BMA Director of TV and Event Production
Job listing: TV & Event Production Director
Title: TV and Event Production Director
The Boxing Marketing Arm S.A. (BMA) is a newly established company by the International
Boxing Association (AIBA). BMA’s mission is to generate commercial marketing success for
continuous growth of the sport of Boxing and AIBA. BMA’s is responsible for the production
and management of all events and media production of AIBA’s three major properties and
maximize revenues of all three competition programs:
AIBA Olympic Boxing Programs (AOB)
World Series of Boxing (WSB)
AIBA Pro Boxing (APB)
Job description :
The Media and Event Production Director will manage and coordinate all necessary
resources in the execution of live, delayed and digital broadcasts of AIBA property
events including World Series of Boxing, AIBA Open Boxing (Olympic Qualifying
Championships) and AIBA Pro Boxing events.
The M&E Production Director will have a broad knowledge of live sports TV and
event production. Directing and coordinating resources such as agencies,
contractors and freelancers to ensure each event is executed with quality protocols
and efficiency. With the ability to communicate that experience within the BMA team,
HB’s and agency resources, he/she will be responsible for all elements of venue
setup, branding and event presentation including run of show for the events and
This position will require the ability to identify and document standards and practices
for minimum quality requirements communicated to HB’s and agencies. Insuring the
events under the responsibility Boxing Marketing Arm (BMA) are of the highest
Desired Skills and Experience:
Experience with live TV sports production and post production
Knowledge of and ability to manage HB local feeds, world feeds and satellite
Ability to communicate and manage TV production company and/or agencies
Good communication skills with HBs and production company and/or agencies
Technical knowledge of Broadcast format and high quality specifications
Knowledge of TV graphics operations (both Swiss Timing Generator and other
Trouble shooting skills in a live sports production environment
Ability to develop TV production guidelines , documentation and reporting
Negotiate agreements for production services (with external personnel,
companies, vendors, entities; in conjunction with BMA Legal, requests and
executes contracts for negotiated agreements.
Includes technical, logistical, financial and administrative aspects of productions in
assigned areas.
Collaborates with senior management to ensure that assigned productions meet
established creative and technical specifications, business objectives and
financial goals.
Collaborates with senior management to define Production goals and measure
Work is reviewed from a mid to long-term perspective and against defined
objectives, budgets and schedules.
Responsible for the handling and trafficking of sensitive information (budgetary,
fee-related, etc.)
Responsible for dealing with time-sensitive materials and decisions.
During Production peak times remains accessible and is often required to work
non-traditional days/hours.
Traveling for productions internationally and within defined region will be required.
Directly manages one or more direct reports and agencies
Must possess strong organizational skills (i.e. budgeting time and prioritizing
workload, accuracy and attention to detail in all tasks, ability to implement
systematic processes and organize information flow).
Demonstrates ability to take initiative; suggests ideas and solutions to problems
that arise or before they occur.
Minimum five (7) years’ experience in TV production / operations
English as primary business language, additional language skills a plus
Computer skills in all business software (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and
all technical software applicable
Based in:
AIBA Headquarters in the Maison du Sport International,
Lausanne, Switzerland
Start date:
If you are interested in this post and you match the profile description, please send
your application by email to [email protected]