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Always on request
Dear Parishioners and Friends,
In 1956, the will of Miss Agnes Maguire
of Baton Rouge established a perpetual, charitable “Agnes T. Maguire Trust.” It provides scholarships “to deserving and needy
women to enable them to obtain an
education with a view toward establishing a working
career.” The pastors of St. Joseph Cathedral and St.
Agnes Parishes serve as co-trustees, and together choose
the scholarship recipients. JP Morgan Chase Bank of
Dallas serves as administrator of the Trust. The number
of scholarships available and amounts awarded vary
from year to year based on funds available.
It’s Bishop’s Day! As Sunday, March
15, unfolds, our 12 noon Mass will be a special one, begging God’s blessing upon our
Parish. Then, a gala luncheon will follow in
our expanded Parish Hall. The Cathedral
Community Award is being given to Mr. Pat Shingleton, WBRZ-TV’s chief meteorologist and someone who’s
collected more “Coats for Kids” than anyone else in town.
Our St. Joseph’s Apprentices this year are parishioners Mr. & Mrs. Don and Janice Aucoin, Ms. Goldie
Domingue, Mrs. Heather Kirk-Ballard, Mrs. Jackie
Kreutzer, and Mrs. Jane Skerkoske. I hope you’ve bought
your tickets and are joining us throughout the festivities!
But one celebration a week is not enough! This
Thursday is March 19, our patronal feast, the Solemnity of St. Joseph. Noontime Mass on Thursday
will also be a special one, and will be followed by our traditional St. Joseph’s Altar and the free Lenten lunch
for everyone which follows. Lots of “downtown workers”
enjoy the meal as well as our own parishioners. I hope
you’re planning on coming for this too! But even if you
can’t come, make sure that, as a loyal parishioner, you renew your devotion to our great patron, St. Joseph.
Prayer to St. Joseph, asking his intercession with his foster
-son Jesus, offers not only powerful consolation to us but
is an effective means to obtain the Lord’s favor.
This being said, one way to do this is to make a
visit to our beautiful Cathedral church building at your
leisure: we try to keep it open all day on weekdays during
business hours while our maintenance staff is on-site. The
twelve massive stained glass windows in the east and west
walls identify the principal moments and roles which
identify St. Joseph as the ideal “good and just man” whom
God chose to head His holy family. Whether by contemplating his loving solicitude for Mary and the young Jesus
in their home, or his bravery in saving them from evil King
Herod’s clutches, or in the peaceful repose which marked
the end of his years on earth – and those are just some of
the scenes! – consideration of St. Joseph’s virtues
invariably helps us to imitate him! And that’s a very good
In Christ,
Applications for the 2015-2016 academic year are
now being taken, and must be postmarked by April 10,
2015. Applicants must be US citizens; preference is given
to residents of the Baton Rouge area. Applicants must
have and maintain a minimum secondary and postsecondary education GPA of 3.0. Recipients must attend
an accredited institution of higher learning, whether
undergraduate or graduate, as a full-time student. Established financial need is considered in the selection of the
scholarship recipients; race, religion, color, national
origin and age are not considered in granting scholarships. Scholarships are granted for a one-year period of
time, but prior recipients may reapply. Scholarship
payments are issued directly to the college or university.
Please let deserving women know about this opportunity. More information and application forms are
available from our Parish Office ([email protected]
or 225-387-5928).
♦Every Friday – Stations of the Cross will be
prayed every Lenten Friday at 11:30 am.
♦Weekday Confessions – Confessions before noon-
time Mass, Monday through Friday, will begin at
11:15 am during Lent.
♦Every Wednesday – A Holy Hour, with adoration
of and closing with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, from 5 to 6 pm each Lenten Wednesday
through March 25. Confessions are heard during
it. Come for all or part!
Most Rev. Robert W. Muench, D.D.
[email protected]
Mrs. Sheila G. Juneau
[email protected]
Mr. Christopher Redden
[email protected]
Very Rev. Paul D. Counce, J.C.L.
[email protected]
Miss Donna Ferriell
[email protected]
Mr. Robbie A. Giroir
[email protected]
! !
This weekend, March 14/15, the annual national collection for Catholic
Relief Services is taken up. This supports various Catholic Church organizations that carry out international relief and solidarity efforts. Programs include relief and resettlement for victims of persecution, war, and natural disasters; development projects to improve
poor living conditions; legal and support services
for immigrants; peace and reconciliation work for
people suffering from violence; and advocacy on
behalf of the powerless. Please be generous!
Just use the special envelope in your packet and
place it in the one collection taken up at Mass.
Sunday, March 15
Choir Rehearsal – 9 am
Nursery (6 mos. to 6 yrs.) during the 10 am Mass
Bishop’s Day Celebration – 12 noon Mass
Bishop’s Day Celebration – 1 pm Luncheon
Friday, March 20
Stations of the Cross – 11:30 am
David Summers’ Organ Concert – 7 pm
Tuesday, March 17
Food Pantry – 10 am
RCIA – 6:30 pm
Wednesday, March 18
Holy Hour of Adoration & Benediction – 5 pm
Choir Rehearsal – 6:25 pm
Small Christian Community – 7 pm
Thursday, March 19
St. Joseph Day Mass, Altar & Meal – 12 noon
Next weekend, on Sunday, March 22,
the Ladies of the Cathedral and the Our
Lady of the Lake Blood Donor Center are
teaming up to hold our annual Blood
Drive to benefit parishioners who may
need blood during the coming year. Blood donations will be taken from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm in
their mobile unit (the “blood bus”!) parked near
the front of the church. Parishioners, friends of
the community and others are all encouraged to
take part in this blood drive. Blood donors must
be at least 17 years old and in good health. The
blood donation process takes approximately 30
minutes. For more information, contact Jessica
Diez at 225-933-1509, or the OLOL Blood Donor
Center at 225-765-8843.
Saturday, March 21
KC 4th Degree Patriotic Banquet – 7 pm
David Summers, an Ohio
native and former resident of Baton
Rouge, student of Robbie Giroir, substitute organist here, and member of
our Cathedral Choir, will present a
free, hour-long concert in the Cathedral this Friday, March 20, at 7
pm. A small reception in the Parish Hall will
David is currently the director of music and
organist at Christ The Servant Lutheran Church
in Denton, Texas. He is also a part-time organist
for the Dallas Diocesan Choir and the Cathedral
Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe there.
We hope you can join us this
Thursday, March 19, to celebrate the
Solemnity of St. Joseph. Following the 12 noon Mass we host a St.
Joseph’s altar and free Lenten meal
for the public. We are still looking
for donations of cookies (both
Italian fig and other types) to be
served with the meal on this Feast of
our patron. If you like to bake and can help us
out, please send an email to the Parish Office at
[email protected] or call 225-387-5928.
David will perform works by Bach, Vierne,
Franck, Mathias, Messaien, and the only
Beethoven piece ever written for the organ. David
will be playing all three of the pipe organs that the
Cathedral owns, in particular our wonderful
gallery organ, “Providence!”
Everyone is invited to attend. Grab a friend,
dress casually, and come listen to the music as it
gives the glory to God! It would be really cool to
let us know on Facebook that you’ll be coming !
View this Bulletin online at
Not only our own parishioners but Catholics from
throughout the Diocese of Baton Rouge are welcome to
choose their Cathedral for the celebration of the Sacraments. These important spiritual events are scheduled
through our Parish Office ([email protected] or 225387-5928).
A reminder to parents whose
children are enrolled in our Parish
School of Religion: at 11 am next
Sunday, March 22, both parents and
children will meet in the Parish Office!
Parents must attend a required pre-baptismal parents’
seminar as well as schedule the baptism.
Bread and wine to be consecrated into the
Body and Blood of the Lord – along with monetary gifts of the faithful – are brought forward at
weekend Masses in a small, formal procession. To
volunteer to perform this service, simply dress
appropriately, arrive early, and let the ushers
know of your willingness!
Preparation for adult Sacramental Initiation (Baptism,
Confirmation and Eucharist) takes place as part of the
Parish’s RCIA process throughout the year.
Second grade children, no matter where they attend
elementary school, are prepared for these Sacraments each
school-year within a special program here.
Have you experienced the Sacrament of Reconciliation yet this
Lent? It is offered here on Lenten
Wednesdays during our 5 pm Holy
Hour, but we want to point out that
these nearby churches will also on
March 18 & 25 at 6 pm:
Special, brief preparation programs are held here each
Spring, one for our parish’s teenagers who are in the eleventh grade, and another for other adults who wish to be
Church regulations require at least six months of preparation for any wedding. Our advice is to call well in advance of that time if you wish to reserve a wedding date and
receive information: our facilities are often booked well
over a year ahead of time! One’s own parish clergy are expected to supervise your Catholic prenuptial preparation
and to officiate at the wedding ceremony here.
Our Lady of Mercy (445 Marquette Ave.)
St. Louis King of France (2121 N. Sherwood
Forest Dr.)
St. Patrick (12424 Brogdon Ln.)
St. Thomas More (11441 Goodwood Blvd.)
Holy Family (319 N. Jefferson Ave., Port
Immaculate Conception (865 Hatchell Ln.,
Denham Springs)
The regular collection over the weekend of March 7/8
totaled $8,534.00 ($7,560.50 of this came from 140 generous Identified Givers, while our visitors and other unidentified givers gave another $973.50 in the “loose” collection).
Again, make plans now to go to confession
this Lent, either here at the Cathedral (Monday to
Friday, at 11:15 am, Saturday at 3 pm, or
Wednesday during our 5 pm Holy Hour) or at one
of our neighboring parishes!
Thanks so very much for your sacrificial generosity to
St. Joseph Cathedral Parish! Remember, our Parish operations get no subsidy or other funding from the Diocese of
Baton Rouge – its grant to our building fund to expand our
Parish Hall was the sole exception over the entire history of
the diocese! We depend solely on YOU for support of our
day-to-day operations!
Also, please make sure you include the Cathedral in
your will or living trust – and periodically check with your
financial planner to keep this up-to-date – for this is a way
to provide substantially for our future out of resources
which may not be available right now.
The answers to questions about any financial matter
are always available from the Parish Office, at either 225387-5928 or [email protected]
Baton Rouge – 225-768-7676
Zachary – 225-658-7751
$1 Thursday, March 26 12 noon
St. Joseph Cathedral Parish Hall
Jennifer Maggio
The Life of a Single Mom Ministries
“From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed”
A short Latin word that we’re hearing during
Lent is:
It’s a noun that means “anger” (the English
word “irascible” comes from it); the related verb
KTCUEQT means “to become angry.” One phrase in a
common Latin communion antiphon that we sing
and quotes from the prophet Joel’s plea to the
Lord, “Do not forever be angry with us.” Another
famous Latin hymn describes Judgment Day for
every unrepentant sinner as a FKGUKT¿, a “day of
Jennifer Maggio is an award-winning author
and speaker, whose personal journey through
homelessness, abuse and multiple teen pregnancies led her to found The Life of a Single
Mom Ministries. At 19 years old, Maggio was
pregnant for the fourth time, living in government
housing, on food stamps and welfare. She shares
with great openness her pain, mistakes, and
journey to find hope in Christ. Jennifer is
passionate about seeing single parents thrive by
providing solutions to succeed in finances, parenting and health and wellness while also connecting them to a support group. “The faith-based
community has the ability to radically change the
lives of single parents and should be actively
involved in that pursuit. Single parents arrive at
single parenthood through a variety of
circumstances and God has a plan for them all.
My hope is that through my own experience,
others may receive strength and encouragement”.
It’s important to remember that these prophetic and poetic words come from ancient and
medieval sources, and use theological imagery
that is less-developed than is common now. In
reality God always loves us! While we sometimes
poetically attribute His discipline and ways as
motivated by anger on His part, that’s never true:
it’s a projection of our own! Athletes sometimes
think the tough coach is cruel; students sometimes think the demanding teacher “hates them”!
But the truth is that God – like good coaches and
teachers – always has our best at heart!
Jennifer is from Ferriday, Louisiana, where
she graduated from high school as valedictorian.
She attended Copiah-Lincoln Community College
in Natchez, Mississippi. In addition to being the
recipient of numerous awards including 11-time
Circle of Excellence Winner in Corporate America
and 2015 Blue Cross Blue Shield Angel Award
Winner, Jennifer is wife to Jeff and mother to
three beautiful children.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
In this weekend’s Gospel Jesus told
Nicodemus that when we find our calling in life we are “reborn” (see Jn 3:3-4).
We really become a new person, fired
with a new love, aimed in a new direction, with purpose and love. Listen to Jesus’
voice within you. If He is challenging you to
consider a Church vocation, please call or email
our diocesan Vocations Director, Father Matthew
Dupré, either by phoning 225-336-8778 or by
emailing [email protected]
Women in Spirit is a non-denominational
program for women seeking spiritual growth and
sharing new and affirming perspectives on faith in
everyday life. Monthly programs include a
complimentary lunch. A light meal is provided, so
please let us know you plan to come either by
emailing [email protected] or calling the
Parish Office at 225-387-5928.
“To be the Mother Church, the servant of the Diocese of Baton Rouge, and a community celebrating
the loving presence of Christ with strength, compassion and caring for all God’s people.”
View this Bulletin online at
(“A Little Something”)
Our ti morceaux over the past few months have looked at the first two of the three broad kinds of
leadership exercised by bishops in the Church: the ministries of teaching and of sanctifying. We’re now going to look
at the last of these, the leadership that is properly called the ministry of governance – in Latin, the munus regendi.
This ministry necessarily implies the concept of authority. From a religious standpoint it has its origins in
Jesus’ own mandate given to St. Peter to tend His flock (see John 21, verses 15-17). To accomplish this task, Jesus
gave to him – and to St. Peter’s coworkers the Apostles and to their successors the bishops – divine authority, “the
keys to the Kingdom of Heaven,” also known as “the power of binding and loosing” (see Mt 16:19 and 18:18), as well
as the power to forgive sins (see Jn 20:22-23).
Some people bristle at the very idea of authority. We Americans are particularly so enamored of individual
“liberty” that we often chafe emotionally when required to do something by someone else! That’s why it’s important
to recognize that authority exercised in the Church is not a mere human power, but is an authority exercised in
responsibility before God, who granted it. Our retired Pope emeritus, Benedict XVI, called it “An authority whose sole
purpose is understood to be to serve the true good of the person and to be a glass through which we can see the one
and supreme Good, which is God. Not only is it not foreign to man, but on the contrary, it is a precious help on our
journey towards a total fulfilment in Christ, towards salvation” (from his catechesis of May 26, 2010).
This is the power and authority we’ll be exploring a little bit more in the next few morceaux. It’s an authority
exercised by Church leaders not in their own name, but in the name of Jesus Christ, who received from His heavenly
Father “all authority both in Heaven and on Earth” (Mt 28:18).
- Fr. Paul Counce
We get to congratulate two infants recently baptized
here at the Cathedral by Father Paul! Lachlan Nicholas Barilleau, son of Lane and Loren Koren Barilleau,
was baptized here at the Cathedral last Saturday, March
7, and Travis Keith Strickland, son of Dennis Strickland and Sara Arceneaux, also was baptized, on Sunday,
March 8.
Catholic High School is offering various summer
activities for students five years old and older. Among
the offerings are academics, art and athletics courses;
they will run from May 18 to July 24, 2015. Course times
and exact dates can be found in the “2015 Summer at
CHS” brochure, available for pickup in the CHS School
Office at 855 Hearthstone Drive or viewed online at Contact either Mrs.
Sherie LeBlanc or Ms. Tracy Ducote at 225-383-0397 or
[email protected] for questions regarding
program activities or registration.
These children – now members of the Catholic
Church – have been freed from original sin and given
God’s own sanctifying grace! We pray God blesses them
and their families and friends as their futures unfold!
Saturday/Sunday, March 21-22, 2015 (Fr. Pat Mascarella – homilist at 4 pm, 8 am & 12 noon Masses)
4 pm
Fr. Paul Counce
8 am
Fr. Paul Counce
10 am
Bishop Robert Muench
12 noon
Fr. Paul Counce
Ministers of Holy
Ann Felice Fourrier
Jane Skerkoske
Ellen Smith
Rory Anderson
Boyd Newman
Gene Tullier
Mary Acosta
Michèle Deshotels
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Denis Frie
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Elise Saloom
James Saloom
Denis Frie
Erick Swenson
Harry Theriot
Boyd Newman
The Fourth Week of Lent
Meditations for the
Season of Lent
The Name of the Son
John 3:14-21
The events that give rise to the teachings in today’s Gospel begin a few verses before when the Pharisee Nicodemus
comes to visit Jesus secretly in the night. Nicodemus has heard about Jesus and is curious, but he is also afraid. He wants
to believe, but he isn’t quite ready to make a public commitment.
Bridgeman Images, Above: Shutterstock
The people of the Gospels aren’t so very
different from us. Nicodemus is intrigued
by Jesus but unwilling to be seen publically
with him. How often have you learned that
someone you’ve known for a long time is or
was raised as a Catholic? This is particularly
true of famous people who are afraid that
making their faith public will harm their
careers. Sometimes we fall victim to this
same temptation, hiding our faith out of fear.
While we fear that we may be mocked or
made fun of for our faith, in some parts of the
world today people are being killed for their
Christian beliefs. Truly the words of John 3:16
(“For God so loved the world that he gave his
only Son, so that everyone who believes in him
might not perish but might have eternal life”)
are at the very center of our faith. The season
of Lent is the perfect reminder that we are
called to let our faith show in our daily lives
— with joy and fervor!
• Do the people I work with, go to
school with, and spend free time
with know that I am Catholic?
• Who encourages me most in my
faith? Who can I encourage?
• “But whoever lives the truth comes to the
light” (Jn 3:21). How can I come more closely to
the light of Jesus this Lent?
A Good Pharisee
Although the word “Pharisee” has come to have a negative connotation,
not all Pharisees were wicked. Nicodemus, the curious Pharisee in today’s
Gospel, was one of those who eventually followed Jesus. A member of the
Sanhedrin, he defends Jesus when the chief priests are debating what to do
with Jesus. And after the Crucifixion, along with Joseph of Arimathea, he
brought about a hundred pounds of myrrh and aloe to anoint Jesus’ body.
Tradition says that he was martyred for the Faith.
Lent is a fitting
time for selfdenial; we
would do well
to ask ourselves
what we can give
up in order to help
and enrich others by our own
poverty. Let us not forget that
real poverty hurts.
Pretzel Prayers
Once considered the official
Catholic food of Lent, pretzels date
back at least 1,400 years. Because
fat, eggs, and milk were part of
the Lenten abstinence, these
little bites of bread made only
with flour, salt, and water were
invented. They were wrapped in the shape of arms crossed
in prayer, and the three holes in the middle represented the
Trinity. Traditionally, pretzels were the perfect food
to share with people who were struggling for
food or living on the streets because they
didn’t spoil easily. Make your own
pretzels as a family (find a recipe
on the Internet), and share them
with someone in need in your
neighborhood or community.
Unto to you, I cry, my God!
“No one who lights a lamp hides
it away or places it [under a bushel
basket], but on a lampstand so
that those who enter might see the
light.” — Luke 11:33
Lord, give me the courage to be a
brave and bold witness to you in all
that I say and do.
— Pope Francis, Lenten Message 2014,
“‘By the grace of God’
Jesus tasted death ‘for
every one”’ (Heb
2:9). In his plan
of salvation,
God ordained
that his Son should
not only ‘die for our
sins’ (1 Cor 15:3) but
should also ‘taste death,’
experience the condition
of death, the separation
of his soul from his body,
between the time he expired on the
cross and the time he was raised from
the dead.”
— Catechism of the Catholic
Church, 624
The liturgical color for Lent is purple,
symbolizing pain, suffering, and mourning.
But why purple? Purple was the most
expensive color in biblical times.
Extracted from a
OF THE SEASON sea snail, it took as
as 12,000 shells
The Color Purple tomany
get enough dye to color
a handkerchief. Because of the
enormous cost, only the wealthiest wore
purple garments. When soldiers mocked Jesus for being the
“King of the Jews,” they put a purple robe on his shoulders to
belittle his claim. Therefore, we use the color purple during
Lent to remind us of the passion and death of the Lord.
For print use only. Copyright © by Our Sunday Visitor, Inc. Nihil Obstat: Msgr. Michael Heintz, Ph.D. Censor Librorum Imprimatur ✠ Kevin C. Rhoades, Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend
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