LOUNGE Welcome to !!

Welcome to pizzaLOUNGE !!
Here at pizzaLOUNGE we have and offer you a
unique lounge setting where you can chill out on
our comfy lounge sofa’s and chat with friends or
entertain your clients while you enjoy a great
martini, cocktail or tasty glass of wine.
We also have and present to you an
assembly of biers, as well as our
outstanding wine selection, that
have been specifically selected to
complement our gourmet pies
and foodie salads. And of
Course we wouldn’t be called
pizzaLOUNGE without
offering you a very unique
selection of gourmet pizzas.
So please ask your server
what unique pie might fit
your taste on this visit.
You should know all pizzaLOUNGE pies start with
a special dough made daily and made from ingredients that are Vegan friendly. All pies are
topped with pL’s home made specially
blended sauces. Because pL pies are
tried and true, we don’t suggest
making substitutions on our
specialty pies, but our awesome
line up of maitre d’s and
pizza Chef’s will always take
care of you. As a special note
most pL pies are made with
Toppings that are not
pre-cooked & made to
order with the best, hand
Selected and freshest
ingredients so a little extra
time is needed when we’re
rockin’ so please kick back &
enjoy a pL Martini while we
prepare that special pie
just for you.
Start your
pizzaLOUNGE experience off with one of our fresh homemade appetizers.
Our appetizers stem from family recipes that have won many hearts and taste buds thus, we have put
together some delicious and not so predictable options for you to nibble on while you wait for your
special pie or foodie salad. Cheese board (12.99)
Your choice of 3 of these fresh, and intricate cheeses, accompanied with seasonal fruit ~ local honey ~
black cherry & apricot preserve ~ salt & black pepper kettle chips ~
Castelvetrano & Galega olives (nonpitted). ~ add a 4th cheese for just $2
~ our cheese du jour~
Moody blue (cow) ~ Sea Side Cheddar (cow) ~ Aged Tillamook Cheddar (cow) ~
Don Juan Manchego (Sheep) ~ Pepperoncino Asiago (cow) ~ Smoked Gouda (goat) or Goat Brie
(keep in mind that we only serve you the freshest cheese we can find so availability may vary.
Our cheese board pairs well with each of Estate bottled wines so please ask your server for
substitutions and wine paring suggestions.
pL Smoked Salmon Dip ~ 8.98
Beautiful Salmon fillet house smoked over pecan wood then blended with a dab of cream cheese ~
chili sauce ~ seasonal sweet & spicy peppers ~ green onion and
accompanied with toasted ciabatta bread.
pL Roasted Cauliflower & Cannellini bean UN-Humus ~ 5.98
Cauliflower roasted with jalapeno, then blended with cannellini beans and fresh garlic
and served with pL homemade flat bread.
Stuffed Mushroom Caps ~ 6.98
Your mouth will trip on our large ~ tasty shrooms stuffed with smoked chicken ~ spinach ~ walnuts
sautéed in pL sauce au boeuf then topped with the perfect amount of
swiss cheese.
pL SauerKraut Balls ~ 7.95
Yes, they sound funny but the tasty and unique flavor of probably the only sauerkraut balls in
Dallas is so worth it. These family jewels blend both Jimmy’s spicy and mild Italian sausage ~
sauerkraut and a touch of horseradish, then baked and served with our own
Russian and Basil Cream dressing.
No Smoochie Shrimp ~ 8.49 Shrimp marinated in our pL no smoochies white sauce ~ skewered with a rosemary stem then pan
seared. They’re a perfect appy to the No Smoochies pie or, accompanied with a yummy glass or our
Madonna Riesling.
For our Vegan friends, look for this symbol throughout the menu to indicate vegan friendly
or vegan options.
pizzaLOUNGE gourmet pies
All pL pies are made with our own hand rolled dough and special pL tomato sauce
Classic Flip ~ R (14.25) ~ L (18.50)
pL’s version of a true classic pie but flipped? This pie starts with a drizzle foShizzle of pL white sauce ~ mozzarella ~ pepperoni ~
pL – sauce. And of course, we always recommend the LARGE pepperoni… Its flippin’ good!!
Sofa King ~ R (16.49) ~ L (21.99)
Hands down, the KING of pies! We start with Mozza pro ~ pepperoni ~ jimmy’s Italian sausage ~ birming-Haaam ~ bacon ~ Italian ~ meatballs ~ sautéed mushrooms ~ green pepper ~ sweet onion ~ banana peppers ~ you will be SOFA KING FULL!!!!
Surfin’ Hog ~ R (13.49) ~ L (17.95)
Dude! Tasty Mozzarella ~ big wave shrimps ~ jimmy’s spicy Italian sausage ~ roasted sweeeet red peppers and dulce Mediterranean peppers.
Dude…. Its tasty!
Nickel Bag ~ R (13.49) Dime Bag ~ L (16.50)
You guessed it, a whole bag of freshly sautéed secretly raised spinach ~ mozzarella ~ sharp provolone ~ broccolini ~ rapine ~freshly picked
budsil ~ and a secret ingredient perfected with a lid of pL white sauce. A veggie friendly cure for the munchies…
R E G R U B M A H ~ R (13.49) ~ L (17.95)
~ The best cheeseburger you’ll ever have on a pie! Special ketchup based red sauce ~mozz ~ cheddar ~ swiss ~ pL hamburger (special blend
of beef and spices) ~ red onions and sliced grape tomatoes cooked to perfection and finished with diced dill pickles.
~Baconize it for another buck-ola
Holly wood ~ R (15.49) ~ L (18.50)
Sharp provolone & mozzarella ~ juicy rosemary roasted chicken ~ freshly sautéed sun dried tomatoes & artichoke hearts ~ pine nuts.
Hmmmm? Would this be the same pie in Bolly Wood?
pL Margherita ~ R (13.25) ~ L (17.50)
Fresh Mozzarella ~ selectively chosen sweeeet grape tomatoes ~ capers ~ freshly picked basil ~ swiss ~ and finished with pL white sauce.
We had to have at least one ‘Italian’ pie on this tiny menu ~ buon italiano!!
The Sauerkrauter ~ R (13.95) ~ L (17.95)
(Think crazy tasty) pL tangy krauter sauce topped with creamy mozzarella ~ crisp sauerkraut and sweet Italian sausage. Just as tasty, try
the Veggie Krauter ~ mozzarella, kraut, and sautéed mushrooms …… Unglaublich gut!
pL Hawaiian ~ R (14.49) ~ L (18.49)
Who died and made Canadian bacon and pineapple the ‘Hawaiian’ pie? Well, the extensive pL research team (our previous customers) couldn’t explain it either so we decided: Nothing says Hawaiian Pie like mozza ~ provolone ~ sautéed Hawaiian steak ~ macadamia nuts ~ pineapple ~ and to top it all off, a little Kona Coffee !! Bra, it’s totally north shore!!
Tiffany’s Pie ~ R (14.49) ~ L (18.49)
No other way to describe it, a spectacular & gorgeous pie starting with roasted yams ~ whipped goat cheese ~ bacon & and sweet onion and
finished with fresh watercress.
Bella Figa ~ R (14.49) ~ L (17.98)
Pretty, hot and special! This pie brings the following great flavors together ~ whole milk mozzarella ~ shrimp, onion and artichoke hearts
sautéed in pL white sauce ~ freshly sliced sweet dolce Mediterranean peppers (seasonal ) and a touch of spiciness from fresh habanero.
Spicy Muchacho ~ R (14.49) ~ L (17.49)
You like spicy? Cool mozz ~ extra sharp cheddar ~ then the fuego begins with ~ jimmy’s spicy sausage ~ fresh jalapenos ~ habaneros ~
then sweetened by sliced green bell peppers ~ roasted sweet red peppers ~ and banana peppers. Additional sweet and spicy peppers are
added depending on what we found locally. When in season, we suggest adding hatch chilies to the mix for just a few more pesos. Caliente
a mis Amigos !!
NO Smoochies ~ R (13.49) ~ L (17.98)
We start this pie with our pL white sauce then kiss it with our mozza provolone blend ~ sweet and purple onion ~ roasted stinky rose and
sautéed leeks and artichokes. Baby, No Smoochies for you !! .
Foodie Sammy’s & Salads
Pizzas aren’t the only thing we do right here. Try one of our unique, fresh
sandwiches served with your choice of Kettle chips (salt & pepper, salt & vinegar, or spicy thai) or, try substituting your chips for some of our fresh and healthy steamed broccoli or cauliflower for only $1
Veggie’s Bliss ~ rich sea side cheddar and smoked gouda melted on an Amoroso roll and topped with
blended Asian vinegar and freshly chopped mint marinated crunchy English cucumber.
Savory, refreshing, and yet no meat! ~ 5.95
pL Turkey Sloppy Joe ~ it’s not your typical Joe. Our sloppy starts with a toasted Amoroso roll smothered first with grilled off the bone turkey breast ~ then, green and red cabbage caramelized with our own
pL Russian vinaigrette then finished with a little extra to make it extra sloppy. ~ 7.99
Grilled Chicken Parmmy~ lean Chicken breast marinated in blend of herbs and spices and
charcoal grilled. Then served on an Amoroso roll and topped with mozzarella ~ parmesan cheese
and pL signature red pizza sauce. ~ 8.95
pL Smoked Chicken BBQ ~ pecan smoked chicken sautéed with red onion ~ bacon ~ cheddar ~
Lettuce and sliced grape tomato. Sub the lettuce with healthy baby spinach for $1.49 extra,
its betta!! ~ 8.95
Shrimp Not So Po ~ sweet shrimp sautéed in our pL white sauce butterflied for an easy bite on a bed of
crisp lettuce topped with sliced grape tomato and our spicy Russian dressing served open face on a toasted
Amoroso roll. ~ 8.95
Vegan Grilled Cheese ~ An exceptionally and surprising yummy grilled cheese made with your choice of
Diaya Mozz or Cheddar ~ sliced sweet grape tomatoes and your choice of Vegan bread ~ 5.95
VegaBrat ~ Heck yea! Tofurkey Brat covered with freshly sliced sautéed sweet onion ~ bell pepper and
mushrooms. VegaYummy doesn’t get any simpler ~ 6.95 ~ A wheat bier is the perfect complement.
pL Mediterranean Chicken Salad ~Mediterranean grilled chick diced & complemented with fresh
Fresno & Anaheim pepper ~ dates ~ black olives ~ fresh basil ~ cinnamon toasted almonds and
pepperoncino cheese served on a bed of chiffonade spinach with either grilled rye or toasted
amoroso roll. ~ 8.95
Pear & Gorgonzola with warm pear vinaigrette salad made with fresh spring greens ~ gorgonzola and pL
candied walnuts. A very healthy salad and did you know walnuts are the most balanced nut out there. ~ 8.99
~ This pairs nicely with our Blackburn Chardonnay
pL Smoked Salmon Salad ~ fresh salmon rubbed with a pL 7 spice blend and smoked over local pecan
wood ~ drizzled with spicy Russian vinaigrette and finished with sautéed Shitake mushrooms and
caramelized shallots.. Very Healthy !! ~ $12.95 ~ Your taste buds will be swimming in delight when pairing
this signature salad with a glass of our Chilexcellent Sauvignon Blanc
Spinach w/ Grilled Chicken & Bacon salad ~ fresh baby spinach tossed with a warm pL made mushroom vinaigrette topped with grilled chicken ~ bacon ~ red grapes ~ crumbled gorgonzola. ~ 9.98
Mediterranean Spinach salad ~ Fresh baby spinach tossed in our pL Mediterranean vinaigrette then
topped w/ grilled Mediterranean spiced chicken ~ dates~ red grapes ~ candied almonds and feta. ~ 9.98
Greek Paradochikos (Traditional) ~ Sliced grape tomatoes ~ cucumber~ red and white onion ~
calamite black olives ~ feta ~ finished with pL white sauce and a pinch of oregano and cracked
black pepper. ~ If you add meat, it’s not a greek!! ~ 7.95 ~ Excellent with a glass of our Devil’s Corner Pinot
Noir. Greece wishes they had pizzaLOUNGE.
Cop Out ~ It’s just that simple ~ a house wedge salad with your choice of ranch ~ creamy Italian ~
1000 island ~ blue cheese or vinaigrette. ~ 5.95
pizzaLOUNGE yo pies ~ deserts ~ thirsts If it just so happens our gourmet pies ain’t yo thang, we offer
“yo pie ~ yo picks”
Start Yo pie with a Regular or Large size cheese pizza with pL’s own red or white sauce,
then just add your favorite toppings to create yo own pie
R ($11) / L ($13)
Traditional picks
Per topping ~ R ($1.75) / L ($2.75)
Pepperoni ~ Bacon ~ Jimmys Sweet Italian
sausage ~ Canadian Bacon
Italian Meat Balls ~ pLamburger
Red Onion ~ Sweet Onion ~ Jalapeno ~ Green
Bell Pepper ~ Mushrooms ~ Pineapple
~ Black Olives ~ Green Olives ~
Foodies Picks
Per topping ~ R ($2.25) / L ($3.25)
Jimmy’s spicy Italian Sausage ~ Smoked
Chicken ~ Smoked Salmon
Rosemary Roasted Chicken ~ Capers
Banana Peppers ~ Roasted Red Peppers
Ricotta ~ Feta ~ Goat Cheese ~ Fresh Basil
Spinach ~ Pine Nuts ~ Artichoke Hearts ~
Roasted Hatch Chili’s (seasonal)
Roasted Garlic ~ SauerKraut
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Yummy Vegan Picks
For our Vegan friends, we also offer Daiya Vegan cheeses ~ Mozzarella & Cheddar
R ($1.49) / L ($ 2.49)
We also have a large list of Vegan Friendly Meats including ~ Pepperoni ~ Soyrizo
~ Field Roast Chipotle Sausage ~ Tofurky Italian Sausage ~ Tofurky BeerBrats ~ Meat Free
Crumbled Beef & Sausage
Delicious Desserts
Traditional Cannoli ~ A crisp and
crunchy shell filled with our very
own sweet and creamy ricotta
cheese. ~ 2.98
Chocolate-dipped Cannoli ~ Just
like the traditional but with the
shell dipped in sweet dark chocolate. ~ 2.98
Hello! Yellow Cheese Cake ~
Rich and Creamy, you wont be disappointed with this traditional
New York style cheesecake. ~ 3.49
Chocolate Swirl Cheese Cake ~
Take your regular old yellow
cheesecake and swirl
in creamy chocolate.
Its rich and yummy! ~ 3.49
Drinks to Quench Your Thirst
Sodas (1.99) ~ Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper,
Sprite, Club Soda, Tonic Water
Juices (1.99) ~ Fresh Brew Un-sweet Tea,
Cranberry Juice, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice,
Grapefruit Juice
Coffee (2.25) ~ Pinion Hazelnut ~ Kona Blend
~ Organic Italian Roast ~ Hawaiian Grog w/ coconut) Columbian Decaf
Hot Tea (2.50) ~ Stash Green ~ Chai Spice Black
Tea ~Fusion Green & White and Orange Spice
We Deliver and We Deliver Late