officina libraria
160 pages, hardcover
24 5 17 cm – 6.75 in 5 9.5 in
32 col. plates & 12 b&w
ISBN 978-88-89854-98-3
£ 14.95 – $ 21.99
“This delightfully
candid, witty memoir
about cat love gone
mad will appeal to
readers of every stripe.”
Houston Pet Talk
Diane Lovejoy
Michèle Sacquin & Pierre Rosenberg
cat lady chronicles
the well-read cat
This endearing and highly entertaining tale of
a career woman’s devotion to ten cats makes
the ‘purrfect’ illustrated gift book for Cat Ladies and pet lovers and confirms why cats are
the No. 1 pet in America and the UK.
A wonderful selection for all who love
cats and books. 4th edition!
“Feline aficionados will adore venturing into the
heavenly world the Cat Lady has created for her
kitties in Cat Land.”
Tracie Hotchner, NPR host of “Dog Talk” and author of the best selling book Cat Bible
This is the heartwarming true story of an artbook editor who finds her unexpected calling as
a Cat Lady, and realizes that the parallels between
the art world and the feline world are more pronounced than she ever could have imagined. Images of cats, many with their ladies, by famous
artists complement these charming chronicles,
which also include helpful tips on felines presented in “The Scoop” and “Outside the Box”.
illustrated by Gabriella Gallerani
alpha cat
p ri
This charmingly illustrated alphabet of cats and
feline anedoctes is a perfect gift for all cat-loving
readers, and a great way to learn about cat breeds.
Each breed has its own letter – but Alphacats
are also 300 cats that have made history – literature, movies, cartoons, music and the happiness
of writers, scientists, kings and politicians. Their
names create a repertoire of the memorable characters that make each cat worthy of a name.
“Beautifully rendered in full color”
“Impressive coffee table volume” Dayton Ohio
Daily News
Paola Gallerani is a publisher (Officina Libraria)
and art historian.
She has two beautiful cats and is the author
of three books.
Gabriella Gallerani has worked as a scientific
illustrator for over 40 years. Her drawings
have been exhibited in Italy and Switzerland.
212 pages, hardcover
24 5 22 cm – 6.5 in 5 9.5 in
135 col. plates & 10 b&w
ISBN 978-88-89854-56-3
£ 17.99 – $ 24.95
Pierre Rosenberg, former president-director of the
Musée du Louvre, is a member of the Academie
Française and one of the world’s most respected art
Diane Lovejoy is the Publications Director of the
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.
Paola Gallerani,
128 pages, hardcover
28 5 21 cm – 8.25 in 5 11 in
28 col. plates & 10 b&w
ISBN 978-88-97737-17-9
£ 10.99 – $ 19.95
From medieval manuscript to Japanese
prints, from Steinlen’s splendid drawings to
17th century prints, the author introduces
the reader to the hundreds of books and
manuscripts (belonging to the Bibliothèque
Nationale de France in Paris) in which the
lovely feline is represented. The cat has
been the main character of many tales, but also the
inhabitant of the most diverse books: from natural histories to household manuals, from medieval
prayer books to famous writers’ manuscripts.
Michèle Sacquin is a librarian at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.
l abl
a lso D E DITI
OF 3
Thom Gilbert
foreword by Dan Aykroyd
Memphis’ Original Sound
This beautiful photography book is
a must for all buffs of soul music:
it contains hundreds of amazing
honest and lively portraits of the
legends of the Memphis soul music
“If a picture can speak 1,000 words,
then author and photographer Thom
Gilbert’s Soul: Memphis’ Original
Sound is an encyclopedia.” Life+Times
Boxed set with signed print
ISBN 978-88-97737-48-3
£ 195.00 – $ 300.00
9 788897 737483
256 pages, hardcover
Photographer Thom Gilbert set up a photo studio at
30 5 23.5 cm – 11.8 in 5 9.25 in
the Royal Studios in Memphis, home of the famed
167 col. & b&w plates
Hi Records that launched the careers of Al Green,
ISBN 978-88-97737-47-6
Ann Peebles, and dozens of others, and photo£ 40.00 – $ 65.00
graphed the soul music royalty. Bobby «Blue»
Bland in his signature
nautical cap,
several of the
Hodges brothers who make up the incomparable Hi Rhythm Section were on hand,
Stax Records musicians Bobby Manuel,
Lester Snell were actually recording, but
pausing to have their portraits taken. He
also shooted what seems like every living
person related to Memphis soul music:
from Rev. Jesse Jackson, who recorded
spoken word albums on Stax’s Respect
Records label, to Sam Moore of the
indelible soul duo Sam & Dave, Carla
Thomas, Steve Cropper, B.B. King,
Bobby Rush, and many others, including the lesser known but equally vital
session players, writers, engineers,
publicists who contributed to what is
now world renowned as The Memphis Sound.
Thom Gilbert was born in New York City.
His work has been seen on Interview, New
York Magazine, Gotham, NY Times Magazine, LA Confidential, and GQ. He has
won numerous awards including the Hasselblad Masters Series. This is his first
solo book.
Di Stéfano
Van Basten
C. Ronaldo
“Do you like soccer? This book is for you.
You don’t like soccer? ...This book is for you.”
G. Müller
G. Banks
Di Stéfano
Van Basten
C. Ronaldo
$ 29.95
RoBERto RonChI
This book includes a truly international
selection of the great soccer players of
all times and their stories, with a beautiful package, hardcover, and splendid
illustrations. It is the perfect gift for all
soccer fans.
These biographies are tales of redemption
and emancipation from modest upbringings,
stories of sacrifice and success, exciting as
a run toward the goal posts; they keep you
holding your breath as in those seconds that
precede a penalty kick. The book starts with the great
soccer players of the pre-war era, such as Sindelar
and Meazza, to finish with today’s idols, Lionel Messi
and Cristiano Ronaldo, and all the champions that
have gifted us with unforgettable moments, at the
stadium or in front of the small screen. Who doesn’t
remember Pelè or Maradona? Who has never heard
of George Best or Cruijff? Beckenbauer or Jascin?
G. Banks
G. Müller
Soccer WATCH:
We Are the Champions
Giorgio Martignoni and Roberto Ronchi
Giorgio Martignoni graduated from the Comics
School in Milan and the Disney Academy as a scriptwriter. He has been writing scripts for Disney since
1995 and has published two books for young adults.
He is the author of the format and texts of Comic
Land, the feature on comics of the radio program
Roberto Ronchi is an illustrator and cartoonist. He
has worked for many years for Disney (Italy, USA and
Japan) on comics (Topolino and other magazines)
and books and has illustrated books and covers for
major publishing houses such as De Agostini, Mondadori, Hachette, Egmont, Hearst, Eaglemoss.
144 pages, hardcover
29.5 5 19.5 cm – 7.5 in 5 11.5 in
200 col. illustrations
ISBN 978-88-97737-43-8
£ 19.95 – $ 29.95
Each volume of
WATCH, We Are The
Champions, the new
series from Officina
Libraria, will narrate
the history of a sport
through 30 engaging
biographies of its
great champions.
Ursula Ilse-Neuman
Phyllis Tuchman
Multiple Exposures
Robert Motherwell
The East Hampton Years
Jewelry and Photography
Multiple Exposures is the catalogue
for the exhibition held at the Museum
of Arts and Design, New York in 2014,
the first to study the use of photographic images by jewelers.
256 pages, hardcover
27.7 cm 5 24.7 cm – 10 in 5 11 in
250 col. plates & 10 b&w
ISBN 978-88-97737-29-2
£ 35.00 – $ 49.95
ISBN: 978-88-97737-29-2
9 coedition
788897 737292
The works included, both historical pieces and recent creations by over eighty
international art jewelers, traverse a
remarkably wide range, from traditional
and even sentimental formats (such
as the locket) to entirely new formats,
realized with a great diversity of materials and innovative jewelry-making approches.
Ursula Ilse-Neuman is Curator of Jewellery at the MAD, New York. Recognised internationally as a writer, lecturer
and curator, she has organised a great
number of exhibitions of contemporary
Published to coincide with an exhibition
held in 2014 at the Guild Hall, East Hampton, New York, this is the first book entirely dedicated to Motherwell’s early career.
The artist himself fondly remembered his
East Hampton years and declared: «I did
some of the best work of my life there».
The book is a monograph dedicated to this
pioneering Abstract Expressionist, who enjoyed early recognition: at 29 years, he had his
first solo show at Peggy Guggenheim’s legendary gallery (1944); a year later he moved to
East Hampton, New York, and commissioned
a house from French architect Pierre Chareau.
None of the exhibitions dedicated to Motherwell have focused on this period and on
the place where he came of age as an artist. He produced paintings, collages, and drawings that brought
abstraction into the lingua franca of art created on the
American side of the Atlantic.
Motherwell possessed a Minimalist sensibility and
many of his finest works from this period have only
a few colors and shapes.
Phyllis Tuchman is a New York based art critic. She
has curated exhibitions throughout the United States
and in Latin America, Europe and Japan. Her writings
include many contributions to catalogues, articles for
art magazines and journals and a book on George
Segal. She has been vice president and president of
the American section of the International Association
of Art Critics.
Elvira Stefania Tiberini
women in charge
Contemporary Inuit Artists
Women in Charge is an introduction to the work of
Inuit women artists, which has gained widespread
recognition in the past decade, and a book of interest to all who are keen to explore gender issues in
contemporary art.
72 pages, paperback, 26.5 5 21 cm – 8.25 in 5 10.25 in
48 col. plates, ISBN 978-88-89854-65-5
£ 15.00 – $ 24.95
120 pages, hardcover
28 5 21 cm – 8.25 in 5 11 in
40 col. plates & 10 b&w
ISBN 978-88-97737-34-6
£ 30.00 – $ 45.00
“An effective
portrait of the
artist … it posits
Motherwell as
an overlooked
innovator rather
than a follower” The
New York Times
“There is such a
surprise element in
the show and the
book” The Brooklyn
Waxing Eloquent
edited by Andrea Daninos; texts by Andrea Daninos,
Guido Guerzoni, Giovanni Ricci, Emanuele Trevi
157 pages, hardcover
24.5 cm 5 17.2 cm –
6.75 in 5 9.5 in
59 col. plates & 21 b&w
ISBN 978-88-89854-83-9
£ 18.00 – $ 27.95
The exhibit and the catalogue present portraits in
wax sculpted during the 18th and 19th centuries.
Royals, nobility, death masks of the Venetian dogi,
but also Franciscan friars and criminals are depicted
in one of the very few books dedicated to this eerie
branch of sculpure.
Paola Gallerani
The Menagerie
of Pieter Boel
Animal Painter in the Age of Louis XIV
A great gift for animal lovers, this book presents 40 works of Pieter Boel (1626-1674),
the extraordinary painter and draftsman of
animals for Louis XIV who is now widely rec88 pages, hardcover
25 cm 5 30 cm –
9.8 in 5 11.8 in
47 col. plates & 3 b&w
ISBN 978-88-89854-74-7
£ 19.95 – $ 29.95
ognised as one of the best animal painters
of all times. He was inspired by the living birds and
mammals observed in the Versailles Menagerie, established by the Sun King in 1664. The studies were
used as models for the famous Gobelins tapestries,
which decorated several royal mansions. They are replete with details, and are admired for the quasi-tactile
The Three Mona Lisas
What do we really know about Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or La Gioconda?
Why is it known by two different names? Does it show the likeness of a real person?
If so, do we really know who she is and why Leonardo should have painted her?
In this study Rab Hatfield provides a thorough, no-nonsense analysis of Leonardo
da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or La Gioconda. The book begins with a consideration of
the generally known sources and documents and a careful look at the painting
as we know it now. There follow discussions of rarely examined laboratory
photographs and of a recently discovered annotation by Ser Agostino Vespucci
in a book he owned of letters by Cicero, from which we learn that Leonardo
left a portrait of “Lisa del Giocondo” unfinished no later than October 1503.
The book concludes with a hitherto unknown letter written in 1515 by Filippo
Strozzi to Lorenzo de’ Medici, Captain General of the Florentine Armies and
soon to become Duke of Urbino, describing some supposed advances these two
men made to Mon(n)a Lisa. The laboratory photographs and newly discovered
sources make it clear that the Mona Lisa has probably been reworked twice, that
it in fact depicts Mon(n)a Lisa del Giocondo, and that it would be better if we
spoke of it as La Gioconda rather than the Mona Lisa.
“Fascinating exhibition...[The] busts are so realistic
that they appear unreal... as if escaped from a scene
of Barry Lyndon” Le Figaro
Rab Hatfield
Italian Portraits in Wax
Rarely examined laboratory photographs, a recently discovered annotation, and a hitherto unknown letter
shed new light on Leonardo da Vinci’s
masterpiece, and make it clear that the
Mona Lisa has probably been reworked
twice, that it in fact depicts Mon(n)a
Lisa del Giocondo, and that it would be
better if we spoke of it as La Gioconda
rather than the Mona Lisa.
Rab Hatfield was born in 1937 in New York City. He received his higher education at
Harvard and the University of Munich. From 1966 to 1971 he taught at Yale and from
1971 to 2012 at Syracuse University in Florence. A three-time Fellow of Villa I Tatti, he
has also been a Member of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton. His recent books
are The Wealth of Michelangelo (2002); Finding Leonardo: The Case for Recovering the Battle
of Anghiari (2007); and Botticelli and Herbert Horne, of which he was the editor and to
which he contributed an essay on Botticelli’s Primavera (2009). He is also the author of
a recent essay on Michelangelo’s fortifications that appeared in Michelangelo e il linguaggio dei disegni di architettura, edited by Golo Maurer and Alessandro Nova (2012). Now
retired, Professor Hatfield lives outside of Florence.
rab hatfield
£ 25.00 $ 39.95 € 30.00
The book begins with a consideration of
the generally known sources and documents and a careful look at the painting as we know
it now. There follow discussions of the photographs
and of the annotation by Ser Agostino Vespucci,
from which we learn that Leonardo left a portrait of
“Lisa del Giocondo” unfinished no later than October 1503. The book concludes with a letter written
in 1515 by Filippo Strozzi to Lorenzo de’ Medici describing some supposed advances these two men
made to Mon(n)a Lisa.
120 pages, hardcover
28 5 21 cm – 8.25 in 5 11 in
40 col. plates & 10 b&w
ISBN 978-88-97737-34-6
£ 25.00 – $ 39.95
Rab Hatfield was born
in 1937 in New York
City and studied at Harvard and the University
of Munich. He taught
at Yale and at Syracuse
University in Florence.
Professor Hatfield lives
outside of Florence.
rendering of fur and feathers.
Jack Tow & Valérie Bajou
in Watercolour
Saint Anne
Leonardo da Vinci’s
Ultimate Masterpiece
edited by Vincent Delieuvin
64 pages, hardcover
15 cm 5 21 cm –
5.9 in 5 8.3 in
80 col. plates
ISBN 978-88-89854-52-5
£ 11.50 – $ 16.95
A beautiful watercolour sketchbook of Versailles, one of France’s most celebrated monuments. The book follows in the footsteps of
the visitor, and illustrates, among others, the
Great Apartment of the Queen – nineteen “Enfants
de France” were born here –, the more intimate
yet superb King’s interior apartments, followed by
those of the King’s mistress, and Marie-Antoinette.
The reflections of the Grand Canal are beautifully
reproduced by Jack Tow’s watercolours, as well as
the the flowery exuberance of the famous gardens.
“An exceptional encounter and a rediscovery
too.” Le Monde
This catalogue is the first book to have the photos of the restored masterpiece that was one of
Leonardo’s most ambitious project of his later
years, exhibited in its newly found splendour at
the Louvre flanked by cartoons with the same
subject and by preparatory sketches and drawings. The exhibition and the catalogue present
131 works by Leonardo and other contemporary
artists such as Raphael and Luini, which help placing the St. Anne in its proper art historical context.
448 pages, paperback
29 5 24.5 cm – 9.5 in 5 11.5 in
320 col. plates
ISBN 978-88-97737-02-5
£ 40.00 – $ 65.00
La Sainte Anne
L’ultime chef-d oeuvre de Léonard de Vinci
e Compagni
edited by Vincent Delieuvin
edited by Dominique Thiébaut
This catalogue is the first book to have the photos
of the restored masterpiece The Virgin and Child
with St. Anne, exhibited in its newly found splendour at the Louvre, toghether with 131 works by
Leonardo and other contemporary artists.
The catalogue of a major and scholarly exhibition
held at the Louvre in 2013. Giotto (c. 1267-1337)
was the foremost renovator Western painting.
The book sheds light on many restored masterpieces and on his stay in Naples.
448 pages, paperback, 29 5 24.5 cm – 9.5 in 5 11.5 in
320 col. plates, ISBN 978-88-89854-65-5
£ 40.00 – $ 65.00 – FRENCH
256 pages, paperback, 29 5 24.5 cm – 9.5 in 5 11.5 in
170 col. plates & 15 b&w, ISBN 978-88-97737-11-7
£ 35.00 – $ 50.00 – FRENCH
Catherine Loisel
Franz Xaver
Messerschmidt. 1736-1783
du XVIIe siècle
edited by Maria Pötzl-Malikova
and Guilhem Scherf
The tenth volume of the reportoire of the Italian
drawings held in the Louvre is dedicated to the
Bolognese and Emilian artists of the 17th century,
and includes close to 1000 drawings by artists
such as Ludovico and Annibale Carracci, Guido
Reni and many others.
The catalogue is devoted to this major late 18thcentury Austro-Bavarian sculptor and the so-called
«character heads», masterly works which expressive intensity made him famous and related him to
artists such as Blake and Goya for his explorations
of the dark side of the human soul.
576 pages, hardcover, 27 5 20.7 cm – 8.25 in 5 10.5 in
48 col. plates & 1043 b&w, ISBN 978-88-89854-88-4
£ 85.00 – $ 135.00 – FRENCH
222 pages, paperback, 28.5 5 23.5 cm – 9.25 in 5 11.25 in
180 col. plates, ISBN 978-88-89854-62-4
£ 25.00 – $ 35.00 – FRENCH
Françoise Viatte
Masques Mascarades
Baccio Bandinelli
edited by Françoise Viatte, Dominique
Cordellier and Violaine Jeammet
This major scholarly monograph on one of the
sculptors that worked for the house of Medici
during the first half of the 16th century, Baccio
Bandinelli, and on over two hundred of his drawings, is part of the series cataloguing the drawings
of the Louvre Museum.
The catalogue examines the role of the mask in
Greek Theater, in balls and pageants, in the Italian
Commedia dell’arte, in funerary contexts (death
masks), and its uses as decorative element.
320 pages, hardcover, 27 5 20.7 cm – 8.25 in 5 10.5 in
48 col. plates & 282 b&w, ISBN 978-88-89854-63-1
£ 68.00 – $ 110.00 – FRENCH
256 pages, paperback, 28 5 24.6 cm – 9.75 in 5 11 in
120 col. plates, ISBN 978-88-97737-37-7
£ 30.00 – $ 50.00 – FRENCH
Anne Varick-Lauder
Un empire sur le Nil
Battista Franco
edited by Guillemette Andreu-Lanoë, Michel
Baud & Aminata Sackho-Autissier
This books presents the fascinating history of the
life and work of Italian mannerist painter, draughtsman and engraver Battista Franco, and is one of
the few publications to offer analysis on this overlooked artist; it accompanied a prestigious exhibit
held at the Louvre Museum in 2009.
This is the catalogue of the exhibition held at the
Louvre Museum in 2010, the first ever dedicated
to Méroé, the legendary capital of the ancient
Kingdom of Kush (the land of the black pharaohs).
Many of the over 200 objects illustrated come
from Sudan and are therefore rarely seen.
416 pages, hardcover, 27 5 20.7 cm – 8.25 in 5 10.5 in
48 col. plates & 112 b&w, ISBN 978-88-89854-45-7
£ 85.00 – $ 140.00 – FRENCH
288 pages, paperback, 28 5 21 cm – 8.25 in 5 11 in
380 col. plates & 4 maps, ISBN 978-88-89854-50-1
£ 35.00 – $ 55.00 – FRENCH
Kathrin Schärer
All Aboard
with Johanna!
l nig
Up al ht wi
h Ho wie
92 pages, hardcover
24 5 19 cm –
7.75 in 5 9.75 in
£ 12.50 – $ 19.95
This entertaining and funny story
encourages children to think about
the process of creating art and fiction. All Aboard with Johanna! is
settled in a train with numerous
passengers, and invites young
readers into the fantastical world of
creating books by showing the interaction between
its fictional character, the little pig Johanna, and the
author. By the end of this delightful story where the
author even teases the protagonist – drawing a big
bad wolf and a huge monster! – Johanna is finally
content when she gets the right companion to spend
the rest of the trip with.
UP all night wit
34 pages, hardcover
29.3 5 23.8 cm –
9.25 in 5 11.5 in
£ 10.99 – $ 16.99
He wakes up late,
he falls
and his favorite
pastime is taki asleep in school
ng an after
No, it is Howisie,he? A dormouse? A bat? noon nap:
a little wolf who
doesn’t want
to go to sleep…
What keeps him
at night!
how to convincee, and, more importantly,
him to go to sleep
when the moo
n shines in the
The animals in
the forest sky?
are desp
a good idea muserate,
t be found…
£ 10.99 $ 16,99
Marianne Dubuc
Jack Tow, text by Amélie Galé
Jack Tow, text by Amélie Galé
The Sea
Up All Night
With Howie
Who’s Afraid of
The first of Howie’s adventures utilizes beautiful watercolors and endearing characters to tell a story that’s familiar in many households with small
children: Howie, a wolf cub, is always
the last to wake up, he dozes through
school lessons and he is always looking to find a cozy place for a little nap.
But when the sun sets he has trouble
getting to sleep... and drives his family
and all the animals of the forest crazy.
Howie is back, and this time he just
wants to make friends. But not everyone in the farm is ready to have a
wolf as a buddy!
These beautiful watercolors and
funny characters tell a story that
many kids (and parents!) will relate
to, and teaches children that appearances can often be misleading.
48 pages, hardcover, 28 5 19 cm – 7.5in 5 11 in,
40 pages, hardcover, 28 5 19 cm – 7.5in 5 11 in,
£ 10.99 – $ 16.99
£ 10.99 – $ 16.99
The Sea was the 2008 winner of the Prix LuxGrafika, Quebec’s award for illustrated books,
and transformed its author Marianne Dubuc, in
an internationally acclaimed illustrator. It tells
the story of a hungry cat and a goldfish who
doesn’t want to end up as a snack.
A fantastic pursuit that starts in a glass bowl
and doesn’t even stop on the Moon, giving
wings to the fish and to fantasy. A silent voyage,
where every stroke of the pencil evokes a sound –
the air amidst the clothes hanging out in the sun, the
rustling of leaves – and the eloquent glances that
better than words translate the feelings of pursuant
and pursued.
Andrea Alemanno
A Surprise
for Lady Lily
Freya Blackwood,
text by Libby Gleeson
Look, A BOOK!
Sir Frog and his fiancée, Lady Lily live
happily in an enchanted pond, until a
princess with magical powers kisses
Sir Frog and transforms him into a
handsome prince. At first, Lady Lily is
quite amused, but life in the pond can
be hard if your beloved has no longer
a sticky tongue to capture flies and a
lily pad cannot hold his weight! Will
they be able to adjust? A classic tale that wonderfully
expresses a universal message: that to love and be
loved, you have to be true to yourself.
Two children stumble across a red
book lying on the ground. When they
start turning the pages their dusty
world begins to change: everyday
objects become magical, the dreary
landscape turns in a fantastical setting. Freya Blackwood’s lyrical watercolors show how the magic of
reading can transform reality… And
at the end of the wonderful voyage a
underpriviliged community is united
by the act of communal reading.
40 pages, hardcover, 24.5 5 24.5 cm – 9.75 in 5 9.75 in
978-88-97737-30-8 – £ 11.99 – $ 16.99
32 pages, hardcover, 24 5 21 cm – 8.5 in 5 9.5 in
978-88-89854-89-1 – $ 16.99
16,99 $
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Soul. Memphis’ Original Sound
ISBN 978-88-97737-47-6