AWA Global Release Liner Industry Conference & Exhibition 2015

AWA Global Release
Liner Industry
Conference & Exhibition 2015
March 18-20, 2015 - Denver, CO, USA
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Strategy | Innovation | Market Intelligence | Growth
AWA Global Release Liner Industry
Conference & Exhibition 2015
March 18-20, 2015 - Grand Hyatt Denver, CO, USA
NEW: Two concurrent sessions on March 18, prior to the main conference:
Release Liner Workshop Session
Silicone & Technical Session
Workshop Session in co-operation with:
About the Conference
Strategy, innovation, market intelligence and growth are the key themes of the annual AWA Global Release Liner
Industry Conference & Exhibition being held on March 18, 19, 20, 2015 in Denver, CO, USA. This event is the only
conference dedicated to release liners. In its updated form the event will build upon the success of previous
years and will pull together experts in their respective disciplines to address the key issues and opportunities for
the Release Liner Industry across the value chain. 2015 marks the 15th edition of the conference and will feature two
concurrent sessions on the first day of the program: “Release Liner Workshop Session” and a “Silicone and
Technical Session”. These will be followed by a 1.5 day conference program focused on the market, the
industry and end-use applications.
The event will feature presentations by leading industry players who will evaluate the latest release liner and
related technologies and discuss current industry issues, and innovations and provide up-to-date information on the
market and its evolving platforms of opportunity. The conference program will include presentations on end-use
applications and feature a CEO panel discussion. Accompanying the formal event program is a concurrent
exhibition and, extensive networking program providing the ideal setting in which to promote your company and its
products to an international audience. The exhibition area will be situated directly outside the conference room
in the coffee and networking area.
Target Audience
This conference is targeted at all associated with the Release Liner
Industry across the value chain, from supplier to user. The prime
location and timing of the event will draw industry professionals
from around the globe. The majority of attendees to this event are
key decision makers within their organization. The event attracted over
150 delegates from countries around the globe in each of the last
three years.
Sponsorship Packages
As a sponsor your logo and/or company name will be included in event marketing and promotional
materials, press releases, social media advertising and more. We offer three sponsorship levels as well
as the opportunity for you to create a tailored package to suit your individual company needs.
For questions about the sponsorship opportunities or to inform us of your wishes for a tailored package please contact us at
[email protected] or call +31 20 676 2069.
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Release Liner Workshop Session
March 18
Release liners are often referred to as “the part you throw away” in pressure-sensitive adhesive
(PSA) products, and are often the subject of cost-cutting efforts or outright elimination
(linerless labels). However, the function of release liners, and release coatings, is critical to determining
the overall success, or failure, of a PSA product in manufacturing, converting and end use.
Workshop Description
This workshop session will:
> Examine PSAs, how they work, and how they interact with release liners/coatings
> Discuss the types of PSA products, along with the processes used to make and convert them
> Show hands-on live demonstrations of how to test release liners/coatings
> Explore the most commonly encountered defects and learn about troubleshooting methods
Who Should Attend?
This workshop will be valuable for people in the following departments/functions:
> Technical positions
> Sales functions
> Marketing departments
> Production functions
> Raw material suppliers
> Manufacturers
> End-users
This workshop is particularly useful to those who are changing roles or require a technical overview.
Benefits of Participating
>> Match Theory with Live Testing Demonstrations
The combination of theoretical presentations and live demonstrations gives participants a visual understanding
and improved learning opportunity
>> Industry Presentations
Presentations from experts give greater insight into the technology providing enhanced learning
>> Workshop Manual
An electronic manual, which contains workshop content and presentations, provides a reference and
summary of the workshop to take away. The manual also contains a “glossary of terms”
>> Excellent Peer Networking
Informal and face-to-face networking opportunities with other industry professionals
>> Career Training at an Affordable Price
One day packed with in-depth training, useful for your everyday work and career development. Combine two events into one and attend the Release Liner Conference immeadiately after for a reduced fee
Workshop Session: Interactive | Hands-on | Demonstrations
Release Liner Workshop Session
March 18
Workshop Program
8.00 – 8.45am Registration, Welcome Coffee & Exhibition Open
8.45 – 10.30
Workshop Opening & Introduction
What are PSA’s and How do they Work with Release Liners?
Basic chemical and mechanical properties of PSAs, types of PSA and their formulation, why release
coatings and release liners work, and why sometimes they don’t work.
Types of PSA Products and use with Release Liners/Coatings
Types of commercial PSA products, how release liners and coatings are used with each, tapes vs. labels, self-wound vs. release liners, critical properties of release liners for different applications.
10.30 - 11.00
Coffee & Networking Break
Coating Processes used for Release Coatings and PSA’s
Types of coating and drying/curing equipment used to apply release coatings and adhesives onto release liners, strengths and limitations of each, where each is most often used.
1.00 – 2.00
Converting Processes used with PSA products
Converting processes used, including slitting, die-cutting, matrix stripping, high-speed application, along with release liner/coating properties critical for good performance.
Test Methods and Quality Assurance of Release Liners and Coatings
Test methods used to check performance and to troubleshoot release coating issues. Will demonstrate some methods and allow attendees to do some hands-on learning if desired.
3.00 - 3.30
Coffee & Networking Break
Test Methods and Quality Assurance of Release Liners and Coatings
Continuation of this module with hands-on testing and demonstrating how to find defects.
Critical Properties, Potential Defects and Trouble-Shooting
Review and reinforce critical release liner/coating properties, review potential defects encountered in manufacturing, converting and enduse and ways to determine their causes and potential solutions.
Release Coatings and Liners used in PSA products
Basics of release technologies, where they are used, strengths and limitations, paper and film release base and critical liner properties that relate to release performance.
Closing Comments
Workshop summary, Q & A, wrap-up
5.30 – 7.00 Cocktail Reception & Networking Exhibition
Workshop Leaders
Dave McCann
Director of Research and Development
Chemsultants International, Inc.
Cheryl Saqqa
Testing Projects Leader
Chemsultants International, Inc.
Ian Cooper
ICoating and Converting Services Ltd
Workshop Session: Interactive | Hands-on | Demonstrations
Silicone & Technical Session
March 18
By popular demand the Silicone & Technical Session returns again in 2015!
Session Highlights
This technical session features a line-up of key industry presentations from companies who are prominent leaders in the
development of release liners.
Topics include: The science behind: Innovations:
> The manufacture of uncoated base papers for siliconising > Multilayer silicone coating
> Evaluation of release coatings modication technology
> Advances in non-silicone release coatings
> Understanding liner interactions
> State of the art hot melt coating technology
> Unbreakable release liners
Session Chair
Dr. Sjaak Elmendorp, Vice President, Core Product Technology, Materials Group, Avery Dennison
Sjaak Elmendorp began his career at Avery Dennison in 1994 as the director of research
and development for Label and Packaging Materials Europe. He was appointed to his current position of
vice president of core product technology in March of 2011. Prior to joining Avery Dennison, Sjaak held
several research positions at Shell before becoming program manager and professor of polymer
engineering at the Polymer Research Institute, University of Delft.
Who Should Attend?
This session will be valuable for industry professionals in the silicone release liner and pressure-sensitive segment in the
following departments/functions:
> Research & Development > Production
> Technical Sales
> Technical Managers> Chemists> Research
> Technical Directors> Executives> Engineers
> Specialists> Business Development
Provisional Session Program
8.00 – 8.45am Registration, Welcome Coffee & Exhibition Open
8.45 – 9.00
Seminar Opening & Introduction
Chair: Dr. Sjaak Elmendorp, Vice President, Core Product Technology, Materials Group, Avery Dennison
9.00 – 9.30
The Manufacture of a Release Liner by Multilayer Silicone Coating
Adrian Hulme, Technical Associate, Avery Dennison
How a multilayer release surface comprising of a liner, a support layer and a silicone layer is manufactured and used
in a pressure-sensitive adhesive laminate. The manufacturing method presented uses the simultaneous coating of a
support layer and the silicone layer by a dual coating technique.
9.30 – 10.00 Evaluation of Release Coatings Modification Technology and its Enhancement of Liner Properties
Lori Dehlin, Application Engineering and Technical Service Specialist, Dow Corning Corporation
The label and tape industry is continually evolving, and the release liner market is evolving along with it.
With the need to customize formulations to meet the performance demands of different applications, silicone
manufacturers turn to release modifiers. These materials allow customers to tailor silicone release systems to
target specific release performance. The presentation will discuss the impact release modifiers have on the properties and
overall system performance of release coatings, as well as new technology advancements.
10.00 – 10.30 Humidity Effects on Label Laminates
Gary Freelin, Group Leader, Evonik Industries
Release for PSL is complicated. Not only is it the sum of the materials used to construct the labels; liner stock, silicone, adhesive and top sheet, but also the conditions of use and storage, as well as temperature and humidity. This presentation describes the effects we have seen on release values when we vary parameters such as test conditions and environmental factors.
Technical Session: Innovation | Silicones | Developments
Silicone & Technical Session
March 18
Provisional Session Program (cont.)
10.30 – 11.00
Coffee & Networking Break
11.00 – 11.30 A Focus on the Chemistry of Adhesive & Release Liner Interface
Dr. Ufuk Karabiyik, R&D Manager, Adhesives Research
Release liners are a critical part of PSA roll stocks therefore understanding the chemistry of these systems is essential.
Liner interactions are expected to be unique and different, depending on the adhesive chemistry for a given liner substrate.
Illustrations of expected interactions alongside the analytical methods to characterize them will be discussed.
11.30 – 12.00 Radiation Cure Silicone Technology – A Viable Alternative to Pt Catalyzed Release Coating Systems
Mark Rossman, Technical Service Manager, Bluestar Silicones
Pt catalysed thermal cure silicone chemistry is the workhorse of release coating systems. In recent years, new development has
focused on mitigating the increases in Pt pricing, primarily by designing systems to use less Pt catalyst. Radiation
cure silicone chemistry delivers an alternative to the dependence on Pt catalyst. This presentation will review the
basic radiation cure silicone chemistries available today along their advantages and application criteria.
12.00 – 12.30 Evolution of Paper Release Liners to Meet the Efficiency Requirements of Modern Converting
Mikko Rissanen, Director, Business Development, Label Papers, UPM
UPM has developed thinner base papers and an advanced technology to meet the sustainability requirements
in the markets and ever toughening requirements of a high speed silicone coating of release base materials.
With innovative treatment of biofibrils a multifunctional structure has been achieved that works as a composite structure
and reinforcement materials to add mechanical strength to the surface treatment at the same time acting as an
amphiphilic surface to chemically compatibilize the base paper with silicone.
12.30 - 1.00 Next Generation of High Performance Liners
Richard Schmidt, Research and Development Senior Chemist, Loparex LLC
1.00 – 2.00
2.00 – 2.30
Recent Developments in Cellulose Nanofibril (CNF) for Release Bases
Robert Hamilton, President, Stirling Consulting, Inc &
Mike Bilodeau, Director, Process Development Center, University of Maine
Cellulose nanofibril (CNF) technology for wet end addition in release paper bases has progressed to the early
commercialization stage. In addition, recent work at the University of Maine pilot plant and early commercial
trials has shown further potential to improve surface and holdout properties of release base papers
when CNF is applied at the size press.
2.30 - 3.00
Advances in Non-Silicone Release Coatings: Turning the Corner on Performance
Nikki Martin, Application Engineer, OMNOVA Solutions
Non-silicone release chemistries have held great promise, but their potential has been overshadowed by concerns about
performance. Now, next-generation non-silicone release coatings are able to deliverwhat past chemistries could not:
high hydrophobicity, high temperature resistance, low temperature cure, and excellent performance at low coating weights.
Join Nikki Martin from OMNOVA Solutions to learn what benefits non-silicone release coatings are delivering to the
adhesives marketplace. Companies that use the new non-silicone release coatings are lowering their dependency
on expensive catalyst systems and avoiding contamination issues that sometimes occur with silicone-based systems.
Learn what barriers have been overcome and how to implement this latest non-silicone technology.
3.00 – 3.30
Facing the Challenge - Manufacturing Uncoated Base Papers for Siliconising on Europe´s Newest Kraft Paper Machine
Natacha Valera, Head of Technical Customer Service/ Product Development, Starkraft, a Business Unit of Zellstoff Pöls AG
End of 2013 saw the start-up of Europe´s newest kraft paper machine and the extended possibilities this machine brings with
it. Traditionally a bleached kraft paper production for variety of standard products, the challenge is now to provide
the technical specifications and know-how to diversify the portfolio with base papers for siliconising.
Technical Session: Innovation | Silicones | Developments
Silicone & Technical Session
March 18
Provisional Session Program (cont.)
3.30 – 4.00 Coffee & Networking Break
4.00 – 4.30
Highly Drawn Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene – The Unbreakable Release Liner
Dr. Ko Hermans, Chief Technology Officer, Olympic Tape, BV
4.30 – 5.00
Conventional release liners are based on materials that have a low yield strength and/or a poor tear resistance. Such release
liners are delicate and have the tendency to break easily, especially when damaged. In an industrial environment,
the breakage of a release liner can cause damage to parts and/or downtime of a production line. Highly drawn
Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene (UHMW-PE) is an innovative and new material that has a yield strength
which is about 100 times higher than normal polyethylene. Due to its fibrous nature, the material also has
an extremely high tear resistance and damage tolerance. By using highly drawn UHMW-PE it is possible to create
a virtually unbreakable release liner.
Hot Melt Coating Technology - Thinner, Faster, and the State of the Art
Mark Miller, CEO, Coating Tech Slot Dies, LLC
As coating corporations work towards increasing margins, getting more out of the capital at the site, improving turns in inventory,
and reducing environmental impact, they are running into the edge of material, expertise, and equipment capability. Hot
melt adhesive coating is a great option for traditional solvent based tape and label manufacturing, especially
as the “green” label is providing a marketing edge in commerce. But what are the limitations? How thin
can an adhesive be stretched before the rheology of the polymer is detrimental to the final product? How
do you best operate the equipment to maximize product yield? This presentation will exhibit the current direction hot melt
adhesive manufacturing companies are headed and what the impact is for raw material suppliers and equipment manufacturers.
5.00 - 5.30 Anti-aging Strategies for Release Liners
Timothy Rummel, Technical Manager - Performance Chemicals, Wacker Chemical Corporation
The aging characteristics of a release liner are critical to performance, as release that becomes too easy or hard
with time yields failing product. The presentation reports on a study to look at raw material, formulation
and process variables to see what their influences is on liner performance using acrylate and rubber PSA’s.
The study identifies which experimental factors most influences changesin release with time, as well
as evaluating impact on extract, anchorage and coverage properties.
5.30 – 5.45
Closing Comments
5.45 Session Close
5.45 – 7.00 Cocktail Reception & Networking Exhibition
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Technical Session: Innovation | Silicones | Developments
Conference Session
March 19-20
Strategy | Innovation | Market Intelligence | Growth
Program: March 19
7.30 – 8.30am Exhibition Open, Registration & Welcome Coffee
8.30 – 8.45
Conference Opening & Introduction
Chair: Corey Reardon, President & CEO, AWA Alexander Watson Associates
8.45 – 9.15
Global Release Liner Market Overview
Corey Reardon, President & CEO, AWA Alexander Watson Associates
This presentation provides up-to date, concise, and accessible quick scans of growth, developments and trends in selected markets worldwide, providing material suppliers, silicone coaters and companies
involved in the release liner market with a complete and global industry overview.
9.15 – 9.45
Annual AWA Industry Survey
Jackie Marolda, VP & Senior Consultant, AWA Alexander Watson Associates
This paper will present an analysis of the thoughts of industry players on the state of the industry and market development. The survey will highlight their thinking and expectations on key industry topics
like Sustainability, Industry Cost & Profitability, Mergers & Acquisitions and Growth & Expectations.
9.45 – 10.15
Real-time Industry Survey
10.15 – 10.45
Keynote Presentation: Collect the Dots
David Silverstein, CEO & Founder, BMGI
The essence of creative ideas is the information that informs them. Said otherwise, if your ideas consist of
dots connected, then you have to start with dots collected. But how do you collect enough dots to come
up with truly breakthrough ideas? In his research, David Silverstein has found that there are many who
are good at it, but virtually no person or company has a true process for knowledge discovery or what he
calls “collecting the dots.” Silverstein set out to discover examples and best practices in dot collecting
to provide a framework for acquiring the dots you need to generate new ideas to innovate
or develop strategy. During this talk, he will share his work through a combination of interesting, exciting and
motivational stories from which everyone can learn.
10.45 – 11.30
Coffee & Networking Break
11.30 – 12.30pm Executive Leadership Panel
A panel discussion focused on key issues in the industry, including globalization,, leadership, strategy, innovation, market intelligence and growth.
Moderator: Corey Reardon, President & CEO, AWA Alexander Watson Associates
Dr. Bernhard Klofat Anthony P. MacLaurin
Felix Schoeller FiberMark North America, Inc.
12.30 – 1.30 Lunch
Tomas Rink
President Ritrama David Silverstein
CEO & Founder BMGI
Conference Session
March 19-20
Program Continued: March 19
1.30 – 2.00
Merger & Acquisition Review
William Hornell, Managing Director, Mesirow Financial
A discussion of current conditions for M&A activities in the industry includng an overview of recent,
notable transactions.
2.00 – 2.30
Annual Global Survey
Ian Murdoch, Director, Assurance, PwC
An analysis of the performance and return in capital investment in 2013 of the top 100 players in the
industry ranked by turnover analysis both overall and by region.
2.30 – 3.15
Coffee & Networking Break
3.15 – 3.30
Session Introduction: Innovation and the Release Liner Industry
Jackie Marolda, VP President & Senior Consultant, AWA Alexander Watson Associates
What is innovation? Why is it important? Who is responsible? AWA Release Liner Survey insight into
innovation in our industry.
3.30 – 4.00
Innovation Is for Everybody: Seven Habits of Highly-effective Innovators
Phil Samuel, Ph.D. Chief Innovation Officer, BMGI
Is innovation for everybody or is it just the birthright of a chosen group of people like Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk? Many people believe they aren’t very good at innovation, that only some
people are born with the gift to spot the right opportunities and come up with breakthrough ideas. In this
session, you’ll hear about the habits of highly-effective innovators and the roots of their success stories.
Dr. Phil Samuel will then discuss how you too can cultivate these habits to conquer your “fear of
innovation” and embrace the creative spirit, master innovation and became extraordinary humans. He will
also illustrate the habits with the help of examples from a variety of industries, including the specialty
paper and coating industry.
4.00 – 4.30
Innovation in the Release Liner Industry from a Suppliers Perspective
Dr. Wilhelm Munninger, Technical Director Release Liners, Mondi
This presentation will give a general view into innovations in the release liner industry, starting from the
pre-conditions like raw materials and making of release liners. Achievements already made, current
patent development and some recent innovations will be explained. The presentation tries to work out
the general rule for finding innovative ideas in our industry.
4.30 – 5.00
Innovation: Are We are Own Worst Enemy?
Michael Werner, Executive Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, Loparex LLC
5.00 - 5.15
Session Summary: Innovation in the Release Liner Industry
Jackie Marolda, VP President & Senior Consultant, AWA Alexander Watson Associates
How can we take innovation learning and theory and grow the opportunities for our companies and our industry?
5.15 – 6.00
Supplier Forum
A unique session of short presentations from company players in the release liner industry.
6.00 – 8.00
Cocktail & Networking Reception
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CEO Panel Discussion
Conference Session
March 19-20
Program: March 20
7.30 – 8.30am Exhibition Open & Welcome Coffee
8.30 – 8.45 Conference Opening Day Two
Corey Reardon, President & CEO, AWA Alexander Watson Associates
8.45 – 9.15
Release Liners: The Unsung Heroes of Self Adhesive Graphics
Paul Roba, Graphics Instructor/Installer & Consultant
Release liners are a critical part of PSA large, and super wide format graphic products. Liner performance
is critical during the creation, shipping, and application of graphics. In addition, what happens after the
ultimate disposal of the liner. The background and necessity of some performance requirements during
the application of graphics and future desired state are outlined in this discussion.
9.15 – 9.45
The Use of Composites in the Automotive Industry
Greg Rucks, Manager (Transportation & Industry), RMI (Rocky Mountain Institute)
9.45 – 10.15
Building a Graphite Composite Snowboard
Steffen Hak, Pre-preg Specialist
10.15 – 11.00
Coffee & Networking Break
11.00 – 11.30
Competitive Label Technologies Aim at Pressure Sensitive Labeling
Dan Muenzer, Vice President Marketing, Constantia Flexibles
Prime labeling represents 45% of all pressure sensitive constructions worldwide including leadership
positions in both the food and beverage applications. What once was the hunter has now become the
hunted as pressure sensitive labels are being targeted by competitive technologies trying to gain position
in the coveted prime label sector. This presentation will address the current state of the prime label
market and review technologies trying to take pressure sensitive label’s lucrative place.
11.30 – 12.00 Properties for Release Liners in the Medical Sector
Mike O’Connell, Business Development Manager. Designing & Creating Disposable Medical Devices & Printed Labels, ATL (Ad Tape & Label)
12.00 – 12.15 Closing Comments
Conference Close
Exhibition Close
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Dow Corning Corporation
Dow Corning has more than 70 years of labeling expertise and market-driven innovation.
Our global network of technical experts work alongside customers to identify
ways in which Dow Corning’s silicone technology can reduce cost, improve efficien
cy and deliver optimal performance. An extensive portfolio of silicone solutions is
available for pressure-sensitive adhesion and release coating applications include
labeling solutions, water-based release coatings, pressure-sensitive adhesives, protective
films and tapes. For customers who need help to improve a formulation or to refine
and improve production processes, we offer ongoing technical support. But we’re
also keen to put our innovation expertise to work to meet market trends whether
it’s the shift from paper to heat sensitive filmic release liners, or the desire to reduce
platinum dependency or increasingly challenging converting conditions. For more
information on how we can help you visit www.dowcorning/psi
Infiana Group
Infiana Group (formerly Huhtamaki Films) develops, produces and distributes worldwide
highly innovative films for customers in the consumer, industrial and pressure sensitive
markets. Within the framework of integrated production, Infiana offers customized solutions
starting from the design of the base film followed by various processing steps like
siliconization, embossing, laminating, printing, slitting to finishing of the film. By sharing
expertise and technology between our international locations we achieve quality standards
that meet the high demand of global key accounts. No matter if it ‘s in Europe, Americas,
Asia or anywhere else - we want to be as close to our customers as possible.
UPM is the world’s leading producer of high quality face and release base papers.
Its packaging papers’ range consists of C1S and Barrier papers.
We are constantly developing our solutions and technology to fulfil our customers’
requirements. The global presence guarantees local e.g. sales, logistics, technical and
extensive environmental services worldwide.
UPM is responding to the rapidly growing demand for environmentally sustainable
products. Our products are sustainable over their lifecycle. The products are made
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We optimise our processes to minimize the environmental impact of our product
throughout their entire lifecycle.
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Bluestar Silicones
Bluestar Silicones is one of the foremost fully-integrated silicone manufacturers in the
world. With over 60 years’ silicones expertise, Bluestar Silicones offers a comprehensive
range of silicone products in the sectors of release coatings, engineering elastomers,
healthcare products, specialty fluids, emulsions and resins.
The Bluestar Silicones SILCOLEASE range is unique in its ability to cover all technologies used
in silicone release coatings: Solventless Thermal, Solventless Radiation (epoxy chemistry with
cationic cure, Acrylate chemistry with free radical cure), Emulsion and Solvent. For 2013 and
2014 UV products to complement our already wide range have been launched.
Felix Schoeller Release
Felix Schoeller Release offers individual polycoated Release Liner solutions based on vertical
integration. The layflat and surface quality of our products is the basis for success. Our expertise
in paper production and coating leads to a deep understanding for market needs. It also allows
us to design and adjust product properties in every step of the production process of a release
liner: base paper production, extrusion coating, silicone coating. We are proud to operate as a
family-owned business with focus on long lasting partnerships.
Loparex LLC
Loparex is the leading, global manufacturer of silicone release liners. We provide global
manufacturing capabilities, experienced R&D team driving global innovation, world’s largest,
most experienced sales and technical teams, consistent quality and reliable performance,
capacity to meet the changing needs of our customers and customized solutions
for the most demanding release liner business areas.
Mondi Release Liner is a leading supplier of silicone coated and speciality release liners.
With five plants in Europe, three plants in the US, one plant and two converting terminals in Asia
as well as a global sales and service network, we are dedicated to produce high-performance
release liner solutions worldwide. To fulfil constantly changing requirements and to support
our customers in fast growing markets, we offer innovative product and process development as
well as product support and professional consultation by our team of experienced application
engineers. Our range of substrates, silicone systems, printing and finishing capabilities enables
us to tailor customised products to fulfil customer’s individual requirements.
The largest and most modern kraft paper machine in Europe produces over 80.000 tons of high
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our paper machine can be configured and optimized to achieve a maximal range of products,
exactly adapted to the requirements of our customers. We deliver the highest quality regardless
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FORMFILL or FLEXPACK products. The “Flying Rhino” symbolizes strength and flexibility
– we are your strong paper partner when new solutions for white kraft paper are required.
Verso Paper Corp.
Verso is a leading North American supplier of printing and writing papers, specialty papers
and pulp, with $1.4 billion in net sales for the year ended December 31, 2013. Headquartered in
Memphis, Tennessee, Verso operates strategically-located mills in Maine and Michigan. Our printing
and writing papers are designed primarily for commercial printing, media and marketing
applications, including magazines, catalogs, direct mail, corporate collateral and retail inserts. Our
specialty papers are used primarily for label and release applications, including cut and stack labels,
pressure sensitive labels and release liners.
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Akronn’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Malaysia represents a significant leap
forward in the global release liner and coating.
Boise Paper
Boise Paper, a Packaging Corporation of America company, is a leading supplier of release liner
papers to the global pressure sensitive industry. Our substrates are incorporated into pressure
sensitive laminate constructions for use in label applications. Boise provides customers with
the highest level of value through capability, collaborative service, and enduring commitment.
Chemsultants International
Chemsultants International is the perfect extension of your organization. We collaborate
with our customer partners to deliver the technical expertise they value. Our roots as
adhesive consultants and formulators have laid the groundwork for what we’ve become
today- world-renowned technical organization that offers testing, product development,
and manufacturing for Fortune 500 clients as well as entrepreneurs.
Evonik Corporation
Evonik is one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals. In 1985 Evonik pioneered in Radiation
Curing Silicones for the use in release liners and is now a recognized market leader in this
technology. The broad product range of TEGO RC® Silicones offer innovative and cost reducing
process alternatives in the manufacture of release liners for a multitude of self-adhesive products.
Expera Specialty Solutions
Expera Specialty Solutions is the leading North American manufacturer of specialty paper
products for use in the tape, pressure-sensitive release liner, industrial and food packaging
segments. From label to composite applications, Expera’s pressure sensitive portfolio,
Presera™, serves all pressure sensitive markets with MF, MG, SCK and Glassine substrates.
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Related AWA Market Studies
AWA Alexander Watson Associates publish a selection of market reports, several of these are directly in the release liner
Special ‘combination package’ deals!
When purchasing all five of the above release liner studies as a
‘combination package’ a special discount of 30% will be applied
including an optional 30 minute Q&A session* with an AWA consultant.
If purchasing two or more studies a 20% discount will be applied.
*The Q&A session is a telephone conversation, if a face-to-face interview is preferred, travel cost are
not included.
Please contact [email protected] to discuss, or visit our website to order.
About AWA
AWA Alexander Watson Associates is a global business-to-business market research, publishing, events and advisory
services company with a unique focus on the specialty packaging, coating, and converting industries. AWA provides a
complement of Market Research, Events, Business Development and Advisory Services. We have been providing clients
with expert knowledge since 1971.
AWA Alexander Watson Associates has a reputation for providing focused, practical, reliable, and cost-effective information,
and for a high degree of integrity in maintaining the confidentiality and trust of its industry information sources. As an
added guarantee of consistency and quality assurance, AWA’s Principals are personally involved at every stage of a project.
Contact Information:
Reports: [email protected]
Events: [email protected]
General: [email protected]
Head Office:
AWA Alexander Watson Associates
PO Box 69035
1060 CA Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Prices, how to register, accommodation
Registration fees:
Venue and accommodation:
Conference & Silicone Technical Session
Conference & Release Liner Workshop Session
Group Price p.p**$1295
Release Liner Workshop Session Only
Silicone & Technical Session Only
End-users: Complimentary
AWAccess™ members
10% discount
Grand Hyatt Denver
1750 Welton St, Denver, CO 80202, United States
+1 303-295-1234
Hotel rooms are not included in the participation fee and
are the responsibility of individual participants.
**Valid when registering three or more people from the same company
Registration fee includes:
Conference + Silicone & Technical Session attendance, lunch,
coffee, light refreshments, cocktail reception, digital proceedings
The registration fee must be paid to confirm participation.
Register online
Alternatively, complete the form below and mail or fax it to:
AWA Conferences & Events Head Office
P.O. Box 69035, 1060 CA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Fax: +31 (0) 20 820 86 33
Hotel reservation information:
AWA has arranged special room rates for
delegates: single/double occupancy: $189 (plus tax).
The special rate is available until 17 February, 2015 for
a limited number of rooms based on a first come, first
served basis. Follow this link when making your
reservation to receive the discount. After this time the
hotel will accept reservations based on availability and
best available rate.
I would like to register for the Global Release Liner Industry
Conference & Exhibition 2015
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Bank Transfer to:
ING Bank
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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IBAN: NL69 INGB 0664 032842
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AWA Conferences & Events
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Conference & Silicone Technical Session
Conference & Release Liner Workshop Session
Group Discount (3 or more people from the same company) $1295
I am an AWAccess™ member 10% discount
Silicone & Technical Session only
Release Liner Workshop Session only
I would also like to purchase the AWA Release Liner Study Portfolio 2015 $15700
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You may cancel your registration for a 75%
refund from the date of registration until 30
working days prior to the conference.
Cancellations received between 29 and 0
working days prior to the conference will not
receive a refund.
If you cannot attend, you may
designate an alternative attendee from your
company by contacting AWA Conferences.
Registrants who fail to attend or cancel
between the 29 and 0 workings days prior to
the conference are liable for the entire fee.
No warranties for changes are expressed or
implied. AWA Conferences reserves the right to
cancel an event and commits to
inform the registrant no later than
29 working days prior to the event.
In this case only the registration fee will be