design to
now there’s a
company that
does it all.
When it comes to remodelling your home, building
an extension, or planning a new build, NÜHAUS
is unique. There simply isn’t another company
that offers as much. Why? Because we’re not just
another ‘building’ firm - that’s only one part of what
we do.
Sure, we have skilled builders and a dedicated
team here to carry out all your construction work,
but when you’re building an extension or modifying
your home in any way, that’s only part of the job.
There’s design, sourcing materials and financing,
which is why our team includes architectural
designers, engineers, quantity surveyors – all with
one goal in mind – to deliver your vision exactly the
way you see it.
here to make
your vision
a reality.
At NÜHAUS, we won’t even begin planning the
work until our architectural designer has met
with you to discuss your needs during your FREE
consultation. Only then will we begin working
closely with you to draw up more detailed plans,
along the way, illustrating exactly what we can
achieve through references and photos of similar
projects, so you can be confident yours will be
completed on time, on budget, and exactly to your
We even have financial experts to help you with
your budget and get the most out of state incentives
and grants to make your vision a reality
So whether it’s a new bathroom or a complete
house build, you’ve come to the right place.
NÜHAUS Ltd has it all - under one roof.
I’m Christopher from NÜHAUS Ltd. When we first put
together the design and build team, we wanted to
create something different from anything else that was
out there – a construction and renovation company
that really addressed the needs of homeowners.
To do that, we needed to find what we could add to
our offering that our competitors couldn’t. One thing
our clients were telling us was that they had to deal
with too many companies - one to do the design, one
to do the building work, one for decorating… and so
on. As a result, projects suffered from too many errors
and confusion over who was doing what. Often, that
meant more costs and project changes. In the end,
the client didn’t always get exactly what they wanted.
So, with NÜHAUS, we aimed to create a professional
team that could offer it all – a single seamless solution
delivered by experts working together - so you get
the results you want.
And because everything you need is here under one
roof, we can achieve more too. Come to us with an
idea, and we’ll tell you exactly what we can do to
make it happen.
You can trust us to get the job done too. When we say
we’re going to be there, we’ll be there and when we
give you a quote, we won’t tell you halfway through
the build that the price has doubled. Of course, costs
can change, but we will be realistic from the outset.
Which is why we offer a FREE architectural designer
consultation at the beginning of every project.
So that’s us! That’s what we do and we believe we
do it very well. But we’ll let you be the judge of that.
To talk to us about your next projects, get in touch by
calling 01 440 2285 or if you’re driving by, why not
pop in for a cup of coffee and a chat. We’re just off
Exit 5 on the M50.
In the meantime, take a read through this brochure
for a few examples of what we can do.
Yours sincerely
Christopher Boylan
Architectural Designer
NÜHAUS Design Team
Here’s what
makes NÜHAUS
A one-stop-shop solution – from design to
completion, we will deliver everything you need for
your project, minimising errors and guaranteeing
the cost-effective solution for your needs.
A company you can trust – we are fully insured,
accredited company and everyone who works for
us is a vetted, qualified professional. Our structural
engineer with provide free inspections throughout
every job to ensure everything is on track
Real customer care – unlike other companies, our
word is our bond. We’ll turn up when we say we will
and we won’t add extras to the price when the job
is complete without letting you know in advance.
If you’re in any way dissatisfied with our work or
service, we’ll do everything we can to rectify it.
Wherever possible we use Irish materials.
We do everything we can to adhere to the agreed
work time scale. If we don’t finish on time, we’ll
reimburse you a fixed percentage of the cost,
agreed in the contract at the outset.
A courteous service and minimal disruption to your
routine – We never forget that it’s your property.
We provide our own toilets and food facilities and
expect our workers to be courteous while on your
premises and leave the site tidy each day.
We will provide full security service, if required,
on site.
All labour and parts are guaranteed for 12 months.
Enjoy our brochure. And if you don’t see what you’re looking
for here, that doesn’t mean we can’t help. From a garden
installation to a home cinema, we have the expertise and
the people to make it come to life.
if you can
imagine it, we
can create it.
As anyone who has done it knows, a new house build is
a very personal project. It more than bricks and mortar,
it’s a home – which is why the planning stage of any
new build is so important. Unfortunately, this is where so
many building firms get it wrong. While others will offer
a standard, off-the-peg solution, at NÜHAUS, during our
FREE architectural designer consultation, we’ll take the
time to listen to what it is you want to achieve and go out
of our way to make sure that’s exactly what you get.
From making the most of your budget to fine-tuning
design details, we’re at your side every step of the way
as your dream home takes shape.
Building your own home is a big step for anyone,
but with the help of team, you can take the first step
by calling 01 440 2285 for your free, no-obligation
NÜHAUS were helpful from the outset with
recommendations that meant the end result
was much better than I could ever imagined.
- Ken and Patricia Maguire, Rusheeney Village,
Dublin 15
House Build
it’s not just a
house –
it’s a home.
an extension of
your life
Today, life can change dramatically. Whether it’s a new
addition to the family, a change in career requiring a home
office, or you simply want to enjoy more living space, the
easiest and most cost-effective way of achieving that is
by extending your home. Additionally, an extension can
be a real investment, adding value, as well as comfort, to
your home should you ever decide to sell.
With NÜHAUS working closely with you, together we can
develop the ideal solution - one that not only meets your
specific needs, but adds further practicality and value.
Our experts will advise you on the latest technologies
and materials to cut build costs, as well as your energy
costs in future, and recommend ways of adding new
functionality to your home.
Call 01 440 2285 for a free architectural designer
consultation and from the outset, we will be able to
advise you on the best ways to get more from your
…Professional, courteous and very competent,
from start to finish.
- Mary and Michael Delaney, Ashbourne,
Co. Meath
Roofing technology has come a long way since slates.
We should know – roofing is one of our specialist areas.
Today, there is a bewildering range of materials used in
roofs that can add to looks as well as the functionality,
so whether it’s repairs, an upgrade or as part of an
extension, it’s worth talking to one of our architectural
design consultants to find out what you can achieve with
Fibreglass, for example, is very popular right now, since
it creates roofs that are long lasting, almost maintenancefree and can be moulded into virtually any shape, so roof
top patios, gardens or ceiling windows are all now options
for homeowner at prices that were once impossible.
Call 01 440 2285 to find out more about the roofing
services available.
The entire project went very smoothly. It was
completed on time and well within budget.
- Sandra and Derek Brennan, Castleknock,
Dublin 15
more than a roof
over your head
renovations and
When it comes to renovations, this is one area
where NÜHAUS stands out from the competition.
Where traditional building firms will provide a
standard solution for most renovation projects, such as
an attic conversion, a new kitchen, garage conversion
or an en-suite bathroom, we will partner with you, look
at your needs and provide a range of options and
recommendations that will help you get exactly what you
need from the project. In fact, in many instances, our
customers say that we gave them inspiration for ideas
that made the end result even better than expected.
Aside from design, there are many things to take into
consideration when planning a conversion, perhaps
none so important as ensuring the project complies
with planning regulations. Fortunately, when you choose
NÜHAUS, our architects and legal experts will make sure
everything remains in line with all legislative requirements,
as well as health and safety standards.
Whether it’s for added space or specialised usage,
our design team will create the best solution for
your needs, including power, plumbing and lighting
requirements. Start by talking to us on 01 440 2285.
...The renovation of the house was a very tricky
job but NÜHAUS completed all with minimum
disruption and without heavy extra overspend.
- Diane Reilley, Enfield,County, Meath
In Ireland, we don’t get too much sun, so it’s important
to make the most of what we do get. That’s why we find
more and more customers are coming to us for sun
rooms. The good news is, with today’s technologies
(and our expertise) you don’t even need much space to
incorporate a sun room into your home.
What’s more, we can advise on the best materials to use
to make the conserve the heat you gain, cutting your fuel
bills further. So investing in a sun room could pay for
itself within a few years.
And, with NÜHAUS, you get much more choice when it
comes to style. We can add real character and beauty
to your home with a range of materials, including wood
grains, such as oak, mahogany and rosewood, to name
just a few. And, of course, everything we build, as well as
all materials we use, complies with and often exceeds all
Irish and European standards when it comes to quality
and safety.
Could you do with a little more sunshine in your life?
Start by calling 01 440 2285.
NÜHAUS created a beautiful sun room that
went way beyond our expectations.
- Anita and Sean O’Connor, Sutton, Dublin 13
Sun Rooms
light up your life
You can relax
Like kitchens, designing a bathroom is a highly
personal venture, based on taste and individual
needs. A family, for example, will have much different
needs than those of someone who lives alone, or a
Which is why at NÜHAUS, we’ll take the time to work with
you to create the ultimate bathroom for you. Whether it’s
to simply install a new suite, a wet room conversion or a
complete refit, you can relax with the peace of mind of
knowing that, with our help, the result will be a bathroom
that is everything you want it to be.
Don’t worry about being left without a functional bathroom
while the work in underway. We provide external
bathroom facilities on every job for our workers that you
can use and we always aim to leave you with a functional,
if not complete, bathroom after just one day.
And, of course, we’re happy to install any fittings you’ve
already purchased, or source whatever it is you’d like to
help your dream bathroom take shape.
But, don’t take our word for it. Put us to the test. Tell
us about the bathroom you’d like by calling 01 440
Our new bathroom is an oasis of calm. I’m
spending more time in the bath than ever.
- Susan and Peter Doherty, Stepaside, Co. Dublin
At the core of our business philosophy is the fact that
NÜHAUS understands that, when it comes to your
home, everyone has different needs. That’s why we take
immense pride in creating home solutions for those with
special needs or disabilities.
We are happy to work with support staff such as carers,
medical personnel and family members to customise
homes and spaces not just to make life easier for people
with special needs, but to enable them to enjoy their
homes more also.
To achieve this, we have a team with specialised
expertise of the home customisations required for people
with special needs, such as those who hearing or visual
challenges, or are confined to a wheelchair. We will start
by conducting a survey of your home and a meeting
with any medical personnel, or support staff, in order to
develop the best solution for those living there.
Services include customised bathrooms and kitchens,
ramps and specialised doors, as well as the installation
of the latest special needs technology, such as alarms
and sensors.
If you need a home customised for someone with
special needs, get in touch on 01 440 2285.
NÜHAUS has a real understanding of the
challenges facing people with special needs
and how best to address those needs.
- Ken Higgins, Ventry Park, Dublin 7
Special Needs
creating an
environment that
works with you
the expertise
you need for the
home you want
NÜHAUS does it all so you don’t have
to go anywhere else.
Chartered Engineering – from planning applications
to structural design to snagging, our engineering
consultants have you covered.
Quantity surveyor – With NÜHAUS, you don’t have
to find a quantity surveyor, we’ll provide one for you,
guaranteeing you the lowest costs and maximum
value on every project.
Electrical – Finding a good, reliable electrician can
be a job in itself. NÜHAUS has a team of highly
experienced and fully qualified technicians for every
type of electrical work.
Plumbing - Plumbing is another area where you
need a professional working for you. Every plumber
that works for NÜHAUS is fully insured and qualified.
Smart home technology – Homes have become
more automated than ever. Our design consultants
can advise on how you can integrate the latest smart
technologies into your home.
Environment and energy conservation – With rising
energy prices, it’s vital that homeowners incorporate
the materials and technology to keep the heat in, the
cold out and your bills down. You’ll also be doing
your bit for the environment.
Health and safety – We takes health and safety
very seriously. Complying with health and safety
standards is not only good work practice, it’s also a
legal requirement under HAS legislation.
It’s our architectural design service that brings it all
together to make the NÜHAUS offering the best out there.
We start with a FREE site visit when our head of
architectural design, Christopher Boylan, will review the
work and draft up the drawings and specifications for
your approval. Of course, this will be delivered to you
before any work begins.
Here’s how it works:
Preliminary discussion
Site visit by architectural design team
First draft of plans for your approval
Final plans and specifications drawn up
Processing of any planning permission applications
Building plan agreed
Work gets underway with full supervision from
architectural designer and structural engineer
The expertise and advice of the architectural
designer, Christopher, really helped to bring
our ideas to life.
- John and Elisa Browne, Terenure, Dublin 12
getting it right
from start to
Meet the Team
Christopher Boylan
Architectural Designer
John Burke
Quantity Surveyor
Michael Graur
Construction Director
Roger Cagney
Structural Engineer
This is Chris. He’s our
head of architectural
design and is passionate
about residential design.
A former student of DIT,
Dublin, while Chris works
with us here at head office,
he also operates his own
company Plantech working
in both the commercial
and residential design and
build. Having processed
more than 300 planning
applications to date,
Christopher is an expert in
all planning and
building regulations.
John Burke is our quantity
surveyor and responsible
for the budgets for each
job. He’s an expert in
sourcing the best, most
cost-effective materials for
projects while also ensuring
that the project meets all
legal and quality assurance
A good project manager is
vital to every job. Michael
looks after each job,
liaising closely with John,
our quantity surveyor, to
make sure all fully comply
with building regulations.
Additionally, he’s
responsible for managing
the team working on
each job.
Roger is a fully qualified
chartered engineer and our
assigned site certifier. His
job is to carry out structural
inspections, required by
building regulations and
acquire the certification
required if the owner wants
to sell the property later.
‘Good design is essential
to any build. Not only does
it form a clear visual plan
for everyone involved, but
it also gives the client a
preview of how it will turn
out. The surveys we carry
out before work begins
also help us pre-empt any
problems that might crop
up and enables everyone
to work together to achieve
the shared vision.’
Working alongside Chris,
together they will ensure
there is full transparency
and agreement throughout
the projects, time-scales
and pricing are met, errors
are minimised and you get
the service and results
you want.
NÜHAUS is here to help
you get the most value for your
budget in whatever way we can. That’s
why we are one of the few construction firms
that advise on SEAI grants, tax incentives and other
forms of government assistance to people building or
modifying their homes.
For example, the Home Renovation Incentive (HRI)
Scheme offers tax relief in the form of an income tax credit
of 13.5% on all qualifying expenditure when carrying out
work on your own home or a rental property. Only some
contractors are eligible for this relief. We’re pleased to
be able to say that NÜHAUS Ltd is one such contractor.
Help with
There is also a lot of assistance available for improving
the energy performance of your home - significantly
reducing your energy bills – clearly, a win-win scenario
for homeowners.
Cash grants are available for a wide range of work
(probably including some you don’t know about), so this
is just another good reason for using NÜHAUS for all your
home building work:
Attic insulation
External insulation
Internal dry lining
Boiler and heat control
We’ll be happy to advise on what funding is available
to you at the planning stage. For more information on
grants see
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Exit 5 (M50)
Dublin 11
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