Kenwood MIB - Features and Benefits

Kenwood MIB NAV Interface
Volkswagen approved accessory - The Kenwood MIB NAV interface is a dealer fit navigation upgrade for vehicles with the
composition media system (CMS)
The Kenwood MIB NAV interface use’s market leading Garmin navigation optimised for integration by Kenwood UK
Key features
Full touch screen control
Garmin European navigation with voice directions
- 7 digit (full) postcode
- 3D landmarks and buildings
- Lane Assist and PhotoRealTM Junction view
- Built-in TMC (traffic avoidance)
- Speed limit advisory message
- Million points of interest (POI’s)
- Safety camera POI option
Lane Assist
PhotoRealTM Junction View
Factory feel level of integration
Direct fit - no wires to cut - a plug and play soltuion!
Price point is strong
3 year warranty advanced replacement scheme
(If fitted at PDI)
2 year warranty advanced replacement scheme
(If sold as a retail accessory)
Kenwood MIB NAV Interface part number ZGB5G0051 259
3D Mapping
The product comprises of a hideaway black-box navigation system and full fitting kit to enable the vehicle to have full seamless
integrated touch screen navigation.
Navigation is accessed by pressing the Composition Media System’s media button for 1 second. The Garmin Navigation then
displays and operates through the touch screen.
Users can listen to any media (radio for example) and the spoken navigation guidance can be heard over the media. The system
allows users to display either the navigation map or any other menu screen whilst driving and still hear the navigation guidance.
This accessory is perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their vehicles specification with a navigation option. Ideal for customers
looking for a factory style fully integrated navigation to complete their vehicle for either business or domestic use.
New and Used stock can be progressed using this product to tailor vehicles specification to meet customer demand.
The Kenwood MIB NAV Interface is a simple to install plug and play solution that fits above the glove box (behind the dash) and
connects inline to the Composite Media System.
It is a dealership fitted option, supplied through Volkswagen Parts and carries a job card time of 0.75
Direct fit to vehicles with Composite Media System;
Volkswagen Golf (mk7) 5G
Volkswagen Polo (mk6) 6C
New Volkswagen Passat (B8)
In each kit Kenwood will provide a new button to replace the “media” button. Please note this will only fit a Golf MK7.
How to display
You will receive 3 units on auto issue now, of which one 1 unit is for display purposes, and a further 2 units in April at a reduced
invoice price subsidised by Kenwood and Volkswagen. The display unit enables dealerships to fit it to an accessory demonstrator to
support the exposure of the launch and enable colleague awareness and training.
As part of the initial auto Issue consignment there is a POS pack; this includes customer facing flyers, a display box to place on the
In Car Accessory stand in your showroom and an car trapezium to utilise in the parts department or in the showroom or in vehicles
or sales desk to give a visual representation to the product.
Warranty & Support
If the Kenwood MIB NAV Interface is fitted at PDI it is covered by a 3 year warranty, if sold as a retail accessory then it has a 2 year
There is a dedicated Kenwood technical support number for Volkswagen Retailers: 01728 746100.
In the event a unit has to be replaced the Kenwood warranty centre will ship an advance replacement unit to the dealership.
The full returns process and advanced replacement form can be found on desktop.
Software Updates
As with all technology based products Kenwood continually strive to improve the operation, add features and expand potential
to maximise customer experience – this means new software is developed and the Kenwood MIB NAV Interface may periodically
benefit from a software update.
All software updates can be downloaded free of charge from: and are simply uploaded via SD card to
the unit.
Mapping Updates
The Kenwood MIB NAV Interface comes with the latest Europeon mapping.
When a new updated map becomes available this can be purchased via
the Garmin website.
What’s in the box?
Useful contacts:
Technical Helpline
01728 746100
Keith Watkins (Kenwood Sales Support)
07774 420677
Kenwood Software