articles 25 FUN & EDUCATIONAL SITES FOR KIDS to make you smile

30 MAY, 2012
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There are so many great fun filled educational sites around for children now,
so here are a few that we think are definitely worth looking at and checking out.
1. ABC FOR KIDS (Pre-schoolers)
Your children’s favourite ABC characters are all on this site, along with games, recipes, crafty ideas and videos.
2. BBC CBEEBIES (Pre-schoolers+)
This site is definitely worth checking out. You can have fun and learn at the same time with all the cool activities,
songs, clips, games, recipes and lots more.
3. THE PLAYGROUND (Pre-schoolers)
Pre-schoolers can join in and play in the magical world of The Playground. Interactive games and activites to help
promote learning from an early age.
4. SEUSSVILLE (Pre-schoolers)
Play games, watch videos and do activities with Dr Seuss and all the cool characters.
5. THOMAS & FRIENDS (Pre-schoolers)
If your kids love Thomas the Tank Engine then they’ll love this site. Your child can play games, learn about all the
different engines, watch some videos, colour in and enjoy the activities and puzzles.
6. THE WIGGLES (Pre-schoolers)
Keep up to date with The Wiggles. Whether you are wanting to play games, download activities, watch videos, look
at e-books or sing along with Dorothy the Dinosaur you have come to the right place.
7. Triple Zero Kids Challenge (Pre-schoolers)
Children will learn about safety messages and understand what happens when you call Triple Zero.
8. DISNEY (Pre-schoolers)
A hugely popular site with all the disney characters, where kids learn through educational games and activities.
9. WEBKINZ (Pre-schoolers)
With Webkinz you child adopts a stuffed animal that comes alive in Webkinz World. The animal will need a home, be
cared for and kept happy. Kids have to answer age appropriate questions, play games related to spelling, problem
solving, learn about money and much more.
10. MATHLETICS (Pre-school to Year 12)
Mathletics makes maths fun. With the games and activities your child will become a maths master in no time.
11. POPET (Age 3-12)
This site provides educational eBooks for children aged from 3 to 12. They encourage children to think and solve
problems yet still enjoying themselves.
12. ABC READING EGGS (Age 3-13)
This is truly a great site which helps children reach their potential with reading. ABC Reading Eggs works with
phonics and sight words in an enjoyable rewarding way, resulting in happy motivated children.
These educational games are fantastic for building skills in maths, language, science, social studies and lots more.
There are so many fun choices on this site, your child will never be bored.
14. TYPING (Age 5+)
Kids need to know how to type and here learning to type has never been so much fun. With 4 levels of difficulty to
choose from your child will become proficient in no time.
15. ART ZONE (Age 5+)
Bring out your child’s creative side with Art Zone. Watch them create their own masterpieces.
16. National Geographic Kids (Age 6+)
From games to videos, learning about the different countries in the world and all the animals around us. There’s so
much for your child to do on this site.
17. FRESH FOR KIDS (Age 6+)
A great site for parents and kids to learn about and encourage healthy eating. Includes recipes, games and activities.
18.CLUB PENGUIN (Age 6-14)
Play games and activities in a winter-set virtual world with cartoon penguins. Kids can engage in fun and imaginative
activities, chat in a safe environment and care and adopt cute pets.
19. MOSHI MONSTERS (Age 7-12)
This is a social networking site where you adopt and care for a pet monster, solve puzzles which lead to rewards
which can be used as currency to buy items for the monster. Your child will learn how to manage resources and think
creatively with this site.
20. FUNBRAIN (Age 8+)
Whether it be maths, reading, grammar, science, spelling, history or games, you’ll find it here for all ages.
If you want to do some cool science experiments or projects on any topic then this is the site for you.
22. KIDS.NET.AU (Age 10+)
This site is a fantastic resource for children. They can research any topic on the encyclopedia, search over 40,000
websites, use the dictionary or thesaurus and just have fun!
23. CYBERSMART (Age 10+)
This site teaches kids to be cybersmart and cybersafe online with activities, animations, facts and games.
24.HOW STUFF WORKS (Age 10+)
This is a fantastic site that tells you children how different things work from cars to magnets to volcanoes,
static electricity, rainbows and much much more. Everything is explained on this site.
25. TEENSHEALTH (Age 13+)
One of the most visited websites for children’s health and development. Heaps of articles for parents and teenagers
to read on all things health.