March 2015 Newsletter

Teays Valley Child
Development Newsletter
6 Weeks-23 Months News
Director-Tonya Neal
Assistant Director– Lessa
Welcome Ms. Debbie!
We are so blessed to
have you in our infant
room! Parents, please
remember to label all
items such as clothes,
bottles, bibs, blankets,
etc. with your child’s
name so that it will not
get lost or sent home
with someone else.
Thank you!
Admissions Coordinator–
Brittany Hill
Accounts Manager– Barbara
Morning Supervisor– Jan
Evening Supervisor-Grace
Main office hours are from 85pm daily.
Dates to remember:
 March 10-12- Spring and
Graduation Pictures
 March 10– Annual Music
Program @ 6:30pm
 Young Living Oils - upcoming
online tutorials are linked to
our TVCDC families FB page!
The Depot
Sunday Christian
Morning Worship
Evening Worship
Weekly Life Groups
Check it out @
Ms. Jan, Ms. Ashley,
Ms. Jessica Crowder,
Ms. Grace, Ms. Tessa,
Ms. Karri, Ms. Debbie,
Ms. Wanita
March 2015
talking about the letter Cc and
the number 2. We will be making some St. Patrick’s Day crafts
with our colors for the month:
green and gold. We will also be
talking about rainbows and using our eyes to observe all the
colors. We will also talk about
the rainbow in the Bible and
how it reminds us of God’s
promise. Happy birthday to all
of our March birthdays!
reading his books all month
long! We will be exploring
the color green in observation St. Patrick’s Day. We
will be learning the signs for
share, good, line-up, and
quiet. We will be coloring,
painting, and gluing with the
color green. Many green
crafts and artwork coming
your way! This month we
will be talking about the Parable of the Sower, planting
Happy St. Patrick’s Day
flower seeds, and Noah’s
Ms. Beth Ann, Ms. Katie K., Ms. Ark.
Katie B., Ms. Mary, Ms. Mary
Please remember to send a
Flanery, Ms. Jessica
jacket labeled with your
child’s name for going outHappy Birthday Dr. Seuss! This side on warmer days!
month we will be celebrating
This month we will be Dr. Seuss’ birthday. We will be
Ms. Kelly, Ms. Treisha, Ms.
Kathy, Ms. Summer, Ms.
Two Year Old News
Hello Parents! This month
our letters we will be learning about are T, U, and W.
We will be counting numbers 1-20. We will be celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday
for a whole week as well!
Rhyming is a huge part of
Dr. Seuss books. We will be
learning and discussing
words that rhyme. Some
other topics we will be discussing are trains, transportation, under, underneath,
water and weather.
Our two year olds are always saying funny things.
A couple of humorous
quotes are “My daddy’s
name starts with B-BB...D!” and Teacher:
“Who’s your favorite princess? Child: My mommy!”
All of your children are a
great joy to have in class!
Thank you for the wipe
donations. Stickers, tissues, and paper plate
Class Easter parties
and egg hunts will be
Wednesday, April 1st
at 10 am.
Spring pictures will be
taken March 10-12.
donations are greatly
Happy March!
Ms. Kristen, Ms. Emily,
Ms. Holley, Ms. Bailey,
and Ms. Jessa
Mailing: 6442 Teays Valley Road, Scott Depot, WV 25560 Phone: 304.757.9165 Fax: 304.760.6033 Web:
March 2015
Three Year Old News
March is here–in like a lion,
let’s believe it will go out
like a lamb! And that we
get some much needed
outside time! Our curriculum focus in March will be
on Dr. Seuss, Ww, Xx, Yy,
and Zz. We will talk about
worms, walruses, x-ray
fish, fox, St. Patrick’s day,
yellow, yarn, zebras, and
zig zags. If you have any
items that pertain to these
letters, please feel free to
bring them in to discuss.
Donations of wet wipes,
treasure bucket items, and
markers are greatly appreciated! THANK YOU to all
who brought in donation
items for the month of
Please remember to provide
a jacket labeled with your
child’s name for going outside.
God Bless!
Ms. Becky, Ms. Rachel, Ms..
Brianne, Ms. Stacey, Ms.
Class Easter parties
and egg hunts will
be Wednesday,
April 1st at 10 am.
Spring and Graduation pictures will be
taken March 10-12.
Director’s News
Welcome March! Spring is
almost here! Our Annual
Music Program has been
rescheduled for Tuesday,
March 10th at 6:30 pm.
Don’t miss each child perform songs with their class
and then all classes will join
together to perform a grand
finale song. Please have
your child in his or her classroom by 6:15. Church
clothes are appropriate
attire. Make sure your child
has stopped by the bath-
room prior to drop off.
It is spring picture time! Sarah
Dunlap Photography will be
coming to the center March 1012 spring photos of all children
and graduation pictures for the
graduating preschoolers. Your
child/children’s photo will be
taken the first day of their
scheduled weekly commitment.
Each parent will receive an email
with a link to view and purchase
prints. A package list will be sent
home in your child’s cubby. If
you have any questions please
Four Year Old News
Happy March! The arrival of Spring is here!
Our themes for this month will be celebrating
Dr. Seuss and his contribution to literacy and
nutrition. As always we will continue to incorporate our Bible lessons and share the love of
Our letter focus for March:
March 2-6 Letter Tt tigers, turtles, teeth,
trains, Dr. Seuss
March 9-13 Letters Ww walruses, worms,
water play
March 16-20 Letter Xx x-rays, foxes
March 23-27 Letter Yy yaks, yarn art
March 30-April 3 Letter Zz zebras, zoos,
We will be eating GREEN eggs and ham for
the week of Dr. Seuss. Please wear GREEN on
March 17th for St. Patrick’s Day. Just like the
leaves on each shamrock I see, there are
three parts to the Holy Trinity. First God the
Father, then Jesus, His only Son, and the Holy
Spirit, together as one.
Ms. Eve, Ms. Heather, Ms. Brenda, Ms. Allison
contact Sarah Dunlap at 304-416-0682 or [email protected]
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Mailing: 6442 Teays Valley Road, Scott Depot, WV 25560 Phone: 304.757.9165 Fax: 304.760.6033 Web: