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NAVREF MEMBERS DIRECTORY – Sorted by City City, State Albany, NY Foundation Albany Research Institute, Inc. Albuquerque, NM Biomedical Research Institute of New Mexico Veterans Education and Research Association of Michigan Asheville Medical Research & Education Corporation Augusta Biomedical Research Corporation Baltimore Research and Education Foundation, Inc. Bay Pines Foundation, Inc. Bedford VA Research Corporation, Inc. Ann Arbor, MI Asheville, NC Augusta, GA Baltimore, MD Bay Pines, FL Bedford, MA Birmingham, AL VISTAR, Inc. Boise, ID Idaho Veterans Research and Education Foundation Address VA Healthcare Network Upstate New York 113 Holland Avenue Albany, NY 12208 1501 San Pedro, SE, Bldg. 14 (151) Albuquerque, NM 87108 VA Medical Center, Research Service (151) 2215 Fuller Road Ann Arbor, MI 48105 VAMC Research Service (151) 1100 Tunnel Road Asheville, NC 28805 P.O. Box 3134 Augusta, GA 30904-­‐6285 Name Ms. Jane Kadish Executive Director Phone Phone: 518-­‐626-­‐5618 Fax: 518-­‐626-­‐5628 Email [email protected] Ms. Donna Wilt Executive Director Phone: 505-­‐260-­‐1033 Fax: 505-­‐256-­‐5467 [email protected] Ms. Birgit Roller Executive Director Phone: 734-­‐845-­‐5480 Fax: 734-­‐845-­‐3241 [email protected] Ms. Marilyn P. Peek Executive Director Phone: 828-­‐298-­‐7911, ext. 5915 Fax: 828-­‐299-­‐2507 [email protected] Ms. Dolores H. Vasquez Executive Director Phone: 706-­‐823-­‐3933 Fax: 706-­‐823-­‐3949 [email protected] 10 North Greene Street (151) Baltimore, MD 21201 P.O. Box 416 Bay Pines, FL 33744-­‐0416 BRCI/ Dept of VA/Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Vets Hospital 200 Springs Road (151), Bldg 12, Room B04 Bedford, MA 01730 700 South 19th Street Birmingham, AL 35233 Dr. David E. Johnson Executive Director Phone: 410-­‐605-­‐7130 Fax: 410-­‐605-­‐7906 [email protected] Mr. Stephen Doukas Executive Director Ms. Dawn McKenna Executive Director Phone: 727-­‐398-­‐6661, ext. 7926 Fax: 727-­‐319-­‐1027 Phone: 781-­‐687-­‐2958 Fax: 781-­‐687-­‐2782 [email protected] Mr. James Palmer Executive Director [email protected] VA Medical Center 500 West Fort St. (Bldg 45) Boise, ID 83702 Dr. Dennis L. Stevens Executive Director Phone: 205-­‐933-­‐8101, ext. 1-­‐
6725 Fax: 205-­‐558-­‐7061 Phone: 208-­‐422-­‐1599 ext. 7653 Fax: 208-­‐422-­‐1365 [email protected] [email protected] Updated March 12, 2015 NAVREF MEMBERS DIRECTORY – Sorted by City Boston, MA Bronx, NY Brooklyn, NY Buffalo, NY Charleston, SC Chicago/Westside, IL Cincinnati, OH Clarksburg, WV Cleveland, OH Columbia, SC Boston VA Research VA Boston Healthcare Institute, Inc. System (151 B) 150 South Huntington Avenue Boston, MA 02130 Bronx Veterans' VA Medical Center (151) Medical Research 130 West Kingsbridge Foundation, inc. Road Bronx, NY 10468 Narrows Institute c/o NYHHS (Brooklyn for Biomedical Campus) (151) R&D Research, Inc. 800 Poly Place Brooklyn, NY 11209 Buffalo Institute for VA Medical Center (151) Medical Research, 3495 Bailey Avenue Inc. Buffalo, NY 14215 Charleston 176-­‐A Ashley Avenue Research Institute Charleston, SC 29403 Westside Institute Research & Development for Science and (151) Education 820 S. Damen Avenue Chicago/Westside, IL 60612 Cincinnati 3200 Vine Street Education & Mail Location (151) Research for Cincinnati, OH 45220 Veterans Foundation Mountaineer Louis A. Johnson VA Education & Medical Center (00) Research One Medical Center Drive Corporation Clarksburg, WV 26301 Cleveland VA VA Medical Center Medical Research & 151(W) Education 10701 East Blvd. Foundation Cleveland, OH 44106 Dorn Research WJB Dorn VA Hospital Institute 6439 Garners Ferry Road, Bldg. 6, Room 112 Columbia, SC 29209-­‐1639 Ms. Nancy Watterson-­‐
Diorio Chief Executive Officer Phone: 617-­‐738-­‐1313, ext. 113 Fax: 617-­‐738-­‐8480 [email protected] VACANT Executive Director Phone: 718-­‐741-­‐4228 Fax: 718-­‐562-­‐9120 Ms. Bethanne Wenzel Executive Director Phone: 718-­‐836-­‐6600 ext. 6193 Fax: 718-­‐567-­‐4032 [email protected] Ms. Aldona Cytraus Executive Director Phone: 716-­‐862-­‐6842 Fax: 716-­‐862-­‐6526 [email protected] Ms. Kelsie H. Page Executive Director Mr. Kevin Hull Executive Director Phone: 843-­‐277-­‐2760 Fax: 843-­‐277-­‐2285 Phone: 312-­‐569-­‐7765 Fax: 312-­‐569-­‐8114 [email protected] Mr. Ron Hakes Executive Director Phone: 513-­‐475-­‐6403 Fax: 513-­‐475-­‐6415 [email protected] Ms. Beth M. Brown Executive Director Phone: 304-­‐623-­‐3461 ext. 3201 Fax: 304-­‐626-­‐7048 [email protected] Dr. Jeffrey Moore Executive Director Phone: 216-­‐ 791-­‐2300, ext. 5302 [email protected] Fax: 216-­‐707-­‐7622 Dr. Tarek Sobeih Executive Director Phone: 803-­‐776-­‐4000, ext. 4728 Fax: 803-­‐695-­‐6829 [email protected] [email protected] Updated March 12, 2015 NAVREF MEMBERS DIRECTORY – Sorted by City Columbia, MO Dallas, TX Dayton, OH Decatur, GA Denver, CO Detroit, MI Durham, NC East Orange, NJ Fort Meade, SD Gainesville, FL Missouri Foundation for Medical Research Dallas VA Research Corporation Dayton Veterans Affairs Research and Education Foundation Atlanta Research and Education Foundation, Inc. Denver Research Institute Metropolitan Detroit Research and Education Foundation Institute for Medical Research, Inc. Veterans Biomedical Research Institute, Inc. VA Black Hills Research and Education Foundation North Florida Foundation for Research & Education P.O. Box 605 Columbia, MO 65205 Ms. Sharon K. Feltman Executive Director Phone: 573-­‐814-­‐6555 Fax: 573-­‐814-­‐6551 [email protected] 4500 S. Lancaster Road (151) PO Box 516, Suite 124 Dallas, TX 75216 Dayton VA Medical Center, R&D (151) 4100 West Third Street Dayton, OH 45428 1902 Clairmont Road Decatur, GA 30033 Ms. Phyllis Adelle Bilbrey Acting Executive Director Phone: 214-­‐857-­‐2090 Fax: 214-­‐857-­‐4957 [email protected] Mr. Richard Morvatz Part-­‐Time Executive Director Phone: 937-­‐268-­‐6511 ext. 1854 Fax: 937-­‐262-­‐2179 [email protected]; [email protected] Ms. Leslie Henry Executive Director [email protected] VA Medical Center 1055 Clermont Street Denver, CO 80220 4646 John R Street (11R) Detroit, MI 48201 VACANT Executive Director Phone: 404-­‐321-­‐6111 ext. 1-­‐
2535 Fax: 404-­‐728-­‐4847 Phone: 303-­‐399-­‐8020, ext. 5412 Fax: 303-­‐377-­‐5686 Ms. Janice Cross Executive Director Phone: 313-­‐576-­‐1000 ext. 60488 [email protected] Fax: 313-­‐576-­‐1112 508 Fulton Street (151) Room A2005 Durham, NC 27705 385 Tremont Avenue Building 11, Room 1-­‐117B East Orange, NJ 07018 Ms. Lorie Moll Executive Director Phone: 919-­‐286-­‐0411, ext. 7795 Fax: 919-­‐286-­‐6824 [email protected] Ms. Kristen Bourgerie Executive Director Phone: 973-­‐676-­‐1000, ext. 1-­‐
3875 Fax: 973-­‐677-­‐7683 [email protected] VA Black Hills Health Care System (MHBS 5) 113 Comanche Road, Bldg. 53 Fort Meade, SD 57741 NFFRE (151) 1601 SW Archer Road Gainesville, FL 32608-­‐
1197 Dr. Michael Fellner Executive Director/President Phone: 605-­‐720-­‐7180 Fax: 605-­‐720-­‐7204 [email protected] Ms. Holly Morris Executive Director Phone: 352-­‐376-­‐1611, ext. 5832 Fax: 352-­‐379-­‐4102 [email protected] Updated March 12, 2015 NAVREF MEMBERS DIRECTORY – Sorted by City Hines, IL Honolulu, HI Houston, TX Huntington, WV Indianapolis, IN Iowa City, IA Jackson, MS Kansas City, MO Kings Park, NY Lexington, KY Little Rock, AR Chicago Association for Research and Education in Science Pacific Health Research and Education Institute Houston VA Research and Education Foundation, Inc. Huntington Institute for Research and Education Indiana Institute for Medical Research, Inc. Iowa City VA Medical Research Foundation Research! Mississippi, Inc. Midwest Biomedical Research Foundation The Research Corporation of Long Island, Inc. Lexington Biomedical Research Institute Biomedical Research Foundation P.O. Box 250 Hines, IL 60141 Ms. Cindy Reutzel Executive Director Phone: 708-­‐343-­‐6379 Fax: 708-­‐343-­‐9676 [email protected] 3375 Koapaka Street, Suite I-­‐540 Honolulu, HI 96819 2002 Holcombe Blvd. Building 122; Room 317 Houston, TX 77030 Ms. Vicki Shambaugh Executive Director Phone: 808-­‐564-­‐5405 Fax: 808-­‐524-­‐5559 [email protected] Ms. Sheila Ryan Executive Director Phone: 713-­‐791-­‐1414, ext. 5007 Fax: 713-­‐794-­‐7938 [email protected] VA Medical Center 1540 Spring Valley Drive Huntington, WV 25704 Mr. William Barnette Executive Director Phone: 304-­‐429-­‐6741 ext. 2276 Fax: 304-­‐429-­‐7570 [email protected] 1481 W. 10th Street (151) Indianapolis, IN 46202 Ms. Mary Gray Executive Director Phone: 317-­‐988-­‐4202 Fax: 317-­‐274-­‐3986 [email protected] VA Medical Center (151) 601 Hwy 6 West Iowa City, IA 52246 VA Medical Center (151) 1500 E. Woodrow Wilson Boulevard Jackson, MS 39216 4801 Linwood Blvd. P.O. Box 300662 Kansas City, MO 64130 Ms. Sarah Else Executive Director Phone: 319-­‐688-­‐3542 Fax: 319-­‐339-­‐7162 [email protected] Ms. Alicia Drake Executive Director Phone: 601-­‐364-­‐1315 Res office Fax: 601-­‐364-­‐1390 [email protected] Ms. Robin Rusconi Executive Director Phone: 816-­‐861-­‐4700, ext. 57058 Fax: 816-­‐922-­‐4712 [email protected] P.O. Box 350 Kings Park, NY 11754 Ms. Erica Brown Executive Director Phone: 631-­‐261-­‐4400, ext. 2841 Fax: 631-­‐544-­‐5317 [email protected] 1101 Veterans Drive Research (151) Lexington, KY 40502 4300 West 7th Street (151) Room 7E 114 Little Rock, AR 72205 Ms. Carolyn Brown Executive Director Phone: 859-­‐233-­‐4511, ext. 5240 Fax: 859-­‐281-­‐4989 [email protected] Dr. Alan Wolfman, Ph.D. Executive Director Phone: 501-­‐257-­‐4517 Fax: 501-­‐257-­‐4623 [email protected] Updated March 12, 2015 NAVREF MEMBERS DIRECTORY – Sorted by City Long Beach, CA Louisville, KY Mather, CA Memphis, TN Southern California Institute for Research & Education Clinical Research Foundation, Inc. East Bay Institute for Research & Education Research, Incorporated Miami, FL South Florida Veterans Affairs Foundation for Research and Education, Inc. Milwaukee, WI Wisconsin Corporation for Biomedical Research Minneapolis, MN Minnesota Veterans Medical Research and Education Foundation Mountain Home, TN Mountain Home Research & Education Corporation Nashville, TN Middle Tennessee Research Institute 5901 East 7th Street (151) Long Beach, CA 90822 Mr. John S. Andrews Executive Director Phone: 562-­‐826-­‐5747 Fax: 562-­‐826-­‐8138 [email protected] 800 Zorn Avenue (151-­‐K. Fox) Louisville, KY 40206 10535 Hospital Way Bldg. 722 Mather, CA 95655 1030 Jefferson Avenue (151) Memphis, TN 38104 Miami VA Healthcare System (151) 1201 N. W. 16th Street, Room #2A 103 Miami, FL 33125 5000 West National Avenue Research 151 Milwaukee, WI 53295 VA Medical Center (151) 1 Veterans Drive Minneapolis, MN 55417 Ms. Kimberly Kelley Executive Director Phone: 502-­‐287-­‐6260 Fax: 502-­‐287-­‐6191 [email protected] Dr. John C. Johnson Executive Director Phone: 916-­‐843-­‐2713 Fax: [email protected] Mr. Kerry Palmertree Executive Director Phone: 901-­‐577-­‐7275 Fax: 901-­‐577-­‐7539 [email protected] Dr. Katrina Washburn Executive Director Phone: 305-­‐575-­‐7000 ext. 3726 Fax: 305-­‐324-­‐3126 [email protected] Mr. Phillip L. Cook Executive Director Phone: 414-­‐384-­‐2000, ext. 41430 Fax: 414-­‐382-­‐5374 [email protected] Ms. Joann Tallman Interim Executive Director Phone: 612-­‐467-­‐5279 Fax: 612-­‐467-­‐1996 [email protected] JH Quillen VA Medical Center Bldg. 5, Rm V206 Mountain Home, TN 37684 VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare System 1310 24th Ave, South; ACRE Bldg., Room F-­‐201 Nashville, TN 37212 Ms. Kristi Knight Executive Director Phone: 423-­‐926-­‐1171, ext. 2023 Fax: 423-­‐439-­‐6050 [email protected] Ms. Ashley Phillipps Executive Director Phone: 615-­‐873-­‐7399 Fax: 615-­‐873-­‐8561 [email protected] Updated March 12, 2015 NAVREF MEMBERS DIRECTORY – Sorted by City New Orleans, LA Oklahoma City, OK Omaha, NE Palo Alto, CA Philadelphia, PA Phoenix, AZ Pittsburgh, PA Portland, OR Providence, RI Reno, NV Richmond, VA Louisiana Veterans Research and Education Corporation Veteran's Research and Education Foundation Nebraska Educational Biomedical Research Association (NEBRA) Palo Alto Veterans Institute for Research Philadelphia Research and Education Foundation Carl T. Hayden Medical Research Foundation Veterans Research Foundation of Pittsburgh Portland VA Research Foundation, Inc. Ocean State Research Institute Sierra Veterans’ Research and Education Foundation McGuire Research Institute P.O. Box 61011 (629/11F) New Orleans, LA 70161 Ms. Stephanie Kleehammer Executive Director Phone: 504-­‐865-­‐5177 Fax: 540-­‐565-­‐4961 [email protected] VREF 151 921 NE 13th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73104 Research Service (151) 4101 Woolworth Avenue Omaha, NE 68105-­‐1873 Ms. Suzanne Owens Executive Director Phone: 405-­‐456-­‐5170 Fax: 405-­‐456-­‐7080 Debbie-­‐[email protected] (temporary) Mr. Stephan D. Nowling Secretary/Treasurer Phone: 402-­‐346-­‐8800, ext. 93922 Fax: 402-­‐977-­‐5633 [email protected] P. O. Box V-­‐38 Palo Alto, CA 94304-­‐0038 Ms. Kerstin Lynam CEO Phone: 650-­‐849-­‐0578 Fax: 650-­‐858-­‐3907 [email protected] PVAMC-­‐Medical Research Services (151) 3900 Woodland Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19104 VA Medical Center 650 E. Indian School Road RS/151B Phoenix, AZ 85012 University Drive C Building 30 Pittsburgh, PA 15240 P.O. Box 69539 Portland, OR 97239 Ms. Tinesar Forrest Executive Director Phone: 215-­‐823-­‐5800 ext. 1-­‐
3769 Fax: 215-­‐823-­‐5171 [email protected] Ms. Diane Eline Executive Director Phone: 602-­‐222-­‐2768 Fax: 602-­‐222-­‐2751 [email protected] Ms. Alanna Caffas Executive Director Phone: 412-­‐360-­‐3866 Fax: 412-­‐360-­‐6199 [email protected] Ms. Shelley Cobb Executive Director Phone: 503-­‐273-­‐5228 Fax: 503-­‐402-­‐2866 [email protected] VA Medical Center 830 Chalkstone Avenue Building 35 (151) Providence, RI 02908 VA Medical Center 975 Kirman Avenue Reno, NV 89502-­‐2597 Ms. Mary T. Ford Executive Director Phone: 401-­‐457-­‐3066 Fax: 401-­‐457-­‐3305 [email protected] Ms. Laura Fettuccia Acting Executive Director Phone: 775-­‐328-­‐1752 Fax: 775-­‐328-­‐1816 [email protected] 1201 Broad Rock Blvd. Richmond, VA 23249 Mr. Robert Dresch Executive Director Phone: 804-­‐675-­‐5151 [email protected] Updated March 12, 2015 NAVREF MEMBERS DIRECTORY – Sorted by City Salem, VA Salisbury, NC Salt Lake City, UT San Antonio, TX San Bernardino, CA San Diego, CA San Francisco, CA San Juan, PR Seattle, WA Sepulveda, CA Shreveport, LA Sioux Falls, SD Salem Research Institute, Inc. Salisbury Foundation for Research and Education, Inc. Western Institute for Biomedical Research Biomedical Research Foundation of South Texas, Inc. Loma Linda Veterans Association for Research (LLVARE) Veterans Medical Research Foundation of San Diego Northern California Institute for Research and Education, Inc. Sociedad de Investigacion Cientifica, Inc. Seattle Institute for Biomedical and Clinical Research Sepulveda Research Corporation Overton Brooks Research Corporation Great Plains Medical Research Foundation 1970 Roanoke Blvd. Salem, VA 24153 1601 Brenner Avenue Salisbury, NC 28144 Ms. Andree Brooks Executive Director Ms. Lynn Bolick Executive Director Phone: 540-­‐982-­‐2463, ext. 1207 Fax: 540-­‐224-­‐1907 Phone: 704-­‐638-­‐9000, ext. 2960 Fax: 704-­‐638-­‐3499 [email protected] P.O. Box 58719 Salt Lake City, UT 84158 Mr. Marc A. Sanders Executive Director Phone: 801-­‐584-­‐5665 Fax: 801-­‐583-­‐1286 [email protected] P.O. Box 40512 San Antonio, TX 78229-­‐
1512 Ms. Michelle Trimble Executive Director Phone: 210-­‐617-­‐5300, ext. 17096 Fax: 210-­‐567-­‐6550 [email protected] P.O. Box 10849 San Bernardino, CA 92373-­‐5189 Mr. Colin Rasmussen Executive Director Phone: 909-­‐583-­‐6250 Fax: 909-­‐801-­‐5190 [email protected] 3350 La Jolla Village Drive (V151A) San Diego, CA 92161 Ms. Maria Sittmann Chief Executive Officer Phone: 858-­‐642-­‐3070 Fax: 858-­‐642-­‐3081 [email protected] NCIRE (151NC) 4150 Clement Street San Francisco, CA 94121 Mr. Robert Obana Executive Director Phone: 415-­‐750-­‐6954 Fax: 415-­‐750-­‐9358 [email protected] PO Box 33060 Veterans Plaza Station San Juan, PR 00933-­‐0060 1660 S. Columbian Way (151F) Seattle, WA 98108 16111 Plummer Street Sepulveda, CA 91343 510 E. Stoner Avenue, (111-­‐ID) Shreveport, LA 71101-­‐
4295 VAMC Research (151) 2501 W. 22nd Street Sioux Falls, SD 57105 Ms. Carmen Bas Acting Executive Director Phone: 787-­‐641-­‐7582 ext. 10148 [email protected] Fax: 787-­‐641-­‐8359 Ms. Danielle Belisle Executive Director Phone: 206-­‐204-­‐6179 Fax: 206-­‐764-­‐2742 [email protected] Ms. Bonita L. Krall Executive Director Mr. John Ryan Executive Director Phone: 818-­‐895-­‐5881 Fax: 818-­‐895-­‐9383 Phone: 318-­‐424-­‐4141 Fax: 318-­‐424-­‐6179 [email protected] Mr. Dave Maddox Secretary/Treasurer Phone: 605-­‐336-­‐3230, ext. 9-­‐
6508 Fax: 605-­‐333-­‐6898 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Updated March 12, 2015 NAVREF MEMBERS DIRECTORY – Sorted by City St. Louis, MO Vandeventer Place Research Foundation Syracuse, NY Central New York Research Corporation Tampa VA Research and Education Foundation (Tampavaref) Central Texas Veterans Research Foundation Tampa, FL Temple, TX Tucson, AZ Tuscaloosa, AL Washington, DC West Haven, CT White River Junction, VT Biomedical Research and Education Foundation of Southern Arizona Tuscaloosa Research and Education Advancement Corporation Institute for Clinical Research, Inc. VA Connecticut Research and Education Foundation (VACREF) Veterans Education & Research Association of Northern New England VA Medical Center, Research Service (151JC) 501 North Grand Blvd. Suite 300 St. Louis, MO 63106 800 Irving Avenue Syracuse, NY 13210 Mr. Robert Wessels Executive Director Phone: 314-­‐652-­‐4100 ext. 55519 [email protected] Fax: 314-­‐289-­‐7009 Ms. Lori Gould Executive Director Phone: 315-­‐425-­‐4400 ext. 53538 [email protected] Fax: 315-­‐425-­‐4871 PO Box 1630 Tampa, FL 33539 Mr. Douglas Reeder Executive Director Phone: 813-­‐780-­‐2623 Fax: 813-­‐779-­‐8652 [email protected] 1901 South 1st Street CTVHCS, Research Office (151) Temple, TX 76504 3601 S. Sixth Avenue (0-­‐
151) Tucson, AZ 85723 Ms. Maggie McCarthy Executive Director Phone: 254-­‐744-­‐4162 Fax: 254-­‐743-­‐0162 [email protected] Ms. Peggy Bradley Executive Director Phone: 520-­‐792-­‐1450, ext. 6364 Fax: 520-­‐629-­‐4681 [email protected] VA Medical Center 3701 Loop Road East (MS 151C) Tuscaloosa, AL 35404 Ms. Sandra Creel Executive Director Phone: 205-­‐554-­‐2840 Fax: 205-­‐554-­‐2877 [email protected] P.O. Box 29545 Washington, DC 20017 VA Connecticut Healthcare System; Bldg. 35A, Rm 105 950 Campbell Avenue West Haven, CT 06516 P.O. Box 4655 White River Junction, VT 05001 Dr. Patrick Joyce, Executive Director Ms. Mary Rauschenberg Executive Director Phone: 202-­‐745-­‐8254 Fax: 202-­‐462-­‐2006 Phone: 203-­‐932-­‐5711 ext. 5121 Fax: 203-­‐937-­‐3829 [email protected] Ms. Priscilla West Executive Director Phone: 802-­‐295-­‐9363, ext. 5682 Fax: 802-­‐291-­‐6235 [email protected] [email protected] Updated March 12, 2015