Apparel Regional Office

Knoll Project Profile
Apparel Regional Office
Sector Focus: Consumer Products
This is a regional creative office located in New York's famous Chelsea district for
Designed by Robert Reuter and Charles Rozier, Currents is ideal for collaborative, team-
a well-known American shoe and apparel company. The space houses a team of
oriented mobile workspaces. The low-horizon Currents service wall, cover and right,
design professionals who work hands-on with a range of products, both existing and
provides ready acces to power, data and communications while offering expansive
experimental. Thus, a spacious work environment with a collaborative edge, movable
off-module planning opportunities for mobile Currents desks, which are freestanding and
workstations that can be reorganized for various projects and efficient technology support
height-adjustable. Calibre storage platforms in each work area, cover, provide additional
were all major concerns for the company when it selected the Currents office system by
shared space for collaboration. Life™ chairs offer ergonomic support throughout, left, and
Knoll. With Currents, the company achieved flexibility, function and style.
Series 2 mobile pedestals accommodate personal storage.
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