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11 March, 2015
Term 1, Issue 6
School Banking Application
St. Columba’s School Core Values based on the values of the Sisters of Mercy, our founders.
City of Bayswater’s
‘Have a Go Day’ flyer
At St. Columba’s Primary we believe that Justice is a core value that encourages children to
think beyond themselves and look towards others.
From the Principal’s Desk
Dear Parents, Caregivers & Students,
Senior Assembly
Year 6
Parish Mass
(Year 6, 3G & 3W)
Throughout the first few weeks of this term, we have been focusing on the Mercy Value of
Justice. It is especially important, during this time of Lent, as it allows us to continue to reflect on
the importance of being thankful for the many blessings we have in our lives. Lent is also a time
of service which includes justice to those we come in contact with. During these opportunities of
supporting others, we cease thinking about ourselves and we focus our attention on the
wellbeing and equity for others. Pope Francis, our gracious Church leader, a man of the people,
explains the above to us, to continue to focus on gratefulness with a twist of justice embedded
in our thinking and in our actions. Justice isn’t just about being fair, it’s also about the ‘giving’
and the ‘sharing’
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Be Allergy Aware!
Families are reminded that St. Columba’s is an Allergy-friendly school.
Please DO NOT bring nuts or nut by-products onto the school grounds.
Some of the foods to avoid are Muesli Bars with peanuts, Nutella
products, peanut butter and any other foods containing traces of nuts.
Parish Priest: Fr Minh-Thuy
Almondbury Street, Bayswater
Phone: (08)9271 1414
[email protected]
Parish Mass Times
Weekdays: 9.00 a.m.
Saturday—Vigil Mass 6.00 p.m.
Sunday—Mass 7.30 a.m. and 9.30 a.m.
Parish Youth Mass—Last Saturday of each
Term 1 Dates: Mon 2 Feb—Thurs 2 Apr
School Times:
8.30 a.m.—3.00 p.m.
10.40 a.m.—11.00 a.m.
1.00 p.m.—1.40 p.m.
a gws
e let
2 t er
T e r m 1Pa
, I ge
s s u2e 6
Principal’s Desk (Cont’d)
When we consider the needs and emotional intelligence of those around us, we need to remember that they’re
just as important as our own. As a community, it is really important that we all support the students in achieving
justice and equality for all. Justice was the cornerstone of Jesus’ life, in that he made many sacrifices so that His
people would have equal rights in God’s kingdom.
2014 School Annuals:
The 2014 School Annuals have arrived and will be distributed to all families over the next few days. Those families
who have left the school will be receiving their annual in the post. Thank you to all the staff, especially our year
book coordinator, Mrs Dwyer, for spending countless hours creating the annual. Enjoy the annual!
I am happy to announce that the bore has been sunk and that the reticulation has been reconnected. All stations
are now working and the grass and plants are being watered.
Annual Statements were sent home this week, prompt payment would be appreciated. If you wish to use the direct
debit facility please complete a Direct Debit Authority form available for download at www.saintcolumbas.com.au
and return to the office.
A Parent Information Form was enclosed with the Statement, please complete and return by Friday 20th March.
Absentee / late arrival procedures:
If your child is absent from school please call the absentee line on 9208 2711. Please advise name, class,
date and reason for absence. This must be followed up by a signed written note. An email confirmation is
also sufficient, email: [email protected]
If your child will be away for a significant amount of time eg. Family holiday, please notify the class teacher
via email or signed note.
If your child is late please come to the office first to sign your child in and receive a ‘Red Card’ to take to the
class teacher. Likewise if you need to collect your child early, parents must sign child out at the office and
take a ‘Red Card’ to the class teacher.
These are legal requirements and we ask that all parents follow these procedures .
Greg Martin
a gws
e let
3 t er
T e r m 1Pa
, I ge
s s u3e 6
New Flip Lid Lunchboxes
Open up Flip Lid for sandwich and snack compartments…..Flip it over and open it up again for fruit, drink
and more snacks! It’s the easy way to pack and preserve lunches with a wide variety of healthy foods for
the whole family. Includes custom drink bottle.
This funky new ‘Flip Lid’ lunchbox can be purchased from the office for $24.95.
a gws
e let
4 t er
T e r m 1Pa
, I ge
s s u4e 6
St Columba’s Travel Mugs
St Columba’s travel mugs are on sale at the office for only $10 and would
make an excellent Gift!.
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Term 1, Issue 6
P & F News
Next P&F meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 24th March.
Helping Hands Corner
All parents are being asked to offer their assistance at the school.
Each hour of help = $1 St Columba’s helping dollar
Start planning now, how you can give your 4 hours this term…
Canteen – add your name to the roster via www.ouronlinecanteen.com.au
Uniform shop – email : Tammi - [email protected]
Helping Hands/Library /Sewing - drop into the library or email : [email protected] to find out when helping hands
group meet
P & F sub committees/class reps etc – email P & F President : Jenn Debono : [email protected]
Pastoral Care –will ask for help when needed. For further information - please email : [email protected]
Sporting help/Options Programs/ etc – to register your interest in assisting - please email : [email protected]
Page 6
Term 1, Issue 6
Uniform Shop News
Opening hours are Fridays 8.45am to 9.30am.
School Banking News
It’s the start of a new school year and there is no better time to join the school banking program. The reasons why
the program is so popular include:
1. A current interest rate of 3.20% (provided at least 1 deposit per month, and no withdrawals are made),
2. Every deposit earns a token and every 10 tokens earns a reward. Last year over 100 rewards were given to students (see picture),
3. Random major prizes. Currently it is a trip for four to Disneyland,
4. Most importantly, banking/saving is a valuable life skill for our children to learn!
For those not already involved:
1. Fill in sections 2, 3 & 4 of the ‘School Banking Application’ attached to the newsletter,
2. Take the application to a CBA branch with a birth certificate or passport of your child and your own drivers licence or passport,
3. Turn up to the canteen area between 8.00am and 8.45am every Tuesday with your deposit.
Please feel free to call the volunteer school banking coordinator, Chris Cornish, on 0409 998 330 should you have
any questions.
Page 7
Term 1, Issue 6
Scholastic Bookclub
Thank you to all those families who went on-line and ordered their Scholastic books from Issue One. Issue Two is
now in circulation and orders need to be in by Friday 20th March.
Can I please remind all families that the school no longer puts in the orders or accepts any payments (cash, cheque
All you need to do is go to www.scholastic.com.au/LOOP or you can download the app.
If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Leesa Vinciullo
Bookclub Co-ordinator
[email protected]
Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)
Please direct all enquiries relating to OSHC to our OSHC Supervisor - Rebecca Shaw on 9208 2723 or email
[email protected]
Canteen News
Please place all canteen orders online via www.ouronlinecanteen.com.au.
Please note that parents are able to add their name to the roster via the above website. The roster will not be coordinated by School Administration Staff.
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Term 1, Issue 6
Social Worker News
Here’s more from Michael Grose for families in our community with
younger children
Every year there are some headlines about parents behaving badly at children’s sports…
It’s not confined to one sport. Aussie rules, rugby league, soccer and basketball are just some of the sports
where parents’ behaviour has over-stepped the mark in recent times.
Children’s sport has an amazing capacity to bring out the very worst in some parents. It seems that inside
even the most mild-mannered person lurks a “sports monster” that can emerge when their children hit the
sports field.
This “sports monster” shows itself when parents argue with officials and umpires, disagree with coaches and
drive children to the point of distraction with their well-meaning advice.
Here is a ten point plan to help you keep the “monster” on a leash, and lower the stress levels for you, your
family and everyone else involved in your children’s sports.
Here goes:
1. Don’t allow sport to dominate your family-life or your child’s life. Insist on a balance between different areas and encourage your child to vary his or her interests.
2. Make sure you are a neutral observer at games and events involving your children. Take an interest and be
encouraging but don’t add pressure by having too much stake in the end result or your child’s performance.
3. Focus on effort, improvement, enjoyment and participation rather than on the results. Your child is learning, so winning is not the aim of the game at this stage. Yes, they do keep a score but you don’t have to focus
on that.
4. Be positive with all your comments about performance. Talk to children if they display poor sportsmanship.
Parent approval is very important to children, and linked to their continued participation.
5. Remember that sport teaches children many life lessons, such as how to work together, solve problems and
also how to accept the disappointment of defeat. Sport is a great character-builder for people of all ages.
6. Encourage children to talk about sport, but don’t force them to communicate if they don’t want to.
7. Get to know your child’s coach and understand that his or her job is to teach skills, develop positive attitudes and promote personal development. Winning should be further down on their list of priorities as a
(Cont’d Page 9)
Page 9
Term 1, Issue 6
Social Worker News (Cont’d)
8. Take an interest in other participants, not just your child. By removing the focus from your child you are
more likely to keep a balanced view of sport.
9. Model good sportsmanship and other desirable attitudes for your child and insist that he or she acts in a
sportsmanlike manner at all times, both on and off the field.
10. Emphasise fun rather than winning, learning rather than perfection and teamwork rather than individual
performance. If you want your child to excel in a particular sport he or she must enjoy their participation.
Many children need to get more from their sport than just trophies and ribbons to keep them participating
over the long-term.
This ten-point plan is easy to read, but hard to put into practice, particularly when your child is about to make
the winning score. You may say that you’re not fussed, but deep inside, you are cheering for your child to do
Most parents would be proud for their child, if they scored the winning goal or made the winning play. But it’s
a matter of keeping your perspective, and remembering that participating in sport is to benefit children, rather than parents.
Jennifer Maughan
School Social Worker
Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 9208 2704
St Columba’s Catholic Primary School
32 Roberts Road Bayswater WA 6053
Email: [email protected]
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Term 1, Issue 6
Pastoral Care Raffle
Term rosters are placed on the classroom door and printed in the weekly newsletter for you
to check when your child/children are due to donate the prize (one prize donated per child a
year) for their class. The idea is to provide a small gift (eg book, puzzle, pencils etc) to the
value of $5.
The child rostered to donate a prize is required to hand the prize to the class teacher on the
Tickets are 20c each, with a maximum of 3 tickets.
Your participation and continued support is greatly appreciated.
Happy Birthday!
Kindy Green
William Pereira
Kindy White
Kindy White
Year 1 Green
Week 6
Year 1 White
Week 7
Amali Dias
***************Book Raffle***************
PP White
Esther Coates
Kindy White
Joshua Castellano
Week 6 Lila Brown
PP Green
Cole Trinder
Chase Morris
Kindy Green
Week 6 Brody Bedell
Week 7 Ava Fragomeni
Emmitt Winkler
Carter Robertson
Week 6 Leon Migliore
Week 7 Daphne Wishart
Year 2 Green
Year 2 White
Week 7 Michael Wells
Week 6 Zoe Car
Week 7 Rory Shanahan
Week 6 Alexander Harp
Week 7 Ella Wiinschl
Week 6 Daniel D’Esposito
Week 7 Saskia O’Neil
Week 6 Oliver Jamieson
Week 7 Alyssa Giacci
Week 6 Brooke Thompson
Week 7 Jude Panizza
Year 3 Green
Week 6 Alexander Read
Year 3 White
Week 6 Gabriella Denuccio
Year 4
Jayde Carmichael
Week 7 Riley Longson
Week 6 Aiden Lee
Week 7 Jordenn Pollock
Year 5
Week 6 Jordan Omerovic
Week 7 Teagan Middleton
Year 6
Week 6 Samantha Joewono
Week 7 Benjamin Shah
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Term 1, Issue 6
Community News
Enrolments for Year 7 2017 are now being accepted. For a prospectus and enrolment form please contact La Salle
College on 9274 6266 or visit the College website http://www.lasalle.wa.edu.au/enrolments and click on Request
Enrolment Package.
Tuesday 31 March 2015
Tour times: 9:30am and 1:40pm
We welcome you to view our extensive facilities including the newly opened Br Fitzhardinge Trade Skills Centre. To book your preferred tour time, please contact the Community Relations Department on 9449 0635 or
email [email protected]
Tickets for the above movie fundraiser can be purchased through Mrs Gillians in Year 3 White.
a gws
e let
1 2t er
Advertising space available!
$50.00 per term
for a business card-sized ad.
Contact [email protected]
with your pdf and to arrange payment to the P&F.
T e r m Pa
1 , ge
I s s1u2e 6
a gws
e let
1 3t er
T e r m Pa
1 , ge
I s s1u3e 6
Lisa Baker MLA
(08) 9370 3550
(fax) 9272 4291