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Volume 15, Issue 3
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Director’s Message
Hello everyone and welcome to the beautiful 2010. We all know that the
weather has not been on its best behavior as of late, but don’t let that discern
how the year will be. We have a lot ahead of us this Winter, including our High
School Outreach Program and of course the lovely Medical Mission Gala. We
are a family that supports each other through thick and thin, so don’t let a
couple dark clouds get the best of you, just look deep down inside and find
your PUSO to get a piece of sunshine on them rainy days. ,
We’ve had a great 2009 and we’re proud to have you here with us throughout
our college journey. This episode marks the halfway point and we’ve had plenty
of memories throughout last quarter. Like, remember that one time that one
dude did that one thing that made us all laugh? Or remember that other time
that we stayed up and went to that one place but ended up at that other place
just eating that one thing?
Let’s make more of those moments guys – those experiences we’ve shared are
really the best things that we, as your Directors, have undergone. Every year
has its challenges, but together we can have an even better 2010 and make
some more everlasting memories.
With love,
Don, Michael, Athena, and Jennifer
PUSO Pages is a bi-quarterly
newsletter. Information
presented in these issues
relate to academic
improvement, club
activities/resources, its
members, and a pursuit of a
health career. If you have any
concerns, contact Franz
Patrick Corrales at
[email protected] and
Jenny Robles at
[email protected]
Volume 15, Issue 3
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Board Member Spotlight
By Sarah Grabarsky
Full name: Chantle Reiko Alvarado Edillor
Nicknames: Chantle Bell, Chaunty, Chanteezy
Year and major: 1st year, Biological Sciences major
PUSO PAL Family: Street Fighter
Hometown: $Deezy aka San Diego
Birthday: January 18, 1992
Special interests, talents, and/or hobbies: dancing, watching the Food Network, and breaking bananas on my head.
Future career goals: I want to become a doctor with a specialty in immunology.
Favorite junk food: Japanese rice crackers and icing
Describe yourself in three words: outgoing, determined, and insatiable
Name a random fact about yourself that many people don't know and you wouldn't mind sharing with
PUSO: I used to be ambidextrous.
When did you first hear about PUSO and why did you decide to join? I first heard about PUSO through my high
school friend who's 4 years older than me when I decided to come to UCI this summer.
To date, what is your fondest memory of PUSO? PUSO Winter board retreat!
What triggered your interest to run for board? I wanted to take a leadership role, and meet other students at UCI who
shared the same passions as I do.
Why should current members consider joining board next year? Because we're SEXY - and we know how to work
hard and play hard.
As PUSO's Underclass Representative, what would you like to change, improve, or bring to PUSO and how
do plan to reach out to your fellow underclassmen? PUSO is Alyansa's sleeping giant. We’re a force to be reckoned
with. I want to show the UCI community that we're passionate people, who want to make a difference. I would also like to
strengthen the bonds between members, families, and board.
Third Generation Vaccines
By Athena Madrid
Vaccines have been around since the time of Edward Jenner and his inoculation of small pox viruses
into patients. The first generation of vaccines is called whole vaccines, either weakened or live
viruses. Second generation is subunit vaccines, which means a part of the virus, most likely protein,
is injected and initiates an immune response. DNA vaccines, also called nucleic acid-based
immunization, are considered to be the Third Generation vaccines because portions of DNA in a
Volume 15, Issue 3
Page 3
form of a plasmid are inserted into the patient. These portions usually encode proteins which the cell’s machinery makes.
Because the body recognizes it as foreign, the immune system is alerted and activated.
Injection of DNA vaccines is a little different than other vaccines. Instead of a needle, it is injected with a gun. A small,
titanium ball is coated with the plasmid and is shot at the patient. It hurts just as much as a small slap on the arm, but it’s
harmless overall.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Nucleic Acid-Based Immunization
Subunit vaccination with no risk for infection
Antigen presentation by both MHC class I and
class II molecules
Able to polarize T-helper toward type 1 or type 2
Immune response focused only on antigen of
Easy of development and production
Stability of vaccine for storage and shipping
Long-term persistence of immunogen
In vivo expression ensures protein more closely
resembles normal eukaryotic structure with
accompanying post-translational modifications
Limited to protein immunigens (not
useful for non-protein based antigens
such as bacterial polysaccharides)
Risk of affecting genes controlling cell
Possibility of inducing antibody
production against DNA
Possibility of tolerance to the antigen
(protein) produced
Potential for atypical processing of
bacterial and parasite proteins
Though this vaccine has great potential, it is still in the experimental phase. As of late, DNA vaccines have been successful in
mice, but not in humans. There has been no successful nucleic acid-based immunization in humans because the response is
not strong enough to protect against disease. More studies are being done and maybe in the near future, DNA vaccinations
will be permitted.
The Nutritional Value of
Nutritional Labels
By Tara Abesimas
You may or may not know it, but nutrition labels are your ultimate guides
to eating healthy! They are provided for you to make sure you are putting
good foods into your body-- not bad ones. Nutritional labels are easy to
read, as long as you have somewhere to start.
First always take a look at the serving size and ask yourself, "How many
servings am I consuming?" For instance, one serving of Mac and Cheese
could equal one cup. If you eat the whole package which contains two
servings total, you'd be eating two cups. That doubles the calories and
other nutrient numbers! Next, check the calories. This section of the label
can really help you manage your weight. Based on a 2,000 calorie diet, a
general guide is: 40 Calories is low, 100 Calories is moderate, and 400
Calories or more is high. Keep in mind that the amount of calories you
consume really depends on your own body mass index and activity level.
Third, keep your intake of saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol as low
as possible! Eating high amounts of these are linked with certain chronic diseases such as heart disease and high blood
pressure. Moreover, adults are advised to take in around 300 mg of cholesterol per day for a healthy nervous system. Fourth,
as for sodium, the maximum recommended amount for adults is 2,300 mg. (Stay away from too many processed foods!)
Next, fats/fatty acids are good and as you may know, essential, for keeping our organs working efficiently. However, look for a
low saturated-fat content and little or no trans fat. This ties in with the ingredients section. These are always listed from the
greatest to smallest quantity, so the first few ingredients will give you a sense of how healthy a food is. If this list begins with
Volume 15, Issue 3
Page 4
high fructose corn syrup or any type of partially hydrogenated oil, stay away! Moreover, ingredients you can't pronounce are a
sign that you are getting more preservatives than nutrients.
Overall, try to maintain a healthy, balanced diet, and please get into the habit of checking the nutrition labels of anything you
consume! So to briefly summarize, in general, you should usually look for foods that are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals
and low in sugar, sodium, cholesterol, and saturated/trans fats. A healthy diet is a healthy puso (heart)!
The Pros of Exercise
By Michelle Huynh
One will go through several hours of physical education classes throughout
their lives. Some may even be put in after school physical activities, such as
sports. Many may think that it is just a waste of time and energy. However,
these activities build a solid foundation for lifelong fitness. As with most
things, activities that seem laborious will, over time, become habits and even
somewhat enjoyable-- physical exercise is no exception. Working out and
exercising yields great benefits in one's overall health. A fit body not only looks
great but it also yields mental benefits.
Unfortunately, with the obesity percentages in the United States sky rocketing
over the past few years. Studies have been shown to link poor fitness with fatal illnesses, such as heart attacks, while social
pressure s (i.e. looking thin) have become superficial reasons to stay fit, as opposed to the staying healthy aspect. These may
prove to be obvious reasons as to why one should exercise.
Building muscle may look appealing. The body burns fat when it is at rest. Perspiration cleanses the body of toxins that have
been stored up overtime. These, in all, produce a fit body. And with a fit body comes the ability to make seemingly laborious
tasks even easier. Not only does it provide a physical cleanse, but a mental cleanse as well. Many find exercising to be a form
of relaxation and a way to release any extra aggression or frustration. Workouts also can be seen as a challenge. Meaning,
week after week, one will mentally push one’s self to do more reps at heavier weights. It has also been found that the
endorphins released while exercising help increase mental activity, not only when working out but throughout the day. So in
other words, you should work out at least every other day (take a break from studying if you must)!
Love: He Said, She Said
By Don Balanay and Jenny Robles
Boy’s side:
Love, it’s funny. I was given the assignment of trying to write the
boys’ side of the love but we all know that whatever I say isn’t
going to mean squat. Women always get the bigger end of the
stick, and whenever we do manage to win, we somehow end up
losing. What’s the point in even trying? From what we’ve
encountered so far, it’s easier to just let the women win… right
Seriously, that’s right. And that’s what our love is, the ability to
set aside our own inherent egotistical male character just to
relieve ourselves of the butterflies invading our territory. Sound far-fetched? It probably is, but in my defense I’ve already
informed you that it wasn’t going to mean squat.
See, it’s common for you to think that boys want girls with them 36 / 25 / 34 frames. But truthfully, girls? That stuff doesn’t
matter. We all know that Filipino women end up looking like Ninja Turtles anyway. Physical beauty only lasts so long, what
we really care about is what makes us happy.
Volume 15, Issue 3
Page 5
And truthfully, I wish I could speak on behalf of all guys in saying that I knew what made us all happy. But here’s the funny
thing, happiness is relative. Some of us want someone who’ll look past our imperfections, others seek women who have
specific talents. Others seek those with IQs of a billion while I personally enjoy those that’ll keep me smiling. Through and
through, it’s different for us all.
But I can say for sure that I believe I know what love is. It’s being able to get down on one knee and devote one’s life to
another. It’s being able to look past all the differences and find solace in the arms of that one person. It’s being able to admit
that we’re lost without having that someone by our side. Love is being able to make promises you know you will keep. But
again, who says I’m right? I’m just a guy.
Girl’s Side:
I’ve been known to be a hopeless romantic, squealing at the sight of happily ever afters and fawning over the possibility of
“Prince Charming” and pumpkin patches. However, despite these fairytale-like scenarios, I’ll admit to having my doubts
about love—fearing it, avoiding it, disregarding it whatsoever— because of the reality media (and life) has planted into my
brain for as long as I can remember.
Growing up, I always scoffed at the possibility of ever emulating those characters so blind to realize the truth, viewing it a
weakness to succumb to the most flighty of emotions—a thought I attest to my mom’s “Dissect with your head before asking
your heart” mantra. With scenes so cliche to the point of disgusting, I refused to ever cast myself in the role of “love sick
puppy who dumps everything she’s worked so hard for in order to be with the man that was once the bane of her existence.”
It’s not that I never wanted it. It’s not that I never wanted to be a part of it. But rather, it’s because I was afraid of its power;
the ability it has to take control of your life and, possibly, dictate it. However, after months of contemplation, and a definite
encounter, thoughts of negativity have subsided, and in its place are romantic contemplations; beautiful revelations.
Many often pose the question, what is love? By definition, it refers to a variety of feelings, states, and attitudes that envelop an
intense and interpersonal attraction; a complex emotion because of the large range of feelings involved with its unstable
execution. Sorry, that sounded so…technically boring? And that it completely disregarded all the “gushy” aspects that glorify
love to its utmost potential. So in a more connotative sense, I think love can only be defined through the exploration of
feelings, where, or so I’ve read, “it’s difficult to determine your butt from your knees and where the tingle that travels
throughout your body pangs at your heart, creating a haze that clouds all thoughts of complete uncertainty.”
What do girls want, exactly? To put it simply, we want someone who will hold our hand, guide us with a slight push on the
small of our backs. Someone patient enough to respond to our emotional qualms; someone supportive enough to stick around
and add to the fire of our personal growth; someone who will kiss her temple at the sign of distress, kiss her hand as a sign of
affection, or even Eskimo her nose without a moment’s notice. Being in love with someone means caring for that person,
unconditionally—unconditionally, not in a familial, mommy-daddy, sense, but rather in a way that’s passionate and gentle;
ridiculous and fun.; a way that illustrates love as being complete opposites in theory but compatible in execution.
As ridiculous and absurd sounding as it was for me to view love as a disability, the truth is, I think that love possesses this
undeniable power that alters and removes all doubts, causing even its biggest skeptics to surrender to its control and thus
result in a state of complete and utter euphoria; you rid your mind of former doubts—at times, even negative views-- in hopes
of allowing it to flourish into something truly, truly amazing. I have come to this realization that when you love, as peculiar
and romantically as it may sound, you don’t fall. You stumble, and trip, eventually falling flat on your face, dizzy from the
impact…without the slightest inkling of how you got there in the first place. I’m assuming that love has this tendency to take
you by surprise and blind you the moment it overtakes you.
Valentine’s Day Pizookie
By Lemuel Zamora
Refrigerated Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ( or any other cookie dough you like)
Vanilla Ice Cream
Toppings: Whipped Cream, Chocolate Syrup, Marchiano Cherries
Volume 15, Issue 3
Page 6
1) Preheat oven to about 375,
2) Fill Four (3 or 4") pans halfway with cookie dough.
3) Bake about 12-18 minutes till golden brown, but still a little soft in the center. Check for doneness, so cookie dough doesn't
4) Do not remove from pans. Top with scoop of ice cream.
5) For an ooey-gooey treat, drizzle with chocolate syrup, top with whipped cream & a cherry... and dig in.
★★★★ / ★★★★
By © Franz Patrick Corrales
Tom Ford’s first feature film “A Single Man” embodied beauty
from the inside out. Colin Firth plays an English professor who
recently lost his partner (Matthew Goode) for sixteen years and is
contemplating suicide. We get to observe what he does by himself
from the moment he wakes up and how he interacts with others,
such as his long time friend (Julianne Moore) next door, a
Spanish stranger (Jon Kortajarena) and a student (Nicholas
Hoult) who shows interest in him. We also got a chance to hear
his self-deprecating thoughts and see tender fragments of the past
when his lover was still alive. I love how this film felt more
European than American. When it comes to its aesthetics, I was
mesmerized by how everything seemed to glow due to the perfect
lighting, how the wardrobes (with perfect creases at just the right
spots) perfectly reflected the era, how the close-ups of the actors’
faces gave us information beyond what was said, and how the
presence (and absence) music highlighted the emotional
rollercoaster that the lead character was going through. Firth was
simply electric. I totally forgot that I was watching him because
I’ve never really seen this side of him before. I’ve seen him excel
in romantic comedies but never have I seen him so controlled, so
sad and so conflicted. There were times when tears started
welling up in my eyes because I completely sympathized with
what he was going through. Not only did he lose the person he
loved as much as he loved himself (or maybe more), he lost a
sense of security. At one point in the film, he lectured to his class
about fear and it said so much about his own psychology. Goode was so charming, it was easy to see why Firth was so in love
him. Moore was also sublime as an aging woman who still had feelings for Firth but had to control herself because she knew
about his lifestyle. The way she hid the pain from her husband leaving her and her son not caring about her by immersing
herself in alcohol and make-up was quite moving. I also loved Hoult as the student who saw profound sadness in his
professor. (Admittedly, I thought his American accent was a bit off but maybe it was because I was so used to hearing his real
accent in “Skins.”) His swagger was just so appealing to me; I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Lastly, the appearance of
Kortajarena shocked me in so many ways because I was used to seeing him in high fashion photographs. Even though he
wasn’t in the movie much, an acting career is a possible road for him. Ford highly impressed me because this was his first
time directing a full feature film. The complexity in which he balanced the picture’s emotions and looks really drew me in–a
quality that is sometimes absent even with the most experienced directors. I’ll definitely be on the look out for Ford’s next
project. “A Single Man” is an ambitious film with tremendous and sometimes low key performances. It may not be the best
film of the year but it certainly is one of the finest.
Volume 15, Issue 3
Page 7
Volunteering Opportunities
By Jennifer Mendoza
There are many ways to get involved in our community here in Irvine. Here is a small list of ways to help out.
1) Science center
They offer a wide variety of projects and volunteering opportunities throughout the year. When another one is
available, I'll be sure to let you know about it! But, for now, just stay tuned for more information later.
2) Beach Cleaning
The beaches that are in need of most help are in the LA area. The water and sad are polluted with many objects
such as cigarettes, styrofoam, plastic, and many more non biodegradable materials. Since these items can't be
degraded naturally by the earth, it is up to us to collect these items and keep our beaches clean!
3) Donate items for use in Haiti
You can let people know about how they can help with the Haiti earthquake. Giving Children Hope Orange
County is accepting monetary and disaster relief supply donations (this includes new clothing, blankets, hygiene
products and non-perishable food items). Visit for more information.
4) Give a day, Get a Disney Day
This year, Disneyland is giving away tickets to those who help out in their community! Here are the upcoming
opportunities in irvine.
Help deserving young women receive the prom dress of their dreams! Our 2009 Cinderellas for Life event will pair
hundreds of community volunteers with specially-selected students from the Garden Grove Unified School
District. All invitees will come from low-income or foster families; for many of them, there would be no prom
without this unforgettable event. Throughout the day, our beautiful guests attend life-changing workshops and
shopped for the perfect dress - complete with matching shoes, purse and accessories. Volunteers please wear
Business Casual Attire. Group volunteers welcomed! Carpooling is high recommended, but parking will be
complimentary for the first 350 volunteers. Need Volunteers also for Set-up and Tear down see times below: Set
up-Saturday (3/5) 9:00 am 4:00 pm or 6:00 pm 11:00 pm Tear Down-Sunday (3/6) 1:00 pm 6:00 pm Upcoming
* Mar 5, 9:00 am - 11:00 pm * Mar 6, 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
I will update you more about this when I get more information.
PUSO's 11th Annual Medical Mission Gala
Please support this amazing cause! Have a memorable night eating and dancing the night away with friends (bring
as many as you can!) or make some new ones! Think Prom. Part 2. With a wonderful, amazing cause to help the
world, all in one!
Theme: "Let Us Be The Light"
Date: Saturday February 20, 2010
Location: Pacific Ballroom C and D, Student Center
Dress Code: Semi-Formal
Cost: Pre-sale $35 per person, $60 per couple; $40 at the door
It’s hard to
tell who has
Volume 15, Issue 3
swine flu
because it
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