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69th Conference
of the Society of Nutrition Physiology
10th – 12th March 2015 in Göttingen
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Tuesday, 10th March 2015
12:30 – 12:45 h
12:45 – 14:45 h
Opening and Welcome
Section 1 – Feed stuff evaluation & Feeding
Oral Presentations 12:45 h
Reducing human edible inputs in dairy cattle by substituting cereals and pulses with by-products
*Ertl P., Zebeli Q., Knaus W. – Vienna
Milk yields and protein efficiency of dairy cows at restricted concentrate feeding
*Leiber F., Dorn K., Probst J. K., Spengler-Neff A. – Frick
Performance of lactating dairy cows fed different proportions of red clover silage in the diet
*Schulz F., Westreicher-Kristen E., Knappstein K., Molkentin J., Susenbeth A. – Kiel
In situ ruminal crude protein and starch degradation characteristics of wheat grain
Seifried N., Steingaß H., Hoffmann N., *Rodehutscord M. – Stuttgart
Effects of two different alfalfa formulations (chaff vs pellets) on gastric mucosa in weanlings
Vondran S., Venner M., *Vervuert I. – Leipzig/Destedt
A field study on the feeding of high performance show jumpers
*Kienzle E., van Ost S., Swagemakers J.- H. – Oberschleißheim/Bakum
Suitability of plantal cuticular n-alkanes for the estimation of dietary dry matter intake and apparent
digestibility in horses – a pilot study
*Bachmann M., Wensch-Dorendorf M., Bulang M., Zeyner A. – Halle (Saale)
Levels of precaecal digestible crude protein for various horse feedstuffs
*Leberl P., Nüse P., Schraut S., Böttger C., Südekum K.- H., Schenkel H. – Stuttgart/Bonn
14:45 – 15:15 h
Coffee break
15:15 – 17:15 h
Continuance section 1 Feed stuff evaluation & Feeding
Oral Presentations 15:15 h
Effects of feed structure and soya origin on performance and intestinal-immunological parameters of
fattening pigs
*Liermann W., Berk A., Frahm J., Böschen V., Dänicke S. – Braunschweig
Morphometric traits of the Peyer’s patch (as a sign of local immune response) in relation to different physical
forms of one complete diet fed to growing pigs
*Cappai M. G., Koop F., Pistis L., Sander S. J., Dimauro C., Pinna W., Kamphues J. – Sassari/Hanover
First results from laboratory studies about effects of added lactic acid bacteria and enzymes on fermentation
of liquid feeds for pigs
*Lau N., Liebert F., Kramer E. – Göttingen
Formula compared to sow milk feeding changes morphology, barrier function and immune response in the
small intestine of new-born piglets
*Scharek-Tedin L., Röhe I., Zetzsche A., Kröger S., Rieger J., Zentek J., Pieper R. – Berlin
Effect of grinding intensity and hydrothermal processing of blue sweet lupin on apparent ileal digestibility of
proximate nutrients and amino acids in pigs
*Pieper R., Taciak M., Święch E., Barszcz M., Skomial J., Zentek J. – Berlin/Jablonna
Swine Protein Meal” (SPM) as a protein source in broiler diets: Effects on performance, composition of
excreta and litter as well as on foot pad health
Kölln M., Loi-Brügger A., *Kamphues J. – Hanover/Friesoythe-Kampe
Maintaining the activity of NSP-splitting enzymes during feed production: required for high litter quality and
food pad health of broilers
Ratert C., Abd El-Wahab A., Sander S. J., Üffing B., Witte M., *Kamphues J. – Hanover
Influence of different maize genotypes in diets without and with added phytase on InsP6 hydrolysis and P
digestibility until the terminal ileum of turkeys
Ingelmann C.- J., Witzig M., Schollenberger M., Möhring J., Kühn I., *Rodehutscord M. – Stuttgart/Darmstadt
18:00 h
Awards of the H. Wilhelm Schaumann Foundation
at Old Assembly Hall of the University at Wilhelmsplatz followed
by dinner
Tuesday, 10th March 2015
12:45 – 14:45 h
Section 2 – Digestion
Oral Presentations 12:45 h
Effect of age at experimental induction of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in young pigs on growth, body
composition (relative weight of the gastrointestinal tract) and serum leptin concentration
*Mößeler A., Piechotta M., Beyerbach M., Kamphues J. – Hanover
Correlations between performance parameters and level of faecal Lawsonia intracellularis shedding in
clinically-apparent, clinically-inapparent and vaccinated piglets
*Visscher C., Mischok J., Sander S. J., Kamphues J. – Hanover
Digestibility of diets containing different proportions of differently processed whole-plant corn silage related
to age/bodyweight in growing pigs
Hohmeier S., *Kamphues J. – Hanover
Effects of 2-stage grinding in production of compound feeds on digestibility, performance and gastric health
in weaned piglets
Borgelt L., Ratert C., Kölln M., Neumann K.- D., *Kamphues J. – Hanover
The presence and localization of type 1 cannabinoid receptor in the mandibular gland of young pigs:
influences of different physical forms of diet and possible link between diet and cannabinoid system
*Dall'Aglio C., Cappai M. G., Mercati F.1 Ceccarelli P., Kamphues J. – Perugia/Sassari/Hanover
Influence of starch source on the in vitro production of skatole and indole by porcine fecal bacteria
*Sander S. J., Elsinghorst P. W., Fischer J., Kamphues J. – Hanover
Influence of supplementing diets with mineral phosphorus and phytase on gastrointestinal tract microbiota
of broilers
Camarinha-Silva A., Witzig M., Green-Engert R., Zeller E., Seifert J., Hoelzle L., *Rodehutscord M. – Stuttgart
Comparison of different feed efficiency traits in broiler chickens
*Molnár A., Hollman M., Zebeli Q., Magowan E., Hawken R. J., Lawlor P. G., Metzler-Zebeli B. U. – Vienna/Hillsborough/Siloam
14:45 – 15:15 h
15:15 – 17:15 h
Coffee break
Continuance section 2 – Digestion
Oral Presentations 15:15 h
Effect of silage type in ruminant rations on the abundance of different microbial groups in the rumen of dairy
cows during a day
Lengowski M., Witzig M., Möhring J., Seyfang G., *Rodehutscord M. – Stuttgart
Reticuloruminal pH dynamics during transient and persistent subacute ruminal acidosis in dairy cattle: a
long-term evaluation with a wireless sensor
*Pourazad P., Qumar M., Wetzels S., Khiaosa-ard R., Klevenhusen F., *Zebeli Q. – Vienna
A study of the roles of bicarbonate and short chain fatty acids in ruminal buffering
Hille K., Hetz S., Pieper R., *Stumpff F. – Berlin
Energy and protein balance and changes in body reserves in dairy cows fed barley-based diets treated with
lactic acid and heat during early lactation
*Khol-Parisini A., Gruber L., Gschaider S., Zebeli Q. – Vienna/Raumberg Gumpenstein
Digestibility of neutral and acid detergent fibre – a meta-analysis in dairy cows
*Gorniak T., Hummel J. – Göttingen
Effects of feeding different energy supply on the microbiota attached to the rumen wall in goats
*Wetzels S. U., Mann E., Metzler-Zebeli B. U., Wagner M., Klevenhusen F., Schmitz-Esser S., *Zebeli Q. – Vienna
Effects of treating barley grain with citric or lactic acid with or without inorganic phosphorus
supplementation on in vitro fermentation characteristics
*Harder H., Khol-Parisini A., Metzler-Zebeli B., Zebeli Q. – Vienna
In situ and total tract nutrient degradation in dairy cows fed barley-based diets treated with lactic acid and
Sizmaz I., Khol-Parisini A., Gschaider S., Abdel Raheem S., Gruber L., *Zebeli Q. – Vienna/Raumberg-Gumpenstein
18:00 h
Awards of the H. Wilhelm Schaumann Foundation
at Old Assembly Hall of the University at Wilhelmsplatz followed
by dinner
Wednesday, 11th March 2015
08:30 – 09:30 h
Invited review: Spongiform encephalopathies in humans and animals
Prof. Dr. Martin H. Groschup, Institut für neue und neuartige
Tierseuchenerreger am Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut (FLI),
Greifswald – Insel Riems
09:30 – 10:30 h
Continuance section 1 Feed stuff evaluation & Feeding
Oral Presentations 9:30 h
First applications of novel protein hydrolysates from animal by-products as fish meal substitute in fish diets
– effect on growth performance and protein utilization in Nile tilapia
*Dietz C., Liebert F. – Göttingen
Protein quality assessment of novel protein sources from thermal hydrolysed animal by-products in the
laboratory rat
*Zorn F., Winter B., Liebert F. – Göttingen/Berlin
Poster 10:00 h
Substitution of common concentrates with by-products: Effects on ruminal fermentation, nutrient
degradation, and microbiota in vitro (Rusitec)
*Ertl P., Knaus W., Zebeli Q. – Vienna
Does pressure affect in vitro rumen fermentation? A comparison of pressure-release systems for in vitro
incubation of feed substrates
*Castro-Montoya J., Klir Z., Dickhoefer U. – Stuttgart
Investigation of changes in the bacterial microbiom in the large intestine of calves fed with pectin containing
milk replacer
*Kieckhäven S., Büsing K., Zeyner A. – Rostock/Halle (Saale)
Impact of a pectin supplementation to a milk replacer on calves’ performance and occurrence of diarrhoea
*Kieckhäven S., Büsing K., Zeyner A. – Rostock/Halle (Saale)
Glycaemic and insulinaemic response and feed intake patterns of sport ponies following iso-energetic intake
of a low-starch mixed feed high in fat and fibre or oats
*Bochnia M., Gottschalk J., Einspanier A., Schuerer C., Hillegeist D., Greef J. M., Zeyner A. – Halle (Saale)/Leipzig/ BraunschweigVölkenrode
Ensiling moist seeds of field beans and the influence of conservation on contents of oligosaccharides,
tannins and vicine/convicine
*Gefrom A., Balko C., Zeyner A. – Rostock/Gross-Lüsewitz/Halle (Saale)
Effects of treating barley with citric or lactic acid on changes in nutrient composition
*Harder H., Khol-Parisini A., Zebeli Q. – Vienna
Comparison of an indirect photometric method for determination of phytate with inositol phosphate
determination in different corn conserves
Humer E., *Schedle K. – Vienna
Effects of grinding method, particle size, and physical form of the diet on the distribution and relative
frequency of intraepithelial lymphocytes in the small intestine of laying hens
*Röhe I., Scharek-Tedin L., Zentek J. – Berlin
Replacement of soybean oil cake by Hermetia illucens meal in diets for layers
Maurer V., Amsler Z., Stamer A., *Leiber F. – Frick
10:30 – 11:00 h
Coffee break
11:00 – 11:09 h
Continuance section 1 Feed stuff evaluation & Feeding
Influence of different dietary methionine to cystine ratios on growth performance, feed efficiency and protein
deposition in meat type chicken
*Sünder A., Wecke C., Liebert F. – Göttingen
Amino acid composition of novel protein sources from thermal hydrolysis of pig and poultry by-products
*Sünder A., Höhling A., Liebert F. – Göttingen/Berlin
Effect of dried mango peels on intestinal microbial metabolites in piglets
*Brucker L., Geerkens C. H., Carle R., *Zentek J. – Berlin/Stuttgart
11:10 – 11:46 h
Section 4 Environment
Oral Presentations 11:10 h
Does methane emission of dairy cows change with age?
*Grandl F., Brandenburger C., Kreuzer M., Schwarm A. – Zurich/Landquart
Methane production by avian herbivores
Frei S., Ortmann S., Hatt J.- M., Kreuzer M., *Clauss M. – Zurich/Berlin
Poster 11:40 h
Heat stress adaption of fat metabolism in transition cows
Lamp O., Derno M., *Kuhla B. – Dummerstorf
Integrating dynamics of feed intake and metabolic oxidation in late pregnant Holstein cows kept under high
ambient temperatures
Eslamizad M., Lamp O., Derno M., *Kuhla B. – Dummerstorf
Wednesday, 11th March 2015
08:30 – 09:30 h
Invited review at LECTURE HALL 008
09:30 – 09:54 h
Continuance section 2 Digestion
Poster 09:30 h
Continuous recording of pH in the forestomach of dairy cows using two different measurement systems
Falk M., Münger A., *Dohme-Meier F. – Posieux
Effects of supplementing maize silage with different nitrogen sources on ruminal fermentation in vitro
Witzig M., Müller K., Lengowski M., Möhring J., *Rodehutscord M. – Stuttgart
Feed intake, chewing behaviour and digestibility in dairy cows of different age fed standard or zeroconcentrate diets
*Grandl F., Luzi S. P., Furger M., Brandenburger C., Zeitz J. O., Kreuzer M., Schwarm A. – Zurich/Landquart/Gießen
Establishing an in vitro model to evaluate the effects of subacute ruminal acidosis on rumen microbial
ecology in cattle
*Mickdam E., Metzler-Zebeli B., Klevenhusen F., Khiaosa-ard R., *Zebeli Q. – Vienna/Qena
Effects of enzymatically modified starch product on serum lipids in a catheterized pig model
*Metzler-Zebeli B., Eberspächer E., Zebeli Q. – Vienna
Alterations in the cecal bacterial metagenome in response to resistant starch type 4 in growing pigs
*Metzler-Zebeli B., Schmitz-Esser S., Mann E., Zebeli Q. – Vienna
Expression of pro-inflammatory NF-κB and anti-oxidative Nrf2 target genes in different parts of the intestine
of pigs between weaning and day 21 post-weaning
*Fiesel A., Dyck J., Gessner D. K., Eder K. – Gießen
Effects of type and concentration of dietary fat on alkane recovery in broilers
Schäfers S., Bulang M., Dänicke S., *Zeyner A. – Halle (Saale)/Braunschweig
10:00 – 10:30 h
Section 3 Feed additives
Oral Presentations 10:00 h
Comparison of the effect of two phytases alone and in combination with formic acid on phosphorus-,
calcium- and zinc retention in pig
*Baum C., Blank R., Ader P., Oberfrank U., Susenbeth A. – Kiel
Supplementation with Quaternary Benzo(c)phenanthridine Alkaloids Decreases Salivary Cortisol and
Salmonella Shedding in Pigs after Transportation to the Slaughterhouse
*Artuso-Ponte V., Gebreyes W., Moeller S., Rajala-Schultz P. – Columbus
10:30 – 11:00 h
Coffee break
11:00 – 12:00 h
Continuance section 3 Feed additives
Oral Presentations 11:00 h
DON biomarker study in pigs: Efficacy of Biomin® BBSH 797 to biotransform DON to less toxic DOM-1
*Schaumberger S., Hofstetter U. – Herzogenburg
Impact of zinc oxide on the development of enterobacterial antibiotic resistance genes directly after weaning
in piglets
*Vahjen W., Zentek J. – Berlin
The effect of different application forms of (n-)butyrate on the intestinal activity of cytochrome P450 enzymes
in chicken
*Kulcsár A., Mátis G., Molnár A., Petrilla J., Wágner L., Fébel H., Huber K., Neogrády Z. – Budapest/Vienna/Keszthely/
Bioavailability of quercetin from different onion extracts in cattle
*Beyer B., Wolffram S. – Kiel
12:00 – 12:30 h
12:30 – 13:30 h
13:30 – 14:45 h
Poster session (48-55)
Continuance section 3 Feed additives
Oral Presentations 13:30 h
Effects of 6-wk intraduodenal supplementation of quercetin on blood parameters and energy metabolism in
periparturient dairy cows
Stoldt A.- K., Derno M., Nürnberg G., Starke A., Wolffram S., *Metges C. C. – Dummerstorf/Leipzig/Kiel
Influence of a grape seed and grape marc meal extract (GSGME) on milk yield, hepatic expression of genes
involved in inflammation and endoplasmic stress response and antioxidant parameters in dairy cows
*Gessner D. K., Koch C., Romberg F.- J., Winkler A., Dusel G., Herzog E., Most E., Eder K. – Gießen/Münchweiler/ Bingen
Effects of monensin and essential oils on the energy metabolism of periparturient dairy cows
*Drong C., Meyer U., von Soosten D., Frahm J., Rehage J., Dänicke S. – Braunschweig/Hanover
Tissue distribution of quercetin in rainbow trouts after feeding of quercetin-containing diets over 4 weeks
*Ansari F.1 Hansen K., Blank R., Wolffram S. – Kiel
Low dietary amounts of red alga Nori give a short boost of juvenile rainbow trout growth
*Stadtlander T., Häfliger J., Studerus K., Kreuzer M. – Frick
Wednesday, 11th March 2015
11:50 – 12:30 h
Poster session (19-31; 90-91)
12:30 – 13:30 h
13:30 – 15:21 h
Section 5 Energy
Oral Presentations 13:30 h
Calculated requirement of ME and pcD lysine in growing finishing boars
*Berk A., Dänicke S., Otten C., Weber M., Büsing K., Zeyner A., Müller S. – Braunschweig/Iden/Rostock/Halle(Saale)/Bad Salzungen
Impacts of parturition, energy supply and lactation number on glucose uptake of bovine monocyte subsets
*Eger M., Hussen J., Dänicke S., Schuberth H.- J., Breves G. – Hanover/Braunschweig
Responses of metabolism and performance to repeated short-term feed-restrictions and LPS induced
systemic inflammations in dairy cows
*Gross J., Kalaitzakis E., Wellnitz O., Bollwein H., Bruckmaier R. – Bern/Zurich
Metabolic load and dairy cow welfare-related parameters in herbage based feeding systems
*Zbinden R., Gross J., Falk M., Münger A., Dohme-Meier F., Bruckmaier R. – Bern/Posieux
Insulin signaling in adipose tissues of periparturient dairy cows under the influence of an energy-dense diet
and nicotinic acid supplementation
*Kenez A., Locher L., Meyer U., Tienken R., Rehage J., Dänicke S., Huber K. – Hanover/Oberschließheim/Braunschweig
Relationship between circulating leptin concentrations and adipocyte mitochondria in nonlactating dairy
cows during a course of overcondition
*Laubenthal L., Locher L., Sultana N., Winkler J., Meyer U., Rehage J., Dänicke S., Sauerwein H., Häussler S. –
Poster 15:00 h
Fractional gluconeogenesis estimate in sheep measured by deuterium oxide method does not differ between
intravenous and intraruminal administration routes of D2O
*Metges C. C., Görs S., Das G., Agarwal U., Bequette B. J. – Dummerstorf/College Park
Indicator substances in breath samples of early lactation dairy cows for detection of subclinical ketosis
*von Soosten D., Leppert J., Boeker P., Meyer U., Frahm J., Dänicke S. – Braunschweig/Bonn
Effects of intensive milk feeding in calves on intestinal growth, immune status and hepatic energy
Schäff C., Heide K., Zitnan R., Stefaniak T., Jawor P., *Hammon H. – Kosice/Kosice/Wroclaw/Dummerstorf
Estimation of total body fat mass by bioelectrical impedance analysis and deuterium-oxid-dilution method in
cows – a validation study
Schäff C., Pliquett U., Görs S., Pfuhl R., Tuchscherer A., Metges C., Hammon H., *Weber C. – Dummerstorf/ Heiligenstadt
Responses to an energy deficiency in early and mid-lactation and its implication to robustness of dairy cows
*Gross J., Bruckmaier R. – Bern
Effects of metabolic and inflammatory challenges on cortisol secretion in dairy cows
*Gross J., Wellnitz O., Bruckmaier R. – Bern
Cholesterol metabolism during a negative energy balance in dairy cows at two stages of lactation
*Kessler E., Gross J., Albrecht C., Bruckmaier R. – Bern
15:25 – 15:58 h
Section 6 Undesirable substances
Oral Presentations 15:25 h
Bioavailability of deoxynivalenol (DON) and DON sulfonates 1, 2 and 3 in pigs fed with sodium sulfite treated
DON contaminated maize
*Paulick M., Kersten S., Winkler J., Schatzmayr D., Schwartz-Zimmermann H. E., Dänicke S. – Braunschweig/Tulln
Poisoning through maple (Acer) in horses or coexistence?
*Aboling S., Cavalleri J., Cehak A., Johnson J., Sander J., Kamphues J., Ziegler J. – Hanover/Halle (Saale)
Poster 15:55 h
Transfer of zearalenone (ZEN), deoxynivalenol (DON) and their metabolites from bovine blood plasma to
follicular fluid
*Winkler J., Kersten S., Valenta H., Stinshoff H., Meyer U., Wrenzycki C., Engelhardt U., Dänicke S. – Braunschweig/Gießen
16:00 – 16:30 h
Coffee break
16:30 – 17:00 h
Poster session (98-104;107)
17:00 – 19:00 h
Section 8 Other topics
Oral Presentations 17:00 h
Is stomach passage really a barrier against Escherichia coli (F4, STI, STII, LTI) experimentally applied to
weaned piglets? – Results of artificial infection and in vitro inoculation
von und zur Mühlen F., Sander S., Verspohl J., *Kamphues J. - Hanover
Fattening performance and carcass conformation of dual purpose poultry genotypes in comparison to
broiler and layer genotypes
*Müller S., Scheuss K., Gangnat I. D. M., Kreuzer M., Messikommer R. E. – Zurich
Wednesday, 11th March 2015
14:45 – 15:48 h
Continuance section 3 Feed additives
Poster 14:45 h
Bioavailability of a single dose of catechins admininstered intraduodenally in high-yielding German Holstein
*Metges C. C., Gohlke A., Wolffram S. – Dummerstorf/Kiel
Effects of prepartum energy supply and nicotinic acid supplementation on immunological and biochemical
parameters of periparturient dairy cows differing in parity
*Tienken R., Frahm J., Meyer U., Kersten S., Rehage J., Dänicke S. – Braunschweig/Hanover
Bioavailability of catechins from a green tea extract after intraruminal application in cattle
*Beyer B., Wein S., Wolffram S. – Kiel
Effects of supplementing plant derived alkaloids on ruminal fermentation during normal and subacute
ruminal acidosis conditions in RUSITEC
*Mickdam E., Klevenhusen F., Khiaosa-ard R., Metzler-Zebeli B., Ghareeb K., Zebeli Q. – Vienna/Qena
Effects of amylase and protease supplementation on rumen dry matter degradation characteristics in nonlactating Holstein cows feeding a maize-based diet
Deml M., Fahn C., *Windisch W. – Freising
Effects of a natural plant antioxidant premixture on milk yield, antioxidative status and the expression of
genes involved in endoplasmic stress response in dairy cows
*Winkler A., Gessner D. K., Koch C., Dusel G., Romberg F.- J., Herzog E., Most E., Eder K. – Bingen/Gießen/Münchweiler
Effect of essential oil supplementation on rumen fermentation characteristics in rumen fistulated cows
Metwally A., Deml M., Fahn C., *Windisch W. – Zagazig/Freising-Weihenstephan
Effect of medicinal plants on in vitro ruminal fermentation
Müller A., Wang S., Hilfiker D., Marquardt S., Braun U., Kreuzer M., *Schwarm A. – Zurich
Relationships between milk odd and branched-chain fatty acids and urine-based microbial protein synthesis
indicators in dairy cattle supplemented with quebracho tannin extract
*Castro-Montoya J., Henke A., Köhling I., Knappstein K., Molkenthin J., Susenbeth A., Dickhoefer U. – Stuttgart/Kiel
Effects of different milk diets and quercetin feeding on parameters concerning antioxidative and health
status in neonatal calves
Gruse J., Mielenz M., Wolffram S., *Hammon H. – Dummerstorf/Kiel
Daily quercetin supplementation over a period of two weeks results in a moderate accumulation of total
plasma flavonols in horse
*Wein S., Wolffram S. – Kiel
Effects of an in vitro challenge with enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli on jejunal epithelia from piglets of a
feeding trial with probiotic supplementation
*Lodemann U., Amasheh S., Radloff J., Kern M., Bethe A., Wieler L. H., Pieper R., Zentek J., Aschenbach J.R. - Berlin
Expression of the natural killer cell receptor NKG2D on jejunal epithelium and the impact of Bacillus cereus
var. Toyoi on the absolute cell count of intraepithelial immune cell populations in piglets
*Altmeyer S., Zentek J., Scharek-Tedin L. – Berlin
Effect of supplementation of two different ß-mannanase sources on broiler performance
*Shastak Y., Ader P., Elwert C. – Lampertheim/Wettin-Loebejuen
Efficacy of phytase supplementation in uncoated and coated form in male broiler chickens
von Heimendahl E., *Maenner K., Kinzinger S. L. – Cuxhaven/Berlin
Effect of a mono-component protease on ileal digestibility and protein utilization of a grower diet in meat
type chicken
*Khan D. R., Wecke C., Liebert F. – Göttingen
Influence of a yeast cell wall product on the performance parameters and the composition and activity of the
intestinal microbiota of broiler chickens
Vodde H., *Zentek J. – Berlin
Effect of a combination of Benzophenanthridine and Protopine alkaloids on nitrite production of
lipopolysaccharide challenged macrophages and on intestinal lesions of broilers challenged with
Clostridium perfringens
*Schmitt J., Qureshi M. A., Steiner T., Williams M. – Eltville/Raleigh/Washington
Nutritional modulation of insulin and incretin homeostasis in broiler chickens
*Matis G., Kulcsar A., Petrilla J., Neogrady Z. - Budapest
Effects of NSP degrading enzymes on precaecal nutrient digestiblity and arabinoxylan degradation in turkeys
*Kluge H., von Heimendahl E., Kinzinger S. L., Stangl G. I. – Halle (Saale)/Cuxhaven
Quercetin induces hepatic gamma-glutamyl hydrolase expression in rats by suppressing hepatic
miRNA rno-miR-125b-3p
*Wein S., Laviano A., Wolffram S. – Kiel/Rome
15:48 – 15:57 h
Section 7 Fatty acids
Poster 15:48 h
Impact of tannin extracts from sainfoin and birdsfoot trefoil on in vitro ruminal biohydrogenation of
polyunsaturated fatty acids
*Grosse Brinkhaus A., Bee G., Pellikaan W. F., Dohme-Meier F. – Posieux/Zurich/Wageningen
Effect of conjugated linoleic acid on concentrations of fat-soluble vitamins in milk of lactating ewes
*Zeitz J., Most E., Eder K. – Gießen
Effect of lauric acid as dietary fat source on broiler performance, gut morphology and gut microbes
*Zeitz J., Fennhoff J., Kluge H., Stangl G. I., Eder K. – Gießen/Halle (Saale)
Wednesday, 11th March 2015
17:30 – 19:00 h
Continuance section 8 Free topics
Oral Presentations 17:30 h
Natural Campylobacter infections in broiler fattening – is there an influence of dietary concepts on
prevalence and extent of infection
*Visscher C., Ahmed M. E. F., Hankel J., Abd El-Wahab A., Taube V., Kamphues J. – Hanover/Mansoura/ Twistringen
Do B.U.T.6 fattening turkeys suffer from a Hashimoto like thyroiditis?
Plesch P., Bellof G., *Kienzle E., Schade B., Breithaupt A. – Triesdorf/Oberschleißheim/Poing/Berlin
Ontogeny of the circulating adiponectin concentrations in neonatal calves: the importance of colostrum
Kesser J. K., Hill M., Koch C., Hammon H., Sauerwein H., *Sadri H. – Bonn/Münchweiler a.d. Alsenz/Dummerstorf
Locomotive and feeding behaviour as well as growth performance of beef calves on seasonal mountain
pastures: influence of the presence of adult females
*Gangnat I. D. M., Kreuzer M., Berard J. – Zurich
Effect of rearing intensity during early postnatal life on long-term pancreatic ß-cell development in HolsteinFriesian bull calves
Prokop L., Kaske M., Kunz H.- J., Lucius R., Maccari P., *Wiedemann S. – Kiel/Zurich/Blekendorf/Hanover
Metaproteomics: analysing the active fraction of the gut and rumen associated microbiota
*Seifert J., Tilocca B., Deusch S. – Stuttgart
19:30 h
GfE Member meeting
Wednesday, 11th March 2015
16:00 – 16:15 h
Continuance section 7 Fatty acids
Oral Presentation 16:00 h
Influence of a partial exchange of fat in the diet by palm kernel oil on feed intake, growth and healthindicators in Ross 708 broiler chicken
*Hankel J., Abd El-Wahab A., Weiß H., Taube V., Visscher C. – Hanover/Mansura/Twistringen
16:15 – 16:30 h
Coffee break
16:30 – 17:00 h
Poster session (67-87; 108-110)
17:00 – 17:45 h
Continuance section 7 Fatty acids
Oral Presentations 17:00 h
Dietary fish oil inhibits signalling pathways involved in inflammation and endoplasmic reticulum stress in the
liver of sows during lactation
*Gessner D. K., Gröne B., Rosenbaum S., Most E., Hillen S., Becker S., Erhardt G., Reiner G., Ringseis R., Eder K. – Gießen
The impact of polyunsaturated fatty acids on the receptor association of TLR4 and CD14
*Schoeniger* A., Fuhrmann H., Schumann J. – Leipzig
Dietary supplementation with conjugated linoleic acid during early lactation in dairy cows: effects on the
concentrations of vitamin E congeners in serum and liver
*Sadri H., Dänicke S., Rehage J., Frank J., Sauerwein H. – Bonn/Braunschweig/Hanover/Stuttgart
17:45 – 19:15 h
Section 9 Minerals
Oral Presentations 17:45 h
Investigations on sulfur and sulfate contents in roughages and concentrates for ruminants
Dohm A., Wolf P., *Kamphues J. – Hanover
Laboratory investigations to characterise the dietary phosphorus in compound feeds for pigs and poultry by
its solubility in water and dilute HCl with and without incubation
Kirchner R., *Kamphues J. – Hanover
Acute and subacute response of iron, zinc, copper and selenium in pigs experimentally infected with
Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae
*Humann-Ziehank E., Menzel A., Röhrig P., Schwert B., Ganter M., Hennig-Pauka I. – Hanover/Vienna
Oxidative status of fattening pigs fed diets high in inorganic selenium and manganese
*Schwarz C., Ebner K., Wetscherek W. – Vienna
Effect of milling methods, thermal treatment, and particle size of feed in layers on digestibility and retention
of trace elements in egg contents
*Hafeez A., Mader A., Ruhnke I., Röhe I., Boroojeni F. G., Yousaf M. S., Männer K., Zentek J. – Berlin/
Low efficiency of quantitative intestinal calcium absorption from low calcium diets in adult dogs
*Schmitt S., Kienzle E., Mack J., Alexander L., Morris P., Dobenecker B. – Oberschleißheim/Waltham on the Wolds
19:30 h
GfE Member meeting at LECTURE HALL 008
Thursday, 12th March 2015
08:30 – 08:57 h
Continuance section 8 Other topics
Poster 08:30 h
Effects of the intensity of milk replacer feeding during the pre-weaned period in calves on subsequent
performance of dairy cows
*Göring-Habenicht S., Meyer U., Liebert F., Dänicke S. – Braunschweig/Göttingen
Effects of energy intake during early postnatal life of Holstein-Friesian calves on later life milk production
during first lactation
*Wiedemann S., Kühl R., Kunz H.- J., Maccari P., Kaske M. – Kiel/Blekendorf/Hanover/Zurich
Development of milk production during the colostral period and early lactation and its relation to overall
lactation performance in dairy cows
*Kessler E., Bruckmaier R., Gross J. – Bern
Validation of an automated sensor system to count and characterize the jaw movements of cows
*Selje-Aßmann N., Lawrence P., Frey S., Meitinger S., Stöckle K., Dickhoefer U. - Stuttgart
Hepatic mRNA expression of chemerin and its receptors and the transcriptional cofactor transducin betalike-1 during late pregnancy and early lactation
*Aguinaga Casanas M. A., Schäff C., Hammon H. M., Röntgen M., Kuhla B., Mielenz M. – Dummerstorf
Influencing factors on the abundance of rumen protozoa in two in vitro fermentation systems
*Mohr T., Abel H., Hummel J. – Göttingen
Influence of combined effect of temperature stimulation during the last days of incubation and of different
protein and energy concentrations in the feed on growing performance of cockerels of different strains
*Halle I., Lieboldt M.- A., Henning M., Tzschentke B. – Braunschweig/Neustadt-Mariensee/Berlin
Development of a rt-PCR method for quantification of Kazachstania slooffiae yeast species and total yeasts
occurring in the porcine gut
*Urubschurov V., Büsing K., Janczyk P., Souffrant W.- B., Zeyner A. – Halle (Saale)/Rostock
Effects of general anesthesia with ketamine and relaxant sedatives on plasma metabolites and hormones in
*Das G., Vernunft A., Görs S., Kanitz E., Weitzel J., Brüssow K.- P., Metges C. C. – Dummerstorf
09:00 – 10:12 h
Section 10 Amino acids and nitrogen
Oral Presentations 09:00 h
Determination of the upper threshold for sulfur containing amino acids in diets of juvenile turbot (Psetta
*Klatt S. F., Susenbeth A. – Kiel
Influence of dietary L-arginine on performance and nitrogen balance in female chicks of four purebred layer
genotypes in early life stage
*Lieboldt M.- A., Halle I., Frahm J., Schrader L., Weigend S., Preisinger R., Dänicke S. – Braunschweig/Celle/Neustadt/Mariensee/
Effects of glycine supplementation of low protein diets with low or high proportion of free amino acids on
growth and protein utilisation in broilers
Siegert W., Helmbrecht A., *Rodehutscord M. – Stuttgart/Hanau
Poster 09:45 h
Effect of dietary methionine to cystine ratio on methionine efficiency in growing meat type chicken
*Wecke C., Sünder A., Liebert F. – Göttingen
Influence of grinding intensity on the precaecal amino acid digestibility from legumes in laying hens
*Nülken C., Abraham U., *Kluth H. – Halle (Saale)/Gröningen
Effects of high crude protein contents on the amino acid profile of organically produced field beans (Vicia
faba L.) and field peas (Pisum sativum L.)
*Witten S., Aulrich K. – Westerau
Standardized ileal amino acid digestibility in eight genotypes of triticale fed to growing pigs
*Strang E., Eklund M., Rosenfelder P., Sauer N., Htoo J. K., Mosenthin R. – Stuttgart/Speyer/Hanau
Effect of different protein levels and sources in diets of weaned piglets on intestinal microbial composition
*Rist V. T. S., Weiss E., Eklund M., Sauer N., Mosenthin R. – Boenen/Stuttgart/Speyer
Tissue distribution of branched-chain α-keto acid dehydrogenase activity in response to high leucine diets in
weaned piglets
*Wessels A. G., Kluge H., Hirche F., Stangl G. I. – Halle (Saale)
Effects of a varying crude protein supply on fattening performance of finishing Simmental bulls
*Ettle T., Obermaier A., Aichner V., Windisch W. – Poing/Freising
The occurence of gamma-amino-butyric-acid (GABA) in grass silages with different degree in proteolysis
*Coenen M., Scholz H., Sallmann H. P., Heimbeck W., Parys C., Eicken K. – Leipzig/Hanover/Hanau/Övelgönne
Excretion of nitrogen compounds by growing goats fed mixed diets based on lucerne hay and fruit- and
vegetable-containing concentrates
*Steinhoff-Wagner J., Gussek I., Böttger C., Hummel J., Südekum K.- H. – Bonn/Göttingen
10:15 – 10:45 h
Poster session (123-131; 146-154)
10:45 – 11:30 h
Coffee break with light meal
Thursday, 12th March 2015
08:30 – 08:45 h
Continuance section 9 Minerals
Poster 08:30 h
Effects of short-term reduction in alimentary zinc supply on zinc distribution in various tissue fractions of
weaned piglets
Brugger D., Dettweiler A., Hechfellner M., *Windisch W. M. – Freising
Effects of different dietary levels of phosphorus on the mitogen-induced proliferation of mesenteric lymph
node lymphocytes, the intestinal microbiota and microbial activity in pigs
*Heyer C. M. E., Weiss E., Schmucker S., Aumiller T., Föll A., Uken K., Rodehutscord M., Hoelzle L. E., Seifert J., Stefanski V.,
Mosenthin R. – Stuttgart
Impact of the phosphorus level in diets for piglets on growth performance, fermentation products of the
intestinal microbiome, bones’ stability and mineralisation as well as molecular features and metabolic routes
– a pilot study
*Büsing K., Oster M., Just F., Polley C., Vollmar B., Wolf P., Wimmers K. – Rostock/Dummerstorf
Influence of high levels of dietary zinc oxide on expression of genes involved zinc and copper metabolism in
the kidney of weaned piglets
*Zetzsche A., Schunter N., Rieger J., Vahjen W., Zentek J., Pieper R. – Berlin
Metabolic bone disease due to calcium deficiency in a meerkat (suricata suricatta)
*Lineva A., Novikova E., *Kienzle E., Dobenecker B. – Moscow/Oberschleißheim
08:45 – 10:30 h
Section 11 Transport- and epithelial physiology
Oral Presentations 08:45 h
Permeation of short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) across the ovine reticular epithelium
*Rackwitz R., Gäbel G. – Leipzig
Effect of dietary nitrogen and calcium on intestinal calcium absorption and on tight junction protein
expression in young goats
*Elfers K., Marr I., Wilkens M. R., Breves G., Muscher-Banse A. S. – Hanover
Effects of a ration change from TMR to pasture on rumen parameters of dairy cows
*Schären M., Meyer U., Dieho K., Dijkstra J., Breves G., Isselstein J., Dänicke S. – Braunschweig/ Wageningen/Hanover/Göttingen
Ruminal short-chain fatty acid absorption in response to long-term SARA induction
*Khiaosa-ard R., Qumar M., Pourazad P., Wetzels S., Klevenhusen F., Aschenbach J.R., Zebeli Q. – Vienna/Berlin
Effects of experimentally induced pancreatic exocrine insufficiency in young pigs on morphometrie and
function of the small intestines
*Mößeler A., Herrmann J., Breves G., Kamphues J. - Hanover
Formula compared to sow milk feeding changes digestive physiology and microbial ecology in the small
intestine of new-born piglets
*Pieper R., Zetzsche A., Kröger S., Vahjen W., Röhe I., Tedin L., Zentek J. - Berlin
Poster 10:15 h
Is equine jejunal glucose transport modified by ischemia?
*Dengler F., Rackwitz R., Gäbel G. – Leipzig
Mechanisms of Ca2+ and Pi transport in equine small intestines
*Marholt L., Muscher-Banse A., Wilkens M., Breves G., Cehak A. - Hanover
Effects of individual short chain fatty acids on tight junctions of the ovine ruminal epithelium
*Greco G., Hagen F., Meißner S., Deiner C., Amasheh S., *Aschenbach J.R. – Berlin
Effects of an acidogenic, grain-rich diet on short chain fatty acids absorption from the washed reticulorumen
procedure of cows
*Qumar M., Pourazad P., Wetzels S., Khiaosa-ard R., Klevenhusen F., Aschenbach J.R., Zebeli Q. – Vienna/Berlin
Dynamic regulation of tight junction protein localization in mammary gland epithelium
Markov A. G., Mießler K., *Amasheh S. – St. Petersburg/Berlin
10:45 – 11:15 h
Poster session (138-142; 161-165)
10:45 – 11:30 h
Coffee break with light meal
11:30 – 14:00 h
Workshop at LECTURE HALL 008
Thursday, 12th March 2015
11:30 – 14:00 h
Workshop: New aspects in physiology and nutrition of sows regarding
actual developments in breeding
11:30 – 12:15
Effect of genetics on fertility in sows
K. Wimmers – Dummerstorf
12:15 – 13:00
Physiological aspects of lactation capacity in sows
G. Breves – Hanover
13:00 – 13:45
Supply of energy and nitrogen in breeding sows
A. Susenbeth – Kiel
Closing remarks
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