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MARCH 2015
First United Methodist Church of Delmar
Reverend Iona Is Moving on to San Diego
Late last month, Reverend Iona notified the Staff Parish Relations Team and Senior Pastor
Deborah O’Connor-Slater of her resignation from First United Methodist Church of Delmar,
effective April 22, 2015. She has accepted a position as Pastor at University City United Church
in San Diego, California. This new position will provide continued opportunities for Reverend
Iona’s professional growth and allow her family to be near her husband Phil’s family in California.
Over the next two months, SPRT, Rev. Deborah and Pastor Denise and several teams will be
working closely with Rev. Iona to support strong planning and healthy preparation for this
Reverend Iona has been an important part of our church for nearly 5 years and while we will miss
her very much, we are grateful for her ministry with us. We wish her well as she moves to the
place God has called her. Mark your calendars and join us in worship and Coffee Hour on
April19 for Rev. Iona’s last Sunday with us.
Administrative Council Adopts Church Budget for Fiscal 2015
With pledges up some $30,000 compared to last year, the Administrative Council has approved a
balanced budget for 2015.
First United Methodist ran an operating deficit of $36,820 in 2014 on spending of $584,020,
according to revised numbers compiled in February. There also was a deficit of $14,543 in 2013.
But the 2015 budget developed by the Finance Team and approved by the Ad Council forecasts
ending the new year in the black by some $16,000.
Key to the improved fiscal picture was the success of Consecration Sunday, which yielded almost
100 new or increased pledges. The new budget forecasts that contributions this year will total
$365,900 – $31,147, or 9.3 percent, above 2014. Total income (including investment proceeds
and other income) is projected at $579,950, up 5.9 percent from last year.
The budget projects that 2015 operating expenditures will be $602,667, about 3.2 percent above
last year. But $38,792 of those expenses will be offset with various unused designated funds from
bequests and other sources, resulting in net operating expenditures of $563,875.
The need to produce a balanced budget meant that not all requests from ministry teams were
funded in full for 2015. The Finance Team has assigned liaisons to ministry teams to
communicate the new budget lines and help them identify ways of meeting their objectives.
Questions? Email Leah Giordano at [email protected]
MARCH 2015
A Time of Transition
Rev. Deborah O’Connor-Slater
Dear Church,
Lately it seems as if our congregation has experienced a full share of staff transitions. It began back
in April of 2014 when our Christian Education Director, Leslie Kelly, resigned. In June of 2014 our
much loved and long tenured Director of Music, Joe Farrell, retired. Most recently we have added
another change. This time we are facing a shift in our pastoral staff as Rev. Iona Dickinson submitted
her resignation as Full-time Associate Pastor here at First United Methodist to answer her call to
serve as Lead Pastor at University United Church in San Diego, California.
We have weathered the transition in our music and education programs over the past several
months. I dare say we have done more than weather the transitions well. Our Education program
continues to provide a strong educational experience for the families of our congregation. And our
music program continues lead the congregation in worship and song as they weekly sing praises to
God. I am grateful to interim Christian Education Director Lisa Ball and Interim Music Director Ken
Loiacano for their ongoing leadership as the Staff Parish Relations Team seeks to listen and respond
to the leading of God’s Holy Spirit in our time of transition.
Now as we face a new shift in our staffing we may be tempted to question or doubt God’s presence in
our midst. But, I encourage you, do not lose heart. Keep the faith. God is about to create a “new”
thing. Just as the exiled people of Israel had all but given up hope of returning to their homeland, the
prophet Isaiah spoke to them words to assure them that their time of transition was not in vain. Isaiah
wrote; “For I am about to create a new heaven and a new earth; the former things shall not be
remembered or come to mind. But be glad and rejoice forever in what I am creating; for I am about to
create Jerusalem as a joy, and its people as a delight.” (Isaiah 65:17-18 NRSV) God’s servant Isaiah
offers words of hope and joy in a time that seemed troubled and hopeless. And you may be tempted
to feel troubled and hopeless in our time of transition. Again I say, do not lose heart. God is about to
do a new thing here at First United Methodist Church.
Just as God was faithful so long ago to God’s beloved children, God will be faithful to us at First
United Methodist as we seek and identify persons who will help lead our congregation into a new day.
I invite you to pray for the Staff Parish Relations Team and all who share in the leadership of our
congregation as we listen and respond to God’s leading.
MARCH 2015
SPRT Invites Conversation
The members of the Staff Parish Relations Team (SPRT) are listed below with phone and email
contact information. The SPRT invites members of the congregation to contact a member of the
SPRT to be in conversation, sharing your thoughts, ideas and concerns as a plan is
developed for transition within our pastoral staff.
Jane O’Neill
Jim Held
Barbara Wilson
Dick Freyer
Rob Stubbs
Bryan Goddard
Jeff Peterson
Bob Hussar
James Peattie
Louisa Soleau
518-436- 0940
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Senior Pastor Upcoming Renewal Leave
SPRT along with District Superintendent Rich Weihing are in support of and have approved Rev.
Deborah's request for renewal leave from June 15, 2015 to July 26, 2015. The Clergy Support
policies of the Upper New York Annual Conference specify that full-time clergy shall have at least
2 weeks per year of Continuing Education/ Spiritual Growth Leave (as per ¶ 351.1 & 351.2).
Additionally, once every four years an additional month of Continuing Education/Spiritual Growth
can be taken. During this six-week period, Rev. Deborah and her husband will be traveling to
Scotland and Ireland as well as spending some time renewing their spirits with family in Central
New York. SPRT and Pastor Denise will be working together to cover pastoral needs during this
time. We will be praying for a safe and restful journey for both Rev. Deborah and Rev. Alan.
Capital Campaign Update
The total parishioner pledge support for the campaign is now at $561,862. The parishioner pledge
portion for 2014 was $267,987. There are still some 2014 pledges that have not been submitted.
If you have not met your 2014 pledge, we kindly ask that you try your best in the coming month.
The Trustees and Building Committee count on this cash flow to pay for the projects. New church
members and existing members that have not yet pledged may still join us. If you have a question
about your 2014 pledge balance or are interested in pledging now, please contact John Giordano
at [email protected] or Dana Burns, Bookkeeper at [email protected]
Thanks to all for your support of these great improvements!
The Trustees’ Building Committee is well on its way executing projects. Following the finishing
touches on Fellowship Hall, work will proceed on replacing windows, fixing the heating system,
and a few other items. Research has started on the elevator/entrance options. The total
expenditure on these projects to date is $127,883. This breaks down as follows:
Fellowship Hall- $100,339 Heating System- $6,168
Windows- $21,375
MARCH 2015
If you have questions related to the Building Committee activities, you can contact Trustee Chair
Chris Cable at [email protected] Or Frank Slingerland, Russ Bailey, or John Giordano,
Capital Campaign Chair.
Please join the Reconciling Exploration Ministry Team for
Dine and Discuss II
We welcome you to join us for dinner and dessert as we continue our conversation and explore
the possibility of becoming a “reconciling” church. A reconciling church is one that has gone
through a period of discernment and has adopted a statement that includes a welcome to all
people, including people of all sexual orientations and gender identities – including those who are
excluded in some of the passages in the United Methodist Church’s Book of Discipline. The
second draft of our proposed Welcoming Statement will be available to view and comment on.
Dinner and dessert will be provided by the Reconciling Exploration Ministry Team.
When: March 13, 2015 Time: 6 PM Where: Fellowship Hall
Please RSVP to Patti Hoeg at [email protected] or [email protected] by
March 5, 2015.
Mary Marthas
The next meeting of Mary Marthas will take place on Thursday, March 12 at 1 PM in the Lounge.
We are going to do a repeat of a very popular program that was so much fun! So – be prepared
to bring one or two items that have some special meaning to you. Last year among the many
items were: paintings, a quilt, a ring, a poem, etc. See what you can come up with – and if you
have never attended a Mary Marthas meeting, come join us. Contact either Barb Logan at 4394782 or Shirley Milbert at 472-1298.
A Godly Fast
Isaiah 58:6,7 says the fast that God requires includes feeding the hungry, caring for the
homeless, clothing the poor. This is a fast that I, as a diabetic, can do. Food can go each week to
the AUMS food pantry. There is also a sweater I no longer wear that might keep someone warm
that could go to their clothing ministry. Is this a fast you and your family might be willing to do? I
will continue to take everything down each week, you can just leave it in the grocery cart in the
narthex. Do it with a grateful heart, thanking God that you are able to fast in this way.
– Blessings to you, Connie Tilroe
Our Mission Movers at Work
A couple of Saturdays ago, a day when the temperature stayed well below freezing, two of our
Mission Movers lugged furniture and bags and boxes of household goods for a man who recently
moved into a small apartment. This was his first home after living on the street following his
release from prison, where he had served a 13-year sentence. He currently is enrolled in a
Department of Labor training program and works as a cook at the Damien Center, which provides
services for people with HIV/AIDS. “I like working there,” he said. “I think God is giving me a
chance to make up for what I did wrong.” By Saturday evening, he had transformed his newly
acquired, empty apartment into an inviting home. This man is just one of the many individuals
whose lives have been touched by our Mission Movers through the years.
MARCH 2015
Caring and Sharing with Care Corps
Q: Who in the church made and delivered over 40 bags of Valentine cookies to our “homebound”
A: Care Corps and the youth of JUMP, Delmar UMC’s Jr. Hi Youth Group! Both groups worked
hard to make and distribute these delectable treats to our church members who can no longer
participate in our services and our fellowship. Our members may be out of sight but they are not
out of mind!
If you have 30 minutes a month and would like know more about Care Corps, our visitation and
caring ministry, and how you can make a difference in a “homebound” member’s life, please call
Diane White at 475-9454.
Do You Know Someone With Alzheimer's?
The Northeastern NY Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association will be presenting a seminar entitled
“How to Have a Good Visit” on Monday, March 16 from 6:30-7:30 PM at the church. This onehour seminar is open to the public and will discuss strategies to enhance visitations to those with
memory loss including tips on setting realistic expectations, planning what to do during visits, and
making visits enjoyable for all. For more information, please call 439-9976.
Friendship Club – Friday, March 27
Lions, Rhinos and Elephants, Oh my!
Please come and join the DeCandias on their journey to the
tip of Africa and back as they relive their South African
vacation by sharing the photos and stories of their adventure.
Our pot-luck supper begins at 6:30 PM, (food should be
brought in by 6 o’clock). Remember to bring your own place
setting. All are welcome – singles, couples, members and
non-members, young and young-at-heart, friends and
neighbors. If you are able to bring a dish to share (main dish,
side dish, salad or dessert), the cost is $2. For others the cost
is $7. Volunteers in the kitchen would be greatly appreciated – it’s not a difficult job. Reservations
may be made by calling Marilyn Peterson at 439-8012 or [email protected]
G-Force: God's Love in Action
During the week of July 27-31, 2015 kids will experience God’s
unstoppable love and discover how to fuel up and move in and
through life with God during this fun-filled week.
Keep watching for registration details! Volunteers needed – if interested, contact Lisa Ball at
[email protected]
MARCH 2015
Our Sympathy
To Chip Bradley and family upon the loss of his sister, Pat Webster, in February.
To Ramona and Rob Stubbs and family upon the loss of her mother,
Lillian Belfield in early February.
To Carrie Genaway upon loss of her nephew Parker Hayes in February.
To family and friends of longtime and steadfast member of Delmar UMC,
Lois Vadney. Memorial contributions may be sent to:
- Community Hospice of Albany, 445 New Karner Rd., Albany, NY 12205
- Bethlehem Senior Services, 445 Delaware Ave., Delmar, NY 12054
- or First United Methodist Church of Delmar
To Anna Prentiss upon the loss of her aunt Marianne Gillis in Maine in late February.
Prayers and Concerns
Chaz Martel, Ed McEwan, Larry Dickinson, Barbara Whitney, Carol Willey, Sally Gazzetta,
Kathleen Anderson, Carole and Woody Carver, Peg Miller, Juanita Jordan, Dottie Houston,
Ray Bell, Muguette Martel, Natalie Darrone, Karl Ebert, Delaney Beck, Mark Beauchamp,
Anthony Macarelli, Tim Anderson, Paul Wos, John and Kathy Mech, Lois Vadney, Susan
Bradshaw, David Lemire, Nicoline Autrey, Chris Curit, Ellen Weston, Lynda Seitz, Larry
Wilson, Roberta LaBour, Richard Larkin, Irma Crounse, Molly Anderson Keegan, Elias
Carey, Diane Braden, Brian Rosse, Nancy Grenier, Jennifer Scott, Jean Tindall, Lillian
Belfield, Ralph Doyle, Albert Mertz, Patricia Kavanaugh, Iris Klizak, John Ryan, Marge
Larkin, Dr. Brolin Parker, Vincent Flanigan, Sudano Family, Owen McMasters, Laura and
Edwin Busch.
To all whose lives have been impacted by war,
environmental disasters or trauma.
MARCH 2015
Church Calendar for the Month
RPMs “Grounds for Giving” Spring
Mission Trip Fundraiser
Delmar Reformed
12 PM
Daylight Savings Begins
Set Clocks Ahead 1 hr.
11 AM
Monthly Fair Trade Sales
CAT Survey Presentation
Junior Choir
Theological & Social Issues
6-9 PM
Sat., March 7
3 PM
“Voices of Hope” Benefit Concert
Fellowship Hall
Hummel Chapel
Room 218
1 PM
6 PM
7 PM
Worship Team
Building Committee
Room 207
Room 207
Room 207
Covenant Bible Study (3/18 & 3/25)
Lenten Potluck Supper
Lenten Series Programs
Room 207
Fellowship Hall
FH/Kitchen/Choir Room
Sun., March 8
Tues., March 10
Wed., March 11
1:30 or 6:30
5:30 PM
6:30 PM
Thurs., March 12
1 PM
Mary Marthas
Fri., March 13
6 PM
Reconciliation “Dine & Discuss II”
Fellowship Hall
Sat., March 14
8:30 AM
6 PM
Annual Talent Show
Tool’s Restaurant
Fellowship Hall
Confirmation Session # 4
Room 216,217/FH
Alzheimers Assoc. Presentation
Fellowship Hall
Finance Team
Room 207
Covenant Bible Study (& 3/25)
Lenten Potluck Supper
Lenten Series Programs
Education Team
Room 207
Fellowship Hall
216/Choir Room
Room 207
Sun., March 15
11 AM
Mon., March 16
6:30 PM
Tues., March 17
7 PM
Wed., March 18
1:30 or 6:30
5:30 PM
6:30 PM
7 PM
Fri., March 20
6 PM
Friendship Club
Fellowship Hall
Mon., March 23
7 PM
Leadership & Development
Fellowship Hall
Tues., March 24
6 PM
Building Committee
Room 207
Wed., March 25
1:30 or 6:30
5:30 PM
6:30 PM
7 PM
Covenant Bible Study
Lenten Potluck Supper
Lenten Series Programs
Administrative Council
Room 207
Fellowship Hall
Hummel Chapel
Friendship Club
Fellowship Hall
Fri., March 27
Sun., March 29
6 PM
Palm Sunday
11 AM
Confirmation Session #5
MARCH 2015
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