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Is NMSEZ project a big flop?
By Dinesh Kamath
NAVI MUMBAI: Between the years 2000
and 2004, City and Industrial Development
Corporation had come
up with the idea of
forming a Special Economic Zone within
Navi Mumbai. This
was called Navi Mumbai SEZ.
Navi Mumbai SEZ
Private Limited had
been appointed as the
Special Planning Authority (SPA) under the
Maharashtra Regional
& Town Planning Act,
1966, for the notified
areas in Dronagiri,
Kalamboli, Ulwe (Airport) and Ulwe (Waterfront) Nodes of Navi
As a Special Planning Authority, NMSEZ had the roles and
responsibilities to (i)
Formulate Development Control Regulations and Norms; (ii)
Control and monitor
development / Implementation and enforcement of the Master
Plan; (iii) Grant /
Officer, stop! When I
told you to fire that rioter I meant ‘shout at
him’ and not ‘shoot
4 FSI for cluster
The provision applicable for
the re-development of
dilapidated CIDCO buildings
refuse development permission at plot-level
and revocation / modification etc.; (iv) Grant
/ refuse Occupancy Certificate for constructed
premises; and (v) such
other roles and responsibilities as enumerated in the Maharashtra
Regional and Town
Planning Act, 1966.
Lakhina and General
Thakar who had hit
upon this idea of forming SEZ and CIDCO’s
stake was around 26%.
Tenders regarding
this scheme were called
in 2002/03 and letter of
indent was issued in
February 2004. It was
decided that 1900 hectares of land would be
given for constructing
of SEZ. However, ulti-
mately 1842 hectare of
plot was granted. Agencies like Videocon representing the company
Sea King, Nikhil Gandhi representing SKIL,
Hiranandani representing Hiranandani
Constructions and Avinash Bhosale representing Avinash Bhosale Infra Pvt. Ltd
Cont. on pg. 7
By Chandrashekhar
VASHI: In a significant move, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has
offered 4.0
FSI under
the cluster
developm e n t
The chief
the decision
in Legislative Assembly on
This is interpreted
as a pre-election largesse to the city which
will be going for civic
elections in the next
few weeks. Earlier, the
government had announced the regular-
ization of an estimated 20,000 unauthorised structures,
gaothans, and also provide piped
water to an
equal number
slums. All
the slums
which existed before 1
J a n u a r y,
2000 will be
eligible to
the benefit.
“I have been able
to get these provisions
cleared through continuous follow up
with the government,”
said MLA Manda
Mhatre who called a
press conference to
announce the good
Mathadi union to organize general labour strike on 16 April
By Chandrashekhar Hendve
VASHI: Maharashtra Rajya Mathadi,
transport and General Kamgar Union has
called for a wide
spread labour strike
to protest against the
anti-labour laws
proposed by the
government. The
decision was announced at a kamgar
melawa held at
APMC market on 12
March, 2015.
Among the union’s
major demands are –
1) Appointment of
union representatives on the Mathadi advisory com-
2) Re-organise Matha-
di Mandals and
appoint labour
representatives on
3) Regularise Bazar
committees and
appoint labour
representatives on
4) Apply the provisions of mathadi
act to all industrial
5) Give dearness
allowance to
labourers listed
under the Mathadi
The congregation
ended with a press
conference which was
addressed by MLC
Narendra Patil, MLA
Shashikant Shinde,
labour leader Baba
Adhav and others.
[email protected]
13 March, 2015
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13 March, 2015
More plots for PAPs
By Chandrashekhar Hendve
CBD-Belapur: Continuing with its engagement
with Project Affect Persons, CIDCO will hold its
third lottery to allot plots to eligible PAPs on Friday, 13 March, 2015. The exercise to be held at
CIDCO Bhavan, CBD at 10.30 am will be webcast live on CIDCO’s official website
Two hundred ninety two plots in 41 blocks in
Owale village, 162 plots in 25 blocks in Kolhe village, 101 plots in 18 blocks in Ganeshpuri village,
91 plots in 26 blocks in Kopar village and 45 plots
in 11 blocks in Waghivali Wada village will be allotted in this series. They add up to 611 plots, says
an announcement from CIDCO Bhavan.
Sena outwits NCP
Inaugurates the vegetable
market a day before the
Mayor was to do so
By Vijay Bhor
CBD-Belapur: The
one-up-man-ship between NCP and Shiv
Sena, the two main contenders for power in the
city, continues taking
bizarre forms at time.
This time, it was Shiv
Sena which had its way.
NMMC has built a
vegetable market in
Sector-18 Nerul, which
falls in the Ward represented by Satish Ramane of Shiv Sena. “I
had pursued the authorities for almost
three years to get the
market built,” says Ra-
Duo selling fake visas lands in police net
By Vikram Gaikwad
men selling fake visas
to unwary citizens have
been rounded up by the
crime branch of city
The accused Aslam
Arshad Khan (44) and
Venugopal Damodaran
Nair (45), were operating as passport agents.
Naturally, they were
coming in contact with
people going abroad.
Whenever someone was
not able to get his or her
visa in time, they were
also offering to help him
out. Their fame had
spread and one of the
men who sought their
help was a youth from
mane. When the market, named after
Maasaheb Meenatai
Thackeray, was ready,
the administration as is
its wont made arrangements to get it inaugurated by Mayor Sagar
Naik. Before the programme could be announced, Shiv Sainiks
got a scent of it. They
rushed forward and got
it inaugurated by their
Shahar Pramukh K N
Mhatre on Thursday.
Whether the Mayor
will still perform the
‘official inauguration’
remains to be seen.
NMMC teachers
score a naught
Not a teacher gets through in the
TET conducted by the state
By Vikram Gaikwad
CBD-BELAPUR: NMMC’s education department, which is used to
boasting about the high
quality of education it
is offering, must be
feeling crestfallen. Not
a single civic teacher
has passed the Teacher Eligibility Test conducted by the government to assess the
quality of teachers in
the state.
Teacher Eligibility
Test has been designed
to assess the quality of
teachers on its pay roll.
It is common for teachers from municipal, ZP,
aided and unaided
schools. And this time,
NMMC has sent about
150 of its teachers to
appear for it.
It has turned out
that not a single teacher from NMMC’s
ranks has passed the
test. That is a bad
record for the department which claims
credit every time some
student comes out
with high scores. The
success if any should
be ascribed to the hard
work of the students
rather than the good
quality of teachers, say
Mazgaon. They agreed
to provide a visa to Kuwait and the youth had
paid Rs 60,000 for their
service. When he examined the visa, however,
he learnt that it is a
fake one. Aggrieved, he
lodged a complaint with
Navi Mumbai police.
Accordingly, the
crime branch started
investigation. Learning
through their informers that the duo is expected to visit Koperkhairane on Monday, the crime branch
team led by API Prithviraj Ghorpade and PSI
Bharat Jadhav lay in
wait. As the duo arrived, they were round-
ed up. A search of their
persons showed that
they were carrying seven fake visas for Kuwait and a few pass
ports. All those who
have been cheated by
them are requested to
contact the police.
Police are trying to
find out where the two
were getting their visas
done and which other
clients they have sold
them. They are also trying to find out which
other countries they
had prepared visas for.
466 industrial units closed
By a staff reporter
CBD-Belapur: “Navi Mumbai had 240 industrial units closed in 2008. The figure has risen to
466 in 2015,” said industry minister Subhash
Desai the other day. He was replying to question
raised by MLA Sandeep Naik in the legislative
assembly. “Lack of demand for the products, shortage of working capital, power shortage, non availability of raw materials and increasing competition in the market place are some of the reasons
for the closure,” he explained.
Chappie (stylized as CHAPPiE) is an American
science fiction film directed by Neill Blomkamp.
The screenplay, written by Blomkamp and Terri
Tatchell, is based on Blomkamp’s 2004 short film
Tetra Vaal. The film stars Sharlto Copley, Dev
Patel, Jose Pablo
Cantillo, Sigourney
Jackman, and Watkin
Tudor Jones and
Yolandi Visser of the
South African hip-hop
group Die Antwoord.
In the near future,
crime is patrolled by an
o p p r e s s i v e
mechanized police
force. But now, the
people are fighting
back. When one police
droid, Chappie, is
stolen and given new programming, he becomes
the first robot with the ability to think and feel for
himself. As powerful, destructive forces start to
see Chappie as a danger to mankind and order,
they will stop at nothing to maintain the status quo
and ensure that Chappie is the last of his kind.
Focus is a 2015
American romantic
dark comedy film
written and directed
by Glenn Ficarra and
John Requa, starring
Will Smith, Margot
Robbie, and Rodrigo
Nicky (Will Smith)
is a seasoned master
of misdirection who
becomes romantically
involved with novice
con artist Jess (Margot Robbie). As he’s teaching
her the tricks of the trade, she gets too close for
comfort and he abruptly breaks it off. Three years
later, the former flame—now an accomplished
femme fatale—shows up in Buenos Aires in the
middle of the high stakes racecar circuit. In the
midst of Nicky’s latest, very dangerous scheme,
she throws his plans for a loop…and the
consummate con man off his game.
NH10 is an Indian thriller film directed by
Navdeep Singh. It stars Anushka Sharma and Neil
Bhoopalam in lead roles, and marks the production
debut of Sharma. The film is co-produced by
Phantom Films. It tells the story of a young couple
whose road trip goes awry after an encounter with
a group of violent criminals. The film is completely
inspired by the 2008’s Eden Lake.
The film’s title
refers to the 403 km
long National Highway
10 that starts from
Delhi, passes through
Bahadurgarh, Rohtak,
Hisar, Fatehabad,
Sirsa and ends at the
Pakistan border in
Punjab. The movie
has an interesting plot.
Sharma) and Arjun
(Neil Bhoopalam) are
professionals living in Gurgaon. When Meera walks
out of a party late one night, she is attacked by a
group of unknown men. Although she escapes by
the skin of her teeth, the encounter leaves her
traumatized. Arjun, partly blaming himself for not
being there that night, tries to make up for it by
treating her to a luxurious desert holiday. As they
stop on a Highway dhaba for dinner, they witness
a young girl being picked up by a bunch of
hoodlums. Arjun chooses to step in, unmindful of
the danger ahead.
The film has Anushka Sharma as Meera, Neil
Bhoopalam as Arjun and Darshan Kumaar as
The soundtrack is composed by SanjeevDarshan, Bann Chakraborty, Abhirup Chand, Ayush
Shrestha, Savera Mehta and Samira Koppikar. The
film has songs like “Chhil Gaye Naina”, “Le Chal
Mujhe (Male Version)”, “Main Jo”, “Khoney De”,
“Maati Ka Palang”, “Le Chal Mujhe (Female
Version)”, “Kya Karein”, “Le Chal Mujhe (Reprise
Version)” and “Khoney De” (Instrumental Version).
Paisa Ho Paisa
Paisa Ho Paisa is a drama film produced by
Vishwanathan, directed by Muktha Sunder, and
with star cast consisting of Dhruv Bhandari,
Madalasa Sharma and Kanishka Soni. Music
Director is K. S Manoj and GD Prasad.
The movie has an interesting story. Ashwin an
engineering college student meets a beautiful girl
Bhoomika in the campus. After a few playful
encounters, they fall in love. Ashwin hails from a
lower middle class family and all the time he thinks
of making big money in a very short time. When
Bhoomika stumbles upon something big, she
consults Ashwin and his friends and together they
strike it rich in a very big way using an invisible
chemical (A chemical when it is sprayed on anything
or anyone the object or the person becomes
invisible). However they are forced to be on the
run after being chased by the cops. Now starts the
wild goose chase with ruthless & buffoonery
gangsters, comic cops, bungling CBI officer and
the hero and his friends playing all kinds of pranks.
The chase and the laugh riot continues all the way
from Pondicherry to Sani Singhnapur crossing 4
state borders with innumerable comic situations.
Lucknowi Ishq
Luckhnowi Ishq is an Indian romantic film
directed by Aanand Raut. It stars Adhyayan Suman
and Karishma Kotak in lead roles. The film is
produced by KC Films. It tells the love story of a
young medical student from Delhi and a beautiful
girl from Lucknow. The film promises glimpses of
the rich culture and surroundings of Lucknow.
The film has an interesting plot. Prem (Adhyayan
Suman) a medical student from Delhi happens to
visit Lucknow
for his friends
wedding and
falls in love with
S u n a i n a
Kotak) from
Lucknow. It is
love at first
sight and Prem
wants to marry
Sunaina, he
even fights her
brother Krishna
who shares a close bond with his sister Sunaina.
Prem swears to marry Sunaina in the next 10 days
and does marry her. However, on the first night of
the marriage he leaves Sunaina and comes back to
Delhi. Prem is depressed and is not able to
concentrate on work when Prof. KK (Sharad
Saxena) scolds him and later consoles him and asks
him to focus on his studies since he is a very bright
student and the prof. wants him to top the MBBS
exams. At Sunaina’s home every one is very upset
and Sunaina decides that she would find Prem and
bring him to justice and stop the entire families
suffering. She swears that she would only come
back once she finds Prem. It’s this Luckhnowi feel
to the movie and love story between Prem and
Sunaina and Prof. KK Playing Love guru which
gives the movie a pleasant feel.
The film has Adhyayan Suman as Prem and
Karishma Kotak as Sunaina
The soundtrack is composed by Raaj Aashoo,
Sunidhi Chauhan, Mohd. Irfan, Seepi Jha, Labh
Janjua, Amit Mishra, Palak Muchhal, Prtibha
Baghel. Lyrics are by Neeraj Gupta, Shakeel Azmi,
Sudhakar Sharma, Kumaar. The film has songs like
“Tu Aaina Hai Mera”, “Yaq Ba Yaq”, “Pyari
Banno”, “Bomb Kudi”, and “Bomb Kudi...
Featuring Labh Janjua”.
[email protected]
13 March, 2015
Karnataka Defend Ranji Title With Ease
Text and Photos
by Ashok Dhamija
MUMBAI: Defending
champions Karnataka
registered a comprehensive innings and
217-run win over their
neighbours Tamil
Nadu in the Ranji Trophy 2014-15 final at the
Wankhede Stadium,
Mumbai on Thursday.
In the process they became the only team besides Mumbai to retain
the trophy more than
once. Karnataka had
earlier won the trophy
consecutively in 199798 (under Rahul Dravid) and 1998-99 (under
Sunil Joshi).
Karnataka maintained their unbeaten
track record into the final, as they sent the
Tamil Nadu fielders on
a leather hunt for nearly four days of the five
day summit match by
scoring 762 runs in the
first innings, after
bowling them out for
134 on day 1. Their innings was powered by
23 year old Karun
Nair’s record-breaking
328 and complemented
by Lokesh Rahul’s 188
who have been playing
together since they
were under-13. Karnataka captain, Vinay
Kumar, too lead from
the front and contributed with a five-wicket
haul in the first innings and followed it up
with a century (his sec-
Defending champions Karnataka celebrate their eighth Ranji Trophy title.
(L to R) Triple centurion Karun Nair and
centurion KL Rahul put on 386 runs for
the fourth wicket and ensured Karnataka
a mammoth first innings lead against
Tamil Nadu.
ond first class century and the only
skipper to do so in Ranji trophy final). Karnataka then bowled out
Tamil Nadu (were 628 runs ajar) for
411 in the second innings on the fifth
day after tea to seal the title despite
contrasting centuries by Vijay Shankar (103) and Dinesh Karthik (120)
. Karnataka were awarded Rs 2
Crores for their efforts while Tamil
Nadu had to settle for Rs. 1 Crore.
Tamil Nadu’s wicketkeeper batsman
Dinesh Karthik scored a scintillating 120
runs in 112 balls with 21 fours and one six
on the final day
Outplay Tamil Nadu by
innings and 217-run
Karnataka captain, Vinay Kumar receives the Ranji Trophy 2014-15 from BCCI’s Secretary Anurag Thakur (L) in
presence of MCA Office Bearers
Karnataka will now
take on the Rest of India team and look to
defend the Irani Cup in
the match beginning
March 17, 2015.
Vinay Kumar who
guided Karnataka to
their second Ranji trophy title in a row (eight
since their maiden
one in 1973-74) with an
all-round performance
in the post match press
conference said “The
first day and the first
innings were crucial in
deciding the outcome of
the game. I won’t say
it was easy. In the first
innings we bowled really well and that’s the
reason we have got this
result. Had they got
around 300-350 runs it
would have been difficult. They are a good
side. They bowled really well but we tackled
them well as a batting
unit. We were taking it
one game at a time and
not thinking much
about retaining the trophy. Our goal was just
to try and win every
game that made our
goal (journey) easier
and this is the result.”
About his own performance he further added “For me, the team
comes first. I wanted to
win the Ranji Trophy
and my performance
also contributed to it for
which I am happy. I
am also working hard
to come back into the
Indian team and every
match is very important for me. I will always try to give my best
Cont. on pg. 6
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13 March, 2015
Issue : 262
13 March, 2015
Star Performers In 26th NMSA Inter
Office Cricket Tournament
There is nothing wrong with the documentary
Indians are busy debating whether the government’s action in getting a court order restraining the telecast of the documentary, India’s
Daughter, by the British film-maker Leslee Udwin, is right or wrong.
The work has been banned from public viewing for the sole reason that
it contains some repugnant comments by the convict, blaming the victim for the rape and murder. The convict said that she could have survived had she not resisted rape.
In this documentary, the criminals do accept that they did crime,
still our government needs time to decide the fate of this case. This
documentary should be broadcast to make people realise the true perspectives and educate them to decide for themselves.
Get to the basics and make serious attempts in getting society’s
attitude towards young women. The government should send an Indian
delegation to the Western countries to find out how Western males and
females look at each other and accordingly bring about changes in the
way Indian men and women look at each other.
Leslee Udwin is not a typical film director or a popular cinema producer but from journalism stream of BBC. She had managed to obtain
‘No objection certification’ letter from Home Ministry and the permission from the Jail authorities.
The ban is amateurish and immature. In fact, such remarks and
reviews should be brought to light to make the society realise what
mindset we Indians are living with. Instead of debating on how to make
the streets safe for women and how to empower them, we are debating
on banning the film.
Leslee Udwin did something which no Indian male or female journalist could do. She went and interviewed the convict. Only when one
interviews the culprit you get to see that evil which actually resides in
these people. These evils deserve to be eradicated. The documentary all
the more justifies the death sentence given to them. The mind set has
to change. The government is fighting hard for its country’s embarrassment then for its very own women. Truth is bitter and the country has
to face it. If really female dignity was important why is justice being
delayed? It’s been more than a year and the culprits are still alive.
Udwin has attempted to highlight how the nation sweep down women’s issues and problems perpetrated by the misogynists under the carpet, how the people in power ‘frame charges and fix responsibilities’
and kill freedom of speech. It is a well made film and extremely sensitive to the issue. The parents of Jyoti Singh were involved in the film
and the film does bring out their pain and their anguish at the delay in
the administration of justice. The parents despite their disadvantages
have come across as extremely dignified and unrevengeful. They just
want justice. More to the point is what one of the perpetrators’ lawyers
said. He said that plenty of those sitting in Parliament are guilty of
similar crimes. But they will not be tried. Perhaps that hurts. Hence the
The film doesn’t defame India. Yes, the Indian justice system would
be offended, when it is pointed out it is sitting on a fast track case for
this long.
It is abundantly clear from the documentary that those who commit
such heinous crimes are not the ones who do any soul searching before
or after the crime. This documentary is about as likely to prevent rape
as a 9-11 documentary is at preventing future terror attacks.
People who want to see positive changes happening in Indian society
should not be swayed by emotions. Every right thinking person would
agree that Leslee Udwin’s intention behind doing the documentary is
not to malign our nation’s image but instead to make the world come
together for gender equality. the documentary has to be viewed by the
people of the country not with the sense what the convict has to say but
with a wider perspective, the various challenges that the Indian societies are victim of.
There are some hysterical feminists, who have an anti-male ideology, and want to shame Indian males through bad-mouthing one unfortunate incident. Why the government wants to ban the film? The documentarian is doing quite a bit in starting a dialogue and educating the
society by very thought provoking portrayal of all the forces at work
here - human emotions, dreams, poverty, power. Let the society debate
what is right and wrong. Then law enforcement and legal departments
will have much less work. The documentary should be seen as holding a
mirror unto the society.
Larsen & Toubro Sports Club stylish left
handed batsman Ajith Nair with 75 runs
was once again the top scorer in his
teams 65 runs victory over Mahanagar Gas
Ltd in their semi final match
Navi Mumbai Police Cricket Club ‘A’ all
rounder Rohan Tandel took three wickets
against Navi Mumbai Police Cricket Club ‘B’
in their semi final tie at NMSA ground in
Vashi. (Text and Photos by Ashok Dhamija).
Corporator Navin M Gavte
is in trouble
NMMC yet to receive police report
By Umesh Parida
DIGHA: The corporator Navin Moreshwar
Gavte is in trouble following a complaint
against him which is
not disposed off yet as
per the NMMC’s reply
in February. The corporator is allegedly facing
the problem related to
illegal construction case
which has not been
cleared by the NMMC
with the clearance certificate.
asked the NMMC as to
when he will receive the
clearance certificate.
The NMMC Commissioner has already rejected the complaint and
had cancelled the same.
However, he has not received the clearance certificate.
In his reply, the
NMMC says that illegal
construction is alleged to
be in Bindu Madhav
Nagar, Digha. The notice against the illegal
construction was issued
on 12 February 2009. He
questioned that if the il-
legal construction has
not been done by Navin
M Gavte as he claims,
then why such a notice
has been issued against
his name. He has asked
to cancel the notice on 1
November 2012.
The NMMC says
that the then Commissioner had directed to
conduct a police inquiry and initiate a case
against the illegal construction on 14 August
2013. Accordingly the
slipped away from our
grasp from day 2 onwards and we paid penalty for it” shared WV
Raman former Indian
opener and coach of
Tamil Nadu.
Brief scores:
End of Day 1: TN 1st inn
134 all out in 62.4 overs (A
Mukund 35, Vinay Kumar 5/
34, A Mithun 3/54); Karnataka
1st inn 45/4 in 14 overs (A
Mithun 14*, L Balaji 3/10)
End of Day 2: Karnataka 1st inn 323/5 in 99 overs
(Karun Nair 130*, KL Rahul
End of Day 3: Karnata-
ka 1st inn 618/7 in 189 overs
(Karun Nair 310*, KL Rahul
188, R Vinay Kumar 41*)
End of Day 4: Karnataka 1st inn 762 all out in 231.2
overs (Karun Nair 328, R Vinay Kumar 105*); TN 2nd inn
113/3 in 40 overs (B Aparajith
36*, S Gopal 2/ 36, Vinay
Kumar 1/17)
End of Day 5: TN 2nd
inn 411 all out in 107.5 overs
(V Shankar 103, D Karthik
120, S Gopal 4/126)
Match result: Karnataka won by innings and 217
Man of the match:
Karun Nair (Karnataka)
Cont. from pg. 5
and perform well”
“Over all it has been
a very good season for
us. We were at the
brink of elimination in
the league phase itself
however our team performed like true champions and won their final three games (must
win) to qualify for the
knock out stages. The
final was one of those
forgetful games which
Cont. on pg. 7
[email protected]
13 March, 2015
Woman entrepreneur killed
in her own house
By Vikram Gaikwad
NERUL: A 30-year
old woman was found
dead in her own house
on Tuesday.
Mousami Majumdar,
who hailed from West
Bengal, had been staying in Sector-1, Nerul
for the last some time.
She had been running
a mess in her home for
a livelihood. She had
her brother-in-law Dilip Kumar and two
helpers also sharing
accommodation with
her. She was planning
to pay a visit to her
native place next
week. She had collected enough funds for the
On Tuesday afternoon, she was alone at
home. Some unidentified persons are believed to have strangled her death and absconded. When one her
customers, Anup Subal came for his lunch,
he found the place
Corporator Navin...
ward officer had written
to the Rabale’s senior
police inspector twice on
18 October 2013 and 25
November 2013. However, the NMMC cites
Cont. from pg. 6
that the police report has
not been received yet.
Any decision will depend
upon the police report.
As the election is
coming close, the politi-
locked. When he somehow managed to open
the door and get in, he
found Sony lying dead
and informed Nerul police.
A search of the place
revealed that a sum of
Rs 40,000 was missing.
Akashalias Chotu who
was sharing accommodation with her was
also found missing.
That has made the police to suspect him. A
man hunt for the suspect has been launched.
cal opponents may use
the issue to dig holes.
However, the corporator’s raising the question in the NMMC has
put the officials on alert.
Will there be a respite
for him?
Mahan Katha and Kirtan Samagam
By Ashok Dhamija
There will be Mahan Katha and Kirtan Samagam till 15 March 2015 at
Vashi Gurdwara to commemorate commencement of 547th Nanak Shahi
New Year for the first time with active support of all the Committees,
Jathebandies, Sewak Jathas and Sadh Sangat of all the Gurdwaras of Navi
Mumbai. The event started on Thursday 12 March 2015. All are welcome.
Cont. from pg. 1
The aims of the
zones included: increased trade, increased investment, job
creation and effective
administration. To encourage businesses to
set up in the zone, financially libertarian
policies are introduced.
It was motivated by the
desire to attract foreign
direct investment
(FDI). The benefits a
company gains by being in a Special Economic Zone may mean
it can produce and
trade goods at a globally competitive price
thereby generating
greater economic activity and employment
through their establishment.
The objectives of
SEZs can be explained
as: Generation of additional economic activity; Promotion of exports
of goods and services;
Promotion of investment from domestic
and foreign sources;
Creation of employment
opportunities; Development of infrastructure
At this stage Videocon International
which was the lead
member in this
from pursuing
this project and
now the lead
member was
SKIL of Nikhil
Gandhi and after joining hands
with CIDCO at
26% stake, a
new company
called Dronagiri
Infra (P) Ltd was
formed. This
new company
was owned by
RIL Chairman
Mukesh Ambani, Anand
Jain of Jain
Corps and CIDCO.
At the time of formation of the Company,
Reliance joined the team
and the share of SKIL,
Hiranandani Constructions and Avinash Bhosale Infra Pvt. Ltd was
reduced to nominal and
Shiv Jayanti Celebration…
Shivsankalp Cooperative
Credit Society Vashi on
the occasion of Sarvajanik Shiv Jayanti on Sunday
organized a Satyanarayan
Mahapuja too. Images
show citizens offer floral
tribute to the Chhatrapati
Shivaji Maharaj statue and
devotional songs being
presented by Swargandha
Bhaktigeet Mandal on the
occasion. The state government’s official ‘Shiv
Jayanti’ celebrations are
held on February 19 each
year. The Shiv Sena celebrates ‘Shiv Jayanti’ on
March 24. (Text and Photos by Ashok Dhamija).
Reliance became the
main shareholder of the
The main thing is
the cost of each Hectare
of Industrial Land cost
Rs 63.74 lacs and CI-
for formation of SEZ in
Navi Mumbai as follows: In Kalamboli, 350
hectares of land was
allotted, 1250 hectares
of land at Dronagiri,
242 hectares of land at
DCO had parted with
1842 hectares of land.
So the total cost of plot
granted for constructing SEZ was Rs 1174
crores. This amount
was paid to CIDCO.
CIDCO allotted land
Ulwe. All these lands
were acquired by making the residents of
these regions to vacate
and part with their
lands and they were
promised a big package
of job and business op-
Extension of SEZ is
under consideration by
UDD and CIDCO Director and MD and
Chief Planner is also involved in a big way in
this ambitious
As per rule,
if a plot is granted by CIDCO to
a company for a
project, and if
the project is not
completed within four years,
CIDCO has the
right to collect a
huge fine as penalty from this
company. Also
CIDCO has the
right to take
back the allotted
land if the
project is not
completed within six years. The
decision to pursue the
SEZ project was made
in 2004 and accordingly a huge quantity of
land was allotted to the
companies who were assigned to pursue this
project but even after
11 years have elapsed,
the project has not yet
started and CIDCO is
sitting quiet and is not
caring to take any kind
of action against the
defaulting companies.
The losers in this game
are none other than
those who parted with
their lands and to
whom CIDCO made big
promises. For example,
a huge expanse of land
in JNPT area is remaining barren for
years and no constructive work has begun
over there.
Hundreds of farmers in Maharashtra’s
Raigad district are demanding that their
land, which was acquired for a special economic zone (SEZ)
project that may now
have to be shelved, be
returned to them. So
the farmers plan to file
a petition asking for
their land to be returned. Many farmers
who have sold their land
have joined the petition
What is CIDCO doing about this?
[email protected]
13 March, 2015
Fortis Vashi Celebrates International City Based Mc Café Employee Second
In National Barista Championship
Women’s Day With A Social Cause
Text and Photo
by Ashok Dhamija
NAVI MUMBAI: Fortis Hospital Vashi
celebrated the International Women’s Day recently
with a social cause.
Based on the
theme ‘Celebrating womanhood’
the hospital conducted a number of
interactive activities involving
women, with an
objective of making them healthy,
secure. The social
message of the celebration centred
around the ‘Evil of
female foeticide’.
As part of the
celebrations, the
city based hospital invited children from The
Nanhi Chhaan Foundation, who performed a
skit with a strong social
message on the burning
issue of female foeticide.
Spreading the awareness among the visitors,
the staff of the hospital
also performed a skit on
the evil of female foeticide.
On this occasion,
lectures by experts on
health and nutrition
were organized for the
expecting mothers. Dr
Shalini Varma Gynecologist and Dr Nigam
Aja Physiotherapist, at
Fortis Vashi, conducted
interactive sessions on
how expectant mothers
can ensure better safety and health for self
and the new-borns. Dr
Swati Bhushan, Head
Nutritionist at Fortis
Vashi also delivered a
session on proper nutrition for the expectant
The hospital also
held recreational events
for the participants,
painting competition for
the female children and
prizes were distributed
to the winners. There
were engaging fun
events as well. Renowned Indian Zumba
practitioner Sucheta
Pal conducted a Zumba
session that saw enthusiastic participation
from women from all
Experts deliver lectures on
health and nutrition too
Children from The Nanhi Chhaan Foundation who performed a skit based on female foeticide celebrate International Women’s Day
age groups. Other
events at the celebration
included live demo of
healthy food recipes,
self-defence training
and free health checkups / consultation /
tests for women.
Dr. Bipin Chevale,
Fortis Vashi said, ”The
objective is to spread
awareness. The performances by the children
and the Fortis staff sent
out a strong message
that the practice of female foeticide will do
more harm than good to
the families, to the society and to the nation.
The malpractice of female foeticide has resulted in adverse gender
ratio in the country and
it must be stopped. We
appreciate the efforts of
children and our staff
for spreading awareness.” He further added
“The occasion of International Women’s Day
is an opportunity for the
hospital to engage with
women from all sections
of the society. Through
these interactions, we
aim to spread the message of health, awareness and security for
women and we are extremely pleased with
the enthusiastic participation from our patrons. We are looking
forward to more such
events to engage women socially and spread
awareness on issues of
Text and Photo
by Ashok Dhamija
Sanas, a Barista (a person specially trained in
the making and serving
of coffee drinks, as in a
coffee bar) from Mc
Café- A coffee-housestyle food and drink
chain, owned by McDonald based in Belapur, won 2nd place in
the National Barista
The 26 year old
Arun who previously
was involved in logistics for a leading telecommunication firm
Bharti Airtel joined
McDonald’s in July
2013 and hasn’t looked
back since. In November of the same year, he
was handpicked for
McCafe training, due to
his dedication and effective customer interaction.
A year and half latter, he was promoted up
a position to Barista,
after consistently performing well at his
place of work. Early in
February this year he
was determined to follow in the footsteps of
his guru and replicate
his vision to bring home
the trophy at the National Barista Championship. He performed
exceedingly well under
pressure and wowed the
judges enough to bring
home both the 2nd place
as well as the award for
the ‘Best Signature Beverage’, which he christened Kaapi Pina Colada.
“In January 2014, I
participated in my s
Mayor Sagar Naik performed the bhoomi poojan for the redevelopment of NMMC’s
Vashi Fire center on Wednesday. The redeveloped premises will have a commercial
complex in addition to staff quarters and a modern fire fighting facilities.
Arun Sanas, Barista at McDonald was second best at the
National Barista Championship due to his creativity and
hard work
first National Barista
Championship, after
watching Bhushan
Pagdhare, the man
who trained him, and
being recognized as the
2nd best Barista in India. With almost double
the number of contestants from the previous
year, the competition
wasn’t getting any easier this year. However
I had the backing of my
role model and coach
(Bhushan) whose guidance and inputs to han-
dle pressure situation
helped me to experiment as Barista. The
result was Kaapi Pina
Colada which is made
with Espresso, Pineapple, Passion Fruit,
Milk mix, Ice Cream
and Coconut Milk for
which I bagged the second position at the national level and also the
Best Signature Beverage’ award, shared an
elated Arun Sanas, Barista, Mc Café - McDonald Belapur