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100% Committed to Diagnostic Confidence....
Corporate Profile
100% Committed to Diagnostic Confidence....
About Us:
Modern Diagnostic center was established in 2007 with the aim of providing accurate
assessments and diagnosis care to the ailments of patients in a cost competitive manner by
using latest technology and ongoing internal personnel training procedures. It is conveniently
located on the Holy Family Hospital road Rawalpindi. Modern Diagnostic Center is staffed by a
qualified team of most competent Radiologists Pathologists supported by a highly skilled team
of technicians and technologists. Modern diagnosis center is providing state of the art facilities
with the help of advanced technology equipments and well trained staff.
Our Management:
Dr. Aurangzaib Abbasi
Board of Directors
Dr. Mohd. Jahangir Abbasi
Board of Directors
Dr. Junaid Jahangir
Co - Director
Dr. Kulsoom Aurangzaib
Board of Directors
Dr. Jawwad Jahangir
Managing Director
100% Committed to Diagnostic Confidence....
Why Modern Diagnostics:
24/7 Opening
Quick Reporting
Senior Male and Female Synologist
Home Sample Collection
For Islamabad and Rawalpindi
Ambulance Services:
For the ease of patients Modern Diagnostic Center is providing
Ambulance services to the serious patients. Ambulance service
can be avail by only phone call any time.
Advance Technology
Medical Clinics
100% Committed to Diagnostic Confidence....
Our Services:
Modern diagnostic center is providing a number of high- tech equipment to facilitate the patients.
Following state of the art imaging modalities and Laboratory services are available.
Open MRI:
Siemens Open MRI Machine
CT scan:
3D multislice Ct Scan
Liver dynamic study (3 Phase)
Pulmonary angiogram
Pancreatic Dynamic study (2 phase)
Kidney dynamic study (3 phase)
C.T guided biopsy and all routine procedures.
Digital Fluoroscopy Procedures:
Barium Upper GI Double contrast
Barium swallow and upper GI double contrast
Barium Enema double contrast
Upper GI with gastrograffin
Gastrograffin Enema
T. Tube Cholangiogram
Nephrostogram venogram
Voiding cystogram
Hystero salphingogram (HSG)
Digital Mammography:
Mammo Biopsy/needle localization
Fetal well being
Biophysical profile
Aspiration/ Biopsy by Radiologist
Pleural effusion/ ascetic drainage
Chest ultrasound
Doppler echocardiography
Stress Echocardiography
Carotid Doppler
Arterial Doppler
Venous Doppler
Digital X-Rays (CR)
All X-rays are performed on digital
CR system which Ensures the
precision of the image.
Dexa Scan
for bone narrow density
Twelve Channel ECG
Pulmonary function test
Laboratory Services:
Clinical Chemistry
100% Committed to Diagnostic Confidence....
Machinery and Equipments:
Siemens Open MRI (Magnetom Concerto)
GE Multi Slice (Light Speed) CT scan:
Mammography Machine Siemens:
AEC (Automatic Exposure Control)
Interactive generator:
Siemens Fluoroscopy Machine:
Ultrasound Medison Sonoace X 8:
Quick Diagnoses and Quick Operation:
Ergonomic and innovative design:
A software-based system structure:
Remote System Support Capability:
Hematology Analyzer Medonic M16:
100% Committed to Diagnostic Confidence....
100% Committed to Diagnostic Confidence....
Clients Remark:
100% committed to diagnostic confidence....
Some Valuable Clients:
Direct panels:
Punjab Employees Social Security Hospital
Railway Hospital Rawalpindi
Pakistan Television Corporation
Zarai Traqyati Bank (LTD)
Ahmed Medical Complex
Abbasi Hospital Murree
Al - Azam Hospital Abbottabad
Faisal Memorial Hospital Islamabad
Al-Razi Hospital Rawalpindi
Medicare Hospital Rawalpindi
Asif Medical Centre Bhara Kahu Islamabad
Shehryar Medical Centre Rawalpindi
SQK Enterprises Over Seas Employment
Bilal Hospital Rawalpindi
AAS Technical Trade Centre and Over Seas Employment
Karwan-e-Al-Shaheer Over Seas Employment Islamabad
Technicanal Trade Center (TTC) Rawalpindi
Pakistan International Airlines
Ayub Medical Centre Rawalpindi
Tariq Medical Centre Rawalpindi
Surgery Care Rawalpindi
Brain Surgery Rawalpindi
Rawal Institute of Health Sciences Islamabad
Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation
Civil aviation authority
100% committed to diagnostic confidence....
Modern privileges card
Immigration Package
Happy baby package
Pregnancy Package
Comprehensive Checkup
Special Diabetic Package
Pre-employement checkup
100% Committed to Diagnostic Confidence....
Near Holy Family Hospital, Opp Gate.1,
Rawalpindi - Pakistan,
Tel: +92-51-4416849
Help Line:+92-333-5562007