Message - The 4th ASEAN Navy Young Officers Interaction Program

Naval Operations Department
Royal Thai Navy, Bangkok
February B.E. 2558 (2015)
Dear Delegates,
On behalf of the Royal Thai Navy, I wish to extend to you all a warm welcome To
Bangkok for the 4th ASEAN Young Navy Officers Interaction (ANYOI) 2015 in Thailand.
As you know, it is important for the navies of ASEAN to face squarely issues related to
community and change. The new generation of young naval officers is concerned about
their respective futures and their career paths, as well.
The ANYOI 2015, organized under the theme “ASEAN Harmony and Security:
Strengthening Multicultural Ties for the Next Generation,” will provide structured as well as
unstructured activities and interactions so that participants will be able to exchange their
valuable views, insights, and philosophy. Such opportunities should, therefore, increase
solidarity, build friendships, and enhance mutual understanding among junior naval
officers within the ASEAN Region.
Looking forward to seeing you all in Thailand.
Warm regards,
(Tanin Likitawong)
Deputy Director General,
Naval Operations Department, RTN
Chairman, the 4th ANYOI 2015