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The North Cave Neighbourhood Plan
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Where should future housing and development take place in our Parish?
As you may, or may not, be aware the Parish Council has decided to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for
the Parish of North Cave to complement and expand upon the policies and proposals in the East Riding of
Yorkshire Council’s own Draft Local Plan, which is due to be formally approved and adopted by 2016.
The North Cave Neighbourhood Steering Group set up by the Parish Council to oversee the
Neighbourhood Plan organised and staged a useful and well-attended
well attended workshop in the Village Hall on the
9 October 2014, and has subsequently obtained external funding for the first stage of what we hope will be
a worthwhile project to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for our Parish covering both the Villages of North
Cave and Everthorpe as well as their environs.
As part of this process, we are seeking suggestions from any interested persons or organisations for sites
within the Parish that they think would be suitable for future residential,
residential, commercial, recreational or
community developments – along with any suggestions they may also have for the future provision of
roads, woodland and public open spaces.
To ensure that the Neighbourhood Plan reflects the wishes of our community as a whole we invite you to
indicate simply and clearly on the maps
map we have attached,, the areas of land where you think any of these
future uses should be provided.. Please feel free to use a colour scheme and key as you see fit to identify
the different uses, perhaps adding brief notes where necessary. Additional copies of both the North Cave
and Everthorpe maps are available on our website,
website www.northcaveplan.org.uk,, and in the Village
along with maps showing previous land bids and East Riding of Yorkshire Council land allocations for you
to print out and annotate as you see fit. There is also
lso information about the background to the
Neighbourhood Plan and its potential benefits to our community on the website.
Your completed maps should be submitted
in hard copy at the village shop in North Cave or electronically
to [email protected] by Monday 30th March.. Please be sure to include your name and contact
The information gathered from this exercise will be assessed by independent consultants and used to
formulate a recommended future course of action for
f the Neighbourhood Plan, which we will share with you
at our next open consultation meeting.
We look forward to receiving
ing your all
al of your ideas and suggestions. You do
o not need to own the land to
suggest that it might be a good potential development site.
Please do take the time to submit your ideas – this is a unique opportunity for us to shape the
future direction of our community – a successful neighbourhood
hbourhood plan becomes a statutory
document with legal standing that cannot be ignored by ERYC or developers in the future.
James Bailey
Chair of the North Cave Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
[email protected]
North Cave Plan
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North Cave Neighbourhood Plan
Designated Neighbourhood Area
North Cave Neighbourhood Area
Designated: 18.06.2014
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Date: 25.06.2013
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