. UNMISS - East Africa Tenders

United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan
For Supply a'nd Delivery of SecurttYSteel Sec:ttons 0 variou5cSl:z~in lhe UnRed
Nations Mission In outh SUdan (U"",MISS),Ju~,
of South Sudan.
, The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS)
hereby solicits Expression of Interest (EOI) from
competent Companies for supply and delivery of
Security Steel Sections of various sizesat UNMISSLog
Base Juba, in The Republic of South Sudan for
Structural Steel Work for its Construction Projects all
over the Mission.
Interestedcompaniesare invited to submit their EOIby
e-mail (preferred) or hand delivery as indicated below.
The EOI must include, as a minimum, the following
1.United Nations Global Market Registration Number.
Company must be registered in this line of business.
(Mandatory- seeno, 2 below)
may wish to visit www,ungm,org for full registration
~ information in order to be eligible to participate in any
3.Vendors already registered at UNGM Basic level and
Level 1 are strongly advised to upgrade registration to
Level2. '
4. Please visit "Business Opportunities" Section of
www.ungm.org website to find the REOI and Vendor
Response Form. UNMISS encouragesthe Vendors to'
submit their EOls through the E-mail addresses
provided below.'
5.Vendors are Strongly advised to clearly mention their
Company name. UNGM Number, E-mail Addresses,
Contact Details in the Vendor Response Form. Please
note that the EOI- may be rejected if the above
information is not understandable due to poor hand
writing and unclear scanning of EOIdocument.
2. Company'scontact details (address, telephone and fax
numbers, e-mail, etc.);
Important Notice:
1.This REOIdoes not constitute a solicitation. UNMISS
reservesthe right to change or cancelthe requirement
at any time during the EOIand/or solicitation process.
Thus, submitting a response to this REOI does not
automatically guarantee.that your company will be
consideredfor receipt of the solicitation when issued.
2.Vendors interested in fulfilling the requirement
described above must be registered with UNGM and
The REOI,clearly marked "Request for Expression of
Interest-"Supply and Delivery of Security Steel
Sections of various sizes in United Nations Mission in
South Sudan (UNMISS), Juba, Republic of South
Sudan",must be receivedby UNMISSno laterthan COB
Saturday. 04 April 2015, via e-mail address:
[email protected], with copy to [email protected] or if
hand deliveredto The ChiefProcurementOfficer (CPO).
United Nations Mission in South Sudari (UNMISS).
UNMISS Procurement Section, Tomping Site, Near
Juba International Airport. Purchasing Unit 1. Room:
3c!02. Juba, South Sudan.Tel: +211912062131