Niue - Fakaalofa Lahi Atu

Welcome To Niue - Fakaalofa Lahi Atu
Niue is a Pacific Island paradise like no other, one of the smallest countries, and one of the
largest raised coral atolls on earth.
With world class diving, fishing, walking, snorkelling, caving and seasonal whale interactions
set in a relaxing tropical environment; Niue truly is a world apart. It’s a place where it’s normal
for complete strangers to wave at each other, all the time. It’s a place where nature hasn’t
been broken and things are the way they used to be.
Swim with whales and dolphins, dive within underwater caverns in crystal clear water,
discover your own secluded sandy cove teeming with coloured fish, snorkel over bright coral
in warm waters and explore breathtaking caves with ease. And that’s just your first day in Niue!
After you visit Niue it will be a place about which you will say: “I have a friend that lives there.”
In fact you will probably have several. You will arrive as a visitor and leave as a friend.
Discovering Niue will have you planning your return before you’ve even departed. So if you want
a little bit of adventure back in your life then Niue will under promise and over deliver, every time.
Make our world apart, a part of your world.
New Zealand
Niue is located in the centre of a Polynesian triangle made up of Tonga, Western Samoa and
the Cook Islands and enjoys the tropical climate that the Pacific Islands are famous for. It is
serviced by a 3 ½ hour weekly Air New Zealand flight from Auckland which increases to two
services in the peak season of April - October.
Why Niue?
1. Take it easy - Although Niue is a world apart, the island is easily accessible via a nonstop flight from Auckland on Air New Zealand, the currency is NZ Dollars, and English is almost
universally spoken.
2.Warmth - With an average water temperature of 23 degrees Celsius, a typical tropical climate and kind, caring people, you will feel the warmth year round.
3.Water - Whether you’re diving, snorkelling, or simply gazing at the ocean while enjoying a cool drink, the water clarity will amaze you. And Niue’s abundant supply of fresh water is
4. Coral reef - The reef shelf is narrow and falls off into deep ocean very quickly, so fishing, diving or whale watching can take place just hundreds of metres from shore.
Breathtakingly Unique - Swim with dolphins, see whales close up, relax at an honesty bar, visit the biggest little yacht club in the world, catch an uga [coconut crab], or snorkel in warm, safe rock pools teeming with colourful fish. Niue will take your breath away with its
unique geology, landscape and marine life.
6. Give Yourself Space - With a land area of 259sq. kms there is space for you here. When out
exploring you often feel like you are the first one to discover the many secluded coves, caves and pools.
7.Welcome - Niueans are welcoming and genuine people. You can find yourself immersed in a vibrant culture, sharing and enjoying celebrations and the everyday lives of our locals in a manner that is hard to find elsewhere.
8.Reconnect - Niue is the perfect place to reconnect
with family or friends with its relaxed environment
and without technological distractions.
9. Enjoy what Niue does not have - Come and share
our world apart, with no crowds, no queues, no
traffic lights, and a pace of life many yearn for.
10.Belonging - You will arrive as a visitor and leave as
a friend, with a true sense of belonging, already
planning your return visit.
As Niue is made entirely of porous limestone, it
has no lakes or streams. This means that
rain quickly filters through the island into the
sea below, there is no sediment in the water
and visibility can reach up to 100 metres, rarely
falling below 30 metres. This clarity is ranked
amongst the very best in the world and, with
warm water all year round, makes for an
exceptional dive experience.
Niue has a mixture of easy to access caves,
caverns, and drop-offs with pristine hard coral
reef, which are home to many interesting
marine creatures. With rarely any currents or
surges there is something spectacular to offer
divers of all qualifications.
Buccaneer Adventures Niue Dive is a
registered SSI and PADI store using high
quality equipment. It has an impeccable safety
record and the SSI instructors are capable of
guiding novices to experts.
Dive courses are also available ranging from
kids Scuba Rangers to Try Dive, to Open Water
and Freediving right up to Divemaster level. All
equipment can be hired including underwater
Niue has dozens of small private beaches, swimming cave or rock pools, coves and
chasms where the likelihood of someone disturbing you is almost nil. Spend your time here
discovering intimate swimming and snorkelling spots in breathtaking settings and hang out
with the friendly local marine life.
Many of the areas are well equipped with information boards, drinking water, picnic areas
and toilets, and are well signposted.
Snorkelling gear can be hired although it is limited so if you have the space you may choose
to bring your own. Reef shoes are strongly recommended.
Guided trips are also available through Buccaneer Adventures Niue Dive
Our Picks: Matapa Chasm, Limu Pools, Avatele.
Fishing in Niue is legendary with fishing media describing Niue as a “fisherman’s secret
Very deep water is accessed almost immediately from launching so you’ll spend most of
your time fishing, not travelling. Wahoo, Mahimahi, Skipjack and Yellowfin Tuna are most
commonly encountered, as well as Red Bass, Sailfish, Marlin, Giant Trevally and others.
Niue has a good range of professional operators running established, safe & reliable charters
catering for two anglers up to six. Several operators offer spearfishing, which is only possible
on a charter. Catch stays with the boat, however talk to your skipper before launching and
most will be happy to give you a good piece to cook up at your accommodation.
Large pods of spinner dolphins are permanent residents here and can readily be seen from
land. You may also have the opportunity to swim with them which is an emotional experience
for many.
While the dolphins are free to roam where they like, their habits are reasonably predictable so
finding the large pods sometimes requires only a little patience; they can also often be seen
giving acrobatic displays just outside the reef.
Buccaneer Adventures Niue Dive offers a unique way of interacting with them by gently
towing you alongside their inflatable and through the pods. With the water so clear you can
see every detail of these amazing creatures and hear them asking you to play.
If you plan your arrival on Niue to coincide with the annual humpback whale migration you
may well get the opportunity to experience something that very few people in the world can
say they have done….swim with the whales. Generally from July to September each year
Humpback whales arrive in Niue’s waters to calve and nurse their young.
Niue is one of only a handful of places in the world where you are allowed to swim with the
whales. Mother Nature of course doesn’t guarantee an experience so whale interactions
are strictly dependent on the whales being around, within range, settled and the weather
conditions being safe.
For those not so keen on the swim these gentle giants can be viewed from the land at
dedicated viewing areas where their gymnastics provide a spectacular show sometimes only
50 metres from shore. Niue is a signatory to the South Pacific Whale Sanctuary and fully
supports the conservation of whales so all interactions are conducted from a distance that
respects their privacy and your safety.
It is common for diners at the Scenic Matavai Resort to watch the whales performing from
their table. At night, you can sometimes hear the whales slapping their giant fins against the
water and you may even be kept awake by their calls….unlike anywhere else in the world,
they can come that close.
Organised viewing or swimming tours can be arranged – self guided experiences are not
allowed. Whale interactions are very dependent on mother nature so if you don’t get to see
them close up don’t be disappointed… you will still have a great time on the water with some
spectacular coastal views.
This is definitely an experience you will never forget.
For further information about whale interactions
Walking And Cycling Tracks
Dotted around the island are a multitude of well signposted, well maintained tracks with a
range of scenic walks. All tracks hold a very special surprise at the end – whether it be rain
forest, jagged coral pinnacles, spectacular cave systems or secluded coves and chasms, you
will come across scenes that could easily feature in international movie sets.
If you like to cycle there are plenty of options for you too, and good quality Mountain Bikes
can be hired. Numerous mountain bike tracks riddle the island and our handy map available
at the information centre will help you discover them.
All fitness and adrenalin levels are catered for and guides can be arranged for bike, cave,
bush and reef tours through the visitor information centre in Alofi, however you can safely
explore most yourself.
Not To Be Missed: Avaiki, Talava Arches, Togo Chasm
Getting Around Niue
The 64km road circling Niue is mostly sealed, as are most inland routes between the main
town and the surrounding villages. Local sea and bush tracks connect everything else.
At 259 sq. kms Niue is over four times the size of Rarotonga. In fact, Niue is much larger than
the entire Cook Islands group of fifteen islands put together, so we strongly recommend you
hire a car, motorbike or bicycle for your stay to ensure you can access all of Niue’s scenic
sites and villages.
There is no public transport available on the island, although there is a seasonal evening
restaurant shuttle run out of the Scenic Matavai Resort, please contact them for details at
[email protected]
There are several well established rental car companies with safe, well maintained vehicles
for hire which we recommend you book prior to arrival. You will need to arrange a local driver
licence from the Police Department - these are available at a cost of NZD$22.50 on arrival.
Niue Island is made for events, with a mix of unique topography, crystal clear warm water,
fresh Pacific cuisine, serious art and cultural talents. Add to that a small, friendly population
with a serious can do attitude and you have the perfect recipe for a fantastic time away.
The whole island gets behind events such as the local Village days, Rockman Triathlon, Rally
of the Rock bike races, Fishing tournaments, and annual Food and Arts festivals.
Refer to for full details
Where to dine will be one of the hardest choices to make, with a wide variety of dining
options available on Niue.
From appealing cafés and restaurants, to traditional buffets featuring cultural performances,
you can be assured that you won’t lack variety or quality as most of the produce is locally
sourced. Enjoy the surrounding view with a glass of wine, a cold beer or cocktail to
accompany your meal.
One place not to be missed is Washaway Café & Bar, open only on Sunday, with its menu
of burgers, paninis, fish and pizzas. With its stunning beachfront setting and possibly the
last honesty bar to operate anywhere in the world it is definitely worth a visit.
Niue also has several local nightspots which stay open
late for music and dancing on specific evenings.
Tours and Activities
A good way to start your trip is with an
orientation tour, available the morning after
arrival on the island. Commodore’s Tours and
Toamana Tours both offer 4 hour trips that are
well worthwhile to get a good understanding of
where to go and what to do to make the most of
your time here.
Check out the Visitor Information Centre daily
for what’s going on - suffice to say there is no
chance of getting bored.
Play golf at our nine hole course - ‘The Royal
Niue’ club-house welcomes visitors to a
Saturday beer and maybe even a game of golf,
or try your hand at mini golf at Vaiolama - a
stunning clifftop 18 hole mini golf course in
Alofi South with 180 degree ocean views and a
particularly good licensed café at the 19th hole.
There’s weaving groups, standup
paddleboarding, kayaks, quad bike tours,
school visits, massage, beauty therapy, wood
carving, traditional canoe making, 4x4 drive
tours, uga (coconut crab) hunting, farm tours,
traditional cricket, rugby and more; all available
at different times of the day and year. Check out for further information.
A visit to the world’s smallest yacht club is also
a must. The only yacht club without a yacht,
where no one knows how to sail and its members
outnumber the country’s population… only
in Niue!
Join the club for NZD$20 and become part of
the legend
There is a good range of options to suit most needs and budgets. There is an excellent
full-service hotel with an international resort style setting, many self catering fale or cottage
style units, guest-houses and backpacker options.
All service expectations are covered. Some accommodation providers have pools, many
have air conditioning, most have views, and all are clean and charming.
Accommodation can be booked directly online at or through your
travel agent and must be arranged before arrival on Niue.
Those with this symbol have been endorsed by Niue Tourism and recommended.
Art, Crafts & Culture
If possible, try to coordinate your visit with one of the many village show days, each a
memorable experience of dance, food, sport, traditional arts & fun.
Niuean women are renowned for their artistry & skill with weaving and you will find some
exquisite bags and hats for sale at the local show days or at the twice weekly market.
Visit Hikulagi Sculpture Park and the Tahiono Art Gallery, witness the carving of the
traditional Vaka or canoe - still used to source food from the ocean today, and make sure
you experience one of the Island show and buffet nights on offer during your stay.
The church plays a large part in the community and there are many denominations catered
for. Attend a local church service and experience beautiful singing in open-air churches
with the Pacific Ocean as their backdrop.
Niuean culture and craft are key components of our “Taoga Niue” and mean everything
to a Niuean; a good cultural and historical display is on show at the Taoga Niue National
Museum East of Alofi.
Travellers’ Tips
Niue is not designed for retail therapy. There are no malls or cinemas. If you’re not going to
miss these, then you’re going to love Niue!
• An adventurous attitude - it’s a must in Niue to get the most out of your time here.
• Strong walking shoes for forest walks and cave tours, and reef shoes are essential to protect you from the hard coral when discovering reef areas.
• Any required medications. Niue does not have a pharmacy so any medication required on island must be arranged at the hospital. The supermarket sells basic first aid requirements such as pain relief, sunscreen, mosquito repellent etc.
Niue uses NZD$ and has a Kiwibank, though no ATMs at this point. Some businesses accept
Credit and New Zealand Eftpos cards, however some do not so it’s a good idea to bring
plenty of cash. The Niue Visitor Information Centre accepts credit cards and NZ Eftpos
for tour, charter and accommodation bookings. Electronic banking is widely available for
payment to local operators. If in doubt check with your travel agent or
email: [email protected] before departure.
While not expected it is appreciated.
Niueans are multi-lingual, fluent in both Niuean and English, so it’s unlikely you’ll find anyone
who doesn’t speak English.
Niue has a modern and well-equipped hospital. In the event of serious injury a med-evac will
be arranged. Please ensure that you always travel with full travel health insurance. Water is
sourced from a natural water lens and is safe to drink.
Visas & immigration
Passports are essential, and genuine tourists are given a free 30 day tourist visa upon
arrival, provided you have an onward ticket. Extensions are available upon application to
the Immigration Office. A departure tax of NZD$34 is payable directly when leaving Niue;
children under 12 are exempt.
If you are staying in self contained accommodation you may wish to bring some food
items with you. However there are a range of small grocery stores as well as a well-stocked
supermarket in Alofi where you can purchase most items.
Duty Free
The following items can be imported into Niue by persons 18 years and older without
incurring duty. 200 cigarettes or 227g of tobacco or 50 cigars, 3 bottles of spirits not
exceeding 3.5 litres or wine not exceeding 3 litres. Cans of beer (max 8 litres) are acceptable;
however beer in glass bottles will be confiscated on arrival. Duty Free within the limits can
be purchased on arrival in Niue, at NB Liquor (the “Bond”) within 3 days of arriving on Niue.
Duty Free may also be purchased by departing passengers.
Niue is a tropical island, warm during the day with a pleasant drop in temperature at night
all year round. April - November (winter) the temperature range is 20-28 degrees Celsius.
December to March (summer) the temperature range is 22-30 degrees Celsius. Year round it
is worth bringing a light rain jacket and cardigan for cooler evenings.
240 volts, 10amp, 3 pin plug - the same as New Zealand and Australia.
Telecom Niue offers an on island telecommunications service. Global roaming is not available
here. You will need to purchase a SIM card from Telecom Niue to be able to use your phone.
WIFI is available in most areas of the island, and while it doesn’t have broadband speed, it
is fairly reliable. Most accommodation providers will be able to supply you with user logins
(fees may apply). For your convenience there is also an internet café available.
Niue has one local station, and some accommodators provide several SKY channels or DVD
players. There are DVD rental stores on the island.
Fast Facts
Population: Less than 1500
Currency: NZ Dollar
Location: In the heart of Polynesia between Samoa, Tonga and the Cook Islands
Geography: A 259sq. km coral atoll rising from the Pacific Ocean
Airline: Air New Zealand
Language: English & Niuean
Standard of living: One of the highest of all Pacific Islands
Welcome To Niue - Fakaalofa Lahi Atu
Tourism Office Contact Details
Niue Tourism Office, Niue
PO Box 42, Alofi, Niue
Ph: +683 4224
Fax: +683 4225
Email: [email protected]
Niue Tourism Office, New Zealand
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