Africa Research Day Poster

 Africa Research Students Network (AfNet) Monday 16th March 9.30am – 5pm *Attendance is free The Brunei Gallery SOAS WC1H 0XG Africa Research Students Network (AfNet) Africa Research Day
Africa Research Day – The Brunei Gallery, SOAS 9.30am – 5pm | Monday 16th March 2015 09.30 Registration 10.00 – 10.45 Keynote Address 10.45 – 11.15 Coffee break (at the Brunei Gallery Main Foyer) 11.15 – 13.00 Morning Sessions 13.00 – 14.30 Lunch Break (at the Brunei Gallery Main Foyer) 14.30 – 16.00 Afternoon Sessions 16.00 – 17.00 Drinks (at the Brunei Gallery Main Foyer) * Tea/coffee, lunch and drinks are provided. Keynote Address: Professor Christopher Cramer, Department of Development Studies, SOAS Sessions: Panel I – Governance, Globalisation and Politics • Érika Melek Delgado (University of Worcester) – Liberated African Children in Sierra Leone in the Early Nineteenth Century • Kathryn Nash (SOAS) – Securing African Lives Through the State: Elite Conceptions of Security in the Immediate Post-­‐Independence Period • Naomi Richman (SOAS) – Gender and Sexuality in Born-­‐Again Nigeria • Portia Roelofs (LSE) – Good Governance and Accountability in Oyo State, Nigeria: What’s not to Love? • Stephen Bekoe (Royal Holloway) – To what extent has the Community Information Centre programme overcome the constraints of geographical peripherality/ social marginality in Ghana? Africa Research Students Network (AfNet) Africa Research Day Panel II – Environment and Sustainability • Clement Oghoro (UCL) – A place of Dispute: Land, Oil resource and Governmentality in the Niger Delta • Elizabeth Haynes (Royal Holloway) – Linear Visions: decaying paper and living landscapes Panel III – Culture and Arts • Katherine Young (Royal Holloway) – The Role of Hindi Film in Dagomba Popular Music: Exploring Ahmed Adam’s “Behi” • Sharlene Khan (Goldsmiths) – Touching and Fondling the Black Body: The Significance of the Blackface Sign in Contemporary South African Visual Arts Panel IV – Peace and Conflict • Jonathan R. Beloff (SOAS) – The Evolution of Rwandan Foreign Policy from genocide to Globalisation • Noga Glucksam (SOAS) – The politics of justice and the meaning of accountability: A discursive study of transitional justice in Liberia and Uganda • Omeni Akali (KCL) – Counter-­‐Insurgency (COIN) in Nigeria: Doctrine, Operations and the Praxis • Rebecca Sutton (LSE) – How is the principle of distinction produced amongst interveners in the delivery of humanitarian assistance? A study of UN Integrated Missions in South Sudan, DRC, and CAR AfNet 2014-­‐2015 Coordinators: • Susana Neves Alves (University College London) • Sarah Howard (Goldsmiths) • Jin-­‐ho Chung (University College London) Sponsors: