March 2015 - Florida Fraternal Order of Eagles

Fraternal Order of Eagles
Sunshine News
Scrapbook information
Hello scrapbookers!
The time is getting closer for your
scrapbooks to be mailed. Below is all
the criteria you will be judged on and
general information to assist you in your
endeavor. I can’t wait to see them.
Point system for judging:
• Total Concept – 0 to 20 points
• Total Pictures of your local Auxiliary
– 0 to 15 points
• Originality – 0 to 15 points
• Neatness – 0 to 15 points
• Activities – 0 to 5 points
• Layout – 0 to 5 points
• Charities – 0 to 5 points
• Cover – 0 to 5 points
• Content – 0 to 10 points
• Publicity – 0 to 5 points
All judges will come from the private
sector and be from professional and/or
public fields.
Please mail to the following address no
later than May 30, 2015 for judging on
June 6, 2015.
Julia Fitzgerald
15629 Carriage Hill Ct
Clermont, FL 34711
Happy Scrapbooking!
Secretaries …
State Convention Packs are coming out
in the mail soon. Please complete all
the forms provided as soon as possible
and return them to the State Secretary.
Included are:
 Convention Registration
 Banquet Registration
 Charity Information
 Aerie Information Form
 Hospitality Room Rules
 Convention Agenda
March 2015
People Helping People
Are you interested in being
a State Aerie or Auxiliary Officer?
To all Past Worthy/Madam Presidents and 10 Year Secretaries.
As our new fraternal year fast approaches, it is time for each of you to consider
running for a position as a Florida State Officer for the upcoming 2015-2016 fraternal
year. If you are interested in becoming a State Aerie or Auxiliary Officer submit your
resume to:
Aerie Inputs:
Auxiliary Inputs:
John Brancaccio, PSWP
Aerie Nominating Chairman
2509 Mesquite Place
Kissimmee, FL 34741
Connie Avant, PSMP
Auxiliary Nominating Chairman
707 Iroquois St
Jupiter, FL 33458
Jeff Patton
State Aerie Secretary
790 Fletcher Rd SE,
Palm Bay FL 32909
Barbara Barber
State Auxiliary Secretary
2580 Nursery Road #224
Clearwater, FL 33764
Please keep your resume to one page. Be sure to cover your main points for
consideration for State Office. If your Aerie or Auxiliary submits a letter of support
for your nomination it may also be included with your resume.
Do you have any recommended
State By-Laws changes?
If any Aerie or Auxiliaries have a suggested State By-Law change for consideration at
State Convention please submit them to:
Aerie Inputs:
Auxiliary Inputs:
Dan Cover, PSWP
Aerie By-Laws Chairman
60 Lake Diamond Blvd
Ocala, FL 34472
Lynn Repp, PSMP
Auxiliary By-Laws Chairman
513 Dunraven Dr.
Winter Park, FL 32792
Jeff Patton
State Aerie Secretary
790 Fletcher Rd SE,
Palm Bay FL 32909
Barbara Barber
State Auxiliary Secretary
2580 Nursery Road #224
Clearwater, FL 33764
1) Your respective local Aerie or Auxiliary must approve submission of the
recommended change at a regular or special meeting.
2) The change must include the signatures of the respective Worthy or Madam
President and the respective Aerie or Auxiliary Secretary.
3) The Secretary must affix the local Aerie or Auxiliary seal to the submission.
All recommended changes must reach the above no later that May 10, 2015.
The Florida Sunshine News
Page 2
The Florida Sunshine News
From The State Worthy President
Hello Brothers and Sisters,
Florida State
Aerie Officers
Worthy President
Bill Whitten - #4216
Jr. Past Worthy President
John Brancaccio - #4048
Worthy President Elect
Richard Scott - #3153
Worthy Vice President
Jeff Delashmet - #3550
Worthy Chaplain
David Lowe - #3296
Aerie Secretary
Jeff Patton - #4249
Aerie Treasurer
Ken Kohnen - #4256
Worthy Conductor
Bill Lucek - #4002
Aerie Inside Guard
Tony Piccuito - #3700
Aerie Outside Guard
Joel Sperry - #3997
Aerie Trustees
Greg Hall - #4530
Robert Davidson - #4374
Steve Silvestro - #4469
February was a great month now here
comes March - Wow where does the time
go? The Mid-Winter Conference went great,
everyone had a great time. We went over to
Crystal River on Saturday night. I saw all my
District #5 friends and talked over old times.
What a great time.
Ormond beach and NSB/Edgewater was
awesome again. Great food and friendship.
Had GWP Bud Haigh at Jupiter for dinner
and a short meet & greet. Great evening was
had by all. Tuesday we took GWP Bud and
his wife Virginia to Lake Worth for dinner
and a meet & great. Another great night. The
Aerie was packed and we had a great time.
Both Jupiter and Lake Worth gave Bud
checks for his charity. On Wednesday night
we headed to Ft. Lauderdale, Thursday to
Delray. He was quite impressed by the
Florida Aeries.
On Friday morning GWP Bud and I part
company. Brother Bud headed to Sara Mana
to see the folks in that area and I headed to
Ocala for my charity function at my home
Aerie. Bud and his wife Virginia and Betty
and I had a great time together. I will up
date you more next month.
Thought for the day----It’s not how much you have that makes
people look up to you, it’s what YOU are.
Bill Whitten
State Worthy President
[email protected]
From The State Aerie Secretary
The next State Aerie E-Board is April 4,
2014 at Orlando Aerie 3496. The E-Board
meeting will start Noon. Make sure I get
any Grants to be approved by the State EBoard by the end of March 2015. State
Convention packets have been sent out to
the Aerie Secretaries and will also be posted
on the State Web page.
There are still 6 Aeries that have not paid
their November 31st 2014 per-capita tax:
• Boynton Beach 3944
• Holly Hill 4033
• Edgewater 4242
• Golden Triangle 4335
• Daytona Beach Shores 4469
• Hallcrest 4497
Please make check out to the State Aerie
for the amount of your Per Capita and send
to Jeff Patton State Secretary. You do not
have to pay the per capita tax for dual
members. If you need help finding the
Invoice on the MMS call me.
I have seen that we have a few New Aerie
Secretaries. The New Secretaries need to
make sure the information on the MMS is
updated and I have all your information to
update the State Directory.
Any Aerie member who is a Past Worthy
President that would like to run for a State
Office needs to send their resume to the
State Secretary. I will then forward copies
to the Nominating Chairman, JPSWP John
Incoming State Aerie President Rich Scott
and incoming State Auxiliary President
Cindy Rider have requested anniversary
invitations from next year. In addition, all
bids for State Aerie or Auxiliary Functions
should be submitted now. This includes:
• Operations, Secretary or Ritual Schools
• Aerie or Auxiliary E-Board meetings
• Pool, Dart or Bowling Tournament
• Auxiliary Calendar Drawing
• State Presidents Roast
• State Picnic
• State Convention Program Book
You can send the information to either the
State Aerie or Auxiliary Secretary.
Fly with me to the F.O.E. and join Hands in Harmony
Jeffrey Patton
Florida State Aerie Secretary
790 Fletcher Rd SE,
Palm Bay FL 32909
Cell : 321-863-2678
Fax : 321-728-0236
[email protected]
The Florida Sunshine News
Page 3
From the State Madam President
Dear Sisters and Brothers,
What an awesome month of February.
The walk for the Presidents Charity was a
wonderful success and I cannot thank
everyone enough who walked, donated,
cooked and cheered the walkers on. Ocala
Forest did a fantastic job.
I had the honor to travel around the state
for four days with our Grand Madam
President Gloria Mason. If you have not had
the opportunity to meet her you are missing
the friendship of a great lady. We laughed,
joked and talked for the entire trip what a
wonderful time. Thanks to the ladies from
District 2 we had so much fun at Hamburger
Mary's. On Thursday, we went to the
Winnie Palmer Hospital for a tour and as
always we all came out with tears in our
eyes. Just a great experience and also a
learning one. The Fraternal Order of Eagles
has a plaque on the 11th floor for having
donating so much money to them in the last
years, over $800,000. Thursday evening we
were in Kissimmee for a great spaghetti
dinner made by one of my brothers of the
year Mike Dean. GMP Gloria was in the
kitchen trying to get the recipe, don't think
she succeeded. Friday we were off to Ocala
Forest great ribs and friendship. Saturday
was the walk another great day. Saturday
afternoon we headed to Sarasota for the
Valentine Ball another fun night. Sunday
morning Gloria headed home to the cold and
Thank You
The State Auxiliary wishes to send out a
BIG thank you to your State Aerie
Secretary, Jeff Patton. It was because of all
his efforts and experience that our Secretary
school was so successful! Thank you again
Jeff from Sherry Gingras, Melanie Day and
Margaret Thomas. We sincerely hope the
State Auxiliary will continue with this
power point program and keep helping all
the secretaries, new and "been there awhile"
be more knowable in the duties she has
obligated herself to.
God Bless everyone! Fraternally,
Sherry A. Gingras
Grand Madam Treasurer
Past Southeast Regional President
I stayed and went to the anniversary at Sara
Mana another fun day.
On March 14 New Port Richey will be
hosting the Presidents Roast if you have
some dirt on me - or if you want to hear
some on me - come to the roast. I’m sure a
good time will be had by all. The Auxiliary
E-board will be there at noon.
In closing this letter I just want to say how
much your donations to the hospital are
appreciated. The blankets are still coming in
and as we walked into the hospital I saw
babies leaving with them in their carriers.
That made me feel so good.
Keep up the teamwork Together-Everyone
-Achieves-More. This past week I saw so
many examples of that. Thank you to all the
Aeries and Auxiliaries.
Jeanette Puthoff
State Madam President
[email protected]
Charity Pins
Sisters and Brothers,
It has been my pleasure serving as the
State Auxiliary membership chairman. (I
think that is what I am serving as, right
Barbara Valentine?)
We have sent out many of the State
Madam President's charity pins to numerous
Auxiliaries. Now, we are calling on your
gracious ability to finish collecting them and
have a first in the State to have received
donations for all that have been issued.
Sister's, this will be a first and we really do
appreciate all your help, so let's get out
there and accomplish this effort! If you have
pins and/or monies collected and need to
know what or who to send them to, please
forward left over pins, if unable to get
donations for them, to myself as well as any
cash collected. Please write all checks to the
Florida State Auxiliary and in lower left
hand corner write State Presidents charity.
A BIG thank you to ALL the sister who
have helped us with this endeavor AND
anyone still helping!
Sherry A. Gingras,
Florida State Auxiliary Charity Chairman
18660 SE 24 Place
Silver Springs, FL 34488
The Key to success in the FOE Auxiliary is TEAMWORK
Florida State
Auxiliary Officers
Madam President
Jeanette Puthoff - #4048
Jr. Past Madam President
Donna Delashmet - #3550
Madam President Elect
Cindy Rider - #4249
Madam Vice President
Michelle McCarthy - #3496
Madam Chaplain
Pat Lowe - #3296
Auxiliary Secretary
Barbara Barber - #3452
Auxiliary Treasurer
Bonnie Bihler - #4399
Madam Conductor
Joann Cover - #4216
Auxiliary Inside Guard
Michele Roe - #4250
Auxiliary Outside Guard
Betty Greer - #4089
Auxiliary Trustees
Melanie Day - #3700
Margaret Thomas - #3694
Sheila Kay Scott - #3153
Beth Spaulding - #3452
Page 4
The Florida Sunshine News
Our Florida Sunshine News Boosters - We Thank You !
Paul & Claire Achey
Diana Allen
Marie Andrews
Joe Magri & Connie Avant
Ray Banaszewski
Barbara Barber
Natalie Barile
Linda Beasley
Beth Bendl
Pat Bice
Harry & Bonnie Bihler
Ted Bivins
Karen & Paul Borrows
Howard "Kip" Boynton
Joan Brady
John Brancaccio
Byron Butterfield
Gloria & John Calhoun
Betsy Clark
Wendy Coats
Don & Evelyn Crosby
Deb Dalton
Lisa Day
Glen DeFrancesco
Jeff & Donna Delashmet
Phyllis Doss
Janice Downen
Bonnie Dreher
Cathy Dyer
Sarasota F.O.E. #2756 Aux
Fr. Lauderdale F.O.E. #3140 Aux
Suncoast F.O.E. #3153 Aux
Spacecoast F.O.E. #3550 Aux
Spaceport F.O.E. #3581 Aerie
Spaceport F.O.E. #3581 Aux
Lockhart F.O.E. #3643 Aux
Lake Worth F.O.E. #3694 Aux
Gold Coast F.O.E. #3700 Aerie
Englewood F.O.E. #3885 Aux
Citrus F.O.E. #3992 Aux
Bonita Springs F.O.E. #4002 Aux
All Worlds F.O.E. #4048 Aerie
Spring Hill F.O.E. #4208 Aerie
Ocala Forest F.O.E. #4216 Aux
Palm Bay F.O.E. #4249 Aerie
St. Augustine F.O.E. #4256 Aux
Lighthouse F.O.E. #4267 Aux
Skyline F.O.E. #4270 Aerie
Crystal River F.O.E. #4272 Aerie
Lake Co. F.O.E. #4273 Aux
Golden Triangle F.O.E. #4335 Aux
Ruskin F.O.E. #4351 Aux
Orange Park F.O.E. #4365 Aerie
Vero Beach F.O.E. #4374 Aux
Daytona Beach F.O.E. #4401 Aerie
Daytona Beach F.O.E. #4401 Aux
Ormond F.O.E. #4435 Aux
Indian River F.O.E. #4527 Aerie
Julia & Steve Fitzgerald
Rebecca Fortuna
Joni Fritz
Gene Garand
John & Sherry Gingras
Betty Greer
Elroy Griebling
Bill & Joyce Griffith
Elena Guay
Greg Hall
Jean Hartman
Carole Jacobs
Ray Johnston
Cheryl Jordan
Rosemarie Knox
Tom Knox
Kenneth Kohnen
Judy & Glenn Langley
Lynda LeMar-Ivey
Kara Lockman
David & Patricia Lowe
Bill Lucek
Ana Mahar
James Malota
Joe Manzo
Nettie Manzo
Donna Marcinak
Alvena Matthis
Robert & Michelle McCarthy
John McGovern
Barbara McKenna
James Dustin Milling
Jim Moore
Sherry Moore
Joann Morowski
Jocelyn Naper
Esther Nichiporuk
Eileene Parrish
Jeff & Rayetta Patton
Cap & Nancy Pender
Tony Piccuito
Jeanette Puthoff
Ernie & Lynn Repp
Bill Riddle
Cindy Rider
Doris & Geoff Robe
Bill & Karen Roberts
Howard & Michele Roe
Dave & Betty Ross
Don & Bonnie Roth
Ann Russell
Sharon Sabourin
Reka Samra
Sarge Sargent
Susan Saunders
Nancy Scott
Rich & Kay Scott
Bob Silva
John Silva
Steve & Julie Silvestro
Snuffy & Sharon Smith
Beth Spaulding
Richard E. Spencer
Charlie Sperrazza
Connie Steenberg
Lou Struzinski
Jeanne Sullivan
Elwyn Tatro
Margaret Thomas
Creighton Thurman
Barbara & Jim Valentine
Bob & Joyce Van Eck
Zita Vankas
Mary Ann Waddell
Carol Weeks
Michael Wendell
Barbara & Don Westfall
Bill Whitten
Harold Wineinger
Joe Woody
Ed Zimmer
You Can Be a Newsletter Booster Too!
Compete this form and send your check for $10.00 to:
State Aerie Secretary Jeff Patton, 790 Fletcher Road, Palm Bay, Florida 32909
Name: __________________________________ Aerie/Auxiliary # ___________
Address: _________________________________________________________
City: ___________________________ State: __________ Zip: ____________
Email Address: _____________________________________
I would like to receive my newsletter by: [ ] US Mail [ ] Email
Fly with me to the F.O.E. and join Hands in Harmony
The Florida
Sunshine News
“The Florida Sunshine News”
is published monthly
as the official
publication of the
Fraternal Order of Eagles,
Florida State Aerie
and Auxiliary.
Printed material within this
publication may be used
without permission. Please
credit source indicated or
the Florida State Aerie or
Auxiliary, as applicable.
Articles for publication may
be submitted in writing or
preferably by email to:
The Florida Sunshine News
Paul & Renee Neumann
424 Lexingdale Drive
Orlando FL 32828
Telephone: 407-482-9270
Cut off date to submit
articles for publication is
the 15th of the month
proceeding the
publication month.
Submitted articles may
be edited for publishing
and clarity.
Boosters will receive this
newsletter direct to their
home address or email
address for a
$10.00 donation per/year
Visit our state website at:
Page 5
The Florida Sunshine News
Flag Ceremony at State Convention
Florida Hall of Fame
At the 2015 State Convention in Orlando, we will again have an
Opening Flag Ceremony to recognize the Auxiliaries in our
state. Each Auxiliary will have a representative carry their flag
into the meeting room. It is recommended that the
representative be the out-going Madam President from the 2014
-2015 year. If she is not attending, another sister could be the
flag carrier.
It is time to start thinking about nominations for the Florida
State Hall of Fame. The following are the requirements for
1. Any member in a local Aerie/Auxiliary, including dual
members, in the State of Florida who shall have
accumulated fifteen (15) years of membership in the FOE,
and in good standing at the time of nomination.
2. Any deceased member who was in good standing and on the
rolls of their local Aerie or Auxiliary in the State of Florida,
and had not less than fifteen (15) years of service, at the
time of their passing.
3. The prospective nominee, during the course of his/her
membership in the FOE, shall have demonstrated
outstanding character, leadership and service together with
showing a positive dedication to the principals of the FOE.
You may include something on the flag that signifies your area
of the state, your Auxiliary’s name, or it can just be your name
and Auxiliary number. Please be creative! If you had a flag in a
previous year’s ceremony, you may use the same one.
The flag should be rectangle and as close to 11 x 14 inches as
possible. (The 11 inches would be the vertical sides and 14
inches, the horizontal sides.) Please include a dowel to extend
approximately 18 inches beyond the bottom of the flag. The
dowel should be no more than 7/16 inches in diameter in order
to fit in the flag holders.
On Thursday, prior to the Opening Ceremony at State
Convention, the representatives should gather in the hallway
outside of the meeting room to line up for the flag presentation.
The nominee recommended must be approved by motion on the
membership floor at a regular meeting. A letter of
recommendation shall be forwarded to the Hall of Fame
Committee and include a statement that the member being
recommended meets the eligibility requirements and shall be
attested too, with the proper Aerie or Auxiliary seal and the
signature of the Secretary and the President.
Please complete the below form and return it to Barbara Barber,
State Secretary.
Auxiliary candidates also require a complete resume of the
member being nominated.
If you have questions, contact me at [email protected] or
407-497- 7541. Thanks and see you at convention!
NO letter of recommendation will be accepted without the
proper documentation. All submissions must be received by
May 24th 2015:
Alvena Matthis
Convention Flag Ceremony Participant
Auxiliary # ________ Name: ___________________________
Name of Representative: ______________________________
Office Held at Time of Convention: _____________________
Ernie Repp, Jr
State Aerie Chairman
513 Dunraven Drive
Winter Park, FL 32792
[email protected]
Jean Hartman
State Auxiliary Chairman
367 Mirabelle Drive
Pensacola, FL 32514
Don Westfall
Aerie Hall of Fame Secretary
1900 S. Goldenrod Rd
Orlando, FL 32822
[email protected]
Barbara Barber
State Auxiliary Secretary
2580 Nursery Road #224
Clearwater, FL 33764
Do you have an Anniversary or State Sponsored
event coming up in the next 90 days?
If so, please send your information (event, date, location, menu, hotels,
RSVP, etc.) to the newsletter editor for inclusion in the Sunshine
There is no cost to publish and it reaches every Aerie and Auxiliary in
the State of Florida and Georgia.
Email to: [email protected]
The Key to success in the FOE Auxiliary is TEAMWORK
Page 6
The Florida Sunshine News
Membership Report
Aerie (David Lowe, Chairman)
Auxiliary (Barbara Valentine, Chairman)
[email protected]
[email protected]
FLORIDA # 3 (692)
#2756 SARASOTA (63)
New Members ...................... 251
Re-enrolled Members ............ 67
Total Members ...................... 318
Membership to date ............... 2081
Membership Goal .................. 2913
SECRETARY ....... #4374 ROBERT J. DAVISON (87)
MEMBER ............ #4240 GORDON W BAKER (53)
SECRETARY ...... #4216 D. JOHN GINGRAS (21)
MEMBER ............ #2756 TODD A SCHOOK (9)
Total for the State increased to 28,037 Members on JAN 31. Check
your BB's and see if the Membership Summary is posted. Cape Coral
was #3 in The FOE year to date (207) and 2756 SARASOTA was #2
for month of JAN. with 63.
Each Member needs to bring in a new member each year.
Thank you for your hard work, David
Michael Crotty Bicentennial Park
1800 Ocean Shore Blvd,
Ormond Beach, Florida 32176
Amusements, Games, Food, Music
or visit us on Facebook at:
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Florida State Youth Rally
Steve & Julie Sylvester
Youth Rally Chairmen
#2 PORT ORANGE #4089 #3 CAPE CORAL #3957
#11 SARASOTA #2756
11 Annual Florida State
FOE Youth Rally
May 16, 2015
For more information contact:
[email protected]
Hospitality Rooms at
Florida State Convention
Convention chairmen John and Gloria
Calhoun have asked me to help them by
talking about the upcoming State
We will have the three rooms at the
beginning of the hallway close to the
smoking patio as we can. Any Aerie or
District who wants to participate please
contact me with what night you would
like to host the hospitality room even if
you have talked with me before. I need
a contact person for each Aerie or
District. We will be finalizing the
schedule at the April 4th E-Board
meeting in Orlando. We are working
hard to accommodate everyone.
State Education
The new Aerie year will be here before
we know it. We need our new officers
trained when they step up to their
positions. So let’s get them educated
We have to have at least 20 prepaid
signed up members ten days in advance
for the class to be held.
To schedule a date please contact:
Greg Hall
[email protected]
Fly with me to the F.O.E. and join Hands in Harmony
Greg Hall
Florida State Education Chairman
Email: [email protected]
Jeff Patton
Florida State Aerie Secretary
Email: [email protected]
Page 7
The Florida Sunshine News
Auxiliary Ritual School
Spacecoast #3550 Anniversary
Saturday, March 21st / 9am-4pm
At Orlando Aerie #3496
March 21st, 2015 / 5pm-till
The Aerie is located on the corner of
Clearlake Rd and Lake Dr , Cocoa, FL
Phone (321) 631-1631 for more information.
Florida State
Presidents Roast
March 14th at
New Port Richey
Aerie #3153
$10.00 Charge / $5.00 if you have been before
$5.00 Lunch provided
RSVP: Lynn Repp at [email protected]
Florida State Auxiliary E-Board Meeting
Noon on March 14th at New Port Richey #3153
Florida State Aerie E-Board Meeting
Noon on April 4th at Orlando #3496
Orlando #3496 Aerie 42nd & Auxiliary 41st
Anniversary Dinner
Saturday April 4, 2015.
Come honor our State Worthy
and Madam Presidents as they
near the end of their term.
magnuson hotel and marine
5015 us highway 19
Newport Richy 34652
Phone 727-849-8551
Mention Rich Scott or Eagles for
$60.00 plus tax rate.
Appetizer's - 5pm
Pork Loin Dinner - 6pm
La Quinta Inn
Phone 407-240-5000
Mention FOE
$79.00 per night
Now and Then Band
$10.00 per/person
April 24, 25 and 26
Suncoast Aerie 3153
Quality Inn
5316 US 19 N
New Port Richey, FL 34652
Phone (727) 847-9000
...April 10th...
$54.99 Standard Room
$59.99 King Room plus taxes
The Key to success in the FOE Auxiliary is TEAMWORK
The Florida Sunshine News - March 2015
Paul & Renee Neumann (Editors)
424 Lexingdale Drive
Orlando, FL 32828
[email protected]m
Event Calendar
Aerie Rep
Aux Rep
Bill Whitten
Jeanette Puthoff
State Uniform
Cindy Rider
State Uniform
All Auxiliary Officers
Anniversary / Venice Nokomis #3482
Anniversary / Daytona Beach Shores #4469
Auxiliary E-Board (Noon) / New Port Richey #3153
State Presidents Roast / New Port Richey
Bill Whitten
Jeanette Puthoff
State Uniform
Anniversary / Cocoa #3550
Bill Whitten
Jeanette Puthoff
State Uniform
Auxiliary Ritual School / Orlando #3496
All Invited
State Picnic / Cyprus Hut #4509
All Invited
All Invited
All Aerie Officers
Bill Whitten
Jeanette Puthoff
State Uniform
Jeanette Puthoff
State Uniform
Aerie E-Board (Noon) / Orlando #3496
Anniversary / Orlando #3496
Anniversary / Clearwater #3452
Anniversary / Ormond By the Sea #4435
Bill Whitten
Cindy Rider
State Uniform
Anniversary / Pinellas Park #4250
Bill Whitten
Jeanette Puthoff
State Uniform
All Invited
All Invited
State Bowling Tournament / SunCoast #3153
The Florida Sunshine News