M1040 Fact Sheet

Cartridge, 105mm Canister
The M1040 Canister is designed to defeat massed infantry in the open. Through the use of a unique pattern shaping
device, it is capable of incapacitating half of a ten-man squad in a single shot. The round is fielded for The Stryker
Brigade Combat Team’s Mobile Gun System (MGS).
• Designed for Army’s Stryker MGS
• Compatible with an Autoloader
• Fires from all NATO 105mm Cannons (M68/L7)
For information contact: Orbital ATK Armament Systems
4700 Nathan Lane
Plymouth, MN 55442
Tel: 763-744-5312
email: [email protected]
Approved for Public Release: PAO Log # 343-03
107894_02 9/03