Gatorade Sports Nutrition Immersion Program

Gatorade Sports Nutrition Immersion Program
University of South Carolina
Site Supervisor
Theresa C. Logan
Program Duration
8 months
Approximate Start Date
August 1, 2015
Program Description
The University of South Carolina offers a combination of nineteen male and female sports. Our
program offers a wide variety of learning opportunities in performance nutrition and program
development. A SNIP intern would gain real time experience in highly competitive programs inclusive
of a variety of athletes from the US and abroad. A SNIP intern will learn how to support the dynamics
of working environment with student athletes, coaches, athletic trainers, strength staff,
physical therapists and physicians. The USC Athletics department is an exceptional venue for interns
to gain practical experience.
The SNIP intern will be assigned primarily to swimming, cross country and track and field teams. Both
programs are in a building phase and require a dedicated expertise to develop their programs. In
addition to these teams, the SNIP intern will have full exposure to other teams for a
better understanding of diverse performance, seasonal and overall nutrition demands by the other
The SNIP intern will perform the following tasks: assist in nutrition, hydration, body composition
assessments and treatment plan; maintain individual care plans; develop and present student athlete
education materials and programs; develop team training table meals for home and away competition;
assist with fueling station snacks, and beverages; participate in team meetings; develop and maintain
social media accounts.
Upon arrival to the university, the intern will receive orientation to the athletic village, daily
assignments, weekly sports medicine meeting, and team practice. Once the SNIP intern has
established a working relationship with their sport, I will expect the intern to spend 20-30 hours with
their teams and 10-20 hours with the staff sports dietitian. During the time with the staff sports
dietitian, discussions will focus on daily assignments, questions and review of the intern’s