From Chef Carlotta’s Kitchen, we offer these delicious recipes featuring

From Chef Carlotta’s Kitchen, we offer these delicious recipes featuring
a Carlotta’s salad & house made Calabacitas. Choice of flour or corn tortillas
Served with arroz & frijoles refritos or Charros. Add “Más Sabor” see below!
Grilled Asada Recipes*
Choice of grilled jumbo shrimp, chicken breast or steak with Applewood bacon, fresh avocado,
carmelized onion, green chile, queso casero, chipotle ranch & Pico de Charro garnish
Pollo Asada
Grilled Shrimp
Carne Asada
Reynosa Chicken GF
All-Natural grilled chicken breast topped with cremosa chipotle and
part skim Queso Casero. Served with frijoles Charros & arroz Sonora 13.95
Carlotta’s Clásico Chicken Mole GF
Vegetarian Recipes*
Classic Bean Burro Frijoles refritos y queso 6.95
The “G” Burro! Grilled vegetables, green corn tamal, green chile, avocado
Chicken, Beef & Pork Recipes*
Pollo El Charro Chicken breast, green chile, potato, tomato, onion & crema 8.95
Carnitas Ranchero Slow cooked hand pulled pork roast 9.95
Family Recipe Carne Colorado Our recipe of slow cooked red chile shredded beef 10.95
Charro Birria Slow cooked shredded beef, mild green chile & seasonings 10.95
El Charro Carne Seca This is the one that made us famous, try it Elegante Style! 12.95
*¡Más Sabor! Add any style below to your burro
Viva La Chimichanga! Invented by our Tia Monica & perfected with healthy non-trans- fat oil! +.95
Queso Melt Baked with extra queso casero on top 1.95
Enchilada Style Queso Melt style with red or green enchilada sauce on top 2.95
Elegante Style Enchilada Style add guacamole, crema & Pico de Charro 3.95
Served with guacamole, Pico de Charro, crema, arroz & frijoles refritos or Charros.
With choice of flour or corn tortillas GF
Chicken 14.95 Steak 16.95 Shrimp 17.95 ”Any Combo” 18.95
GF Fajitas with Corn tortillas are gluten free
Served 2 per order with arroz & frijoles refritos or Charros
The classic Mexican plate presentation of our Chef’s chicken mole recipe.
Featuring arroz blanco and frijoles charros 13.95
For a delicious healthy option, we can bake certain enchiladas in non-fat yogurt
Pescado Tropical GF
Choice of red sauce, green sauce, sour cream or non-fat yogurt and your choice of:
Pan seared cod filet on a bed of arroz blanco and topped with fresh Tomatillo sauce,
roasted green chile, mango & avocado-corn salsa 13.95
Charro Steak Tampiqueña GF
Dos Enchiladas GF 10.95
Queso, Pollo El Charro, Grilled Chicken or Charro Birria
El Charro Carne Seca Enchiladas GF 13.95
Baked in choice of: Red chile or tomatillo green sauce or sour cream
Enchiladas del Rancho GF 11.95
Marinated & grilled carne asada steak with a chile relleno, queso blanco enchilada & Pico
de Charro. Served with frijoles Charros, arroz Sonora & choice of tortillas 19.22
Slow cooked shredded pork Carnitas with roasted green chile crema & Queso Casero
Shrimp Sinaloa con Tomatillo GF
Pollo y Mole Clásico GF 11.95
Grilled shrimp in a tomatillo and roasted poblano sauce over arroz blanco 15.95
Grilled chicken breast enchiladas with our Mole Clásico con Chocolate (note: contains nuts)
En Vegas Chicken GF
Elegante Recipes: Chicken or Shrimp GF 11.95/13.95
Grilled chicken breast stuffed with melted Queso Casero, spinach, artichoke & mushroom.
Topped with creamy raja sauce and a fire-roasted green chile, avocado-corn salsa 14.95
Grilled chicken or shrimp, Applewood bacon & avocado in tomatillo green sauce
Tucson’s Enchiladas Sonorenses GF [v]
A Charro tradition of native corn masa cakes & red chile sauce
Two per order with arroz & frijoles refritos or Charros
With arroz & frijoles refritos or Charros
New! Charrocuterie a la Plancha
GF with Corn tortillas for gluten free
A large plancha style platter of grilled recipes to build your own tacos. Serves 3-4 persons
Carne Asada, Carnitas Ranchero, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Peppers & Onions, Guacamole, Pico Salsa,
Sour Cream, Queso Casero, Applewood Bacon, salsa, arroz & frijoles refritos & choice of tortillas 34.95
GF If ordered with Corn tortillas
Queso Blanco Enchilada and choice of a crisp taco of either:
Rolled Chicken, El Charro Ground Beef or add 2.25 for Carne Seca
Soft Tacos
#2 Número Dos 13.95
#1 Número Uno 10.95
Vegetarian Enchiladas GF
Spinach, Mushroom, Artichoke & Poblano 10.95
Baked with queso amarillo in sour cream or yogurtwith grilled fajita vegetables
Seafood Enchiladas with flour tortillas
Grilled shrimp and white fish enchiladas in raja sauce with corn & avocado salsa
on corn, flour, or lettuce with choice of:
Grilled Soft Chicken Taco, Pollo El Charro Enchilada & Chicken Tamal
Grilled Chicken, Grilled Fish, Cerveza Fish, Carnitas Ranchero 9.95
Charro Birria, Carne Asada Steak or Blackened Salmon 10.95
#3 Número Tres 13.95
Flags or “Banderas” are the most colorful icons in any culture and we honor our colorful history with our
Banderas Enchilada Recipes featuring red, white & green sauces, arroz & frijoles refritos or Charros
Carnita Tamal, El Charro Beef Taco & Queso Blanco Enchilada in Chile Colorado Sauce
Enchiladas Banderas GF 17.95
#4 Número Cuatro 15.95
Trio of enchilada recipes: Our Famous Carne Seca, Charro Birria & Pollo El Charro
Grilled Tacos with Corn Tortilla or Lettuce are gluten free
Crisp Corn Taco Recipes GF
Cantina Style Ground Beef
or El Charro Carne Seca
Original “Charro Style” Beef Taco GF
In 1922, when Tia Mónica opened El Charro Café, there was only one way to make a taco: form a
ground beef patty, fold it in a tortilla & fry it in a pan, garnish with peas, radishes & Mexican cheese
Try our Original Taco and Taste History!
Two for 8.25 or Three for 9.75
Crispy Chicken or Beef Flautas GF 10.95
3 Rolled tacos with sour cream, guacamole & Pico de Charro
El Charro Rolled Chicken Tacos GF 8.95
Three “crisp Charro Style” rolled Chicken Tacos
Seafood Enchilada del Mar, Soft Grilled Shrimp Taco & Green Corn Tamal
Bandera Trio Sampler
#5 Número Cinco 16.95
Charro Birria Chimi, Corn Tamal & Carnitas Huarache
El Charro Carne Seca, Chile Relleno & Queso Blanco Enchilada GF Tortillas
Poblano & Carnitas Relleno Bandera Style 12.95
Carnitas stuffed Poblano in Dos Equis tempura with red, white & green sauce
A deliciously grande ½ pound portion of our World Famous Carne Seca.
Dried in the Sonoran desert sun, our marinated lean Angus beef is shredded
& grilled with green chile, tomato & onions. Features guacamole, Pico de Charro,
Calabacitas, arroz & frijoles refritos or Charros, flour or corn tortillas GF 17.95
Gourmet Magazine hailed Carne Seca as “A Taste Explosion!”
Relleno recipes are served with arroz & frijoles refritos or Charros
Original Anaheim Recipe GF
Hand dipped Anaheim green chiles stuffed with Queso Casero
and your choice of our house made Red or Green sauce
10.95 (vegetarian)
Accompany any Relleno recipe with a Queso Casero Enchilada 3.95
Fresh Corn [v], Pork Carnitas,
Chicken Tomatillo, and Red Chile Beef GF
Served two per order with arroz & frijoles refritos or Charros 9.95
100% Sterling Silver Beef with choice of fries or rice & beans
Tamale Temptation Trio GF
Original Charro Burger
Sampling of Three Handmade Tamales: Pork Carnitas, Chicken Tomatillo & Fresh Corn 11.95
Grilled onion, locally crafted queso menonita, chipotle ranch 9.95
Más Bueno Burger Charro Burger add Applewood bacon, avocado & green chile 10.95
Ask Us about Our Seasonal Recipes & Tamales by the Dozen for your next Fiesta!
We only use HACCP certified produce for food safety & quality
Dressing Recipes: House Vinaigrette, Charro Ranch, Chipotle Ranch & Serrano Citrus
Most desserts feature Shamrock vanilla bean ice cream
Dessert Sampler Trio
Tia’s Topopo Salad GF
A Trio of our Tres Leches Cake , Caramel Flan & Fried Ice Cream
Tia Monica’s Mayan masterpiece! Your choice of recipe & dressing:
Tres Leches Original Vanilla
Original Vegetarian (vegan available) 10.95
Grilled Chicken 11.95
Citrus Marinated Grilled Shrimp 13.95
El Charro Carne Seca 13.95
Tacostada Salad
Roast Apple Pie Chimi a’la Agave 5.95
Stuffed with warm fire roasted apples and topped with vanilla bean ice cream,
fresh whipped cream & agave syrup
Fresh greens, Queso Casero & choice of recipe (vegetarian available)
Grilled Chicken or Cantina Style with Ground Beef
Fried Ice Cream 5.95
Served with whipped cream in a cinnamon crisp tortilla shell & drizzled
with your choice of chocolate, dulce de leche or prickly pear syrup
Grilled chicken, serrano citrus vinaigrette, dried cranberry, pepitas, & Queso Casero
Charro Caesar Crispette!
Our famous family recipe uses 3 different types of milk & crème
add Patron XO Cocoa!
Pair our Tres Leches with Patron’s gourmet infused XO Tequila! 7.95
Chef Carlotta’s Chopped Salad GF
Churros y Chocolate
Fresh romaine, Cilantro-Caesar dressing, Queso Cotija & avocado salsa atop a tortilla crispette
Fresh made churros served with warm chocolate dipping sauce
Grilled Chicken or Blackened Salmon
Homemade Flan Caramel GF 5.25
Creamy family recipe caramel flan with whipped cream
Sopa de Tortilla or Caldo de Queso GF Small 3.95/Large*7.95
Chicken Tortilla or Albóndigas GF Small 4.95/Large*8.95
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Small Scoop 1.95 Large Bowl 3.95 GF
*Large served with flour or corn tortillas GF
House Margaritas, House Wine & Draft Beer are ½ off during
Fiesta Hours Every Day from 3-6pm
“Tucson’s Best House Margarita*” Sauza Silver Tequila, citrus & ice
*Tucson Guide Magazine & Tucson Weekly
Margaritas de Frutas Strawberry, Peach, Mango, or Melon 8/29
Margarita Elegante 100% Blue Agave Cuervo Tradicional & Lime 9/32
Prickly Pear-Rita Citrus, prickly pear nectar, Sauza Silver Tequila 9/32
New! Tia’s Cocoa Café Patrón XO Cocoa & Chile Infused Reposado, Cinnamon & Abuelita Chocolate
Blue Cadillac Sauza Hornitos Silver, Patrón Citronge, Blue Curacao 10/35
Skinny’Rita Patrón Silver, Agave nectar & lime 8/29
The 1800 Cadillac 100% Agave 1800 Tequila & Grand Marnier 10/35
Crazy Cool Margarita Sauza Hornitos Silver fused with fresh cool cucumber & mint 9/32
The Natural! Milagro Organic 100% Agave Silver, Reposado, Agave & lime 10/35
La Familia Charro Premium Cuervo La Familia, fresh citrus & Grand Marnier 19.22 Gl
The ‘42 Caddy Legendary Don Julio 1942, Grand Marnier & fresh citrus 25 Gl
¡Cerveza-Rita! 14
This one may take two to tango! 32 ounces of fiesta on the rocks with an ice cold
Coronita or Pacifico Cervezita dancing inside your glass. Please dance on tables responsibly
With Dulce de Leche syrup & cinnamon tortilla crispies
GF Order
our Flan or Ice Cream “without” the crispies for gluten free
Aperitivo recipes are ½ off during Fiesta Hours Every Day from 3-6pm!
Tableside Guacamole GF Ask your server for our tableside menu
Vino Blanco Glass/Bottle
Fresh Guacamole! Made fresh daily with the Haas Avocados 8.95
Cheesecrisps & Quesadillas Blend of Oaxaca, Menonita, Casero & Cotija cheeses
Cheese [v] 7.95
Grilled Green Chile [v] 8.95
Chicken Elegante with Applewood bacon, avocado & chipotle ranch
El Charro Carne Seca 10.95
Choice of birria or ground beef, frijoles, jalapeño, sour cream, Pico de Charro & guacamole!
Chopped Chicken Fajita Lettuce Cups GF
House Chardonnay 5/18 House White Zinfandel 5/18 House Pinot Grigio 5/18
Sonoma Cutrer 9/32 Beringer Founder’s Estate Chardonnay 7/25
Arizona Stronghold “Tazi” White Blend 10/39
Vino Rojo Glass/Bottle
Mini Chimichangas Platter 8 Assorted mini chimis (Enchilada Style add 2.95) 9.95
Queso Fundido Melt GF Locally crafted Queso Menonita, roasted corn & chips [v] 8.95
Spinach & Queso Dip GF Spinach, artichoke, mushroom, poblano & Mexican cheeses 8.95
Charro Nachos (available in full & half portions) GF 13.95/9.95
House Cabernet 5/18 House Merlot 5/18 Beringer Founder’s Estate Cabernet 7/25
Beringer Founder’s Estate Pinot Noir 7/25 Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon 7/25
Cupcake Shiraz 7/25 Arizona Stronghold “Nachise” Red 10/39
El Charro Sangria Glass 7/Pitcher 25
Classic Blend of red and white wines, muddled fresh fruit, juices & brandy
El Phoenix Nectar of blood orange and blackberry infused with Patrón Citronge
Mojitos Glass 8/Pitcher 29
Bacardi Silver, fresh muddled mint, sparkling soda &lime
Iceberg lettuce cups with chipotle crema & Pico de Charro
El Grupo “The Tasting Plate”
7 /25
El Charro Café 1922 Amber Ale
Crafted especially for El Charro Café By Barrio Brewing Co. of Tucson, AZ
Cervezas de Arizona
Nimbus Dirty Guera (Tucson), Four Peaks Kiltlifter* (Tempe),
Four Peaks Hop Knot IPA (Tempe), San Tan Devil’s Ale (Chandler)
Cerveza del Mundo
Bohemia, Corona, Corona Light, Pacifico, Modelo Especial*, Negra Modelo*, Dos Equis Amber*,
Dos Equis Lager*, Victoria!, Budweiser (16oz), Bud Light* (16oz), Michelob Ultra (16oz), Coors Light
(16oz), Blue Moon*, Fat Tire, Red Bridge (Gluten Free), Ace Pear Cider GF
Más Cerveza
Tecate*, Tecate Light*, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Coors N/A, MGD 64, Bud Light 55
60oz Pitchers of Draft Beer 19.22
*Note: Draft selection varies per location
¡Victor’s Michelada!
Your favorite cerveza over ice with our house made Michelada mix in a 32oz fiesta glass!
Add 2 to your beer
Great for groups, a sampling plate of: Carnitas, Charro Birria, Chicken Mole, Carne Colorado,
frijoles, sour cream & Pico de Charro. Served with flour or corn GF tortillas
Seafood recipes are $2 off during Fiesta Hours Every Day from 3-6pm!
Shrimp Chi-Charron GF Bacon-wrapped shrimp & caribe peppers stuffed with queso 14.95
Dos Equis Calamari House made with Dos Equis and served with chipotle ranch
House made Ceviche GF served with chips & saltines
Small side of guacamole 1.95
Cerveza or Crinkle Cut French Fries 2.25
Pico de Charro or Diced Tomato 1.25
Tamal á la Carte (choice of recipe) 4.25
Chile Relleno á la Carte 7.95
Extra Chips & Salsa (after 2 servings) 1.50
Fresh Jalapeño or Pickled Jalapeño 1.25
Small Charro Salad 3.95
Bean Tostada 4.25
We only cook with non-transfat oils and source local and natural ingredients and HACCP certified produce whenever possible. Note: eating raw or undercooked proteins can cause certain food borne illnesses, especially with persons
who have sensitive diets. please monitor your orders and let us know how we can help. GF= items designed for gluten sensitive diets and [v] = vegetarian friendly recipes. Please also note that while we work hard to satisfy all dietary related requests,
we are not a facility without known allergens. Our gluten free recipes are produced with our best practices, but we cannot guarantee cross contamination outside of our controls.
Eat for free!* Ask Us to Sign Up for The Rewards Family Program!
We support our Troops! Active Military personnel receive 10% off food with a valid I.D. Large parties of 10 or more subject to a 18% gratuity
Frijoles refritos or Charros 1.95
Arroz Sonora or blanco 1.95
Queso (white or yellow) 1.50
Enchi á la carte: Carne Seca, Steak or Shrimp 6.25
Sour Cream or Non-fat Yogurt  .95
Extra Tortillas (corn or flour) 1.50
Taco á la carte (n/a recipes below) 3.95
Taco á la carte: Carne Seca, Steak, Shrimp 5.95