration!
My name is Jonny Semaan and I am running to be your next College of
Sciences Representative. I am a third year student seeking a B.S. in Biology and
a minor in Personality and Social Psychology. Serving as a leader of several
off-campus cultural organizations, a member of the American Medical Student
Association, a member of the Preprofessional Health Advising Office, and a
leader in Greek Life has molded me into a diverse and qualified individual;
upholding the standard of excellence expected of me in all aspects of my life. As
an elected representative for the College of Sciences I intend to advocate for
student influence in department decisions, curriculum, and class availability, guaranteeing that no
student’s voice goes unheard.
The journey students take achieving a major in the College of Sciences is
no walk in the park. It takes determination, concentration, and long study
hours to pass that organic chemistry class, I have been through it. The last
thing anyone wants is for the connection between students and the Science
administration to be inattentive or unresponsive. I want to represent you the
students of San Diego State with full intentions to make your major in the
College of Sciences go as smooth as possible. I will represent your values
and insight, so that together we can all benefit the University and ourselves.
Hello Aztecs, my name is Gervin Prado and I am running to be your College
of Sciences Representative. I will strive to strengthen the communication
between the whole College of Sciences students and our university
administration. My current executive board position of Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Fraternity has given me the tools, resources and leadership abilities to create a
strong community where every student has their voice heard and will be able to
succeed in their future career path. It is imperative that the students must excel
academically and with my help, our college will promote issues favorable to
students. The advancement and progression of our department, school, and student body is my
passion and I hope to represent you the best I can!
Choose one
Choose four
My name is Amardeep Grewal, a sophomore at SDSU, and I am running as
your College of Sciences Representative. Currently, I am a representative for
Association of Computing Machinery, thus I am aware of what the position of a
representative encompasses. In high school I was the vice president of Sports
Club and Culture Club, so I have had experience in positions other than just
representative. As far as my plans as an AS leader, I will do my best to listen to
students regards and communicate them to the College Board. Sometimes
representatives forget, or don’t take the time to listen to their student body. I will
fulfill this goal by being approachable, and as helpful as possible.
To my fellow Aztecs,
My name is Andy Tang and I am running to be YOUR next College of
Sciences Representative. As a sophomore currently in pursuit of a Bachelor's
in Biology, I hypothesize the College of Sciences to be exponentially growing,
in both potential and numbers, in the years to come.
With a selfless and relational leadership style, I aim to vitalize an
environment where all science organizations are equally respected and
represented among the College. What sets me apart from other candidates
would be my motive to increase morale and to push for a more interactive community within
the College.
As a leader in a diverse field of organizations, I will strive to concentrate on improving the
College however I can.
As the College of Undeclared representative to the University Council, I
would bring energy and drive to the position. My experience as a
representative in high school has prepared me well for this position. I believe
strongly in uniting the College of Undeclared with communication and
networking. I will strive for increased teamwork and synergy to promote
success and support for my fellow undeclared students.
Choose one
As Graduate Student President I would like to enrich the graduate student
experience! I want to increase graduate student pride and help to facilitate
bonds across the graduate departments. I will more deeply engage graduate
students in on campus activities and benefits. I will strive be accessible to all
graduate students as a resource to help connect them to the information and
services they need. I will enhance the Graduate Student Association’s social
media presence because I believe starting the conversation is the best way
to make things happen. I am a leader in my job and in the organizations I am
a part of. Now, I want to be your leader. Elect Melanie Wilson for Graduate Student
at the SDSU WebPortal
Monday, March 16 (starting at 8am) thru
Thursday, March 19 (ending at 7pm)