DBA Misterio – Mystery at High Seas! Part 3

DBA Misterio – Mystery at High Seas! Part 3
The plot thickens after the police review the testimony given by the museum docent and
place el mesonero and la criada under surveillance in order to find where the artifact is
The undercover officer watched them put something in the car and alerted all units to follow
them. Once they realized they were being followed, they panicked and drove away at a very
high speed. You are a police dispatcher. Your job is to relay information from the helicopter to
the units that are in pursuit on the ground to help them stop the car chase before any innocent
drivers or pedestrians get hurt!
Make sure you provide the officers on the ground with specific directions.
Choose one of these two videos to describe the car chase and write down your sentences:
o http://www.tubechop.com/watch/4735172
o http://www.tubechop.com/watch/4735011
You can make up street and city names as well as name the buildings to add detail to your
Here are some of the vocabulary words which you can use. You can also go back to the
lessons or use the study guides to incorporate other vocabulary we learned.
el carro/los carros the car/the cars
detrás de behind
peligro danger
a la derecha to the right
doblar to turn
cerca close, near
a la izquierda to the left
todo derecho straight ahead
la policía the police
al lado de beside
entre between
parar to stop
delante de in front of
enfrente de opposite/facing
chocar to crash
For example, if the suspects’ red car in the video made a right turn at a crosswalk you could say:
El carro rojo dobló a la derecha en el paso de peatones en la calle 7.
 Here are some more things you can describe from the video:
- Did the suspects’ car stop anywhere?
- Did the suspects’ car pass any other cars on the road?
- What color are other cars on the road and where are they (in front of, next to,
behind the suspects’ car)?
- What buildings did the suspects’ car go past?
- Be prepared to give at least three sentences in Spanish to talk about the
car chase. Use the preterite tense to say where the car went and what it
 In addition, prepare your answer to this question using the preterite tense:
¿Qué pusieron el mesonero y la criada en el carro y dónde lo pusieron?
Please choose ONE of these two options to complete your DBA:
1. You can do a recorded DBA. Record with www.vocaroo.com or
www.audiopal.com. Either website will give you a link that you can copy and paste into
your U1L8 DBA assignment. Do not send it via webmail. Please remember to
include the written text of what you are saying in the box as well. (You do not
have to make an appointment if you choose this option.) You can only do a recorded
DBA if you are passing Spanish 2 with a grade of B or higher.
2. Or, you can make an appointment for a DBA by phone. Go to
https://pwernerflvs.youcanbook.me to make your appointment.
ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: Please use only content from the lessons and from no other
source. Please also remember that using an online translator is not allowed and will
result in an academic integrity violation with consequences.