March 12, 2015 - Amana Colonies Today

Amana, Iowa, Thursday, March 12, 2015
Amana Church news
The early (German) Service will be in the Middle
Church Sunday, March 15, 2015, starting at 8:30
AM with Elder Harold Pitz presiding.
Opening Hymn: “Liebster Jesu! wir sind hier”
No. 637, Seite 636 Testimony: Johann Friedrich Rock, Switzerland June 17, 1741
Scripture: John 10:22-30
Psalm 23 Closing Hymn: “Jesus ein Schaf und Schäfer
ist” No. 545, Seite 541
The late (English) service will start at 10:00
A.M. with the following hymns:
Opening Hymn: “Blessed Jesus, At Thy Word”
No. 156
Closing Hymn: “Jesus Both Sheep and Shepherd Is” No. 15
The Wednesday evening prayer (Nachtgebet) service will be held at 7:00 P.M. in Middle.
Nachtgebet will be canceled for extreme weather.
Visitors are welcome to join us in worship
at all Amana Church Services. Childcare
available at the English services.
Amana First Responders’
seek volunteers
The Amana First Responders’ are currently
looking for volunteers in the community that
are interested in helping others. Over the recent
years, the Amana First Responders have lost a
tremendous amount of volunteers, which has resulted in a great stress load for the current team.
In fact, the year of 2014 brought a record low response rate of 37%!
Being a first responder team, our goal is to
maintain the quality and efficiency of basic life
support until a responding ambulance arrives on
scene. Opportunities for getting a certification
paid for are available for those who are interested! If you feel like you are an individual who
would like to help make a difference in improving our response rate, please contact Josh Bern
at 319-530-9393.
The Amana First Responders need you…the
Community needs you!
Josh Bern
Director of Operations
Camp Creamery:
Lights, Hollywood, Action!
Camp Creamery: Lights, Hollywood, Action!
is a week-long workshop for children interested
in exploring the exciting world of theatre! The
camp is designed to give children ages 7 and up
the unique opportunity to work and perform with
three professional actors from The Old Creamery
Theatre while they rehearse and present a play.
Lights, Hollywood, Action! is a brand new musical with all the glitz and glam of old Hollywood!
Registration is first come, first served (up to 60
actors) and everyone that signs up will be cast in
the show. Camp Creamery is a great way for kids
to get into the act this summer! Visit us online at
Registration deadline is June 25, 2015. Enrollment is limited.
The camp runs from July 6 to July 11, 10 a.m.
to 2 p.m. at the O.C.T.C.’s main stage. Campers
need to bring a sack lunch and must commit to
attending all rehearsals and both final performances in order to participate. Cost for the camp
is $75 per child and includes a show T-shirt.
Questions? Contact Jackie McCall at 319-6226034 or [email protected]
Congregate Meals
On March 1st there will be only 20 days until
the first day of Spring. Count them. Soon we
will see robins in our yards--let’s hope the snow is
gone by then so as not to confuse the robins. We
want them to stay around.
Please come and join us for food and fellowship
at the Amana Church where we will be having
the following menus:
March 16 Meatballs w.Gravy,
Party Potatoes, Pinto Beans,
Mandarin Oranges.
March 23 Open Face Hot Pork Sand.,
Mashed Potatoes/Gravy,
Stewed Tomatoes & Zucchini,
Fresh Orange.
March 30 Lasaagne, Spinach,
Gelatin W/Mandarin Oranges,
Vanilla Wafers.
All meals are served with bread & butter and
your choice of beverage. Doors open at ll:00 and
we serve at 11:30. any questions or to make your
reservations please Call Anne Freshour @ 62223781 by noon on Friday. Hope to see YOU soon.
Amana Fire District
Meeting Notice
The monthly meeting of the Amana Fire District
will be held on Wednesday, March 18, at 7:00 pm in
the Middle Amana fire station.
The Amana food bank is housed at the Amana
Elementary. If you are or know of someone who
is in need of food call the Amana Elementary
School office 318-622-3255 and make arrangements to pick up. If you are unable to come to
pick up the food we will attempt to find someone
who can deliver it to you.
Library news
The Amana Library Hours during Spring
Break are:
Monday, March 16 9:00-3:00
Tuesday, March 17 9:00-6:00
Wednesday, March 18 9:00-1:30
Thursday, March 19 9:00-6:00
Friday, March 20 9:00-6:00
Saturday, March 21 9:00-12:00
The Amana Society Bulletin is published by the
Amana Print Shop under contract for the Amana
Society Inc. and distributed free of charge to readers
as a public service to the Amana Community.
On-line at :
The 30th annual His Women’s Seminar sponsored
by Lemstone Christian Stores will be held Sat., April
25th, 2015 from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Doubletree
by Hilton in Cedar Rapids.
This year’s theme is Your Life Matters. Speaker will
be Angie Smith and music will be by Nicol Sponberg.
Tickets are $40.00 , includes luncheon, and may be
ordered by mail to: His Women, Inc., 7502 Macon Dr.
NE, Cedar Rapids, 52411. Make check payable to His
Women and enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope and phone number. Tickets are non-refundable,
seating is limited.
If you have any questions, please call Anne Freshour @ 622.3781
Essen Wagen
Essen Wagen volunteers deliver noon time hot
home style meals prepared at Colonial Manor, Monday - Friday (holidays excluded), provide the benefit
of a daily check in with home-bound seniors to make
sure they are safe in their homes and help them remain more independent. A contribution of $4.00 per
meal is required. There is no charge for delivery.
Essen Wagen meals are also available to others to
fill a temporary need during illness, convalescence,
or other home confinement periods of time. If you
have a need for these services, or know of a person
who could benefit from ‘one hot meal a day”, please
call Kandi Rose at Colonial Manor, 622-3131, for
more information.
No. 02
Amana’s First Responders Need Volunteers
The Amana First Responders are looking for a
few good men and women to serve others.
Using Facebook to help get the word out, the
Amana First Responders posted a plea for volunteers. The posting reports that the group has lost
volunteers in recent years and that has resulted
in a “great stress load for the current team” as
well as a diminished response rate. The Amana
First Responders want to improve the quality
and efficiency of their vitally important service,
so the team is seeking new volunteers to train.
In 2014 the group received 95 pages from Iowa
County 911 and were able to respond to less than
40 of these calls. The lower response rate is due
to a combination of factors including proximity
and availability of volunteers at the time of a call,
as well as the number of responders on the team.
At one point the Amana First Responders had
as many as 15 members, today the groups stands
at 7 volunteers, reports Josh Bern, director of the
Amana First Responders. “Some of our responders don’t work in Amana so they aren’t available
during their work hours. Others work different
shifts and aren’t available at certain times. Having more trained volunteers is very important,”
he said.
When Bern joined the group in 2013 there were
10 involved, but recent retirements have diminished that number. “Some of our members had
been First Responders for over 20 years. They’ve
served well for years and want to step back . . .
But we have to get the word out. We want to get
the younger generation of the Amanas involved
so we are reaching out. . . Amana isn’t the only
community in Iowa facing this. It’s all across
Iowa. Lots of communities need more volunteer
The Amana First Responders are trained and
under the direction of Iowa County Emergency
Services. First Responders are either certified
EMTs (emergency medical technicians) or EMRs
(emergency medical responders.) EMTs receive
120 hours of training, while EMRs receive 40 to
60 hours of training. The cost of that training may
be a reason why volunteers hesitate, but Bern
reports that the Iowa County EMS has funding
available to pay the cost of training classes. “We
can get you trained,” he added.
Once trained and certified being an EMR or
EMS may open doors career-wise or make you a
better candidate for jobs, so potential volunteers
should weigh the benefits. First Responders are
not paid.
“This is a volunteer position but there are real
benefits in terms of what you are doing for your
community and the service you are providing,”
Bern said.
To learn more contact Bern at 319-530-9393.
ITAC Garage Sale is March 28
One of our favorite spring things is back. On
Saturday, March 28 join your friends at the ITAC
Center for their 6th annual garage sale, a treasure trove of bargains.
Garage Sale-AMANia will be 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. at
the ITAC Center on Amana’s main street. Admission is just $1 and the Clear Creek Amana
Color Guard will be funding raising too - selling
baked goods and lunch.
Is it time to do some spring cleaning and pocket the cash by selling your stuff? To rent tables
and sell your stuff at the March 28 garage sale,
contact [email protected] or call 319-622-6222.
It’s easy to participate: reserve your tables in
advance, come set up and man your sales tables
News & Notes continues on page 2
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Page Two
News & Notes from page 1
during the day, be part of the action at this indoor mega-sale.
While last year Tom Johnson and Meg Merckens announced their retirement from producing a
full season of shows at the theatre and performing arts center they opened in the former Barn
Restaurant seven years ago, the couple is planning to continue to do special projects and workshops in the coming year, as well as presenting
musical concerts and other events at the center.
The building is also available for rent for graduation parties, receptions and other special events.
This year they hope to increase the already
popular Garage Sale-AMANia. “Each year it just
gets better and better,” said Meg Merckens. They
hope to break the 500 people through the door
mark this year. The admission at the door and
the table rent benefit ITAC’s efforts to support
the performing arts in the Colonies.
Spring Things to Do and Experience
There is quite a bit on the schedule for March
2015 so here’s our list. This is not meant to be
exhaustive, indeed most likely there are other
things on the agenda this month, but here are
some things we know about.
Terry and Becky at the Ronneburg – Friday, March 13, 6 – 8 p.m. Did you know that
Barefoot Becky and her husband Terry make
beautiful music together? Come see the show as
Terry gets the mic!
Billy Heller at the Ox Yoke Inn – Saturday,
March 14, 6 – 9 p.m. downstairs join our favorite
folk/ pop singer/ guitar player.
Willow Weekend - March 13 - 15. Amana
basketmaker Joanna Schanz teaches offers
hands-on basket-making instruction. At the
Amana Arts Guild Center.
Ladies Coffee Amana Church – Sunday,
March 15. At the Amana Church join your friends
for coffee, desserts, laughter and reflection. Begins at 3 p.m.
Sundays at Fireside Winery – Beginning
March 15, 2 - 5 p.m. on Sundays spring, summer
and fall, relax by the fire indoors or out weather
permitting at March 15 its Irishjam celebrating
St. Patty’s Day.
CCA Spring Break – March 16 – 20. No
school as kids and staff enjoy spring break at
Clear Creek Amana.
Art Iowa Workshop, Mixed Media - March
21 - 22. Weekend workshop at the Amana Arts
Guild Center in High Amana with Will Hildebrandt. All skill levels welcome. Contact the Amana Arts Guild for details and reservations.
Garage Sale- Amania, ITAC – Saturday,
March 28, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. the largest indoor garage sale around. Baked goods, coffee, lunch on
site. At the ITAC Center on Amana’s main street.
White Cross Cellars Winter Vintner’s Dinner - March 28 and April 25. Join Mary and David Rettig for a delicious evening out with specially chosen dishes served with wine selected to
compliment at the Ox Yoke Inn. Appetizers at
White Cross Cellars. Check for details. Reservations required.
Holy Week Evening Prayers – March 30 to
April 3. Each evening of Holy Week prayer services at the Middle Amana Church, 7 p.m.
Zoom Loom Weaving Workshop – Saturday, April 4. First in a series of workshops at the
Amana Woolen Mill. Join weavers at the Amana
Woolen Mill and learn how to weave on a pocketsized “zoom loom.” Call the Amana Woolen Mill
1-800-222-6430 to register.
Easter Egg Hunt - Saturday, April 4. At the
Amana Heritage Museum, kids 12 and younger
are invited to participate in this annual event. 9
a.m. Call the museum at 319-622-3567 for reservations.
Sunday Easter Services with the Amana
Church Choir – Sunday, April 5. Celebrate Easter at the Amana Church, 10 a.m. Easter Sunday. The Amana Church Choir has prepared a selection of hymns and songs of praise for this day.
March 12, 2015
Amana Poetry Competition
Calling all writers of poetry and prose! The BiAnnual Poetry and Prose contest offers poets and
writers an opportunity to have their writing read
at the Amana Poetry, Prose and Song Celebration on Saturday May 2, 2015. This event will
be held at the Amana Arts Guild, High Amana.
Contest winners will receive award certificates.
Any person or group of any age may enter. There
is no entry fee. Categories include: Adult and
Contest Deadline is April 4
Entries must have for their subject matter a
connection to the Amanas-past, present or future. Any form rhymed or unrhymed may be
used. Types of poems include historical (factual),
narrative (storytelling), descriptive (a person or
place) or lyric (expressing feelings). The language may be English or German or a combination of the two.
Each poem must be on a separate page with
the author’s name and address placed in the upper left corner of the title page. No more than
two poems by one author will be accepted. Joint
authorship or collaborations by groups will be accepted.
Prose pieces of fewer than 500 words may
be entered in the Prose division. These pieces
should also have an Amana theme and include
the author’s name and address on the title page.
All poems and prose must be delivered to the
Amana School-Community Library on or before
the deadline April 4, 2015. The contest is sponsored by the Amana Library and the Amana Arts
[email protected]
See our Beautiful Spring Selections,
new merchandise arriving daily!
Registration is now open for the second annual
One Tough Cookie 5k in New Liberty IA (East of
The mud and obstacle race offers a fun, familyfriendly environment for new and seasoned runners.
The course will test athletes’ strength with log
rolls and agility with mud climbs. Runners will
trudge across the winding trails of a beautiful
300-acre property usually closed off to the public.
“From fire-breathing athletes to beginners who
just want to have fun with their families and
friends, this event will have something for everyone,” said Race Director Jayme Ironside.
The One Tough Cookie 5k is scheduled for Saturday, June 6, 2015, at Camp Conestoga, a property owned by Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and
Western Illinois.
Men, women, children and groups who register
prior to May 1 will receive an early registration
As a charity race, 100 percent of proceeds from
the One Tough Cookie 5k will benefit leadership
programs for approximately 18,000 Girl Scouts
who are dedicated to making the world a better
More information about the race and how to
register is available online:
Find all your favorite Amana
Products at:
Page Three
Ronneburg Restaurant
•Phone: 319-622-3641
Homemade Hardy Soups
Friday Night Special
- Catfish
Entertainment :
Barefoot Becky & Terry-- Friday, March 13, 6 PM
Open Mic Night-- Saturday March 21, 4-8 PM
Please call ahead to reserve your table!
Furniture Shop
Amana, IA
Part-Time Front
Counter Sales
A part time front counter sales/greeter
position is available at Amana Furniture Sales. Flexible scheduling and
pleasant work environment. Includes
weekend hours. Basic computer skills
required. Pleasant, enthusiastic, selfmotivated candidates may contact
Bruce Trumpold, Furniture Sales Manager, at 622-7704 or send resumes to
Amana Furniture Shop PO Box 260
Amana IA 52203
Join A Winning Team!
Casey’s General Store
in Main Amana is
seeking full and
part time help
for its P.M. shifts.
Stop by the store for an
application or go to
Village Custom Glass
Window and Screen Repair
4312 F Street, Amana
Phone 319-622-6690
or 319-929-2570
Feathers in the wind
Awhile back someone called me sobbing that
he/she did not have any friends. I guess I was
not very kind because I thought, “if you have no
friends, then who am I?”
The world spun around a few times and I woke
up one morning telling my beloved husband I
also did not have any friends. I looked at him and
saw the love he always has in his for me, even
when I embarrass him, and realized what a fool
I had been.
A few months ago one of my dearest friends
died. As she lay there it finally made sense to me.
She had a loving husband who had been there
through all kinds of illnesses, financial and family problems and was looking at her with such
love in his eyes that we both wept.
We decided that the love we had, here on earth,
was often shown us via people, animals, sunsets,
all sorts of beauty in nature, but none could compare to the love God shows us.
Today I was doing my Bible study and it hit
me that I have just not been paying attention. I
have been making an idol of I appear, speak, write, whatever and do not realize
that in actuality I am breaking that commandment about not having any idols.
ME an IDOL! Of course, why I had I not been
thinking this all along? I even have the nerve to
sing and prey to God, but in the back of my mind
I am always thinking to myself... if only this pain
would go away, if only people would like me, if
only I was a super model, if only...
Years ago there was a slogan that said, “God
does not make junk.” Hmm! If that is true (which
we all know it is) then why do others and I always want more? Is it because we think only of
ourselves too much?
I will never be perfect, but I can try and ask
God to help me say the right things to people instead of platitudes. Though I don’t have worldly
wealth, I do have the wealth of knowing that
there are people who love me and especially that
I have a man I prayed for who walks with me
though all our problems and still holds my hand
even when it is wet with the sweat of fear.
Most of all I have a REAL FRIEND.
Remember that song we sang in Sunday
School, “What a friend we have in Jesus, All our
sins and grieves to bear.”
Remember also that story about how Jesus and
the man who walked in the sand? When the man
looked back he would sometimes see two sets of
footprints and then only one set. He asked Jesus
what happen and Jesus replied, “I was carrying
you then.”
Perhaps instead of looking for “earthly” friends
I should look toward the Creator who will walk
with me through all the problems I have faced
and will face. Maybe I should just wise up.
March 12, 2015
Assisted Living Apartments
Meals Provided
v Housekeeping Services
v Wellness checks
- Medication management
v Activities
Units Available
Call Tanya Powell for a tour 622-3131
“Experience the Comfort and Security of
Retirement Living in the Amanas”
Zuber’s Homestead Hotel
Zuber’s Home Plate Lunch March Specials
Serving Mon. – Thurs. 11 – 2p.m.
Always offering a variety of sandwiches,
soups, and desserts
Daily Specials:
Mon - Cheese Soup Bar
Tues - Chicken Pot Pie
Wed - Chicken Pot Pie or
Beef Stew with Biscuits
Thurs - Ham and Beans with Corn Bread or
Potato Soup with Cinnamon Roll
Mint desserts on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Got News? Please Share It
Articles of local intrest may be e-mailed to:
a m a n a p r i n t s h o p @ s o u t h s l o p e . n e t. For
those without internet access please send your
submissions to: Amana Print Shop Box 89 Middle
IA 52307, or stop by the shop. Thanks
Al Dubberke, Owner
Historic Foundations
19th Century Stone & Brick Bldg Restoration
Basements, Barns, & Commercial
Stone Wall Restoration, Stabilization, and Tuck Pointing
Certified in Historic
Restoration with Quality
“Old World” Craftsmanship
John C. Pischke, DeWitt, IA
Electronic version readers of the Bulletin may connect to websites
or e-mails by moving your curser over most of those items and clicking.
Page Four
March 12, 2015
Hildegard M. Goossen, age 87, of Rhinelander, Wisconsin, formerly of Homestead, died
Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at home. She was
born on March 1, 1928 in Newton, Kansas, to
John and Marie (nee Harder) Epp, Jr.
She is survived by her husband, Paul; son,
Dwight Paul Goossen; daughters, Mary Lynelle
Fohner, Sara (Walker) Scholten, Lois Eulalia
Lowry and Marilyn (Molly) Kay Roman; brothers, Albert H., John E. and Melvin D.; sister,
Phebe Ann Cressman; 14 grandchildren and six
She is preceded in death by her sisters, Frieda Elnora Epp, Martha Epp and Justina Helen
Martin. Visitation will be held from 1-3 p.m.
Saturday, March 14 at Faith Evangelical Free
Church in Woodruff, followed by a Funeral Service at 3 p.m. In lieu of flowers, memorials may
be given to Ministry Hospice, P.O. Box 716,
Rhinelander, 54501. (Bolger Funeral and Cremation Services)
Essence of Life
Life is about choices….
Make Essence of Life Hospice
your choice for hospice care!
(Located right here in the Amana Colonies)
3207 220th Trail, Middle Amana
The 2nd annual
Clover Ridge Roast Beef Dinner
Saturday, March 28, Serving 5pm-7pm
Sutton’s Roast Beef (or Chicken strips),
Party Potatoes, Vegetable, Roll, Dessert
and Drinks (Water, milk, coffee, or crystal lite)
Chicken nuggets for kids meal.
Adults $10, Children 12 and under $6
Proceeds go to the Clover Ridge Church
Building and Trustee Committee.
Clover Ridge Church, 125 N 5th
(Just off Hwy 151) Walford, Iowa
Call for a free informational packet on hospice care.
Deluxe Chicago trips for mobile senior adults;
depart Sundays & return hursdays (4 nights-5
days); individuals/small groups; included= hosted site seeing, shopping 4 star overnight accommodations, meals, transport. Tour pace; medium.
Colony Visits...Heritage Destinations, PO Box
99, Amana IA 52203, 319-622-6178, e-mail: [email protected]
Patches Drywall and related services. Family
and operated. 319-936-7065.
[email protected]
Spring has sprung! WM Designs & Restoration has openings for remodeling, carpentry,
jobs. Call Steve at 319-640-6250
For rent
One bedroom apartment for rent in Middle Amana.
Call 602-284-3487
Available now! Retail and/or office space. Contact
Jim or Terry Roemig 622-3916 or 622-3227
Room for rent in South Amana, $200. Call Larry
evenings at 622-3424
Help Wanted
Personal assistant needed, Call Larry Hertel evenings
at 622-3424
Commercial cleaning position available immediately between Homestead & South Amana, evening hours 6:00pm - 8:30pm, M/W/F. Must have
clean background and transportation. Starting pay
$12/hr. Please respond to this ad at 319-540-1358
with qualifications, contact information, and town
you live in.
Wanted to buy
BUYING All ANTIQUES; Toys, Furniture,
Crocks, Paintings and Weird Items “any condition”. Please call 319 270 1251 or 319 538 8668.
Note from the print shop
We are progressing with our efforts to repair
the Print Shop’s Southeastern wall. The entire
inner course of the wall, which was collapsing because of the rotted wood built into the brick that
held the wainscoting in place, has been removed
from the floor up to the windows, from the East
corner to the door. Rebuilding that wall is next. When weather permits, work will move outside. The side walk will be removed and the foundation exposed for repair and waterproofing. The
upper portion of the South wall will be exposed to
inspect for damage inside the building.
Hopefully, we won’t find much damage and our
efforts will be focused on preventative measures
instead of critical repairs.
In the future (as soon as one of the kids downloads the camera) we will be posting photos of the
work on the website.
Thanks. D
The Amana
Print Shop
Our Hours: Mon. - Thurs.
8:00 AM- 4:30 (or later)
Fri. 8-2. Due to on-going
email: [email protected]
ISU extension news
Iowa Learning Farms, along with the Iowa
Cover Crop Working Group and Washington
County Farm Bureau, will host a field day
Wednesday, March 25, from 5:30-7 p.m. at the
Steve and Dennis Berger farm, rural Wellman.
Speaking at the field day is host farmer Steve
Berger, who will talk about his experiences using cereal rye cover crop with his no-till system. Also speaking are Iowa State University
Extension and Outreach agricultural engineers
Mark Hanna and Greg Brenneman. Hanna will
review equipment needs for using cover crops
with no-till. Brenneman will discuss manure
management for this system. Following the
speakers, attendees can view the equipment on
display, enjoy a complimentary meal, and go to
the fields to see the cover crops, weather permitting.
The field day will be at the machine shed on
the Bergers’ farm: 1267 Elm Ave., rural Wellman. From Wellman, take Highway 22 west for
one mile, turn north onto 128th Place. Follow
for a quarter-mile and turn north onto Elm Ave.
The machine shed will be immediately on the
right side of the road.
The field day is free and open to the public,
but an RSVP is requested. Contact Iowa Learning Farms to reserve a place for the meal: phone
515-294-8912, or email: [email protected]
As part of the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy, cover crops added to a corn-soybean rotation reduces soil erosion, reduces nitrogen and
phosphorus loads, and increases soil organic
matter. Research has shown that cover crops
can reduce nitrogen and phosphorus losses by
approximately 30 percent. These crops, used in
combination with other best management practices, will reduce point and nonpoint source pollution significantly in Iowa waters and downstream.
For more information about Iowa Learning
Farms, visit the website: http://www.extension.
New Extension Agronomist Specialist will
serve 10 eastern Iowa counties
Iowa State University (ISU) Extension to
Agriculture and Natural Resources has named
Meaghan Anderson as ISU Extension and
Outreach agronomy specialist. Meaghan will
work from the Johnson County Extension Office in Iowa City and serve eastern Iowa counties including: Benton, Buchanan, Iowa, Johnson, Jones, Keokuk, Linn, Poweshiek, Tama
and Washington. Anderson can be contacted
through the Johnson County Extension Office
at 319-337-7864 or [email protected]
building repairs we don’t
know where we will be or
what we will be doing at
any given time- We ask that
you Please call ahead.
Phone 319-622-3912
Display ads start at $7
per column inch, to the
nearest 1/2 inch
Classified ads are $6 for
the first 25 words, $1 per
5 words thereafter, as
determined by “MS Word”
word count
Rubber Stamps
Forms, Business Cards
Promotional Items
and more!
PO Box 89
Middle IA 52307
1119 26th Ave in Middle Amana
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