OMNI`s 2014 Annual Report

Report to the Community
July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014
OMNI 2014 Report to the community
report to the community
To partner with parents and the community
to provide innovative transformational
behavioral and educational support
services to children, adolescents, and
young adults that create pathways
to successful and healthy behaviors
throughout life.
To lead the way in finding innovative
solutions that create positive change
in youth, family and community life.
dear friends & donors,
FY14 continued to be an exciting year for Omni Youth Services. While we
were faced with our share of challenges driven by the State of Illinois’
financial position and the ever-changing funding landscape, OMNI had
plenty of opportunities and reasons to be excited.
OMNI launched several new cutting-edge programs
such as SPARCS (Psychotherapy for Adolescents
Responding to Chronic Stress) and Life skills for teen
parents who are also wards of the state. We also
expanded OMNI’s reach by serving new schools,
communities and populations.
The board of directors finalized a new strategic
plan including fine-tuning our mission (see page 2)
and identifying OMNI’s long terms goals, focused
on decreasing our reliance on state funding and
re-establishing OMNI as the go-to experts for youth
development and behavioral health needs for all
demographics. The Board also grew significantly
in 2014, gaining several talented and passionate
individuals who are certain to help OMNI continue to
succeed in its mission to help youth and families.
Thank you to the many donors, volunteers, partners and
friends that helped OMNI impact over 32,000 people
last year. With your support, along with the incredibly
passionate and driven staff and leadership at OMNI, we
will continue to meet the growing and changing needs of
the young people and families in our communities.
Thanks for your support.
Andy Greenawalt
President, Board of Directors
25th Annual LightSource Unlimited OMNI Golf Classic
Monday, June 8, 2015
Royal Melbourne Country Club
OMNI Youth Services and LightSource Unlimited
invite you to attend the 25th annual Golf Classic.
Featuring golf on an exclusive course with carts and
forecaddies, sports celebrities, premium food and
drinks, high end tee gifts and the chance to provide life
changing programs to youth and families in crisis.
Chicago Bear legend Brian Urlacher attended
OMNI’s 2014 Golf Classic. Shown here with Doug Hugdahl,
Lightsource Unlimited Founder and President.
OMNI 2014 Report to the community
For sponsorship information or to reserve your spot
before the event sells out, visit or
contact Chrissy at 847.353.1606 or
[email protected]
OMNI 2014 Report to the community
omni first hand:
I live in Wheeling with my mom
and dad and two little brothers.
My parents work very hard, both
day and night to provide for us.
I went to six different schools
between 3rd and 12th grade. I
never felt like I belonged or fit in
at any of them. I quickly learned
that the partying kids would
accept me right off the bat. By
sixth grade I was smoking weed
and hanging out with the
“wrong” crowd.
Diana bravely shares her story at the
2014 LightSource Unlimited OMNI Golf Classic
OMNI wasn’t my first experience with counseling;
I was hospitalized two times in seventh grade for
depression, substance use and self-injury. I was at the
rock bottom, I was locked up. I remember looking
out the windows my first night sobbing and thinking
“How did I get here?” I quickly figured out what the
professionals wanted to hear so I did what I had
to do and said what I had to say to get released.
I returned to drugs and cutting, I just got better at
hiding it.
I came to OMNI my sophomore year of high
school as an alternative to suspension and arrest
on a marijuana possession violation. OMNI started
me in Seven Challenges. I fought it at first but then
I realized they were not telling me what I should or
OMNI 2014 Report to the community
meet diana
shouldn’t do. Instead OMNI helped me think about
my choices, why I was making the decisions I was
making, and get a clear idea of who I really wanted
to be and what I needed to do to get there.
Over winter break I went on a Journey trip to the
Everglades, they were the absolute best ten days
of my life! I had never before seen so many bright
beautiful stars! I climbed a coconut tree and ate
the juiciest Mango. I never imagined that so many
beautiful things existed. On that trip I learned how
big the world was, how many things the world had
to offer me and I learned how strong I really am. I
still have my water bottle of sand and shells on my
dresser; it makes me smile. On that trip I learned to
trust adults and I came to understand that my drug
use and cutting had started at twelve because I was
sexually assaulted. Until then I hadn’t told anybody
what happened to me. I didn’t think anyone would
believe me because of who had done it.
After Journey I started participating in everything
I could at OMNI, counseling, Girls After-School
and Summer Programs (GAP and GSP) and other
Journey trips. OMNI taught me how to have
healthy relationships, take one day at a time, take
responsibility for myself, my future, my decisions and
ask for help when I need it. I have been substance
free for over two years; and I am back on track
with my education and a bright future. Without
OMNI, I don’t know where I would be today. But
I am here because of OMNI and the support of
people like you who made it possible for me to get
the help I needed. Thank you!!
“I didn’t think OMNI could help my daughter,
I thought she was too far gone. I thought she was for
sure going to end up in jail or dead.
OMNI not only helped her but they helped me.
I learned how to talk to my daughter. We learned how
avoid fights and get along. Now she’s a good
role model for her brothers. I am really happy.”
Diana’s father
OMNI 2014 Report to the community
2014 Accomplishments
of counseling provided to
youth and families
of clients
had no additional criminal
charges while under
OMNI care.
2014 Accomplishments
of clients
of OMNI clients ceased or
reduced their substance use
% of families in the Intact Families Program had no additional
calls of neglect or abuse made while in OMNI services.
stayed enrolled in
% ofhighyouth
school or re-enrolled
of families who were
referred for child
physical abuse or
neglect in the
Intact Families Program
were able to avoid
having their children
placed in foster care
or group homes and
stayed together
OMNI 2014 Report to the community
OMNI’s Peer Jury program places first-time juvenile offenders
who admit to committing non-violent crimes before
a panel of local teenage volunteers who determine
appropriate actions that will repair the harm to the
community, including community service, written papers,
and letters of apology. This Youth Development Program provides teens
the opportunity to volunteer and train to become a juror. Peer Jury volunteers
are comprised of a group of youth that hand out sentences to first-time youth
offenders. Youth volunteer jurors gain leadership and communication skills as
well as gain community awareness while playing an important part in making
their communities better. Last year OMNI facilitated six peer juries across the
communities of Buffalo Grove, Lake Zurich, Mt. Prospect, Mundelein, Prospect
Heights and Wheeling. 97 youth defendants were tried by over 60 volunteer
peer jurors.
OMNI’s Community Outreach Program provided backpacks and
school supplies to 100 families in need at our annual Back to
School Fair. The Community Outreach Program provides a variety
of services and community linkages that help struggling families
overcome obstacles and be more successful in all areas of family
life. Over 500 individuals from low income families received a
variety of services including emergency assistance, tutoring/
mentoring, parenting education, translation services, computer
access, holiday gifts, coat drives, etc.
of youth were
successful in
treatment (reached
80% of their
treatment goals)
OMNI 2014 Report to the community
2014 Accomplishments
Youth and Family Counseling
OMNI offers family, group and individual counseling for
youth encountering emotional and behavioral difficulties.
OMNI believes the best way to make positive change
in adolescents is by encouraging them to learn through
their actions. OMNI offers hands-on challenges with a
treatment approach known as “experiential therapy”,
which connects learning experience with the development
of skills for life.
In addition to helping youth and families who are struggling with issues like drugs
and alcohol abuse, OMNI also works to prevent kids throughout our community from
getting involved in negative behaviors. New in OMNI’s Prevention area in FY14 was
the creation and launch of the Student Advisory Board (SAB) and Summer Leadership
Program. SAB students follow the Engaging Youth in Positive Change curriculum
designed to empower students to improve conditions that will lead to a decrease in teen
substance use. Students from John Hersey High School came together to focus and
work on prevention programming aimed at community middle school aged students.
Students garnered support and participation from two local middle school districts. We
are very proud of these future leaders!
OMNI’s Teen Parenting Service Network Program (TPSN) added a new Life Skills Program to its offering.
TPSN provides case management, skill building and support for teen wards of the state who are pregnant or
parenting children. Most of these youth have been victims of abuse and have little to no support system or
positive adult role models. The Life Skills Program helps these vulnerable youth gain skills to be more successful
after transitioning out of the state system including all areas of living such as job skills, housing, money
management, health care, home organization, transportation, parenting skills and resources, and much more.
The program runs over about eight weeks and is hands on to keep the youth engaged and increase learning.
OMNI 2014 Report to the community
Youth Development
OMNI’s Youth Development Program provides the
support and opportunities that facilitate the acquisition
of leadership skills, encourage connections to the
community, promote the development of personal assets
and increase the likelihood that youth will become healthy
and successful adults. Opportunities include peer juries,
community service projects and REALITY, our teen theatre
Family Preservation
Working with referrals from the Illinois Department
of Children and Family Services (DCFS), OMNI
provides home-based services that keep children safe
while strengthening families and helping them stay
together. Services include in-home counseling and case
management for abused and neglected children and their
families and support and skill building for teenage wards
of the state who are pregnant or already parents.
Juvenile Justice Services
OMNI has differentiated itself by successfully working
with service recipients that are from communities or
populations that are often overlooked or underserved,
such as youth who are referred to us from the court system.
At OMNI, these youth leave with life skills that help them
turn their lives around. By emphasizing accountability,
the reconciliation of past wrongs, community safety, and
the development of emotional, social and cognitive skills,
OMNI’s juvenile justice programs help youth develop the
skills necessary to make better life choices.
OMNI provides prevention services to the community.
Our efforts focus on education, awareness and policy
development which promote and support the prevention
of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use by youth.
Substance Abuse Treatment
& Recovery Program
Individual, family and group services are tailored to
specifically address the issues faced by youth who are
striving to become drug-free. OMNI understands the
importance of family relationships and the adolescent’s
home environment. Because these issues play a
significant role in helping an adolescent recover from
substance abuse, family counseling groups are an
integral part of the youth’s recovery program.
Community Outreach Programs
OMNI Youth Services does effective community
outreach to immigrants and low-income communities
through programs from CHiL, an innovative approach
to after-school services, to the provision of emergency
assistance to families in need. Services including
parenting workshops, computer workshops, health
events, and translation services promote self-sufficiency
and community participation are provided in English and
Spanish through relationships that respect the culture and
dignity of all.
Internationally recognized as an innovative provider of
wilderness and adventure-based programming within
an outpatient setting, Journey is OMNI Youth Services’
wilderness therapy program. Under the guidance
of licensed/certified professionals, adolescents are
challenged in unfamiliar outdoor settings. During a
Journey experience, the wilderness confronts youth and
families with the natural consequences of their good and
bad decisions. This facilitates learning and understanding.
Adolescents learn to work with others, improve team
leadership skills, develop trust, take appropriate risks,
increase self-esteem, and have appropriate fun.
OMNI 2014 Report to the community
board of directors
board of ambassadors
Founded in 1993, OMNI’s Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated business and professional leaders
who share OMNI’s commitment to creating positive change for youth and their families. Membership on the
Board of Ambassadors offers opportunities for active involvement in the organization, along with making
an annual commitment to contribute a minimum of $1,500 in support of OMNI’s mission.
Gary Birnbaum
Charter Steel Trading
Brent Buckland
Senior Relationship Manager,
Christine Chabot
VP, Senior Financial Relationship Manager,
BMO Harris Bank
Andy Greenawalt, President
CEO, Emerson Ecologics
Haley Church
Student, Youth Advisory Member
Christine Chabot, Vice President VP, Senior Financial Relationship Manager, BMO Harris Bank
Renita Dixon
Sustainability & Environmental
Coordinator, ITW
Vincent J. Concialdi, Treasurer
Senior Manager, Grant Thornton
Christopher Hannon
Vice President, Commercial Banking,
MB Financial Bank
Brent Buckland, Secretary
Senior Relationship Manager, Mercer
James Hohmann, Member-at-Large
Independent Consultant
Jay Krames, Past President
Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Holly Lane
Account Executive, Mesirow Financial
Michael Mauriello
Associate Pastor,
Village Church of Lincolnshire
OMNI 2014 Report to the community
Jay Krames Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC
John Mangan
Group Sr. VP, American Chartered Bank
Doryce McCarthy
COO, OMNI Youth Services
Brian McKenna
COO, OMNI Youth Services
Neil Protter
Director of Sales Operations,
Alan Rosenson
President, ALJAR Investments
Scott Schweinfurth
Executive VP, CFO & Treasurer,
WMS Industries Inc.
Rob Seitz
Owner, Kolbi Pipe Marker Co.
Bruce Church
Balanced Environments
Jay Meyer
Executive Director,
OMNI Youth Services
Bradley Dickinson
VP, Vico Associates, Inc.
David Nelms
Chairman & CEO, Discover
Shanan Egger
CFO, OMNI Youth Services
Michael Patterson
President, On Track Leadership, Inc.
David Weidenfeld
Retired, Managing Counsel,
McDonald’s Corporation
Mike Patterson
President, On Track Leadership, Inc.
Diana Ferrara
Communications Coach,
DJF Consulting
Noel Pearlman
Vice President, Commercial Card,
BMO Harris Bank
J. Harry Wells
Retired, President/CEO,
Chicago Youth Centers
George Reimnitz
Sr. Vice President, Barrington Bank
and Trust Company
Andy Greenawalt
CEO, Emerson Ecologics
Angie Perkins
CFO, Salter Labs
David Wolfe
President, Wolfe Enterprises, LLC
John Hofmann
CEO, United States
Capital Corporation
Dennis Propp
President, Propco Marketing
Brian Wright
Marketing Consultant,
Marketing Professionals
Diane Skoglund
Account Executive, Federal Express
Jonathan Stamm
Vice President, Marketing, Cardinal Health
Kurt Winter
Vice President, Marketing, Allstate Insurance Co.
Matthew Wlodarczyk
Attorney, Wlodarczyk Divorce & Family Law LLC
James Hohmann
Doug Hugdahl
President & CEO,
LightSource Unlimited, Inc.
William Johnson President, Jonquil Realty Company
Thomas Kloepfer
President, Kloepfer Insurance
Services, Inc.
Thomas Southall
President, Construction Products,
ITW North America
Board of Ambassador Goals
Increase BOA to 100 members
Raise $1,000,000 by 2018
Increase member networking &
connection opportunities
OMNI 2014 Report to the community
2014 financial statement
public support & revenue by source
expenditures by program area
Program Service Revenues
Municipalities and Townships
United Way Agencies
School Districts and Other
Contributions (Restricted and Unrestricted)
Special Events$150,881
Program Service Fees
Total Program Service Revenue
Program Services
Youth and Family Counseling
Family Preservation$3,189,977
Community Outreach Programs
Collegiate Wellness and Learning $562,046
Total Program Services
Other Revenues
Investment Income$90,247
Total Other Revenue
Total Revenues$6,832,132
Family Preservation
Community Outreach Programs
Management and General
Total Expenditures
$2,500 - $4,999
Arbonne Charitable Foundation
ArcelorMittal USA Inc.
AT&T Illinois
Dakota K Auto Repair & Tire Center
Shanan and Kathryn Egger
Janice and Andy Greenawalt
Connie and Doug Hugdahl
ITW Foundation
Kloepfer Insurance Services Inc.
NUCOR Sheet Mill-Crawfordsville
Tracee and Michael Patterson
Neil Protter
Steinberg Advisors, Ltd.
United States Steel Corporation
Susan and David Weidenfeld
Anna and David Wolfe
Over 95% of Dollars Raised
Goes Directly to Helping Kids and Families!
OMNI 2014 Report to the community
$10,000 - $19,999
Albert J. Speh, Jr. and Claire R. Speh Foundation
Allstate Insurance Company
Rumchata Foundation
The Joseph and Catherine Johnson Family Foundation
$5,000 - $9,999
American Chartered Bank
Charter Steel Trading
Emerson Ecologics
Motorola Solutions
Private Bank
Phyllis and Dennis Propp
Margaret English and Scott Schweinfurth
Selden Fox, LTD.
Youth and Family Counseling
$20,000 & Up
Allstate Foundation
Discover Financial Services
Healthcare Foundation of Northern Lake County
LightSource Unlimited, Inc.
Daryl and David Nelms
The Trustmark Foundation
Supporting Services
Management and General
Total Supporting Services
Collegiate Wellness and Learning
2014 contributors
$1,500 - $2,499
ACME Refining Scrap Iron & Metal Company
Beth and Gary Birnbaum
Stacy and Brent Buckland
Christine Chabot
Laurie and Brad Dickinson
Diana and Stephen Ferrara
Cheryl and John F. Hofmann
Hope Lutheran Church
Kenneth and Corine Kozanda
Trudi and Jay Krames
Cindy and John Mangan
Doryce and John McCarthy
Kara and Brian McKenna
Jay Meyer
Noel Pearlman
Angie and James Perkins
Rosenthal Bros., Inc.
Rotary Club of Buffalo Grove
The Rosenson Family Foundation
Wheeling Rotary Club
$1,000 - $1,499
Michael Anobile
AXA Foundation
David Brochu
Caring Women’s Connection
Lions Club of Long Grove Inc.
Anthony Mariani
John McNicholas
Northfield Community Church
Chris A. Peterson
Prospect Heights Lions Club
Rotary Club of Palatine
Bruce Scott
Debbie Shaw
Brian Urlacher
Wal-Mart Foundation
J. Harry Wells
Chrissy Trilling-Raices and Robert Raices
Tri-Union Express, Inc.
$500 - $999
Bartlett Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.
BMO Harris Bank N.A.
Pam and Scott Brodkorb
Chicago Steel (IN) LLC
Jerry Diamond
Julie and Jim Donzelli
Nancy and Tim Dummer
Gulf Packaging
Hoyne Savings Bank
Joseph & Helen Komarek Foundation
Jason Kalinowski
Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd
Rosemary Matzl
Mayster & Chaimson, Ltd.
Jim Mecir
Mesirow Financial
Carmen Molinaro
Jim Morrissey
Robert E. Neiman
Bryan L. Orton
J. Stephen Pohl
United Steel Group, Ltd.
The Weiland Family
Mike Wozniak
$250 - $499
Evan Birnbaum
Carol and Thomas Butler
Kirsten Jensen and Jeff Cairns
Joanne and Martin Carmody
Loyce and Phil Clark
Joseph Darragh
Mike DeFilippis
Brian Diedrich
Gap Foundation
James and Diane Hohmann
Kim and Kirk Johnson
Neil Kaiser
Colette Karam
Linda Lamb
Holly Lane
Laner Muchin Ltd.
Frank Mariani
Robert Merrilees
Brad Mundy
Rene and Larry Netzer
Jan and David Parchem
Pickell Family Foundation
Margaret and Walter Polovchak
S & Y Cartage Co.
Adam Schwartz
Sandy Shamie-Kondziolka
Diane Skoglund
Tandem HR
Timothy Treacy
$100 - $249
Allstate Giving Campaign
Barbara and Rich Attanaseo
Alexis Avila
Scott Bailey
Steve S. Balinski
Frank Barcy
John Blumenshine
Claudia and Loyd Bostic
Lori and Mark Boutelle
Gary Bozza
Elizabeth Burtelow
Terry Casserly
Nicole Chapple
Nick Christenson
Jessica Clute
Vince and Jennifer Concialdi
Tim Condron
Gloria and Donald Cooper
Brad Coursin
Culver’s of Buffalo Grove
Paul Czerwinski
Knute Dahlgaard
Bob Denaro
Dennis Depcik
Emilio DiCesare
Scott Dierking
Dominic Dovichi
Mary and Jeffrey Dunbar
Kathryn and Scot Easterday
Victor and Sharon Elias
Agustin Espino
Michael Fine
Erin and Mike Fitzpatrick
David Foster
Ron Futterman
Julie Garcia
Dr. Rosemarie A. Garlasco
Mark Hall
Barbara and Thomas Harris
Nancy Henderson
Michael R. Herman
Geraldine and James Hunt
Edward Iverson
Laurie Josephson
Janet Kalbhen
Cynthia Keillor
Mary Beth Kerf
Joanne and Thomas Kloepfer
Jim Kolka
Paul and Kristina Lamb
Mark Lambert
Matt Lodes
Bruce Lubin
Susan and Tom Maas
Victor Mao
Steve Mark
Bess McGeorge
Dianne McGeorge
Susan and Bob McGowan
Adam Meier
Linda and Raymond Merkys
Brett Merrell
Randy Mortenson
Dan Murphy
Mike Neises
Ronnie M. Neumann
OMNI 2014 Report to the community
2014 contributors
Chris O’Hara
Mike O’Malley
Rob Oslakovic
Raymond Papiernik
John Perino
Lindsay and Brad Plodzeen
Bill Reichenbacher
Abby Rodriguez
Mary and Paul Roloff
Michael Rosenbloom
William Rosewell
Gunther Ruderschmidt
Bruce and Marlene Saltzberg
Sheila H. Schultz
Glenn Spungen
Alan L. Stefaniak
Jim and Chris Stolzenbach
Daniel and Susan Stone
Frederick M. Strauss
Mike Szejka
Mike Tangney
James W. Tibensky
Linda Varey
Jennie Wagner
Jeff Ward
Sue and Herb Wehner
Joe Whowell
Rowland L. Williams III
Tricia Williams
David Winston
Carrie and Kurt Winter
Aaron Yundt
$1 - $99
Craig Abraham
Carol Angelescu-Levy and Robert Levy
Brian Bacardi
Steven Baker
Memorio Barrios
Susana Becker
Sharlene and Steve Becker
Marion B. Bergmann
Angie Brizzolara
Lynn Carlson
Edlyn Castil
Bruce Ciesil
Keli Coleman
John Conway
Samantha and Tristan Crockett
Joanne and Alan Dalessandro
Michelle de Vlam
Katie Demma
Mark Demma
Katherine DeVogelaere
Isabel Diaz
Dwight Dipert
Caitlin Dunne
Margaret E. Dunne
James Dunne
Jonathan Dura
Andrea Ensign
Elvia Esparza
Diane Falk
Kurt Fliegel
Sima Frenkel
Fries Automotive
Harry Georgas
Marci Glinski
Anthony Gorgone
Dawn Gregornik
Jennifer and James Haidu
Russell Harris
Michael Henderson
Carol Henderson
Sherwin Henning
Sandra Hernandez
Steve Howard
Tracy T. Johnson
Ann Johnson
Jeff Joseph
Effie Jost
Davina Jozwiak
Laurel Kaiser
David Kingman
Karen D. Klein
Wendy and Robert Kopka
Jeff Kray
Linda LaFrance
Linda Lanci
Mark A. Lauterbach
Laura Lee
Robert Lewis
Jennifer Lopez
Mary Anne Lynskey
Debra Macek
Amanda Mackenzie
Mary Martersteck
David Matzl
Associate Pastor Michael and Londa Mauriello
Michael N. Mazursky
Jeremy K. McConnell
Arron and Andrew McCurley
Chris McLaughlin
Stacy Merrigan
Mary Metscaviz
Allan Michell
Sheila Miller
Elisa Montanez-Cisneros
Leslie Murphy
Kari and Steve Nickl
Don Nowakowski
Kathy Nowicki
Cathy Othon
Kathy O’Toole Nowicki
Dolores Palikij
Diane Patterson
Veronica Pineda
Patricia Plazola
Mike Powers
Rebeca Rosario
Judith A. Ruff
Sharlene Rusin-Becker
Katherine Sandow
Katherine and David Schanding
Melissa Schmitz
David Schneider
Jaime Schultz
Meenal Sethna
Tim Sheahen
Dan Shirley
Chris Skryd
Janice Smith
In honor & Memory of
Brian Diedrich
In honor of Holly Lane
Nancy and Tim Dummer
In honor of Kim Bowen
Mary and Jeffrey Dunbar
In honor of Elisa, Sarah and
Corey Greenawalt and Family
Thomas Harris
In honor of Gary Birnbaum
June and Ronald Hoogenboom
In memory of Tina
Diane Patterson
In honor of Barb Slotten
Margaret and Walter Plovchak
In memory of Maria Heffernan
Lu and Bill Salisbury
In memory of Jennifer Cummings
Randy Tracy
In honor of Orren Pickell
Trustmark Foundation
In honor of Deanne Moore
Jennie Wagner
In honor of John Wieland
Rowland L. Williams III
In memory of Marci and Randy Williams
James Spada
Jeannette and Alan Steffen
Martin Sussman
Thomas Middle School
Randy T. Tracy
Michelle and Jayson Tran
United Way of Lake County, Inc.
Alexis Vallortigara
Cynthia M. Vavrik
Cristina Villarreal
Lynn Voightman
Paul Welsh
Carole M. Widmer
Sheryl S. Wiest
Sabrina Wilton
Cindy and Mark Wong
Jason Wynkoop
Ada Xhuba
Andrea Zwit
American Chartered Bank
Arlington Heights Park District
Arlington Pediatrics, Ltd.
Auction Merchandise Source
Bob Chinn’s Crab House Restaurant
Brunswick’s and Tavern ‘45
Buffalo Grove Golf Club
Casa Bonita
DeSoto House Hotel
Dover Straits
Tim Dummer
Elgin Symphony Orchestra
Grande Jakes Fresh Mexican Grill
Illinois Sports Facilities Authority
John G. Shedd Aquarium
Bill Johnson
JW Marriott Chicago
Kane County Cougars
Kemper Lakes Golf Club
Thomas Kloepfer
Jay Krames
Laugh Out Loud Theater
Lou Malnati Pizzeria
Lynfred Winery
Mount Prospect Park District
Nino’s Pizzeria
Northbrook Park District
Palm Court Restaurant Inc.
Philly G’s
Prospect Heights Park District
Real Urban Barbecue
Eric Reiswig
Royal Melbourne Country Club
Rumchata Foundation
Schaumburg Prairie Center for the Arts
Tristan Stewart
Sunset Foods
Ti Amo Cafe Italiano
TJ Maxx
Vittorio de Roma
Wheeling Park District
Yen Yen Restaurant, Inc.
Zanies Comedy Club
senior management team
Jay Meyer, MSW, LCSW
Executive Director
Shanan Egger, BBA
Chief Financial Officer
Doryce McCarthy, MSW, LCSW
Chief Operating Officer
John Conway, MSW, LCSW, CADC
Chief Business Development
& Communications Officer
Brian McKenna, MSW, LCSW, CADC
Chief Operating Officer
Chrissy Trilling-Raices, BS
Chief Development Officer
Disclaimer: We have made every effort to thank all of our donors (gifts between 7/1/13-6/30/14). If you find an error or omission, we ask that you contact us at [email protected] or call 847.353.1606 so we may apologize and correct our records.
OMNI 2014 Report to the community
OMNI 2014 Report to the community
Since 1972 OMNI Youth Services has been a leader in providing life-changing counseling and prevention services
to at risk youth and families. Through an experiential approach that supports learning through doing, OMNI programs
provide a unique and effective way for youth and families to develop strengths and build skills they can use for a
lifetime. The mission of OMNI is to partner with parents and the community to provide innovative transformational
behavioral and educational support services to children, adolescents, and young adults that create pathways to
successful and healthy behaviors throughout life.
OMNI’s highly accomplished and licensed staff has expertise in developing programs that meet the wide array of
ever changing needs of adolescents and their families; from youth seeking to have an active role in the community, to
youth and families who are dealing with serious issues of alcohol and other drug use, juvenile delinquency or emotional
problems. OMNI helps teens resist destructive behaviors so that they will become responsible, caring and engaged
community members.
OMNI annually serves thousands individuals in over 25 communities throughout Chicago’s northwest suburbs.
OMNI’s services include counseling, 24-hour crisis intervention, substance abuse prevention and treatment, youth
mentoring, family preservation, juvenile justice services, youth development and community outreach services.
1111 West Lake Cook Road, Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089
Designed by Michelle Daniel
Funding provided in whole or in part by the Illinois Department of Human Services.