/lrhrJlt/4 - Emilie MINOT

Towhomit mayconcern:
It is with greatpleasure
that I writethisletteron behalfof EmilieMinot,who waspartof our teamasan
- June,2OL7l.Duringthis time, Emiliealwaysdisplayed
internduringa 6 monthstay(January
a very
positive,friendly,and enthusiastic
attitudefor all tasksthat were givento her. Shewas extremely
in learning,
andwasableto not onlycomprehend
all tasksgivento her in a veryshortperiod
of time;sheretainedthis learnedinformation,
andwasquicklyableto workon projectsindependently.
Thiswas of tremendous
help to us at JUJUTHESHOWROOM,
as we are a smallteam,and great
was givento her almostimmediately
due to the fact that her work was so impeccable
rightaway. Her knowledge
of the English
is verygoodand leadto a veryeasytransitionfor
Herareasof responsibility
included:Dataentryof samplecollections
into in-housecomputersystem,
samplepullsof garmentsto be lent to fashionpress,sheevenconducted
a few pressand
sales appointmentswith stylistsand fashion editors, setting up showroomfor market-sales
of new interns,merchandising
of showroom,
and returnsof samplecollections
to designers'
We wish Emilieall the best on her future careerpath, and had offered her employmentupon
completionof her academic
studies.I am speaking
on behalfof the entireteam when I saythat we
sincerelymissher. Shouldyou requireany additionalinformation,
you may contactme via e-mail:
[email protected]
or by phone:zLz2tg 0030ext.
With bestregards,
Juttafl.Kurz- Partner
135west20thstreet,suite602 newyork,newyork 10011p 212.219.0030
f 646.6027985wwwjujutheshowroom.com