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“Planting seeds watching them grow.”
The AppleLog
March 15, 2015
Volume 4, Issue 28
How to Contact Us
Ministry Team:
Rev. Joanne Hedge
905-277-4162 (press 2)
416-951-7911 (cell)
[email protected]
Carolyn Smith
905-277-4162 (press 3)
[email protected]
Music Director:
Christina Mulligan
905-277-4162 (press 4)
[email protected]
Office Administrator
Nancy Beatty
905-277-4162 (press 1)
[email protected]
Lori Coleman
[email protected]
Ready? Get Set … Work!
Lynn Williamson
905-277-4162 (press 8)
[email protected]
Prayer Chain:
Donna Cane
[email protected]
Friendship & Visiting Team:
Agnes Paterson
This Week:
Lori Coleman
Lay Reader:
Glenna Armour
Counting Captain:
Gus Peebles
Usher Captain:
Bryan Bakker
Your Weekly Guide to What’s Happening at Applewood United Church
We warmly welcome you to Applewood United Church! Newcomers
and visitors, please sign our guest book, and complete a request
card which can be added to the offering plates. You are our guest
today and we do not expect a financial contribution, but if you would
like to make a donation you will find a visitor’s envelope in the pews.
After Worship
Please join us after the worship service for a time of fellowship and
refreshments in the auditorium.
Office Hours
Monday, Friday: 9:00am - 12:00pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 9:00am -12:00pm and 1:00 - 4:00pm
This Week At Applewood
A = Auditorium P = Parlour K = Kitchen N=Nursery
S = Sanctuary B = Boardroom L = Library F = Friendship Room
Mar. 16 10:00am
Mar. 17 9:00am
Mar. 17 9:40am
Mar. 18 9:00am
Mar. 18 10:00am
Mar. 19 9:00am
Mar. 19 10:00am
Mar. 19 7:30pm
Moms and Tots Playgroup (N, K)
March Break Camp (A, P, K)
Ready? Get Set...Work! (L, K)
March Break Camp (A, P, K)
Men’s Coffee Group (P, K)
March Break Camp (A, P, K)
Moms and Tots Playgroup (N, K)
Choir (P)
Minister’s Musings
The melting snow is a welcome sight, but it tends to uncover the detritus
of winter along our roadways and walkways like stones and leaves,
discarded coffee cups and food wrappers. As we journey toward the
warmth and light of Easter, what might be uncovered in our own
lives? Are there things that must be picked up? Do we have feelings that
must be discarded or ‘baggage’ that needs to be repacked? Are there
elements of our lives that can be found or recovered? May God, Christ
and Spirit accompany you in this ‘uncovering’ time.
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The AppleLog is published weekly. It is available in church on Sundays and on our
website. It is emailed to members and adherents of Applewood United Church, 2067
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Editor: Nancy Beatty
Editorial Board: D. Bateman/L. Kudrewatych/Rev. J. Hedge
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Upcoming Events
Mar. 17, 18, 19: 9-11:30 am
March Break Camp
March 29: Palm Sunday
April 2: Maundy Thursday
April 3: Good Friday Service
at Cooksville United Church
April 5: Easter Sunday
April 21: 2:00-4:00 pm
Compassionate Care
Seminar—Financial Scams
against Seniors and All
Community Residents
April 26: Outreach Sunday
June 7: Annual Meeting and
Church Barbeque and Picnic.
$8.00 per person
Don’t Rinse!
Skip rinsing
dishes before
using your
dishwasher and
save up to 20 gallons of
water each load. Plus,
you're saving time and the
energy used to heat the
additional water.
Kids for Peace Camp
Camp starts on Tuesday!
We’re looking forward to a
great week with our
participants and volunteers.
Camp runs Tues, Wed and
Thurs from 9—11:30am.
News You Can Use
Please remember that announcements must be received by the office no later than 10am
on Wednesday so they can be included in the weekly AppleLog. Articles submitted must
have the name of the contact person and may be edited for content and/or size.
This Sunday: Please join us for Taizé worship at 9:00am.
Foster Child: It's that time of year again where our continuing support
for Applewood United Church's foster child, Juan-Carlos Gonzalez
Gregorio is needed. Plan International Canada has increased the
sponsorship by $24.00 to $468.00 per year. This time we need 15 people
to come forward to make a one time donation of $30.00. Please see
Leslie West after service in the Narthex on Sunday March 15 to pick
up a package.
Encounters with God: A three-part Lenten study/discussion
group that will explore how three people encountered God,
the nature of the God who met them, and what we can learn
about our encounters with God. We will look at Moses, Elijah
and Jesus and how they encountered God. Sunday, March 15 in the
Parlour at 12 noon for one hour. All are welcome! Participants are
invited to bring their own lunch if they wish. Bob Nicholls
A Worship for Seniors at Beechwood Place and Amica: All friends, elders
& singers of Applewood are welcome to join us in worship, song, and fellowship
conducted by Joanne Hedge and supported by the Friendship & Visiting Team.
Tues. Mar. 24 2:00pm
Beechwood Place 1500 Rathburn Rd. E.
Undie/Sock Sunday, March 15 - April 12:
This Lenten Season sees Outreach and our Sunday
School collecting underwear and socks to help
community agencies replenish their supplies after
our cold winter. All socks and underwear must be
new for agencies to accept and can be for any sex
and size. Have some fun deciding what to
purchase and help our community agencies help those in need. Place
your purchases in the laundry baskets at the back of the sanctuary.
Dedication of our Undies and Socks will take place on Sunday, April
12. Thanks for making a difference! Marg Boutnikoff
Mom’s & Tot’s Playgroup: On Thursday, April 16th, Rev.
Joanne Hedge will do a musical fun program with the
kids. Hope you can come! Just a reminder that we are now
meeting every Monday from 10:00 - 11:30 am as well as our
regular Thursday morning program. Sue Vantol
Free Help - Income Tax Preparation: The following link will take you to
a Toronto Star article that provides information for students or those who
live on a modest income on where to go for free help regarding income
tax preparation. Photocopies of the article are also available in the