Bahrain celebrates its entrepreneurial spirit awarding the

Thursday, March 12, 2015
A good source of iron
and folate like green
peas is important for
healthy blood cells.
Issue No. 6587
seven among
the hundred
Bahrain celebrates its entrepreneurial spirit awarding the worthy
Mubarak Al Khalifa, Deputy Prime
Minister conveyed congratulations
on behalf of Prince Salman. He
said the award accelerated
innovation and encouraged
growth of entrepreneurship.
“Entrepreneurship is one of the
core drivers of pivotal change.
Growth of Kingdom’s private sector
is largely due to advancement in
entrepreneurship”, he added.
Noting that the Kingdom
is committed to encourage
entrepreneurial growth on the
basis of competitiveness, Shaikh
Mohammed said BAE winners
reflected the commitment.
Shaikh Mohammed bin Isa Al
Khalifa, Chairman and Acting
Chief Executive of Tamkeen said
BAE’s success cemented Bahrain’s
position as a regional hub for
The ceremony was also attended
by Shaikh Khalid bin Abdulla Al
Khalifa, Deputy Prime Minister
and other senior officials.
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March 2015 (E)
DT News Network
even finalists bagged the
prestigious awards instituted
by the Bahrain Award for
Entrepreneurship (BAE) in
a glittering ceremony held at
ART Rotana Hotel in Amwaj on
The winners were presented
with the awards in the ceremony
held the patronage of HRH
Prince Salman bin Hamad Al
Khalifa, Crown Prince, First
Deputy Prime Minister and
Chairman of Bahrain Economic
Development Board in recognition
of their entrepreneurial efforts
and contribution to Bahrain’s
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Thursday, March 12, 2015
Record numbers join Swiss
euthanasia organisation
The Swiss right-to-die organisation Exit that helps with assisted
suicides on Wednesday said its
membership reached a record
high in 2014 with the number
of applicants increasing by 20
The group said that 13,413
members from the Italian- and
German-speaking parts of
Switzerland joined last year. The
trend has continued into 2015
with 5,000 new applicants joining Exit till now.
InterIor mInIster chaIrs
“Weak security strategy reason for the confusion”
US, Cuba re-establish direct
phone link
The US and Cuba have reestablished a direct telephone
link, the Cuban state telecommunications company said
Wednesday. For the first time
since 1999, calls can now be
made directly from the US to
Cuba and vice versa, without
passing through a third country.
Algerian Declaration
DT News Network
is Excellency Interior
Minister Lt-General
Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah
Al Khalifa chaired the Bahrain
delegation in the 32nd session
of the Arab Interior Ministers
Council that was held on
Wednesday in Algeria under
the patronage of His Majesty
Algerian President Abdelaziz
Lt-General Shaikh Rashid
bin Abdullah Al Khalifa
asserted that a weak security
strategy was the predominant
reason for the confusion
and differences among Arab
nations when it came to taking
a political position.
The Minister made the
remarks while chairing the
Bahrain delegation at the 32nd
session of the Arab Interior
Ministers’ Council held in
Algeria on Wednesday. Arab
nations continue to witness
massive destruction and
deaths of innocent people, he
Shaikh Rashid charged
that sectarian elements have
unleashed mindless violence
in the Arab world and forced
several hundreds of families to
flee from their homes seeking
refuge in other countries.
“The most important thing
today is the restoration of
general order or we’ll move
into chaos and instability”, he
Shaikh Rashid said, Arab
nations had no other option
but to continue their fight in
order to protect their security
and stability. He, however,
enthused that the challenging
situation could not succeed
in breaking the Arab identity.
brothers is a must, especially,
because most security threats
and challenges have common
professed. Shaikh Rashid also
spoke about the threats posed
by IS without naming it.
expanding and crossing the
borders,” he said explaining
the need to adopt a joint
security strategy that is capable
of taking the threats head-on
and eliminating them.
“We’re responsible for
our protection and security
and we should work hard to
succeed,” he said.
The 32nd Session of the
Arab Interior Ministers’
Council came up with
the Algerian Declaration
on Fighting Terrorism
condemning terrorism
in all its forms notwithstanding the factors,
which motivate such
inhuman acts.
The Council also condemned the brutal and
barbaric acts committed by terrorist organisations including terrorism against minorities, destruction of
archaeological sites. The
Council in its statement
also rejected violence,
extremism and sectarian speech stressing the
need to tread the path
of moderation.
Poet Rafee, 79,
passes away
DT News Network
[email protected]
passed away in the wee hours
of Wednesday following agerelated illness. He was 79. His
Majesty King Hamad bin Isa
Al Khalifa offered condolences
to the family of the poet, who
left a rich poetic and literary
HM the King highlighted
enriching the poetic movement
in Bahrain and his literary
popularity in local, Gulf and
Arab regions.
Prime Minister HRH Prince
Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa
and Crown Prince, Deputy
Supreme Commander and First
Deputy Premier HRH Prince
Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa
also offered their condolences
to the bereaved family.
Abdulrahman Rafee has
nine volumes of vernacular and
standard Arabic poetry to his
credit. His poems are widely
acclaimed in the Gulf region
and the Arab world.
He won several literary
awards, including Hona Al
Bahrain Poetry Contest
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Abdulrahman Rafee
Abdulrahman Rafee has nine volumes
of vernacular and standard Arabic
poetry to his credit. His poems are
widely acclaimed in the Gulf region and
the Arab world. He won several literary awards, including Hona Al Bahrain
Poetry Contest Award
Award. Born in 1936, he
completed his secondary
education in Bahrain and
travelled to Egypt where he
studied law.
After returning from
Egypt, he worked for many
years in the Ministry of State
for Legal Affairs and later in
the Information Ministry as
Superintendent for Cultural
Thursday, March 12, 2015
law tightens
Remarkable increase among motorists who use seat belt at wheel
Mohammed Zafran/DTNN
[email protected].bh
ince the implementation of
the new traffic law the usage
of safety belts while driving has
risen by a whopping 71 per
cent, says a study.
Before the implementation of
the new traffic law on February
7, the usage of safety belts was
only 22 per cent, according to a
study conducted by Ministry of
Works, Municipalities & Urban
Planning. Roads Planning
and Design Director Kadhim
Abdul Latif said, “The usage of
As per the latest statistics, there is a huge
rise among those who
use the safety belt
- Kadhim Abdul Latif
seat belt while driving has risen
to 93 per cent (in total). The
Ministry had surveyed drivers
in Bahrain before and after the
implementation of the law.”
Motorists across 14 localities
were surveyed as part of the
study. “As per the latest
statistics, there is a huge rise
among those who use the safety
belt. This indicates an increased
level of awareness about the
importance of wearing seat
belts while driving,” he said.
“When the law mandating
the use of safety belts was first
enforced in 1990, 90.3 per cent
of the motorists used it. But
after a few years, it reached
lower than 25 per cent.”
“Owing to a meager fine
like BD 5, people didn’t bother
about the law. But now as
the fines have been increased
considerably, they have started
worrying,” he added.
Abdul Latif said that the
Ministry carries out traffic
surveys every year to assess
the people’s commitment to
using seat belts as directed by
the Traffic Council Technical
Committee since 1988.
The new traffic law includes
a “penalty points system,” in
which every offence will carry
penalty points to the offenders,
in addition to the fine.
If a motorist receives more
than 20 points a year, the
driving license will be revoked
for a period of three months.
Repeat offenders will have
their license suspended for six
months or even one year. The
license may also be completely
revoked if the same violator
is caught again for a traffic
Thursday, March 12, 2015
BIC to have a special snow-themed marquee as part of Bahrain Grand Prix
DT News Network
t’s going to snow in Bahrain!
For all those who
fancied playing in snow,
here is your chance. Bahrain
International Circuit (BIC) is
all geared to “Light Up Your
Nights” with a wonderful
winter wonderland set up
for all three days of the
2015 Formula One Gulf Air
Bahrain Grand Prix, taking
place from April 17 to 19 in
Known as The Snow Village,
a special marquee located in
BIC’s Formula One Village
vending area will have plenty
on offer for both children
and adults, making for a truly
first-of-its-kind experience at
The Home of Motorsport in the
Middle East.
Some of The Snow Village’s
key attractions will be a
synthetic ice rink, a snow
garden, a cross country skiing
area, a climbing wall, and a
tube and freestyle slide.
A spectacular ice show
titled The Ice Queen will also
be performed through the
day. The production features a
variety of dynamic ice-skating
routines combining glamour
and fun.
Such performances have
been part of prestigious events
in other parts of the world,
such as Holiday on Ice in The
Netherlands and the recent
Christmas Theme Park in
Meanwhile, adding to The
Snow Village’s winter feel
would be all the roaming
characters including penguins,
which promise to mesmerize
the spectators. Multi-award
winning magician and balloon
Middle East Medical Center features the latest Ayurvedic medical systems,
methodologies, and technology to facilitate the best experience and environment for our
esteemed guests through its Ayurvedic services.
artist Pop-the Balloon Man
will return to Bahrain Grand
Prix to once again inspire
race-goers with his colourful
Professional face painter
Rita Cherry will give children
a chance to transform their
faces into whatever their wild
imaginations desire.
The floodlit Bahrain Grand
Prix will be the fourth round
of the 2015 FIA Formula One
World Championship. It
will be the second time BIC
is hosting the 57-lap sprint
under stars.
Tickets can be purchased
from the BIC Stands in
Bahrain City Centre or Seef
Mall. It can also be purchased
online at,
or by calling the BIC hotline
on +973-17-450000.
RUW celebrates
Women’s Day
Specialized Treatments
Excellent specialized Ayurveda & Siddha
treatments are available at MEM for the
following diseases :
Sports injuries
Frozen shoulder
Low back ache
Kerala Traditional Therapies
Rejuvenation Massages
Stress Management Therapy
Postnatal Health Care
Eye Care
Ladies Special Beauty Therapies and many more.
E-mail : [email protected],
DT News Network
n a prestigious and engaging
ceremony, Royal University
for Women (RUW) celebrated
International Women’s Day
at its premises in West Riffa.
The event held under the
theme Women in Perspective
featured guest speaker and
chief guest the Ambassador of
the Republic of Turkey to the
Kingdom of Bahrain, Hatun
The ceremony started off
with a welcome speech from
the RUW President, Professor
Mazin Jumaah, in which he
acknowledged the development
of Bahraini women in all sectors
of society. He also expressed
his pride in being president of
an all female university.
A speech by the guest
speaker followed, where she
discussed the development of
women’s role worldwide and
in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
She stressed the importance of
pursuing goals and encouraged
students to take on leadership
roles and to strive for excellence
regardless of the challenges.
This was followed by an
interactive question and answer
session with the students.
RUW students asked questions
ranging from the diplomatic
life of an ambassador to the
evolving role of women in
household and professional
Later, Professor Juma,
described the event as “a
achievements worldwide and
a contemplation on how each
student should take pride in
her abilities and believe in
her capabilities to achieve her
true potential.” He thanked
and honoured guests and
other participants for their
cooperation in the ceremony.
Thursday, March 12, 2015
Hair removal cream
burns woman’s body
A popular hair removal cream causes irritation, chemical burns on Indian expat lady
DT News Network
n Indian expat woman in
Bahrain had to seek for medical
treatment after a hair removal cream
caused irritation and chemical burns
on her body.
The lady had been using the
product Nair, a commonly used
depilatory product, for sometime.
But this particular batch of the
product caused a disastrous effect
on her body.
She bought 110 ml bottle of Nair
from a supermarket on February
8 for BD 1.150. Nair is used for all
hair types and she applied it on her
bikini area.
“All of a sudden I felt a burning
sensation and the skin was peeled off
when I applied the cream. I do not
know what was the reason. I used
this cream earlier also, but I had
never faced a problem,” she said.
“I consulted a gynaecologist at Al
Hilal Hospital in East Riffa. Now I
am recovering slowly’, the woman
When she approached the
supermarket, they said that it was the
first time they got such a complaint
about the product.
The supermarket representatives
told DT News that the product was
newly supplied and they would
inform the product supplying
are calcium hydroxide (lime) and
sodium hydroxide (lye), which raise
the pH of hair, chemically breaking
it down.
Some formulations also contain
potassium thioglycolate, which
breaks down the disulphide bonds
It can be messy to use. These
creams should not be applied
on broken or damaged skin
to remove the undesired hair.
It is strongly advised against
to using the cream near
eyes, genitals etc. Depilatory
creams should not be used on
a daily basis
- Dr Binu Sebastian
According to Wikipedia, products
such as Nair often combine softening
agents such as mineral oil to help
offset the harsh active ingredients.
Two of the active ingredients
in the hair’s keratin thus weakening
it enough to be simply wiped away.
When contacted, Al Hilal Hospital
Dermatologist Dr Binu Sebastian
said that people with sensitive skin
are strongly advised against using
Officials visit Jaw
prison post riot
DT News Network
[email protected]
ublic Prosecution officials on Wednesday
visited the Jaw prison a day after it was
vandalised by some people. In a statement to the
press, Southern Governorate Chief Prosecutor
Muhanna Al Shaiji clarified that the prosecution
was notified by the Reformation and Rehabilitation
Centre in Jaw on Tuesday, about a group of
inmates who rioted and vandalised the facility.
Al Shaiji explained that the inmates refused to
comply with orders. “They kicked the guards out of
the buildings and blocked the gates using wooden
furniture. The prosecution was also informed that
inmates vandalised the buildings by damaging air
conditioning systems and surveillance cameras,”
he said. “They scaled the walls of the facilities,
where they stationed to hurl policemen with rocks
and sharp objects,” the statement read.
Prosecution representatives inspected the
damage done to it and counted the number of the
individuals injured in the riots, including inmates
and policemen.
“The prosecution is currently preparing to
interrogate the centre’s staff and eyewitnesses to
find out the perpetrators and whether it was an
intentional attack,” the prosecutor added.
Interior Ministry stated on Tuesday that
visiting families and some inmates began rioting
and vandalised parts of the Centre.
Prosecution representatives inspected the damage
done to it and counted the
number of the injured
The incident occurred after the Ministry denied
an alleged family member from entering the
facility, as the person had no identification proof
in possession.
Leaked videos and photos of the riots soon
went viral on local social media networks. MP
Nabeel Al Balooshi raised a parliamentary query
to Interior Minister Lt. General Shaikh Rashid
bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, asking him about the
recurrence of security breaches inside Reformation
and Rehabilitation Centres in the country.
Al Balooshy also enquired about the Ministry’s
procedures against the repeated vandalism and
breaches in these Centres.
depilatory creams. “It can be messy
to use. These creams should not be
applied on broken or damaged skin
to remove the undesired hair. It is
strongly advised against using the
cream near eyes, genitals etc.,” he
The Dermatologist said that
depilatory creams should not be
used on a daily basis. “People with
sensitive skin are strongly advised
against using these creams. T h e y
should never be used on skin with
cuts, scratches, scrapes, abrasions,
and burns. Regular use may harm
the skin, darken, tan and even burn
it. They can be very smelly due to
the chemicals present in them,” he
According to him, the creams are
chemical-based products and have
a high risk of developing rashes,
redness, allergy and skin burn when
compared to other processes.
“These creams have bad smell
because of the chemicals. Using
depilatory creams for hair removal
depends on factors like preference,
convenience etc. Once in a while,
these creams can be used but is
not suggested for daily use,” Dr.
Sebastian added.
Student, teachers held
for Quran sacrilege
DT News Network
student and two teachers have been
detained in connection with the “Quran
singing” incident in a high school, on
Wednesday. They have been charged with
insulting Islam after the boy sang verses from
the Holy Quran accompanied by musical
instruments during a creativity show in the
Commenting on the issue, Prosecutor
Adnan Fakhro said that authorities had
investigated the incident of a video published
on social media of a student singing verses
of the Holy Quran accompanied by musical
“Authorities have questioned the student
who sang and the two teachers who trained
him on the song and played music,” Fakhro’s
statement said.
The trio are being held pending further
Staff Director oversees
Administrative Drill
DT News Network
he National Guard
(NG)’s Director of
Staff, Major-General Shaikh
Abdulaziz bin Saud Al
Khalifa oversaw the course
of the Administrative Drill
(Deluges 4) implemented by
the Administrative Support
Unit with participation of
several National Guard units.
The Director of Staff was
briefed by the Commander
Support Unit about the
objectives of this drill aimed
to boost capacity to solve
various field problems and
capability of establishment of
communication operations.
In conclusion of the
exercise, the Director of Staff
expressed his satisfaction
with the excellent level of the
King leaves for Egypt today,
to attend economic meet
His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa
Al-Khalifa will head to Egypt
today to lead Bahrain’s delegation to Egypt Economic
at the invitation of Egyptian
President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi,
the Royal Court announced on
The three-day conference
will be held at Sharm El-Sheikh
between March 13 and15.
Thursday, March 12, 2015
Namaste for Micro-Enterprise of the Year Award
Obai & Hill for Startup of the Year Award
Creative Style for Enterprise of the Year Award (SMEs)
Abdulla Ahmed Nass & Sons Co for Enterprise of the Year
Award (Large Companies)
BMMI for Sustainable Business Award (SME & Large
enterprise categories)
AlMoayyed Contracting Group for the People’s Choice
Hussein Ali Yateem for the Lifetime Achievement Award
Announced December last year
Winners selected from 100 applicants
Initial review of applications by BAE Committee
Review included interviews
It determined the semi-finalists
Partners in Award
Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB)
Bahrain Development Bank (BDB)
Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI)
Industry and Commerce Ministry
What did the prizes mean?
Start-up funding
Business coaching
Office space in business incubators & accelerators
Growth plan development
Training and certification
Invaluable opportunity to meet global business
What the winners stand to gain?
Greater opportunities to develop his/her business
Thursday, March 12, 2015
Convicted in seven out of 27 cases against him
DT News Network
he jail term given to a Gulf national
rose to 32 years in total for the third
day in a row after the High Criminal
Court on Wednesday found him guilty of
defrauding an Asian and sentenced him to
an additional three years in prison.
The Gulf national had resorted to
manipulation and swindled the money
from the bank account of the Asian,
which saw the court handing down the
additional 3-year imprisonment.
The defendant has received a total of
nine years in jail in the past three days
for deceiving three persons of Asian
origin, which added to his previous tally
of 23 years in jail involving four cases of
The High Criminal Court on
Wednesday found him guilty of
withdrawing BD500 from his victim’s
account. The victim, who did not know
how to use the ATM card, wanted to
check his account balance and had
sought the fraudster’s help.
The victim, however, did not realise it
was the modus operandi of the fraudster
to stand by the ATM counter and wait
for a gullible victim like him with a view
to make easy money.
“He acceded to my request
immediately and asked for PIN. I gave
it to him and we entered the ATM
together. He later told me that I’d a
balance of BD615 and asked to go to an
adjoining ATM where the card would
pop out,” the victim said.
The unsuspecting victim went to the
adjoining counter to collect his ATM
card. “I went there and kept waiting.
But, nothing came out of the ATM.
Travel ban on suspended
TV channel’s employees
DT News Network
travel ban was imposed on Wednesday by
a Bahraini court on six employees of the
suspended Al Arab News Channel. The men
borrowed loans of over BD271 from a bank in
Bahrain, and its lawyer filed a complaint against
them at the Court of Urgent Matters to stop
them from leaving the country till they settled
the dues.
It’s said the first defendant received BD48,816
from the bank, while the second defendant
borrowed BD46,445 and the third defendant
BD46,445. The fourth, fifth and sixth defendants
received BD54,008, BD17,860 and BD17,860
The 24-hour news channel was permanently
shut by Bahraini authorities after only a day of
broadcasting. The Bahrain Information Affairs
Authority issued a statement declaring the ban
was imposed for “failing to obtain necessary
licensing to commence broadcasting.”
It was also accused of failing to “match
the standards of regional and international
practice agreements, to take account of efforts
aimed at stemming extremism and terrorism
throughout world.”
Invitation to the Annual Ordinary General Meeting
The Agenda for the Annual General Meeting
Information Affairs Minister Isa Al Hammadi
- who is also official government spokesman
- said earlier in a press conference they had
offered the channel the required administrative
and technical support to carry out work in line
with international and GCC conventions. He
said this was done considering the continuing
war against terrorism both from the regional
and global perspectives, but the channel failed
to conform to the basic principles of those
He added, “The Supreme Council for
Information and Telecommunication had
no option but to take necessary action and
recommend its implementation.”
The channel is expected to resume its
broadcast from Cyprus.
Prison torture: Witnesses
to be heard on April 5
female relative of two
prisoners, who had come
to visit them, soon joined
them behind bars for allegedly
assaulting officers. The Public
Prosecution said on Wednesday
the woman hit a policeman on
his head at the Jaw prison before
policewomen intervened in a bid
to calm her down.
reportedly pelted a table and
several chairs at them, though
no one was injured in the
incident. The statement said the
woman admitted to her offence
before prosecutors, following
which, she was charged with
attacking officers and damaging
properties. She was ordered to be
detained, pending trial.
The Board of Directors of Al Ahlia Insurance Company BSC is cordially inviting its shareholders to attend the Annual
Ordinary General Meeting to be held on Tuesday, 31st March 2015 at 11:00 AM at the Regency Intercontinental-Business
One Hall to discuss the below mentioned agenda. If the required quorum is not available, a second meeting will be held
on Tuesday, 7th April 2015 at the same time and venue.
DT News Network
rosecution witnesses will
be heard on April 5 in
the trial of five police officers
implicated in the torture of an
The officers, including a first
lieutenant, were put on trial
after the Public Prosecution
held them guilty of beating up
a prisoner.
The latter was jailed in
Meanwhile, the defendant had left the
other ATM,” the victim elaborated.
“It was after going to the bank that I
learnt I’d been duped and the fraudster
had withdrawn BD500 from my
account,” lamented the victim.
The 41-year-old defendant was
identified from the image captured by
the CCTV camera installed at the ATM.
The defendant, it is alleged, resorted
to defrauding ignorant victims, mostly
Asians, whenever he ran out of money.
The defendant’s total jail term could
exceed the 100-year-mark since police
have booked him in 27 cases, of which,
the court has already convicted him in
seven cases.
connection with a drug
case, and prosecutors say
the defendants tortured him
to obtain confession. They
reportedly fastened his hands
with a makeshift rope before
lifting him with a ladder
The Special Investigation
Unit had launched an
investigation into the incident
after spotting severe wounds
across the victim’s body,
before tipping off the Public
A forensic medical exam
also confirmed the wounds
were caused by torture. The
defendants, however, earlier
pleaded not guilty before the
High Criminal Court. They
were accused of causing physical
injuries and psychological
trauma. The defendants also
allegedly insulted the victim
verbally during the assault.
Read and approve the minutes of the annual general meeting held on 31st March 2014.
Discuss and approve the Board of Directors’ Report on the Company’s activities for the year ended 31st December 2014.
Review the Auditors’ Report for the year ended 31st December 2014.
Discuss and approve the Financial Statements for the year ended 31st December 2014.
Discuss and approve the Board of Directors recommendation for the following proposed appropriations:
Distribution of cash dividends of 40% of Paid up Capital at .040fils for each shares held (BD 2,473,976).
Transfer of BD 165,600 to the statutory reserve.
6. Discuss and approve the report of the Board of Directors on the commitment to corporate governance for 2014.
7. Authorize the Board of directors to reappoint DICO as Investment advisors for the company for the year 2015
after approval of Central Bank of Bahrain.
8. Ratify the conduct of the members of the Board and discharge them from liability for their actions during the
year ended 31st December 2014.
9. To appoint or re-appoint external auditors for the year 2015, and authorize the Board of directors to deter
mine their remuneration, subject to the approval of the Central Bank of Bahrain.
10. Election of 5 members for the coming 3 years.
You may collect the Financial Statements for the year 2014 and the proxy form Al Ahlia Insurance Company main
branch in Chamber of Commerce old Bldg No. 122, 4th floor, office No. 44, Manama, Tel: 17225860 effective 19th
March, 2015.
Any shareholder registered in the shareholders register as of the date of the AGM to attend personally or by written
proxy to any person to attend the meeting and vote on his/her/their behalf provided that the said proxy is not the
Company’s Chairman, Board’s member or Company’s employee.
In the case the shareholder is a company, the proxy attending the meeting must present an authorization letter
from the shareholder authorizing that he is the proxy of that shareholder. Such authorization must be in written
form and signed by the authorized person in the company and stamped by that company’s stamp and to be presented before the expiry of the fixed time for depositing the proxy.
The proxy must be delivered at least 24 hours prior to the meeting by hand, post, fax (17224870) or email ([email protected]) and to make sure of receiving it before the expiry of the fixed time for depositing the proxy. The
proxy form delivered after the fixed time for depositing it shall be considered unusable for the meeting.
Those who want to nominate themselves for membership of Board of Directors for the coming 3 years period can
obtain election form from Al Ahlia Insurance Company and submit the same duly filled in along with all required
documents to PR department of the company before 19/03/2015 by hand or post to PO Box 5282.
For any clarifications, please contact the number 17225860.
Board of Directors
Thursday, March 12, 2015
This bazaar has many hues,
Embassies Charity Bazaar held in Bahrain
on stage and 55 prizes are presented by
the Embassies. This event will benefit
the Welfare Society for the long-term
cause,” she added.
t was the confluence of different
Bridget Lindsey, wife of the British
communities at the annual Embassies
Ambassador, said, “The British
Charity Bazaar, which was inaugurated
community was ecstatic in baking cakes
on Wednesday. Around 35 Embassies
for this cause, which will benefit not
took part in this year’s edition compared
only education centres but also children
to the 28 participants last year.
with special needs and poor families.”
The Children and Mothers Welfare
Wang Yi, wife of the Chinese
Society organized the one-day bazaar
Ambassador said, “We have brought
in concert with Embassies of Arab and
The British community was
many traditional bags and accessories
expatriate communities in Bahrain on
ecstatic in baking cakes for
the society’s premises in Isa Town. The
this cause, which will benefit from China, but what stands in this
bazaar is how popularly scarves are
inaugural ceremony was held under the
not only education centres
patronage of Shaikha Hessa bint Ali Al
but also children with special
Overwhelmed by the response to
Khalifa, Wife of His Royal Highness
needs and poor families
the event, Mala Kumar, wife of Indian
the Premier, in the presence of HRH
Ambassador, said: “It is fantastic how
the Prime Minister’s daughter Shaikha
- Bridget Lindsey all Embassies are coming together for The Indian Embassy stall.
Lulua bint Khalifa Al Khalifa.
the dedication of a good cause. This also
Speaking to DT News, Maysa
gives us an opportunity to give back to
Mohammed, Executive Director of
our host country Bahrain.”
Children and Mothers Welfare Society,
Stephanie Hallet, representative of the USA stall
said: “The event has 35 stalls with the participation of
more than one thousand people. The Mexican Embassy and the Counsellor for Political and Economic Affairs
expressed her happiness in participating in the event
also participates for the first time.”
“This year, we have added a stronger cultural theme along with the American Women’s Association. They
with the display of every country’s traditional clothing had displayed baskets filled with educational games.
Fatima Bastaki/DTNN
The Indian Ambassador and his wife at the event.
A view of the Libyan Embassy stall.
Wang Yi (right), wife of the Chinese Ambassador, in the China Embassy stall.
Thursday, March 12, 2015
Bahraini in
the dock for
hiding convict
DT News Network
losing arguments will be
submitted on April 7 in
the trial of a Bahraini accused
of attempting to smuggle a
convicted fugitive. The latter
was earlier sentenced to 15
years in prison in absentia after
being convicted in connection
with Jaish Al Imam (Army of
Imam) case.
Having successfully passed
the Bahraini checkpoint, the
defendant was arrested on
the Saudi side of King Fahad
Causeway by Saudi customs
He reportedly hid the convict
under the backseat, and, to
mislead inspectors, brought
along his wife and young son
to make it look like they were
on a picnic. ‘When we passed
the Bahraini check-point we
thought we were safe and he
(the convict) has left his cache,”
the defendant told prosecutors
in his statement.
‘When we reached the Saudi
check-point, we presented our
IDs. When they entered the
information in the computer
system, they discovered he
(the convict) is wanted by the
Bahraini authorities,’ he added.
The defendant was charged
with helping a convicted
fugitive escape the country.
Ten men were earlier
convicted in connection with
a terrorist group that planned
attacks across the country. Of
the ten, four were sentenced
before the High Criminal
Court to life imprisonment
for spearheading the Iranianbacked Army of Imam.
The other six co-defendants
were jailed for 15 years each for
being part of the terrorist cell.
Fourteen others were acquitted
due to lack of evidence. The
cell allegedly planned to target
the Interior Ministry, Bahrain
International Airport, Bahrain
International Circuit, the US
Navy base in Juffair, the BDF,
Shaikh Isa Air Base and other
vital sites.
market turns hub
Illegal workers thrive at Manama Central Market
Melvin Mendonca/DTNN
[email protected]
he Manama Central market, the
largest market in the Kingdom, has
become a hub of free visa holders and
illegal residents. These illegal workers
handle fruit trolleys at the Central market
during the day.
“When the municipality officials or
Labour Market Regulatory Authority
(LMRA) inspectors raid the area, they
vanish. They resume the work once the
officials leave the place,” a source said.
Due to the lack of strict monitoring
system, the menace of illegal employment
is thriving in the market. Recently, local
parliamentarian Ahmed Abdul Wahid
Qarata said that block numbers 301, 302,
303 and 304 of Manama have become
the haven for these free visa holders and
illegal residents.
The MP had called for the collective
effort of officials of Interior Ministry,
Labour Ministry and Health Ministry.
Speaking to DT News, Manama General
Secretariat Chairman, Mohammed Al
Khozae said that though he was aware of
the issue in the market, he was unable to
take stringent action against them due to
limited authority vested with the General
“Interior Ministry and LMRA have
the power to tackle the issue of free
visa holders and illegal residents. Until
they plunge into action, we cannot do
anything,” he added.
First global vascular symposium in Bahrain
Muhammad Azam/DTNN
DF Hospital in collaboration
with the Gulf Vascular Society
and Saudi Society for Vascular
Surgeons organized a two-day
Bahrain International Vascular
Symposium here on Wednesday.
More than 200 participants attended
the programme to benefit from the
advanced knowledge of eminent
international and regional vascular
The symposium was held on the
fringe of the Bahrain International
Trauma Conference held under the
patronage of Chairman Supreme
Health Council Lt. General (Dr.)
Shaikh Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al
The goal of the meeting is to
discuss and come up with the
most advanced treatment
modalities and solutions for
- Lt. Col. Dr. Dhafer M. Kamal
Khalifa on Sunday.
Director of Royal Medical Services
Bahrain Defence Force Maj. Gen.
(Prof.) Khalid bin Ali Al-Khalifa was
also present at the occasion.
Speaking to DT News, Consultant
Vascular and Endovascular Surgeons
BDF Royal Medical Services Hospital
Lt. Col. Dr. Dhafer M. Kamal said that
it was the first international vascular
scientific meeting in Bahrain.
“The goal of the meeting is to
discuss and come up with the most
advanced treatment modalities
Maj. Gen. Khalid bin Ali Al-Khalifa, Director of Royal Medical Services Bahrain Defence Force (third from left in first
row), attends the Bahrain International Vascular Symposium on Wednesday.
and solutions for patients inflicted
with vascular diseases. It also aims
to increase awareness on vascular
conditions among the physicians as
well as the public,” said Dr. Kamal.
The symposium Director Training
and Development BDF Royal
Medical Services Hospital Maj. Dr
Ahmed Mohamed Al Ansari said
that the object of the programme
was to bring forth international
advancements on the subject and
benefit from them.
Registration fee for the symposium
was BD 58, while for doctors, nurses
and medical students it was BD 56.
There were four sessions on day
one covering vital topics like Diabetic
Foot Complications, Peripheral
Arterial Disease Management
and Updates, Vascular Trauma/
Miscellaneous and Interesting
Cases Presentations. First session
was chaired and co chaired by Dr.
Muneir Nazzal, and Dr. Mamoun
Al – Basheer. The speakers were
Professor Hasan Al Zahrani, Dr.
Giacomo Clerici, Dr. Mahmoud
Malas and Dr Patrick Tosenovsky.
Second session was chaired and co
chaired by Dr. Giacomo Clerici and
Dr. Hasan Al- Zahrani. The speakers
were Dr. Samer Koussayer, Professor
Muneir Nazzal, Dr Massimo
Lenti, Dr. Martin Maresch and Dr.
Mahmoud Mallas.
Third session was chaired and co
chaired by Dr. Mahmoud Malas and
Dr. Hasan Al – Thani. The speakers
The object of the programme was to bring forth
international advancements on the subject and
benefit from them
- Maj. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed
Al Ansari
were Dr. Ali Badra, Dr. Saud
Al-Turki, Dr. Musaad Al Ghamdi,
Dr. Abdul Karim Al Amri and Dr.
Mamoun Al- Basheer.
Fourth session was chaired and co
chaired by Dr. Khalifa- Al Wehaibi
and Dr. Dhafer Kamal. The speakers
of the last session were Dr. Mamoun
Al- Basheer and Dr. Elham Khouja.
Four more sessions will be
conducted on the topics Carotid
Artery Disease, Thoracic and
Abdominal Aorta, Vascular Access
for Hemodialysis and Update on
Management of Venous Disease on
10 Thursday, March 12, 2015
[email protected]
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nEW basE to tacklE thrEats In thE rEgIon
Give any child around
you all the love and
tenderness you can
provide; it’s all what it
takes to make them sane,
proper individuals
People hate when you show
them how it feels to be
treated the way they treat
Dear Mr. Cameron,
Bahrain is a strategic ally, with the
friendship between the two countries
further forged with the new base
to tackle threats in the region. The
defense secretary Michael Fallon
said “this new base is a permanent
expansion of the Royal Navy’s
footprint and will enable Britain
to send more and larger ships to
reinforce stability in the Gulf”.
Bahrain’s Crown Prince has urged
a war on ‘evil theocracy” and the
world is convinced that murder
and execution in the name of any
religion is unacceptable and must
stop. There is a crisis in the UK with
the recruitment of young girls to join
jihadists in Syria and Iraq and your
intelligence agencies are doing their
utmost to combat terrorism in the UK.
With the recent revelation of “Jihadi
John”, the challenge of eliminating
the radicalization of youth has
become even more apparent with
aggressive extremists firmly placed in
the education system.
With the new commitment with
Bahrain, I hope that you will question
the dubious personalities who live
comfortably in the UK with links to Iran
continue their venomous campaign
against the peaceful majority in this
As a British citizen and a resident
in Bahrain for over two decades, I
can say with confidence that this is a
multi-ethnic society with a leadership
that is both visionary and openminded. There is freedom of speech,
freedom of religion and gender
equality. With this in mind, I ask why
the British newspapers continue to
sell false propaganda to its readers in
the name of “free media” when the
allegations are so far from the truth
on the ground.
If indeed the British government
wants to stop the radicalizing of
young people in the community it is
not only ISIS that remains a problem
but also Hezbollah which also has
firm representation in the UK. The
UK government has offered asylum
to unscrupulous Bahraini characters
like Saeed Shehabi, Ala’a Shehabi,
Yousif Muhafadha, Ali Abdulemam,
Jawad Fairooz and Mushaima to
name a few. These extremists’ core
belief is violence, they have links to
Iran and Hezbollah, run organizations
from the UK and are even permitted
valuable space in British newspapers
and television. On the other hand,
voices of truth, which is the vast
majority and who firmly apposes the
sectarian violence of the so-called Al
Wefaq “opposition” group with its
fans based in the UK, are continually
ignored and their validity questioned.
On social media, accounts created
and run from the UK are abusive and
baselessly accuse the Bahrain security
personnel and government of torture
and repression. These same accounts
are abusive towards anyone with a
contrary opinion and the constant
barrage is disturbing. Some claim
to be MBE holders while others call
themselves “activists”. What sort of
British activist, MBE holder or citizen
supports terrorism in another country
and criticizes it on home ground?
It would do a great service to the
British people if intelligence agencies
were to identify these people as they
may radicalize unsuspecting victims
through false propaganda.
Mr. David Cameron and Mrs. Theresa
May, as a British citizen I respectfully
urge you to address the issue of
people who use the UK as a base to
support terrorism and to encourage
as well as condone sectarian violence
in Bahrain through foreign funding.
The UK stands for justice and tolerance
– people who incite violence and
terrorism under the guise of human
rights should not be welcome in a
country whose pillar of foreign policy
is that of peace.
Thank you Sir.
Sally Saar
The world is ‘sick of being lectured to’ by the United Nations
Never settle for
anything less than
what you deserve. If
you settle for less, you
probably deserve even
Good luck to the
#Bahrain startups
in their @MITEFarab
competition! Wishing
you all the best
he United Nations was
officially founded on
October 24th 1945 and
appeared to be a suitable
successor to the League of
Nations whose members’
primary goals, as stated
in its Covenant, included
“preventing wars through
disarmament and settling
international disputes through
negotiation and arbitration”.
Although the UN looked
like a strong and effective
replacement, it began to lose
its status by the end of 1970
when it became evident that
America, and Russia would
continue to follow their
foreign policies. America had
the most influence because
it contributed 25% of the
annual UN budget.
In 1986 the USA refused to pay
50% of its annual contribution
in protest at the influence of
newly emerging countries.
The USA’s argument was that
20 nations financed 85% of
the total UN budget and yet
smaller nations without major
monetary commitment were
trying to reform the UN –
money talks.
In the Security Council, which
is where most of the work
is done, out of fifteen seats
the five permanent member
states Russia, USA, UK, France
and China retain the right to
veto any decisions. As the
New York Times said in July
2014 “the right of veto has
long enabled the permanent
members to reject anything
that threatens their strategic
organization’s lofty principles,
notably its mandate to protect
civilians when their own state
authorities cannot”.
In December 2014 the Japan
times said “U.N. members
have been discussing change
for decades, but agreement
interests. As it approaches
its 70th anniversary next
year, here are five problems
facing the United Nations;
1. Outdated structure, 2.
3. Increasing demands, 4.
Unreliable funding and 5.
Political horse-trading”.
It has become more obvious
that the UN is not interested
in solving problems with
diplomatic force but by
flexing dollar muscles. The
world must not disregard
the Sykes Picot agreement
between France and Britain or
the USA’s Greater Middle East
Plan. The long term foreign
policies of the permanent
members of the UN to carve
up and control the Middle
East by creating internal strife
and fragmentation is far from
Look at the mess in Iraq,
Syria, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan,
and Afghanistan and observe
the growing tentacles of
Iran and Israel – the plan for
the GCC couldn’t be more
obvious. The UN cries human
rights against any country at
the drop of a hat yet does not
condemn the US for its racial
prejudice, police brutality, the
murder of unarmed civilians
and then there’s the torture
chamber – Guantanamo bay.
To date the UN has done
nothing to stop the cold-
blooded murder of hundreds
of thousands of civilians in
Syria or the oppression and
executions in Iran. Why?
In Bahrain;
Who supported Al Wefaq’s
attempted coup in 2011?
Which Ambassadors continue
to meet with Al Wefaq that
represents nobody?
Heads of which states
sympathized with Al Wefaq’s
Why was the UN’s focus on
Bahrain and Al Wefaq?
Why did the local UN office
maintain an eerie dishonest
Well trained manipulative
agents placed within Arab
countries will try to execute
cunning schemes and plans
on behalf of their god fathers
– the question is “are we
The goal is not perfection but rather a posture of moving toward healthy habits and characteristics.
German property in the
country could be confiscated to compensate for
the Nazi occupation of
We will approach the
issue with the necessary
sensitivity, with a sense
of responsibility and
honesty... We expect the
German government to
do the same
-Greece PM
Alexis Tsipras
- Greece Justice Minister
Nikos Parakevopoulos
Thursday, March 12, 2015
Man Power
DT News Network
AN Truck and Bus posted a
strong surge in performance
in the Kingdom to close 2014 with
sustained growth in customer
demand. The positive sales
performance comes on the back of
a stronger brand perception and
steady growth for the transport sector
and demonstrates the strong growth
momentum for MAN moving into
General Manager of AMA Motors,
the exclusive MAN distributor in
Bahrain, Simon Keen stated: “The
market share of Bahrain for MAN has
increased year-on-year from 35 per
cent to 38pc against an actual vehicle
registration that has stayed static at
around 350 units in the segment 16
tons and over.
The key highlight for MAN in
2015 is the implementation of the
127 MAN buses for the new public
transport service in Bahrain. The
customer awareness of both the buses
and the MAN brand has massively
increased and as such the level of
customer visits and quotation is up by
around 50pc year on year.”
Despite the difficult economic
situation, the MAN group managed
to increase its worldwide operating
profit in 2014. This is attributable
to the significantly improved
profitability of business with large
motors and machines. The strong
position in the European commercial
vehicle business also helped to
respond to the market slump in Brazil
and Russia.
MoI to host second
eCommerce Workshop
he Industry and Commerce
ministry is hosting the
second eCommerce Workshop
under the patronage of Industry
and Commerce Minister Zayed
bin Rashid Alzayani under the
slogan “eCommerce .. Bahraini
Platform .. To Global Market”,
Directorate and Bahrain
Society (BTECH) the strategic
partner of the event will host a
workshop about eMarketPlace
Spreading Wings
and its significance alongwith.
The event will be held
in the Palm hall at Bahrain
International Exhibition &
Convention Centre at 9:00am
to 1:00pm on March 30.
This event comes within the
ministry’s scope and the vision
of progressive role for the
small and medium enterprises
they take part toward the local
economy, in addition to the
Ministry’s response toward the
high demand of the previous
workshop which took place in
Exide Bahrain
10 years
xide Batteries, the battery
solutions for all driving
needs, is celebrating 10 years of
success in Bahrain and is having
a special offer to commemorate
the occasion.
Ebrahim K. Kanoo B.S.C
has been representing Exide
Technologies for the past decade
in Bahrain. General Manager
- Parts at Ebrahim K. Kanoo
Gurcharan Singh said: “We
at EKK value our partnership
with Exide technologies as they
are the world’s number 1 in
He added: “We are
committed to offer customers
high quality products and
excellent service.”
Currently, with every purchase
of Exide batteries, customers get
a scratch & win card to win
40 LED TVs, iPhones, Samsung
Galaxy Tablets, Philips Tablets
and other valuable prizes. The
offer is valid from March 1 until
April 30, 2015.
Nedbank strengthens
Mideast operations
DT News Desk
edbank Private Wealth, a
leading wealth provider
with a heritage dating back to
1834, has increased the client
support team for its Dubaibased operation due to strong
growth across the Middle
Eastern region. Greg Smith has joined the Andrew Bates, Regional Head of ME
Dubai-based regional office
and will be interacting with a
dedicated high net worth client
service team that has been
recently appointed to extend
product and service support.
This support team will be headed
by senior executive, Gordon
Crowe, and further assisted by
Claire Quayle, who has joined as
a new personal banker.
Greg Smith has over seven
years’ experience in the
financial services industry
in Dubai and has worked in
various business development
and advisory positions. Prior
to joining Nedbank Private
Wealth, he worked in the
private banking department of
Lloyds TSB as a wealth team
Zain expands horizons with datamena
ain Group has announced a new
collaboration with datamena, a carrier
neutral data centre and connectivity
platform based in the UAE and serving
Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.
This new collaboration was announced
during Capacity Middle East – the 10th
edition of the annual flagship event for the
Middle Eastern and international carrier
communities, running between March 10
and 12 which brings together over 1,200
delegates representing more than 350
Through presence in datamena, Zain
operations across the region will expand
by interconnecting with various partners
including regional and international
carriers, content and cloud providers and
Zain operations will be benefiting from
state of the art infrastructure available in
datamena, including the UAE Internet
Exchange (UAE-IX). Zain Group is a member of the Middle
East Europe Terrestrial System (MEETS),
which reaches into datamena and which
will be connecting the GCC with high speed
fibre optics when it is launched later this
Thursday, March 12, 2015
BCCI health committee holds meeting
DT News Network
he Health and Medical
of Bahrain Chamber of
Commerce and Industry
(BCCI) held its ordinary
meeting presided over
by Adel Al A’ali at the
Chamber’s headquarters
in Sanabis. The meeting
discussed the prospect of
holding meetings with the
Economic Development
Board (EDB) and Labour
Authority (LMRA) to mull
enhancing cooperation and
integrating efforts. The
committee also endorsed
holding another meeting
with the National Health
(NHRA) to scrutinise the
progress of the proposals
made in its previous
BBK closes 2014
on a strong note
Net interest income rose 5 per cent
SOuth aFriCan rand
uS dOLLarS
Canadian dOLLar
indian ruPEE
BanGLadESh taKa
ChinESE Yuan
hOnG KOnG dOLLar
indOnESian ruPiah
Sri LanKan ruPEE
maLaYSian rinGGit
PaKiStan ruPEE
SinGaPOrE dOLLar
thai Baht
auStraLian dOLLar
nEw ZEaLand dOLLar
SwiSS FranC
BritiSh POund
turKiSh Lira
Saudi riYaL
uaE dirhamS
Qatar riYaL
Kuwaiti dinar
Omani riYaL
EGYPtian POund
JOrdanian dinar
mOrOCCan dirhamS
SYrian POund
YEmEni riYaL
rates are for indication purpose only. For firm rates or for currencies not listed above please
call Bahrain Financing Company. telephone: 17228888, website:
DT News Network
n increase in interest
income helped BBK to
finish 2014 with solid profit
figures, according to the
company’s annual report.
BBK’s net interest income
rose 5pc to BD72.3 million in
2014 from BD68.9m in 2013.
Other income clocked a
healthy growth of 4pc from
2013 as total assets grew by
8.4pc to BD3.5 billion in 2014.
Net loans as a ratio of total
assets reached a level above
that seen in 2010, and is now
at 52.7pc.
For BBK, 2014 was a fruitful
year with steadily improving
performance and achieving
recognition and awards like “Best
Retail Bank in Bahrain 2014
by Global Banking & Finance
Review” and Best Customer
Experience Overall Website
2014 in 10th Annual Customer
Experience Benchmarking Index
2014 – Dubai”
Looking ahead, the bank
said in 2015 it will complete
three-year strategic cycle and is
planning for next period.
While planning to continue
as a major player in the
domestic market, the bank
also said it would expand and
diversify overseas activities.
“The coming year will
be critical as we appraise
achievements and determine
best ways to develop as a
financial services group in
future,”said Chairman of BBK
Murad Ali Murad
Retail banking division of
BBK contributed 26.3pc of the
2014 net profit and achieved
18.2pc growth in customer
Treasury and institutional
banking contributed 35.3pc
of net profit in 2014. Despite
a regional retrenchment in
credit spread and a tightening
of yields, the bank continued
to maintain its GCC bias
while selectively seeking
opportunities in emerging and
other markets.
subsidiaries, CrediMax and
Invita made rapid business
strides in 2014 and contributed
to the overall revenue of the
The success of BBK in 2014
is further sweetened by the fact
that Bahrainis constituted 95pc
of the total workforce, one of
the highest Bahrainisation in
the Kingdom. Also, 35.5pc of
the workforce are women.
BBK’s Annual report was
released at the Annual General
Meeting of the company on
Alexander Blass
Mohammed bin Mubarak Al
The workshop aims to discuss
in depth the concept of innovative
entrepreneurship and innovation
methods in institutions and
businesses as well as the main
innovation, creativity and
entrepreneurship strategies and
ways of developing innovative
ideas and converting them into
successful projects.
Chief Executive Officer of
Innovation Institute of America,
Alexander Blass who enjoys a
remarkable presence in media
outlets, such as Wall Street
Journal, MSNBC, Associated
Press, Business Week and FOX
will conduct the workshop.
Ebtikar, eGovt to hold
workshop on biz secrets
DT News Network
btikar Association will
organise a workshop on
‘Secrets of Business Innovation
and Innovative Entrepreneurship:
How to Lead, Create, Market,
and Sell Like an Innovator’ at
Bahrain International Circuit.
The workshop, which will
be held over three days from
March 17 to 19 is organised
in cooperation with the
Innovation Institute of America
and in coordination with
e-Government Authority. The
event forms part of Bahrain
1 uS DLr
1 uK StG
1 SFr
100 yEn
International e-Government
Forum, which will be organised
under patronage of Deputy
Thursday, March 12, 2015
All new Honda CR-V
Sustainability and
Business Ethics – key
drivers to long-term
corporate success
DT News Network
ational Motor Company
W.L.L has announced
the introduction of new 2015
Honda CR-V, which is a fresh
showroom in Sitra, the fourth
generation 2015 CR-V boasts of
a wider stance with enhanced
exterior styling, offers a 4 grade
line up including a 2WD option
powered with a new directinjection DOHC 4 cylinder
i-VTEC engine with CVT
transmission, plush interiors
and a whole host of new and
standard features depicting it as
more Efficient, Functional and
confident SUV.
The CR-V styling has been
thoughtfully enhanced with
customer preferences of Middle
East Region in mind. The all
new 2015 CR-V boasts of new
exterior design which illustrates
it as a smart yet tough SUV.
When it comes to interior, 2015
CR-V offers a spacious feel,
On EX and EX-Leather
grades, inclusion of intuitive
lots of storage space and Easy
Fold-Down 60/40 Split Rear
Seat that provides cargo loading
7-inch colour Intelligent MultiInformation Display (i-MID)
adds technological supremacy.
EX grades are also equipped
with Smart Entry and Push
Start which enables you to
unlock the door, start the car,
shut the car and walk away
without ever having to touch
the key.
engine for an increase in
both torque and efficiency.
Powering the 2015 CR-V
is a new Earth Dreams
Technology direct-injected
2.4-litre DOHC i-VTEC
4-cylinder engine.
The CR-V boasts of
Honda active-safety features
such as the Vehicle Stability
Assist (VSA) and Traction
Control System (TCS) which
enhances handling stability
and predictability especially
in poor traction conditions
in addition to Anti-Lock
Electronic Brake Distributor
(EBD) and Hill Start Assist.
GBM backs eGovernment forum
solutions provider,
Gulf Business Machines
(GBM) has partnered
with the eGovernment
Authority (eGA) as a
diamond sponsor for the
Bahrain International
eGovernment Forum
2015. The event, set
to begin on March 15
until 19 will be held
under the patronage of
Deputy Prime Minister
Supreme Committee
for Information and
Technology (SCICT)
HH Shaikh Mohammed
Khalifa. This year’s
event marks the eighth
consecutive year that
GBM has supported the
summit as a DiamondLevel Sponsor.
ompanies do not consider sustainability as being relevant
towards contributing to business profitability. Profitmaking activities lead to “negative” externalities which are
ignored in the calculation of private costs and benefits. Hence
companies do not pay for the pollution they create and tend
to pollute more as more is produced. These “bad” goods are
left for the government to manage through environmental
protection agencies or taxation and regulations. “Clean”
air and “clean” water are not private goods owned by an
identifiable entity. Hence it is not practical for a private
company to clean polluted water or air since no consumer
will directly pay for this; unfortunately, no one can survive
without the consumption of these either. Consumers behave
as “free riders” where everyone enjoys the benefit of clean air
or water assuming someone else will pay for it! It is against
this backdrop that we also see some exceptions to the rule.
IKEA, the Swedish furniture manufacturer has worked
over the years to create a difference in the way it conducts
business with its customers, suppliers and its stakeholders
across the globe without compromising its basic aim of
profitability. The history of the company traces back to its
aim of supplying low cost and high quality furniture to its
customers – thereby making modern living affordable and
accessible to the middle class. IKEA also maintained that
it would work towards a sustainable future by supporting
its suppliers and creating long term opportunities. Besides
purchasing products from its suppliers the company has also
extended financial and technical assistance to them.
According to Anders Dahlvig (IKEA CEO during 19992009) there has been very little divergence between profitability
and sustainability aims for IKEA. The idea of sustainable
business has been modeled in IKEA’s vision, mission and
strategy whereby the most modern environmental technology
has always been used – recycling 90% of store waste has been
an ongoing target and wastage of any resource is considered
to be a “mortal sin”. During Dahlvig’s tenure the company
achieved average annual sales growth of more than 10% while
retail prices (for consumers) decreased by 20%. The company
has tied up with WWF, UNICEF and the Save the Child
fund to make social and environmental contributions in
developing countries for working towards child free labor in
its supply value chain among other environmental and social
initiatives. Dahlvig has been recognized globally on several
occasions for conducting business in a responsible manner
and for making a difference to the world through sustainable
and environmental-friendly profit making.
Dr. Subhadra Ganguli currently works in Ahlia Universty
as an Associate Professor of Economics and is also engaged
in consulting projects in Economics in Bahrain and in the
region. She holds a Ph.D in Economics from University
of California in Riverside. Dr. Ganguli has experience in
academic teaching, research and Quality Assurance for the
last 20 years in India, USA and Bahrain. She has worked at
the BIBF during 2004-August 2014 in various capacities.
(The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not
necessarily reflect the policy or position of this newspaper.)
Apple apologizes as outage hits online services
Apple apologized to users Wednesday after a major outage of its
online services, affecting customers worldwide.
The tech giant’s status page showed the App Store, iTunes,
iBooks store and Mac App store went down from 0900 GMT and
were still offline at 1900 GMT.
Thursday, March 12, 2015
Joseph Rizzo
Insurance should be looked
at as giving “peace of
mind” from unwanted,
unfortunate and fortuitous
events, which effect one’s
way of life adversely and
not for small petty claims.
O. P. Sreesadan / DTNN
[email protected]
nsurance has evolved as a process
of safeguarding the interest of
people from loss and uncertainty. It
may be described as a social device to
reduce or eliminate risk of loss to life
and property. Insurance contributes
a lot to the general economic growth
of the society by providing stability
to the functioning of process.
As Insurance Awareness Week
has started here DT News spoke
to Bahrain National Insurance (bni)
General Manager Joseph Rizzo on
the importance of Home insurance
and the need for creating awareness.
During the Insurance Awareness
Week organized by Bahrain
Insurance Association (BIA) under
the patronage of the Central Bank
of Bahrain (CBB), ‘Amna’ the
BIA’s insurance mascot sporting
traditional Bahraini attire will play
a key role in conveying the message
to the public.
lWhat are the main types of
property insurance that a normal
household can get?
your house against the perils of
natural disaster like floods and
earthquakes, fire, damage due to
theft, impact by vehicles or objects
and malicious damage. Most of
the households in Bahrain buy this
insurance because it is required by
the bank. However this insurance
should always be purchased as the
house is an important asset which
will pass from one generation to
the other and most of the time
appreciates in value.
In addition to the buildings,
families should also purchase
insurance against the same perils
to protect their belongings like
furniture, appliances, decorations,
paintings, jewelry and electronic
equipment. Most of the people do
not insure these items due to the
fact that they think nothing will
ever happen to them. The payment
for such cover provided in most
markets is very affordable. I believe
that people should not wait until
they experience that the benefits
really outweigh the small cost
of this product but shop around
and purchase peace of mind to
ensure continuity with one’s family
standard of living.
In addition to the above covers
most comprehensive home policies
in the market provide protection
in the case of any other third
party being injured or has his
property damaged in the insured
house or due to the fault of any
member of the family insured. This
is referred to as public liability
cover and is extremely useful
when inadvertently or through
negligence one causes damage to
third parties or their property.
Households should also look at
purchasing insurance to protect
them during their travels. This kind
of protection can be purchased
either for every trip or else as an
annual cover for all trips within
the year. It protects the member of
the household against additional
cost of delay, cancellations due
to personal problems such as
sickness, injury or accidents, stolen
languages, accidents abroad that
require hospitalization or medical
attention and various other travel
related events. This is a must and
again companies sell this product
at a very affordable rate.
lAre there any mandatory policies?
Presently there is only Motor
Third Party insurance, which is
The law in Bahrain
stipulates that every car has to
have insurance against third party
damage. This protects the innocent
public who are injured or other cars
belonging to the public which are
damaged as a result of one driving
a car. It also protects the owner of
the car from having to pay damages
for the injury or damages he or she
causes by driving the vehicle. This
is why this insurance is compulsory.
In addition to this mandatory
cover insurance companies also can
provide cover against the damage
of your vehicle. This is called
comprehensive insurance cover.
insured. All companies’ websites have
information about prices and related
covers and I would recommend that
clients compare and shop around
for the best deal for property, travel
and motor insurance.
lWhat happens in case of theft?
As buyers of insurance one should
remember that this is a product
that will benefit only if there is a
valid claim. It is a promise by the
insurance company to pay you in the
case of a valid loss. You, as the client,
are still obliged however to take good
care of your insured assets as if they
were uninsured. Insurance will not
pay for the maintenance of your
assets that is still your responsibility.
Insurance will never pay more than
the value of your assets at the time
of loss and therefore one should not
expect a new replacement without
deduction for depreciation. The duty
of the insurance company is to bring
you in the same situation you were
before the loss therefore you cannot
make profit from a claim.
Insurance should be looked
at as giving “peace of mind”
from unwanted, unfortunate and
fortuitous events, which affect ones,
way of life adversely and not for
small petty claims.
In the case of a claim all policies
have a section which exactly tells you
what to do. What is most important
is that you contact the insurance
company immediately and advise
them. Secondly if the claim is caused
by other people such as theft make
sure you call the police or any
person of authority depending on
the nature of the claim. For example
if the claim is loss of luggage then
make sure you have evidence from
the carrier that it has been lost or
damaged. It is important that you
have evidence of the loss in all ways
that is possible.
lHow much does it usually cost?
The cost for a household policy
varies depending on the extent of cover
and the amount of contents. It also
varies on the type of contents being
lWhat’s your advice to the buyers
of insurance?
Porsche Performance Start
Added to Cayenne Diesel
Thursday, March 12, 2015
Tesla posts short waiting time
for upscale P85D Model S
esla Motors Inc. appears to have a relatively strong supply
of the new P85D Model S, with customers being told they
can get the pricey all-wheel-drive electric sedan within 20
days, far shorter than the waiting time on auto maker’s less
expensive models.
The Silicon Valley automaker launched the $105,000 P85D
late last year at a price point that promised to increase average
transaction prices and potentially bring the money-losing
company closer to profitability.
Shoppers using Tesla’s TSLA, +0.04% online ordering tool
will find the P85 is available for delivery in late March, while
those ordering the $70,000 or $80,000 versions of the Model S
need to wait until May.
The company has prioritised deliveries of the P85D, but
the short waiting time raises additional concerns about the
strength of demand for Tesla’s products, as it looks to expand
to new markets and broaden the lineup.
Tesla’s latest disclosures indicate the automaker continues
to see strong interest in its products even amid low gasoline
prices, and analysts generally say there is plenty of pent-up
demand for Model S sedans. Last month, it said the order bank
coming into 2015 included 10,000 deposits for the Model S and
20,000 for the forthcoming Model X SUV.
orsche is adding the Performance
Start function to the 2015
Cayenne diesel as part
of the optional Sport
Chrono package.
A l t h o u g h
Start isn’t a
launchc o n t r o l
system like
the one used
to slingshot
P D K equipped
and Caymans toward
the horizon, it does allow the
driver to launch the Cayenne from
rest at wide-open throttle after sidestepping the brake pedal.
Porsche claims
t h a t
Performance Start shaves 0.1 second
from the Cayenne’s zero-to-60
as if being a
Porsche SUV weren’t
oddball enough, the
gadget also means that
model joins the very, very small
roster of production diesel vehicles
with similar technology.
Mercedes-AMG Black Series may return
MG boss Tobias Moers
has said that the Black
Series badge will return on an
unspecified AMG model in
the future. He also admitted
that development of hybrid
technology was in the works
at Mercedes’ performance
The new GT and C63
models marked a new
dawn for the
h i s
leadership and a different
This new approach means
the Black Series name has
been parked for now, but
Moers said it would return.
“The Black Series name stays,”
said Moers. “It will be
necessary in the
future, but
for now the base cars are so
good. The Black Series must
be at the top of the hill, but I
don’t know when or on what
model yet.”
The GT range will also
further variants in the
future, Moers revealed, most
likely first with a higherperformance Porsche 911
GT3 rival. It is likely that
the GT range will perhaps
mirror the 911 ranges, with
new variants coming out on
an annual basis to maintain
interest in the car. A
direct SLS successor is
not planned at present,
said Moers, AMG being
happy to have the GT
as an indirect successor.
Bajaj Pulsar 150NS Audi Q6 electric SUV confirmed
specifications leaked A
ajaj had recently showcased its
Pulsar 150NS at a motor show in
Turkey along with the Pulsar 200SS.
Engine specifications for the Bajaj Pulsar
150NS had never been revealed
before, but they have now been
leaked online.
Bajaj Pulsar 150NS is
149.5cc, four-stroke, single-cylinder
and air-cooled engine, which is a newly
developed unit. The advanced unit
uses a four-valve per cylinder layout
to increase efficiency and
enhance power.
The new motor produces
a maximum of 16.8bhp
at 9,000rpm and peak
torque of 1.3kgm is
produced at 7,500rpm.
The Pulsar 150NS has
a fuel tank capacity of
12 litres now.
It is also equipped
wheels at both
braking duty,
the bike makes
use of a single
upfront and a
drum brake setup
duty at the rear wheel.
udi has offered a preview of
its upcoming electric SUV
at the company’s annual press
conference. Expected to badge
Q6, the new vehicle is based on
the same basic MLB platform as
the new Q7, but is built around
a battery pack, which could be
as large as 100kWh. The Q6 is
not expected to hit showrooms
globally before 2017-end.
The Q6 was currently under
development and that the final
styling would take much from
the Prologue concept car.
The MLB platform had
been designed to be
flexible enough
to accommodate
a battery pack
as well as plugin hybrid and
gas tanks for
Audi A4, which is
based on the smallest version
of the MLB platform and due to
be seen later this year, will also
come as a gas-powered version,
dubbed the G-Tron.
Q6 will be something new,
following designs established on
the Prologue concept. It will be
positioned as something more
emotional and sportier than the
Q7. The Q7 will be a car for
the Q6
be more coupe like. The
Q7 will be one of the last
Audis with the current design
language. It will have some
visual differentiation from the
Q7 both inside and out. The
Q6 has received the official
nod for production and will hit
international markets within the
next three years.
Thursday, March 12, 2015
Prime Minister HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa on Wednesday called upon trade delegations to convey a message to the decision-makers in their countries
that the region is seeking development and economic growth. Receiving at the Gudaibiya Palace German trade delegation led by Chairman of the German Parliament
Committee on Economic Affairs and Energy and Chairman of the German-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry Peter Ramsauer, Prince Khalifa highlighted the
importance of Germany’s scientific, trade and financial expertise.
Representative of His Majesty King Hamad b
Capital of Arab Youth. Shaikh Nasser said the
the ceremony held at Isa Town’s gym hall.
Parliament Speaker Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al Mulla Wednesday received a delegation of the
Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce, and stressed reinforcing joint
bilateral trade relations. Speaker emphasised holding mutual projects and programmes
between Bahrain and Germany to uplift relations to higher levels, especially in economic
field. First Deputy Speaker, Ali Al-Aradi, and Second Deputy Speaker, Abdulhalim Murad, also
attended the meeting.
The Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) sponsored the 27th
edition of the Bahrain Ladies Open recently held at the Awali
Golf Club in which a number of guest and local golf professionals
participated. BAPCO Chief Executive, Dr. Pete Bartlett presented
the tournament trophy to Lynn St Lawrence, congratulating her
on her win.
Executive Director of the Financial Institution Supervision at the CBB Abdulrahman Al Baker
along with top executives in Insurance sector at the official opening of Bahrain Insurance Week
Campaign at Bahrain City Centre.
An Alumni event has been launched by (Causeway Institute
International) at Ramee Grand Hotel to honour a group of Bahrainis
who recently participated in a familiarisation trip to North Ireland.
The participants visited Belfast and held several meetings with
political leadership, representatives of civil society and human rights,
and other related persons. In addition to Bahrain, delegations from
Iraq and Afghanistan have also visited Belfast for the same mission.
German Ambassador Sabine Taufmann hos
community on Wednesday at her residen
delegation led by former Federal Minister o
in the German Bundestag and President of t
Chairman of the Central Council of Muslims
Friendship Society (DAFG), Houssam Marrou
As part of the International Civil Defence
of the centre welcomed the guests who w
instructions. Civil defence personnel pres
Thursday, March 12 , 2015
bin Isa Al Khalifa for Charity Works and Supreme Council for Youth and Sports Chairman and Bahrain Olympic Committee President HH Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa announced the launch of Manama as The
e Kingdom embraces the Arab youth event in compliance with the Royal directives of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. Officials, members of diplomatic corps and guests from the Kingdom and abroad attended
sted a reception for representatives of the Bahraini and German business
nce in Saar on the occasion of the visit of high level German business
of Transportation and Chairman of the Economic and Energy Committee
the Arab German Chamber of Industry of Commerce, Dr. Peter Ramsauer.
in Germany, Aiman Mazyek as well as Vice-Chairman of the German-Arab
uf were also present.
Chief of Public Security Major General Tariq Al Hassan on
Wednesday received Riyadh-based South African Ambassador
Mohammed Sadaq Jafar. They discussed bilateral relations and
issues of common interest. e Day, the Civil Defence Centre in Muharraq received children from Al Sanabel Orphan Care Society. Head
were presented with a brief description on the duties of the General Directorate of Civil Defence and safety
esented rescue and fire fighting exercises. Parliament Speaker, Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al Mulla Wednesday
received a delegation of the Association of German Chambers
of Industry and Commerce and stressed reinforcing joint
bilateral trade relations. Speaker emphasised holding mutual
projects and programmes between Bahrain and Germany
to uplift relations to higher levels, especially in economic
field. First Deputy Speaker, Ali Al Aradi and Second Deputy
Speaker, Abdulhalim Murad also attended the meeting.
Bahrain Azadea Group, a leading fashion and lifestyle retail company in the Middle East and North Africa
with over 55 international brands in 15 countries, has announced the launch of a new brand UPlay, the
first official gaming and electronics trade in store in the region.
18 Thursday, March 12, 2015
e you
, you know, worried. Ar
I’m very mom. I’m very
ough sleep? Are you ea
a humidifier in her room
right? You know, I set up ed about the fact that
s worri
with eucalyptus oil. I wa
towels, Q-tips, you know
she didn’t have enough
Haven’t thought
of making ‘Broken
Horses’ in Hindi:
Vidhu Vinod Chopra
Los Angeles
ctor Ryan Reynolds
has praised The
Voices co-star Anna
Kendrick for her
kissing skills.
When a tweeter
reached out to
Reynolds asking
what it was like
to kiss the Pitch
Perfect 2 star,
he said: “It
was like taking
your face to
In The Voices,
Reynolds plays a
factory worker who
meets a bubbly love
interest (Kendrick)
at the office. He
turns out to be
a serial killer
whose talking pets
convince him to
murder people.
ilmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra, the trailer of
whose debut Hollywood project Broken Horses
was unveiled on Tuesday, says he hasn’t thought
about remaking the movie for Hindi audiences as of
At the event, graced by Amitabh Bachchan and
Aamir Khan, when Vidhu Vinod Chopra was asked
if he plans to make a Bollywood version of Broken
Horses and whom would he like to cast in it, he said
“It is difficult to say, but I am very fortunate to sit
with two finest actors Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir.
They are the best. I haven’t thought of remaking it
(the film yet).”
Vidhu Vinod Chopra, who has produced, directed
and written Broken Horses has stepped out of his
comfort zone with the movie, which stars actors like
Maria Valverde, Thomas Jane, Anton Yelchin and
Vincent D’Onofrio.
Dibakar kept
Sushant’s kissing
scene a secret
ctor Sushant Singh Rajput, who shares a kissing
scene with his co-star Swastika Mukherjee in
the period drama Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!, says
director Dibakar Banerjee played a “game” with
him for the scene.
“Dibakar (Banerjee) played a good game with me
which eventually turned bad for me. He instructed
me about a scene and I got ready for it, but I didn’t
know that Angoori Devi (the character) was going
to kiss me in that scene,” Sushant, who had earlier
kissed actresses Parineeti Chopra and Vaani Kapoor
on screen, said here.
He says that usually he tells his girlfriend Ankita
Lokhande about a film’s script “so that she is
mentally prepared” for whatever he needs to do.
But in the case of Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!, the
director kept the kissing scene a secret.
Rihanna has
‘practically moved
in’ with Dicaprio
inger Rihanna and her rumoured
boyfriend and actor Leonardo DiCaprio
are spending so much time at his home here,
that it seems like she’s “practically moved
in” with him.
According to a source, the 27-year-old’s
relationship with DiCaprio, 40, is steaming
up as they are reportedly spending a lot of
time together in his home.
“It’s like she’s practically moved in,” The
Sun newspaper quoted the source as saying.
“Leo has been sweet and cordoned off little
areas for her in the home that are just for
her, like a smoke room,” the source added.
The pair will also use their trip to the
island to enjoy a romantic getaway together,
planning to escape for some alone time on a
nearby yacht.
Emmylou Harris,
Evelyn Glennie win
music’s Nobel
I don’t do
Los Angeles
esigner Karl Lagerfeld refuses to take
photos of himself and hates posing
for selfies with fans.
The 81-year-old says he refuses to take
photos of himself and often uses his
assistant, Sébastien, to keep his fans at
bay when they request he pose for selfies
in the street.
“I don’t do selfies. But other people do,
and they all want to do selfies with me.
No, no, no. Thank God, Sébastien, my
assistant, he’s mean to the people in the
street, mean and rude. I’m a nice person,”
the designer said.
S country singer
Emmylou Harris
and Scottish virtuoso
percussionist Dame
Evelyn Glennie were
named on Tuesday in
Stockholm winners
of the Polar Music
Prize, considered the
Nobel Prize of music.
“No one in the
history of popular
music has harmonized like
Emmylou Harris ... The music
of Emmylou Harris contains the history and
spirit of the entire American continent,” Efe
news agency quoted the jury as saying.
Regarding Glennie, who went deaf at
age 12, the jury said: “She has widened our
understanding of what music is and shown
us that listening is only partly to do with our
ears ... Evelyn Glennie shows us that the body
is a resonance chamber and that we live in a
universe of sound.”
Thursday, March 12, 2015
tension with
ctor Vin Diesel says
the tension on the
sets of Fast and Furious
7 was deadly as Jason
Statham, the latest
to join the franchise,
and their characters
were required to be in
physical face-offs most
of the time.
“The scenes where
we are intense with one
another were not the
most enjoyable scenes on
the set, because there was
a tension that was present.
For the more physical faceoffs, we had started training
a month early,” Diesel said
in a statement.
“Thank god we’re friends
and we are rooting for each
other in real life because
the intensity that we had to
build against one another
was so deadly,” he added.
Vin Diesel
Welcome to the club:
Big B tells 50-to-be Aamir
amir Khan will turn 50 on
March 14 -- and megastar
welcomed the Taare Zameer
Par actor to the other side of
the half century.
The actors on Monday
unveiled the trailer of Broken
Jason Statham
Horses at an event here.
“Welcome to the club,” the
72-year-old veteran actor
told Aamir when asked to
comment on the latter turning
50. Hollywood film Broken
Horses is produced, directed
and written by Vidhu Vinod
I never go
to gym
She is an Indian playback singer who mainly
sings in Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam,
Tamil and Telugu films as well as in other
Indian languages such as Assamese, Gujarati,
Marathi, Oriya, and Punjabi. She has received
numerous awards and nominations, including
four National Film Awards for best playback
singer, three State Film
Awards, five Filmfare
Awards, and seven
Filmfare Awards South.
She has established herself as a leading female
playback singer in Indian
Shreya Ghoshal
March 12, 1984
ctress Monica Bellucci says
she’s “too lazy” to go to the
gym and has accepted she is a
woman who has curves.
The 50-year-old has
no interest in punishing
herself on the treadmill
to stay in shape and
insists she embraced her
curvaceous figure years
“I never go to the gym,
I’m just too lazy ... I’m
not obsessed with being
skinny. I’m a woman and
I have curves. Of course,
if you’re natural state
is to be skinny, then it’s
beautiful, but if you are
round and curvy, I don’t
think you have to change
your nature,” she said.
Diaz sports
dark locks
Los Angeles
ctress Cameron
coloured her blonde
tresses dark.
The 42-year-old
debuted a darker
shade of her locks
while on a date
night with husband
Benji Madden over
the weekend.
It’s a change
signature blonde
strands, but the
actress still has
a few honey
Thursday, March 12, 2015
40 killed in bus, truck collision
Saudi jails rights group founder
founding member of one
of the few independent
human rights groups in Saudi
Arabia has been sentenced
to 10 years in prison, a
regional rights group said on
was sentenced last Thursday
by the Specialised Criminal
t least 40 people were
killed and 23 seriously
injured on Wednesday in a
collision between a bus and
a truck in central Tanzania,
officials said. A statement
from the president’s office
said the packed passenger
bus was travelling between
the western town of Mbeya
Court in Riyadh, whose
jurisdiction is related to
“terrorism”, the Gulf Centre
for Human Rights (GCHR)
said in a statement.
and the economic capital and
coastal city of Dar es Salaam
when it was crushed by a
container truck travelling in
the opposite direction.
Major assault on
Syria border
The Islamic State jihadist
group launched a major
offensive Wednesday to try
to capture a strategic town
on the Syrian-Turkish border, leaving dozens dead in
clashes, a monitor said.
“Fighters from the Islamic
State group started a huge
assault towards Ras al-Ain
and were able to take over
a village nearby,” the Syrian
Observatory for Human
Rights said. The offensive is
a preemptive strike against
Kurdish militia.
New Revelation
Iraqi pro-government fighters celebrate as they advance
into Tikrit
powers from the US Congress to reshape the Middle East.
to take on a group threatening
However, it was without
direct support from the US-led
coalition’s air campaign that
Iraqi government and allied
forces punched into parts of
Tikrit, marking a new phase in
a 10-day drive to wrest the city
back from IS.
A combination of army,
police and volunteer forces
moved into northern and
southern Tikrit, the hometown
of former Iraqi president
Saddam Hussein and a main
IS stronghold.
A major general said that
government forces were
battling “to cleanse the
neighbourhood of Qadisiyah”
in Tikrit.
IS attacks Ramadi
with 7 car bombs
he Islamic State jihadist group launched
a coordinated attack on government-held
areas of the western Iraqi city of Ramadi
on Wednesday, involving seven almost
simultaneous suicide car bombs, police said.
At least 10 people were killed and 30
wounded in the attack, according to initial
reports by police and hospital sources in the
city, capital of Anbar province.
“At around 7:00am (0400 GMT), IS launched
seven attacks with suicide bombers driving
Humvees in the areas of Hawz, Malaab, Toi,
n Egyptian court jailed
four men Wednesday
over the brutal street killing
of a dog, which was filmed
and sparked outrage when
the video went viral on the
internet. The verdict and
three-year sentence come
as a rare victory for animal
rights campaigners, who say
Turning Point
raqi forces entered Tikrit
Wednesday, dodging bombs
and sniper fire in search of
their biggest victory yet against
embattled jihadists who tried
to light new fires elsewhere in
Iraq and Syria.
The Islamic State group has
suffered stinging defeats in the
heart of its self-proclaimed
“caliphate” recently, but its
ultraviolent ideology has
inspired attacks and recruits
With IS brutality and
Washington sought increased
Egypt jails men for brutal killing of dog
Albu Faraj and Albu Eitha,” police major
Mustafa Samir said.
Police officers said clashes broke out in
several areas following the multiple car bomb
attack on Wednesday. Mortar rounds were
fired on the provincial council headquarters.
Some officials suggested the number of car
bombs used in Wednesday’s attack may have
been even higher but added that IS failed to
gain any ground. “Our brave security forces
were ready and had excellent intelligence
about the operation,” Anbar Governor Sohaib
al-Rawi said on social media.
authorities often ignore such
abuses. Police said the three
men had brawled with the
owner of the dog, which bit
one of them during the fight.
IS hackers hit
Japan website
Zionist opens lead
on Netanyahu: poll
A Japanese tourism agency
said Wednesday its website
was hijacked by hackers who
displayed a message purportedly from the Islamic State (IS)
group, less than two months
after the group claimed to
have beheaded two Japanese
The hack follows a series
of similar attacks on websites
including a community futsal team and a Tokyo camera
shop, public broadcaster NHK
Six days before Israel votes in a
snap general election, the centre-left Zionist Union opened a
lead of several points over the
ruling right wing Likud party, a
poll found Wednesday. Following weeks in which
the two parties were more
or less neck-and-neck, several polls published this week
showed the Zionist Union, a list
headed by opposition leader
Isaac Herzog, stealing a march
on Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu’s Likud. Saudi recalls envoy
as Sweden snaps ties
audi Arabia has recalled its
Stockholm ambassador,
the Swedish foreign ministry
said Wednesday as the rift
between the two countries
deepened in the wake of
Sweden cutting military ties.
are not broken. But Saudi
Arabia’s ambassador has
been recalled,” spokesman
Erik Boman said after
Sweden scrapped military
kingdom on Tuesday.
Sweden scrapped a longstanding military deal with
the Saudis on Tuesday after
accusing the country of
blocking Swedish Foreign
Minister Margot Wallstroem
from speaking at an Arab
League meeting.
“This is not a game. It’s
a serious issue that must be
treated seriously,” Social
Democrat Prime Minister
Stefan Loefven told public
broadcaster Swedish Radio
on Wednesday.
Schoolgirls stole jewellery to fund Syria flight
hree London schoolgirls
who fled to Syria are
believed to have stolen family
jewellery to fund their travel,
police said Tuesday as the trio’s
relatives expressed disbelief at
their actions.
School friends Kadiza Sultana,
16, and 15-year-olds Shamima
Begum and Amira Abase, left
their homes last month and flew
to Istanbul, from where they are
believed to have joined Islamic
State (IS) jihadists in Syria.
Giving evidence before
parliament’s home affairs
committee, Britain’s national
police lead on counterterrorism, Mark Rowley, said
the girls paid a travel agent
more than £1,000 (1,409 euros,
$1,506) for their flights. Asked where they found the
money, he said: “We think it’s
linked to theft from families.
We think it’s linked to taking
jewellery from one of their
family members.”
However, family members
later said that the girls must
have found additional funds
elsewhere, as the jewellery that
was missing was not of great
“We haven’t lost £2000 worth
of jewellery,” Shamima’s sister
Renu Begum told ITV News.
“I feel there is someone
out there helping in terms of
funding because there’s no way
my sister has got the cash to
fund herself,” said Kadiza’s
sister Halima Khanom.
Thursday, March 12, 2015
Food hacks!
Squeeze lemon juice
using fry flippers
Make healthy vegs but
hefs love to add a little squirt of acid, whether it’s vinegar or
lemon juice, to a dish just before serving it; it brightens the
of everything from smothered chicken chops to sautéed
don’t crowd your cabinets flavour
shrimp. And since you’re probably using metal tongs to turn what-
ever you’re cooking, there’s no need to pull out a citrus reamer or
juicer. Just hold a lemon half in your no dominant hand and the
tongs in the other; with the tongs closed, insert them into the lemon
and twist over the dish, so the juice pours right into the pan. (If the
seeds bother you, do this over a sieve; or flick the seeds out with the
tongs before you juice).
Mince garlic without a knife
sturdy, stainless steel grater is more than just the key to the
gooiest grilled cheese ever. It’s also a handy tool for mincing
garlic and for zesting citrus. For garlic, lightly smash the clove
with the back of the grater to get the skin off easily, and then great.
For citrus, just pass the lemon, lime or orange over the blade
once, then turn and grate another area, so that you don’t grate the
bitter-tasting, white pith.
etal or bamboo baskets are lovely for steaming broccoli and
carrots, but the minimalist in us balks against such onetrick ponies. If you’re tight on space, just use a metal strainer or
colander. Add about a half-inch of water to a pot and either set the
strainer over it or place the colander inside, making sure the water
doesn’t come up into the strainer. When the water simmers, place
the veggies inside. Cover the pot so the steam stays inside; within a
few minutes, those florets or carrot coins will be just tender when
pierced with a knife.
The Science of
why Indian food
is so delicious
Extra-Easy Lasagne
Freeze the perfect
cocktail-size ice cubes
arge ice cubes melt more slowly than small ones, but you
don’t have to have a special tray to make them. Just freeze
water in a muffin tin. You can also add herbs, citrus zest or fruit
to the water before it freezes, which will add flavour (and look
great, too).
ndian food is a cuisine of contrasting flavours.
What makes Indian food so delicious?
Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology
in Jaipur, India analysed data from thousands
of Indian recipes and found that those kormas,
dosas, and tandoori chicken dishes you love are
actually based on a different flavour principle
than those of Western cuisines.
Science has shown that Western dishes tend
to be built on combinations of similar or closely
related flavours. Indian recipes, this study finds,
are all about contrasting flavours. In fact, the
more chemically similar two flavourings are, the
less likely they’ll be paired together in the same
dish. So a dish that relies heavily on cayenne
will probably not include another super spicy
(capsaicin-heavy) chile.
hen we say easy lasagne, we
mean easy lasagne. You don’t
even have to cook the noodles for this
speedy yet impressive pasta dinner.
Yield: 6 to 8 servings
1 pound lean ground beef
4 cups tomato-basil pasta sauce
6 uncooked lasagne noodles
1 (15-ounce) container ricotta cheese
2 1/2 cups (10 ounces) shredded
mozzarella cheese
¼ cup hot water
Cook beef in a large skillet over
medium heat, stirring until it
crumbles and is no longer pink;
drain. Stir in pasta sauce.
Spread one-third of meat sauce
in a lightly greased 11- x 7-inch
baking dish; layer with 3 noodles
and half each of ricotta cheese and
mozzarella cheese. (The ricotta
cheese layers will be thin.) Repeat
procedure; spread remaining onethird of meat sauce over mozzarella
cheese. Slowly pour ¼ cup hot water
around inside edge of dish. Tightly
cover baking dish with 2 layers of
heavy-duty aluminium foil.
Bake at 375° for 45 minutes; uncover
and bake 10 more minutes. Let stand
10 minutes before serving.
There it is, Extra Easy Lasagne!
Thursday, March 12, 2015
CAP the snAP
by John Graziano
Head this challenge.
Can you think of an apt
caption for this?
Something funny, intelligent and out-of-the-box!
If you make a winning
entry, your photo along
with the caption will be
featured in DT News.
So grab a pen, think hard,
write to us and see yourself in this space soon!
Don’t forget to attach your
Sent entries to: [email protected] with subject as
‘Caption Contest’
best fRom the lot. You Could be next
hA hA...hee hee...ho ho...!
Teacher: Can you see god?
Class: No
Teacher: Can you touch God?
Class: No
Teacher: There isn’t a God?
(One student raised his
Student: sir can you see
your brain?
Teacher: No
aahh.. sunscreens are expensive!
and not a toned figure like yours, so...
Student: Can you touch
your brain?
Teacher: No
Student: Oh okaay, so you
don’t have a brain?
Your Star todaY
20th March - 20th April
Today you might plan a quick
trip by air, Aries. This could
be business related. Someone
else may have been meant to go but
couldn’t, so you may be taking his or
her place. This could be disruptive
for you, but if you make an effort, you
can turn it into an adventure.
20th July - 20th Aug
A sudden but necessary
expense could make a big
hole in your budget today,
Leo. Perhaps some repairs need to
be made around the house or to the
car. Maybe someone needs an unexpected trip to the dentist. This
could throw you off balance.
20th Nov - 20th Dec
Some equipment that you use
a lot, perhaps an appliance,
computer, or TV, might go on the
blink today, Sagittarius. Don’t try to fix it
yourself even if you think you know how.
Call a professional, and hang the expense.
If you try to do it yourself, you might
cause more damage to the equipment.
20th April - 20th May
A date to get together with a romantic partner might have to be
broken at the last minute, Taurus.
Your friend might not give a reason, and
you might wonder if this means he or she
doesn’t really want to see you. That probably isn’t the case. Some bad news and
didn’t want to upset you.
20th Aug - 20th Sept
Generally you’re pretty emotionally stable, Virgo. Today’s
events might seem to conspire
to create erratic moods that you aren’t
used to feeling. No major concerns
should arise, but little irritations like
dropping things, misplacing keys, or
missing calls could get on your nerves.
20th Dec - 20th Jan
Some rather bizarre news
could come to you today about
metaphysical or paranormal
matters, Capricorn. This isn’t anything
that affects you directly, but more likely
concerns discoveries of anomalies. You
and others could find it fascinating and
discuss it for hours.
20th May - 20th June
Sudden and unexpected
problems could have your
household in chaos, Gemini.
This probably doesn’t relate to difficulties with your housemates. It’s more
likely to involve problems with wiring,
appliances, or phone lines.
20th Sep - 20th Oct
If you’ve been studying astrology, numerology, or any other
occult science, Libra, today you
might find some of the concepts you’re
studying a bit confusing. You may have
glossed over some of the ideas that are
prerequisites to what you’re looking at
now. Go back and review last week.
20th Jan - 20th Feb
This could be a hectic day,
Aquarius. You will probably try
to go too many places and do too
many things at once. Friends might want
to get together, but you may have a lot of
errands to take care of. It might be a good
idea to assess what needs to be done and
take care of it in order of urgency.
20th June - 20th July
Too many communications
may prove distracting today,
Cancer. The phone could be
ringing off the hook and your email inbox overflowing. Everyone around you
seems to be talking at once. If you don’t
bring some order to this chaos, it could
give you a headache!.
20th Oct - 20th Nov
A friend could be having financial troubles and ask you
for a loan, Scorpio. You like this
person and understand what he or she’s
going through, so you want to help. But
it could be a while before your friend is
solvent again. If you make the loan,Don’t
depend on immediate repayment.
20th Feb - 20th Mar
You might hear some rather
bizarre rumours today, Pisces.
Someone has misinterpreted a
piece of information and blown it into
something far different from reality. You
will need to check this out for yourself before jumping to any conclusions. Don’t be
afraid to pass on what you learn.
Thursday, March 12 , 2015
1- Caustic solutions; 5- Some Celts; 10- DEA agent; 14Canadian gas brand; 15- Actor Delon; 16- Olive genus; 17Thin stratum; 18- Please, in Potsdam; 19- Sudden assault;
20- Chicago paper, for short; 21- Anglers; 23- Shoebox
letters; 25- Period of history; 26- State in the central
United States; 31- Recreation; 35- Former Bush spokesman
Fleischer; 36- Mohawk River city; 38- Great bargain; 40Barbecue fare; 42- Fishhook line; 44- Mosaic piece; 45Shouts; 47- Sorrow; 49- Deity; 50- Capital of South Korea;
52- Large handkerchief; 54- Where It.’s at; 56- Fuel type; 57Two weeks; 62- Clue; 66- It’s a long story; 67- God of Islam;
68- “Jaws” boat; 69- Sword handle; 70- Aromatic spice; 71Public disturbance; 72- Minerals; 73- Arabian republic; 74“___ quam videri” (North Carolina’s motto);
Yesterday’s solution
1- For fear that; 2- River of Flanders; 3- Actor Morales;
4- Gloomily dark; 5- Conferences; 6- Et ____ (and other
men); 7- Breaks bread; 8- Supple; 9- Scoffs; 10- “Cheers”
regular; 11- Winglike parts; 12- Jockey’s strap; 13- Structural
engineer’s software; 22- Emulates Eminem; 24- ___ de
cologne; 26- ___ a soul; 27- Great Lakes tribesmen; 28Christian writings; 29- Monarch; 30- Sour; 32- Baseball’s
Mel; 33- Prevail; 34- Claw; 37- Inter ___; 39- Mother of
Helen of Troy; 41- ___-pitch softball; 43- Grow longer; 46Hard fatty tissue; 48- Rx watchdog; 51- Insanity; 53- On
the beach; 55- Lunar valley; 57- Free from bias; 58- Eyeball;
59- Phooey!; 60- Grab, slangily; 61- Own; 63- Coloured
part of the eye; 64- Sgts., e.g.; 65- London gallery; 66- HBO
beeTle bAIleY
Little Known Facts
Your brain is 80%
Hoy en la Historia
March 12, 1945
Jewish diarist Anne Frank, aged
15, died in the Nazi concentration
camp at Bergen-Belsen, just one
month before it was liberated by
British troops
1890: Legendary Russian dancer
Vaslav Nijinsky, leading light of Sergei
Diaghilev’s ballet company, was born
1925: Chinese revolutionary leader
Sun Yat-sen, known as the father of
modern China, died
1930: Mahatma Gandhi began a
300-mile protest march in India against
the British tax on salt
1955: Charlie Parker, influential U.S.
jazz saxophonist nicknamed “Bird”,
died at the early age of 34
Picture: Associated Press
How to play:
Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column
down and each 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.
Yesterday’s solution
Thursday, March 12, 2015
Nemtsov suspect likely confessed under torture
former Chechen police
officer who admitted
taking part in the murder of
Russian opposition activist
Boris Nemtsov “likely
confessed under torture”,
a member of the Kremlin’s
human rights council said on
Zaur Dadayev allegedly
confessed and was charged
but has now insisted to the
council’s Andrei Babushkin
that he is “innocent” and only
made the admission under
“There are reasons that lead
us to believe Zaur Dadayev
confessed under torture,”
Babushkin said after a visit to
the suspect’s Moscow prison
cell on Tuesday.
“We cannot confirm that
he was tortured as we are
not investigators but we did
find numerous wounds on
his body,” said Babushkin,
who was swiftly rapped over
the knuckles by investigators
for meddling in their probe. The shooting of Nemtsov,
a former deputy prime
minister who became an
outspoken critic of President
Vladimir Putin, just yards
from the Kremlin was the
highest-profile killing of an
opposition leader during
Putin’s fifteen years in charge.
Deepening Divide
Indonesia warns
of human tsunami
ussia said Tuesday it
participation in a consulting
group on a conventional arms
treaty for Europe, the latest
sign of deep tensions with the
suspended its participation in
the Treaty on Conventional
Forces in Europe (CFE) in
n Indonesian minister
has warned a “human
tsunami” of asylum-seekers
could be unleashed on Australia
in retaliation if Canberra keeps
pressing for clemency for two
Australian drug smugglers on
death row, as ties between the
neighbours fray.
“Indonesia has done a lot
in preventing illegal migrants
from other countries from
going to Australia,” Indonesian
Security Minister Tedjo Edhy
Purdijatno was quoted as
saying by Indonesian media.
“If Canberra keeps acting
2007. It had however continued
to take part in the consulting
group related to the treaty,
which was signed in 1990.
signatory to the treaty
limiting conventional military
equipment such as tanks,
aircraft and artillery and seen
as a cornerstone of security in
post-Cold War Europe.
“The Russian Federation
Nato disappointed
“disappointed” by Russia’s
decision to quit the landmark
Treaty on Conventional
Forces in Europe as arms
control efforts remained
important to all sides.
“We are disappointed
by the Russian decision
to suspend participation
Motorway Heist
“battlehardened” armed thieves
attacked two secure vans
carrying jewels at a French
motorway toll in the dead
of night, making off with a
haul worth some nine million
euros ($11m), police said
The heist took place around
midnight on a motorway
in the Yonne district some
200 kilometres (125 miles)
southeast of Paris, and police,
backed by air support, are
searching within a large
perimeter around the area.
A police source, who wished
to remain anonymous, said
there were around 15 robbers,
in the joint consultative
group of the CFE,”
Stoltenberg told a briefing
at NATO’s European
military HQ in the Belgian
city of Mons.
“We still support all
efforts to have arms control
and we believe the treaty
is important... we believe
to have consultations on
arms control is important,”
Stoltenberg added.
has decided to suspend its
participation in meetings of the
Joint Consultative Group from
March 11, 2015,” the Russian
foreign ministry quoted a top
diplomat, Anton Mazur, as
“Thus, the suspension of
the participation in the CFE
treaty announced by Russia in
2007 has become complete,”
it quoted Mazur, the head
of the Russian Delegation to
the Vienna Negotiations on
Military Security and Arms
Control, as saying.
The Joint Consultative
Group is a Vienna-based body
handling issues relating to
compliance with the treaty.
Moscow added however
that it remained open to
“further dialogue on control
over conventional weapons in
Europe if or when our partners
become ready.”
this way, Jakarta will certainly
release migrants wanting to go
to Australia.
“There are over 10,000
currently in Indonesia. If they
are released and we let them
go to Australia, it will be like a
human tsunami.”
Australia has struggled for
years to stem a rising tide of
asylum-seekers trying to reach
its shores, often from transit
hubs in Indonesia.
Many have died making
the hazardous journey in
crammed, rickety boats,
normally after paying huge fees
to people-smugglers.
Bomb kills four,
injures 15 in India
Thieves steal $11m jewels
all “heavily armed and battlehardened.”
No one was hurt in the
holdup and the Avallon toll
booth itself was not damaged,
prosecutors and the firm
managing the motorway said,
suggesting the raid was done by
“They are probably men
who stem from organised crime
and who are well informed.
There were no shots fired and
everything happened at lightning
speed,” a police source said.
The large vans, which
were transporting jewels for a
planned sale in the eastern city
of Besancon, were found burnt
and abandoned not far from the
toll station. One of them was
completely ripped apart.
Other vehicles that could
have belonged to the robbers
were found in the nearby
village of Quenne. It was as yet
unclear exactly how the assault
No possible suspects
have been named in today’s
theft, although the case was
reminiscent of heists by the
Pink Panther gang of jewel
thieves. The Pink Panther
network has been credited
with a series of thefts that
Interpol says have netted
more than 330 million euros
since 1999. Guwahati
powerful bomb blast
marketplace in India’s restive
northeast Wednesday killing
four people and injuring
another 15, officials said.
The blast shook the heart
of Imphal, state capital of
Manipur, which borders
Myanmar -- an area that has
been plagued by separatist
violence for decades. “Most of the victims were
either shoppers or vendors,”
senior state police official
A.K. Singh said by phone
from Imphal, adding that “a
powerful IED (improvised
explosive device) was planted”.
“The injured have been
shifted to the local medical
college hospital, with at least
six of them having serious
multiple injuries,” Singh
Hospital officials said four
bodies had been recovered
from the blast site.
No rebel group has claimed
responsibility for the attack
and it was not immediately
clear what the motive was.
The remote state has long
been affected by insurgent
violence and is home to dozens
of tribal groups and small
guerrilla armies fighting New
Delhi’s rule.
They often compete against
each other in turf wars for
dominance in the state.
Apartment 143 (15+) (Horror/
Thriller) New
*- Kai Lennox, Gia Mantegna,
Michael O’keefe
Seef (II): Daily At: 11.00 Am + 1.00
+ 3.00 + 5.00 + 7.00 + 9.00 + 11.00
Youm Maloush Lazmah (Pg-15)
*- Mohamed Henedy, Ruby,
Rihamhaggag, Mohamed
Cineco (20): Daily At: 11.15 Am +
1.45 + 4.15 + 6.45 + 9.15 + 11.45
Pm + (1.00 Am Thurs/Fri), Seef (II):
Daily At: (1.00 Am Thurs/Fri) , Seef
(I): Daily At: 11.00 Am + 1.30 + 4.00
+ 6.30 + 9.00 + 11.30 Pm, Dana
Cinema: Timings: 12:45, 17:00,
21:15, 23:30
Thursday,March 12, 2015
Before I Go To Sleep (Pg-15)
(Thriller/Drama) New
*- Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth, Mark
Cineco (20): Daily At: 11.15 Am +
1.15 + 3.15 + 5.15 + 7.15 + 9.15 +
11.15 Pm
Demonic (15+) (Horror/Thriller)
*- Maria Bello, Frank Grillo, Cody
Cineco (20): Daily At: 12.00 + 2.00
+ 4.00 + 6.00 + 8.00 + 10.00 Pm +
12.00 Mn,Seef (II): Daily At: 11.30
Am + 1.30 + 3.30 + 5.30 + 7.30 +
9.30 + 11.30 Pm, Dana Cinema:
Timings: 10:30, 12:15, 14:00, 15:45,
17:30, 19:15, 21:00, 22:45, 00:30
The Wedding Ringer (18+)
*-Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Josh Gad,
Kevin Hart
Cineco (20): Daily At: 12.15 + 2.30
+ 4.45 + 7.00 + 9.15 + 11.30 Pm
NH 10 (15+) (Hindi/Crime/
Drama/Thriller) New
*- Anushka Sharma, Rajkumar
Yadav, Deepti Naval
Seef (II): Daily At: 12.30 + 3.15
+ 6.00 + 8.45 + 11.30 Pm, Awal:
Daily At: 12.00 + 3.00 + 6.00 + 9.00
Pm + (12.00 Mn Thurs/Fri), Dana
Cinema: Timings: 10:45, 13:00,
15:15, 17:30, 19:45, 22:00, 00:15
Run All Night (Pg-15) (Thriller/
Crime/Action) New
*- Liam Neeson, Genesis
Rodriguez, Joel Kinnaman
Cineco (20): Daily At: 11.30 Am +
12.30 + 2.00 + 3.00 + 4.30 + 5.30
+ 7.00 + 8.00 + 9.30 + 10.30 Pm +
12.00 Mn + (1.00 Am Thurs/Fri)
Daily At (Vip I): 10.30 Am + 1.00
+ 3.30 + 6.00 + 8.30 + 11.00
Pm,Seef (II): Daily At: (1.00 Am
Thurs/Fri), Seef (I): Daily At: 11.15
Am + 1.45 + 4.15 + 6.45 + 9.15 +
11.45 Pm, Saar: Daily At: 11.00
Am + 1.30 + 4.00 + 6.30 + 9.00 +
(11.30 Pm Thurs/Fri), Al Jazira:
Daily At: 3.00 + 5.15 + 7.30 + 9.45
Pm + (12.00 Mn Thurs/Fri), Dana
Cinema:Timings: 10:30, 12:45,
15:00, 17:15, 19:30, 21:45, 01:00
Kingsman: The Secret Service
(15+) (Action/Thriller/Comedy)
*- Colin Firth, Michael Caine, Taron
Cineco (20): Daily At: 12.30 + 3.15
+ 6.00 + 8.45 + 11.30 Pm,Seef (II):
Daily At: 10.30 Am + 1.00 + 3.45 +
6.30 + 9.15 Pm + 12.00 Mn.
Project Almanac (Pg-15)
*- Amy Landecker, Sofia BlackD’elia, Virginia Gardner
Cineco (20): Daily At: 11.30 Am +
1.45 + 4.00 + 6.15 + 8.30 + 10.45
Pm , Dana Cinema: Timings:
10:30, 14:45, 19:00, 23:15
Taken 3 (Pg-15) (Action/Thriller/
*-Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace,
Famke Janssen
Cineco (20): Daily At: 12.00 + 2.15
+ 4.30 + 6.45 + 9.00 + 11.15 Pm
American Sniper (15+) (Action/
*-Bradley Cooper, Sinenna Miller,
Salah Salea
Cineco (20): Daily At: 6.30 + 9.00 +
11.30 Pm
C Bokadia’s Mallika Sherawat
starrer Dirty Politics can be
described as a typical troll plagued
with false idealism.
It froths at the mouth at little to no
provocation, launches into buffoonish
tirades against its targets, completely
misses the point, and, in the end, is
reduced to nothing but serving as
comic relief. Dirty Politics opens with
a laughable sense of urgency.
The shaky camera work will make
your head spin, so will the hurriedly
delivered and endearingly selfconscious dialogues.
Anokhi Devi (Sherawat), an
aspiring politician has disappeared
Wild Card (15+) (Action/Crime)
*-Jason Statham, Michael
Angarano, Dominik Garcia-Lorido
Cineco (20): Daily At: 12.00 + 4.00
+ 8.00 Pm + 12.00 Mn
American Heist (15+) (Thriller/
*-Adrien Brody, Hayden
Christensen, Jordana Brewster
Cineco (20): Daily At: 11.45 Am +
1.45 + 3.45 + 5.45 + 7.45 + 9.45 +
11.45 Pm, Dana Cinema: Timings:
10:45, 15:00, 19:15
Night At The Museum: Secret
Of The Tomb (Pg-13)(Action/
*-Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Dan
Cineco (20): Daily At: 2.00 + 6.00 +
10.00 Pm
Fireman (Malayalam)
*- Mammootty, Andrea Jeremiah,
Nyla Usha
Al Hamra: Daily At: 12.00 + 3.00 +
6.00 + 9.00 Pm + (12.00 Mn Thurs/
Paddington (Pg) (Comedy/
*-Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins,
Julie Walters, Collin Firth
Cineco (20): Daily At: 10.30 Am +
12.30 + 2.30 + 4.30 Pm
Fast…Er (18+) (Comedy) New
*- Andrea Navedo, Daniel Booko,
Gonzalo Mehendez
Cineco (20): Daily At: 12.30 + 2.45
+ 5.00 + 7.15 + 9.30 + 11.45 Pm
,Seef (II): Daily At: 12.15 + 2.30 +
4.45 + 7.00 + 9.15 + 11.30 Pm
Dirty Politics is a waste of time
Asterix, Le Domaine Des Dieux
(Animation / Comedy )
Starring: Roger Carel, Lorànt
Deutsch, Laurent Lafitt
Dana Cinema: Timings: 10:30,
12:30, 14:30, 18:30, 22:30
and the region’s most powerful wellconnected local goon Mukhtiyar
(Jackie Shroff) emerges as a prime
The supposed commentary on
contemporary regional politics and
woman empowerment misses the
mark by at least a mile if not more.
Apart from the script, the makers
also decided that attention to detail
is not something worthy of their time
and creative energies.
That acting stalwarts like Om Puri,
Naseeruddin Shah, and Anupam Kher
are a part of such a travesty is but the
tip of the iceberg.
Even Mallika Sherawat, the self-
proclaimed seductress fails to
deliver in the sex appeal and spunk
Her Anokhi Devi is utterly foolish
and caricaturish-ly mercurial.
After Jackie Shroff’s distractingly
horrendous wig, Sherawat’s steamy
scenes are the most cringe worthy
thing about the film.
This film is such a hatchet job
writing-wise; even Naseer and Om
Puri fail to lend any gravitas to it.
In the end, Dirty Politics represents
the same online trolls it resembles
-- a potential threat given its ability
to misguide the masses with its halfbaked ideas and smug ignorance.
The Protector 2 ( Action )
Starring: Tony Jaa, RZA, Petchtai
Wongkamlao, JeeJa Yanin,
Dana Cinema: Timings: 12:30,
16:30, 20:30
Ellemby ( Arabic / Comedy )
Starring: Moh’d Saad, Hala Shina,
Hassan Hosny
Dana Cinema: Timings: 10:30,
12:45, 15:00, 17:15, 19:30, 21:45,
Walking On Sunshine (15+)
*- Greg Wise, Annabel Scholey,
Giulio Berruti
Cineco (20): Daily At: 11.30 Am
+ 1.30 + 3.30 + 5.30 + 7.30 + 9.30
+ 11.30 Pm, Saar: Daily At: 11.30
Am + 1.30 + 3.30 + 5.30 + 7.30 +
9.30 + (11.30 Pm Thurs/Fri), Dana
Cinema: Timings: 10:30, 14:30,
18:30, 22:30, 00:30
Regatta ( Arabic/Drama/Action/
Thriller )
Starring: Amy Landecker, Sofia
Black-D’Elia, Virginia Gardner
Dana Cinema: Timings: 19:30
Outcast (Pg-15) (Action/
*- Nicolas Cage, Hayden
Christensen, Andy On
Cineco (20): Daily At: 12.30 + 2.45
+ 5.00 + 7.15 + 9.30 + 11.45 Pm +
(1.00 Am Thurs/Fri) ,Seef (II): Daily
At: 10.30 Am + 12.45 + 3.00 + 5.15
+ 7.30 + 9.45 Pm + 12.00 Mn, Dana
Cinema: Timings: 10:45, 14:45,
18:45, 22:45
The Spongebob Movie: Sponge
Out Of Water (Pg) (Animation/
*- Tom Kenny, Antonio Banderas,
Bill Fagerbakke
Cineco (20): Daily At (3D): 11.00
Am+ 1.00 + 3.00 + 5.00 + 7.00 +
9.00 + 11.00 Pm , Seef (II): Daily
At: 11.15 Am + 1.15 + 3.15 + 5.15
+ 7.15 + 9.15 + 11.15 Pm , Dana
Cinema: Timings: 16:30, 20:30
Cairo Time (Pg-15) (Drama) New
*- Nour El-Sherif, Mervat Amin,
Samir Sabri, Dora
Seef (II): Daily At: 11.15 Am + 1.45
+ 4.15 + 6.45 + 9.15 + 11.45 Pm ,
Dana Cinema: Timings: 10:30,
12:45, 15:00, 17:15, 21:30, 23:45
Focus (15+) (Thriller/Crime/
*- Will Smith, Margot Robbie,
Rodrigo Santoro
Cineco (20): Daily At: 10.30 Am +
12.45 + 3.00 + 5.15 + 7.30 + 9.45
Pm + 12.00 Mn + (1.00 Am Thurs/
Fri),Seef (II): Daily At: (1.00 Am
Thurs/Fri),Seef (I): Daily At: 12.30
+ 2.45 + 5.00 + 7.15 + 9.30 + 11.45
Pm, Saar: Daily At: 12.15 + 2.30
+ 4.45 + 7.00 + 9.15 + (11.30 Pm
Thurs/Fri), Dana Cinema: Timings:
12:45, 17:00, 21:15
Kidnapping Mr. Heineken (
Action / Crime / Drama )
Starring: Jim Sturgess, Sam
Worthington, Anthony Hopkins
Dana Cinema: Timings: 12:45,
16:45, 20:45, 00:45
Kallem Mama ( Arabic / Comedy )
Starring: Abla Kamel, Menna
Shalabi, Mai Ezzedine
Dana Cinema: Timings: 11:30,
13:45, 16:00, 18:15, 20:30, 22:45
Cinderella (Pg) (Family/
Adventure) New
*- Lily James, Hayley Atwell, Helena
Bonham Carter
Cineco (20): Daily At: 11.00 Am +
1.30 + 4.00 + 6.30 + 9.00 + 11.30
Pm. Daily At (Vip Ii): 10.30 Am +
1.00 + 3.30 + 6.00 + 8.30 + 11.00
Pm, Seef (II): Daily At: 10.30 Am
+ 1.00 + 3.30 + 6.00 + 8.30 + 11.00
Pm, Saar: Daily At: 11.45 Am +
2.00 + 4.15 + 6.30 + 8.45 + (11.00
Pm Thurs/Fri) , Al Jazira: Daily At:
2.30 + 4.45 + 7.00 + 9.15 + (11.30
Pm Thurs/Fri) , Dana Cinema:
Timings: 10:30, 12:45, 15:00, 17:15,
19:30, 21:45, 00:00
Thursday, March 12, 2015
Urgently Required CIVIL QA
QC INSPECTOR We are looking for CIVIL QA QC inspector
in Bahrain. Suitable candidates,
Please submit your CVs to:
[email protected]
Interior Design Company offers
two positions: (1) ARChITECT/
INTERIOR DRAfTSmAN expert in AutoCAD, SketchUp, and
Revit. Minimum 6 years experience. (2) VISuALIzER expert
in photorealistic 3D renderings.
Email CV to [email protected]
ENgINEER, QuANTITy SuRVEyORS urgently required for
Grade ‘A’ Contracting Company.
Email: [email protected]
Urgently Required ACCOuNTANT experienced from consultancy company an advantage,
local hire only . Email CV: [email protected]
SALES ENgINEER/ ExECuTIVE. Urgently required experienced sales Engineer/Executive for a reputed company in
Bahrain. Candidate should be
able to do sales & purchasing.
Should have strong communication skills & valid GCC driving
license. Please forward your
CV to “[email protected]
AND hEAVy / LIghT DuTy
DRIVERS for reputed mineral
water company. Young, presentable with good communication
skills & valid driving license may
forward their CV to [email protected]
Altoufic Recruitment Company
needs urgently for Qatar SENIOR BuSINESS DEVELOPmENT (Indian Nationality) with
perfect Salary / Email: [email protected]
Pizza Chain urgently needs
Staff for local transfer: ITALIAN
fOOD ChEfS, COOkS, BAkERS, PIzzA mAkERS, DELIVERymEN (motorbike/ car).
Send your CV and information
on [email protected]
analysis, designing, developing,
implementing and executing a
Good knowledge of programming techniques. Experience on
Database architecture, design,
modeling and implementation.
Prepare and manage Documentation. Please send CV to E-mail
[email protected]
Urgently required PART TImE
SANDWICh mAkER for a franchise company to work from
2am to 7am. If interested please
send email to [email protected]
Urgently Required ADmIN ASSISTANT. Branded Property
Management and Real Estate
Group in Bahrain looking for
Admin Assistant (female) to join
immediately with team. Experience - Minimum 1 year similar
experience, Gender - female,
Nationality - Any. Forward your
application to “[email protected]”
Urgently Required SENIOR
SECRETARy we accept applicants with wide experience in
foreign exchange, age not more
than 30 years. Ability to communicate with expected clients.
Very attractive salaries. Bilingual is preferred. Please send
your CV to [email protected]
Must possess 5 years of GCC
experience in handling the accounts. Should hold a university
degree. Must read, write and
speak Arabic and English fluently. This vacancy is open for
any nationality. E-mail : - [email protected]
COOk For a newly opening
cafe and restaurant. Should be
a specialist in making broasted, burger, sandwiches, juices, &
parathas. Please send CV to Email : [email protected]
Required ACCOuNTANT, A
leading trading company is
looking for accountant with audit experience and finalization of
accounts. Commerce graduate
with minimum five years experience and ready to work in two
shifts can send CV with recent
photo graphs and expected salary to [email protected]
Urgently Required SITE ENgINEER for high rise building
project with 5 - 10 years experience. Please send CV to Email:
[email protected]
Urgently Required WAITRESS
with minimum experience of 2
years in the field and must have
pleasing personality. Should
handle guest with high quality of
service. Minimum height of 5’6.
Interested applicant may submit
CV to [email protected]
A skillful Front Office Admin &
Receptionist (preferably female)
is required for a reputable training centre, good command of
English Language, fast learner,
good communication skills and
have good working knowledge
of social media marketing.
Please send your CV to [email protected]
Required INTERIOR DESIgNER. We are looking for a interior designer with the knowledge
of 3d studio max. Interested
candidate please send your
cv. Freshers can also apply.
email:[email protected]
Experienced DRIVER required
for family. Salary BD125/- +
visa + accommodation. Tel.
[email protected]
Reputed Company is looking
for experienced SALESmAN,
& Bahraini Receptionist. Send
resume to [email protected]
CAShIERS required. Experience in Casual Dining is preferable. Candidates may apply
to email: [email protected]
An Industrial Company is looking for WORkShOP mANAgER with minimum 10 years
GCC experience (Electrical/
Mechanical Engineer).
Good salary + company accommodation for right candidates. Send your CV to [email protected]
with minimum 3 years’ experience & valid Bahrain driving
license. Send CVs to [email protected]
for rent
gARAgE, STORE for rent in
hamala. Contact 34437731
apartment for rent with 2
with gym, swimming pool,
Contact: 3536 9925
hIDD apartment for rent, close
by Dilmun bakery 2 medium
size bedrooms 2 bathroom Hall
and kitchen in ground floor.
Rent: BD 180 BD. Contact:
3723 9136
hIDD studio apartment for
rent with one bedroom,
conditioning and curtains +
electricity. Contact: 3770 9766
AmWAj apartment for Rent in
tala island with two bedrooms,
laundry room, overlooking
parking, swimming pool, gym,
supermarket and restaurants.
for rent at a price of BD700
[email protected]
hOmE CARE Cleaning Services:
carpet & sofa shampoo, plumbing
& electrical jobs. Tel. 17562400,
ChiCken, Cashew
nut and basil
stir fry
Learning how to cook does not always have to be about fancy
stuff. The good old stir fry was one of the first things I learnt
to cook and has served me in good stead. The trick is in the
flavour and a nice hot pan, plus the addition of five spice to
the rice gives a nice twist to a plain staple!
2 tsp five-spice powder
250g/9oz brown or white long grain or basmati rice or quinoa
125g/4½oz cashew nuts
1 tbsp sunflower oil
2 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts (about 225g/8oz each),
cut into bite-sized chunks
flaked sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
2-3 peppers, mixed colours, cut into strips
1 bunch spring onions, trimmed and cut into 3cm/1¼in pieces
2-3 red chillies, deseeded (if preferred for less heat) and cut into
long strips
3cm/1¼in piece fresh root ginger, peeled and cut into thin
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1 tsp cornflour
100ml/3½fl oz chicken stock
3 tbsp hoisin sauce (alternatively use soy sauce)
large handful basil leaves
First cook the rice. Put the five spice in the bottom of a
medium pan over a low heat. Cook for about 3-4 minutes,
or until you start to smell the aromas, then add the rice or
quinoa along with a little salt and cook it according to the
pack instructions.
Meanwhile, put the cashew nuts in a large wok (without any
oil) over a medium heat and toast for about 3-4 minutes,
giving them a shake from time to time until golden-brown
all over. Then tip them onto a plate and set them aside.
Heat the oil in the wok with the heat turned up to high.
Season the chicken pieces with salt and pepper and stir-fry
for about 4-5 minutes, stirring occasionally, until goldenbrown. Add the peppers, spring onions, chillies and ginger,
and cook for 2-3 minutes keeping the pan moving so
nothing burns. Add the garlic and cook for another minute.
Place the cornflour in a small bowl with two teaspoons of
cold water and mix to a smooth paste. Add to the stir fry
along with the stock and hoisin sauce and let the sauce
bubble away for 1-2 minutes, or until it thickens slightly.
Toss the toasted cashew nuts into the pan and check that
the chicken is cooked through. Remove from the heat.
The rice or quinoa should be cooked by now and so drain,
season to taste with salt and pepper and then return to the
pan to keep warm if necessary.
Spoon the rice or quinoa onto each serving plate. Spoon
the stir fry between them and rip up the basil leaves to
scatter over. Serve immediately.
[email protected]
gine Size 1000-2000CC. Price
BD 2,200. Contact: 35004377
eXuS for sale, 1994 model
for sale, engine Size 30014000CC. Price: BD 900 Contact: 39787787
MITSubISHI eClIpSe, 2009
model for sale. KM 60000, engine size 3701 - 3800 CC. Price
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GMC aCadIa, 2008 model
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size 3501 - 3600 CC. Price BD
5,200. Contact: 39117862
CHrySler 300M/300C, 2012
model for sale. KM 68000, engine Size 4000+CC. Price BD
8,800. Contact: 36640466
Honda aCCord, 2010 model
for sale. KM 73452, engine Size
3001-4000CC. Price BD 5,299.
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nISSan Sunny, 2004 model
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Size 1000-2000CC. Price BD
1,650. Contact: 34129197
nISSan XTerra, 2010 model
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3001-4000CC. Price BD 5,700.
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nISSan paTHFInder, 2003
model for sale, engine Size
2001-3000 CC. Price BD 2,250.
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bMW 7-SerIeS, 2007 model
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ToyoTa yarIS, 2008 model
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Ford FoCuS, 2006 model for
sale. KM 135000, engine Size
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Expat Camry Silver 2007.
Mazda CX-9, 2008 model for
sale. KM 177000, engine Size
3001-4000CC. Price BD 4,800.
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ToyoTa Solara, 2006 model for sale. Engine Size 20013000CC. Price BD 4,200.
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bMW 7-SerIeS, 2007 model
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Ford GT, 2006 model for sale.
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MITSubISHI lanCer, 2009
model for sale. KM 79000, en-
Reaching the right audience
Thursday, March 12, 2015
Thursday, March 12, 2015
BahraIn Open gOlf chaMpIOnshIp
Peter Rogers
Taimur Malik
Peter Rogers at Bahrain Open 2014
DT News Network
age and one player who is over
six times his age!
With septuagenarian, Peter
Rogers and Taimur aged 12
this must, almost certainly, be
the greatest age range between
players ever witnessed at a
Bahrain Open.
Peter, having laid up his
clubs for 17 years returned
to the game again in 1994 on
retiring from Gulf Air and has
been a member of Awali Golf
Club since. Peter has played in
wo competitors take to
the field this weekend in
the 52nd Bahrain Open Golf
Championship on Friday and
Saturday at Awali Golf Club
who are notable by their difference. This year will see the
youngest ever participant in
the event, Taimur Malik aged
12 alongside many who are
three, four and five times his
every Bahrain Open since 2001.
His lowest handicap was 5 and
his best gross on the course 72.
Over his years playing at Awali,
Pete has had many successes,
the club singles champion and
Seniors Champion most notable among many other club
and sponsored competitions.
Peter has also had a whopping
8 holes-in-one in his golfing
Taimur who was born in
Johannesburg started playing
Taimur Malik at Awali Golf Club
golf aged 3 with plastic golf
clubs at Cairo’s Khatimaya
Golf Club and developed
his game in Nairobi, Kenya
where he learned skills that
gave him a strong foundation
in the game.
At just 12 years of age Taimur
has already played tournaments
in Dubai, Pakistan, Malaysia,
Scotland, Johannesburg and
London. This year he played
the Faldo Series 2015 in Dubai
and was one of the youngest
players taking part.
He also has priority invites
to participate in the US Kids
Italy and Malaysia this year.
Taimur plays off 10 and has
already achieved a first holein-one.
Awali Golf Club wishes
both players every success in
this year’s Bahrain Open and
many more years of success
and pleasure from the game
of golf.
BTA Junior
tennis tourney
from March 20
DT News Network
ahrain Tennis Academy
(BTA) will be holding a junior
tennis tournament on March 20
and 21 at the Dilmun Sports Club
in Saar for eight and ten years and
under categories.
The event will feature roundrobin matchplay using scoring,
court sizes and balls appropriate
for each age group in accordance
with the International Tennis
Federation’s guidelines. eight years
and under matches will be played
on the Red (36’) Court with red
balls while the ten years and under
matches will be played on the
Orange (60’) Court with orangedot balls. It is open to all boys and
girls who are of an eligible age
at the start date and certificates
will be presented to all participants
while the winners and finalists will
be awarded trophies.
Tournament Director, Dan
Barrie said “This will be a great
opportunity for young players to
test their skills against other juniors from all over Bahrain on a
court size that will reward them
for trying to implement correct
techniques and strategies.”
Registration is open at the
Dilmun Club’s reception until
Tuesday March 17 and for more
information contact the tournament director at [email protected] or to obtain an
entry form.
Mcnamara and Butt win BMMI shops event
DT News Network
BIC to host open track for
cars and bikes tomorrow
DT News Network
ahrain International Circuit
(BIC) is organising an Open
Track day for Cars and Bikes
tomorrow at its circuit in Sakhir.
BIC invites all types of wannabe-racers and speed enthusiasts
to join in and enjoy the thrills
of speeding around a world-class
motorsport facility in their very
own road car or motorbike.
Open Track is a favourite
amongst Bahrain’s motor racing
fans. Participants even come from
all over the Gulf to sample some
of the rarest and most expensive
vehicles known to man.
It is run to the highest of international safety standards, although
drivers will still be able to push their
cars or motorbikes to their very
Participants can select
between a full day’s drive
between 9am and 4pm or a
half-day’s participation, either
between 9am and 12noon or
between 1pm and 4pm or a single session option.
Before the activity begins, officials will first inspect vehicles to
ensure they are fit to participate.
BIC’s highly qualified professional driving instructors will
also conduct a briefing to discuss
with each driver the safety, driving rules and techniques, circuit
information, and how to handle
emergency situations while out on
the tarmac.
ftikhar Butt and playing partner Jason McNamara (24
points) enjoyed their first win
in the current six week BMMI
Shops Monday Madness Night
Golf Series at the Royal Golf
Club, ahead of second placed
Khalid Al Omran and Georges
Abou Jaoude (22 on countback)
narrowly ahead of Rajinder
Sachdeva and playing partner
Kwang Seok Kim (22) who had
to settle for third place for the
second consecutive week.
With just two more competi-
tions left to play in the series,
three pairings share the lead in
the overall order of merit with
8 points each – Sachdeva and
Kim along with Ashley Price and
Steve Middleton and the duo of
Carter Alexander and Stewart
Nearest the pin side contests
on holes 12 and 16 were won
by Ali Saleh and Dena Wales
A good mix of members and
visitors competed in this week’s
Vegas Stableford competition
which was rounded off with a
prize presentation ceremony in
the Club’s Members’ Lounge.
The series takes place every
Monday evening with nine-hole
competitions and is open to
non-members and tees off with
a 6:30pm shotgun start.
Results: 1 Iftikhar Butt/
Jason McNamara (24 points),
2 Khalid Al Omran/Georges
Abou Jaoude (22 on count
back), 3 Rajinder Sachdeva/
Kwang Seok Kim (22), 4 Rob
Mills/Alan Vandewater (21),
5 Steve Middleton/Ashley
Price (19). Nearest the Pins:
Ali Saleh (hole 12) and Dena
Wales (hole 16).
Bahrain Tennis Club have issued a poster ahead
of the Bahrain ITF Futures Tennis Tournament for
men and women from March 23 to April 4 at its
premises in Juffair. The event is being patronised
by the Chairman of the Supreme Council of
Youth and Sports (SCYS) and President of the
Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC) HH Shaikh
Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa with the support of
GOYS, GPIC, Bapco, Solidarity Group and Bahrain
Duty Free. A booklet is also set to be issued
which has seen players from 55 countries register
for the event featuring singles and doubles
matches. A list of 18 automatic qualifiers has
been announced headed by last year’s singles
runner-up Jordi-Samper of Spain ranked 205
and India’s Yuki Bhambri ranked 281. A total of
11 Bahrain players are either on the qualifying or
reserve lists.
Thursday, March 12, 2015
Bahrain dominate
GCC Women’s Games Day 4
DT News Network
ahrain on Wednesday
continued to dominate the
Fourth GCC Women’s Games
on the fourth day being held
in Muscat, Oman as they
maintained their outstanding
form and clinched eight
medals – five gold, two silver
and one bronze in shooting
and special needs athletics
events to stay on top of the
medal table with 17 medals
in total (11 gold, 4 silver, 2
Mouza Abdulrahim opened
Bahrain’s medal haul as she
took the 25m pistol gold
medal, at Ghala Shooting
Range ahead of Qatari Nasra
Mahmood who took silver
Winners of the 25m pistol event on the podium at the awarding ceremony
teamed up with compatriots
Sameera Abduljalil and Lubna
Abdulaziz to win the team
Bahrain team hailed
The Bahraini team was
congratulated at the awarding
ceremony by member of the
Bahrain Olympic Committee,
chairwoman of the Woman’s
Sport Committee and Bahrain
delegation head Shaikha Hayat
bint Abdulaziz Al Khalifa.
Three Gold, two Silver
Bahrain shooting team show off the 25m pistol team gold medals
and Dana Mubarak a bronze.
It was the second gold
medal in the games for Mouza
who won the 10m pistol
competition on Monday.
Mouza in top form
Mouza Wednesday
again in top form and
only did her come on
among individuals, but
even gold medal.
With 1,623 points the trio
were ahead of Qatar (1,668),
who claimed silver and UAE
team (1,608) bronze.
Bahrain took its tally to six
medals in all shooting events,
including five gold and one
silver. Qatar emerged second
(1-2-4), Oman (1-2-0) third,
Kuwait (0-1-0) fourth and the
UAE (0-0-1) fifth.
Elsewhere, Bahrain made
another impressive show on
the second day of special
needs athletics events, in
which they took six medals
(three gold, two silver, one
Amal Al Fardan gave
Bahrain the shot put gold
medal, scoring 15.87 metres
and beating another Bahraini
Fatma Safar (9.32m), who
took the silver.
Rubi Al Amiri then added
Bahrain’s second gold medal
in special need athletics by
coming first in the javelin
ensuring herself a place in
the World Championship in
Qatar in October this year.
Action from the 200m final race
Bahrain volleyball team members
losing in their opening match
to Qatar 10-33, Bahrain were
again defeated, this time at
the hands of the Kuwaitis,
with a score of 6-13 to be
Volleyball today
Meanwhile, the Bahrain
volleyball team finalised
their preparations for the
volleyball championship,
which gets underway today
at Sultan Qaboos Sports
Complex in Boshar. The
Abduljalil Al Aradi, will have
their first test against Qatar
at 2pm (Bahrain time).
Bahrain special needs athletic champions during a photo call
Omani Rayan Al Mujairi respectively second and third
(11.42) settled for the silver in a race which was won
by UAE’s Hamad Al Hosini
celebrations (32.09). Today is the last
continued as Zahra Al day in special needs athletics
Kulaibi gave the Kingdom its at Sultan Qaboos Sports
third gold medal, this time Complex track.
winning the shot put (13.37).
Oman’s Zaynab Al Quraini Title hopes vanished
took silver and Qatari Thajba
Al Kubaisi the bronze.
Late on, in the 200m tournament,
final, Bahrain’s Aisha Al title hopes vanished after
Subaiei (32.90 seconds) and they were handed a second
Sara Khalifa (32.94) were consecutive defeat. After
Shaikha Hayat visits
The team spirit had
received a major boost as
they were greeted by Shaikha
Hayat bint Abdulaziz Al
Khalifa, who visited the team
training on Wednesday and
wished them success.
Bahrain’s second game is
scheduled for Friday when
take on the UAE and then
take on Oman and Kuwait
in the concluding tie in
this single round robin
Thursday, March 12, 2015
PSG down ChelSea
Reach Quarter
hiago Silva scored in the second half of
extra time to give 10-man Paris SaintGermain a 2-2 draw with Chelsea in the
second leg of their Champions League tie at
Stamford Bridge this evening, sending the
French champions through to the quarterfinals on away goals.
The visitors made a strong start to the
match, needing at least one away goal to
stand a chance of reaching the quarter-finals,
but John Terry blocked an early effort by
Edinson Cavani.
Chelsea started to see more of the ball as
the opening spell progressed though, but
Ramires could not find Eden Hazard with a
flick on, while Oscar was flagged for offside
as Diego Costa played the ball in.
PSG’s hopes were dealt a blow just over
half an hour into the contest when a mistimed tackle from Zlatan Ibrahimovic saw
the striker sent off, having caught Oscar with
his studs.
The incident resulted in tempers flaring
with the referee having to reach for his cards
several times before the break.
Terry was able to make another block for
the hosts, preventing a dangerous-looking
cross from Maxwell finding its target, while
Oscar forced a stop with a curling effort
from the edge of the box.
Costa thought that he should have
been a awarded a penalty just before the
break when he appeared to be dragged
down by Cavani, but the referee was not
Salvatore Sirigu was called into action
early in the second half as substitute
Willian went for goal direct from a free
kick, but the PSG keeper pushed the
Brazilian’s effort away.
Cavani thought that he was through to
break the deadlock just ahead of the hour
mark as Marco Verratti slotted the ball
through for the Uruguayan, who rounded
Thibaut Courtois before attempting to slice
the ball in from a tight angle, but it brushed
the post before going out the other side of
the goal.
Jose Mourinho’s side appeared to be
tiring as the second half progressed, despite
them having a player more on the pitch,
but PSG could not make the most of their
opponents’ weary spell, as Courtois claimed
a Marquinhos cross before punching a
Javier Pastore effort away.
CAS hails BOC role in
sport dispute resolution
Abdulrahman Askar, right, welcomes Reeb and court member Dr Al Hayyan at the meeting
DT News Network
fficials from the Court
of Arbitration for Sport
Olympic Committee (BOC) in
its role in finding resolutions
for sport disputes in the GCC.
This came during a meeting
hosted by BOC general
secretary Abdulrahman Askar,
who welcomed CAS secretary
general Matthieu Reeb and
court member Dr Abdulla Al
Askar noted the significant
role of CAS in protecting
the athletes from all around
the world, and stressed the
keenness of the BOC in
this regard and in line with
the directives of Supreme
Council for Youth and Sports
chairman and BOC president
Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al
Nasser’s proposal to establish
a sports dispute resolution
authority in the GCC was
agreed upon by the majority
of sports leadership in the
Arabian Gulf region.
Reeb, who is on a visit to
the GCC countries, briefed
Askar on the purpose of his
trip, which includes meetings
with high-ranking officials
of all the six GCC countries
in an attempt to deploy
legislative awareness and
activate regulatory aspects
of athletes, qualifying sports
officials with CAS supporting
all relevant initiatives.
He expressed pleasure
for the statute of the BOC
and its eagerness to activate
the role of the interior sport
dispute resolution, and court
keenness to support this body
and allocate qualifying and
educational programmes in
the field of sports dispute
Also present at the meeting
were BOC board member and
CISM President Abdulhakim
Al Shino, BOC legal advisor
Salah Khodr, sports advisor
Abduljalil Asad and Supreme
Council for Youth and Sports
legal advisor Hadeel Khodr.
PSG’s David Luiz (right) celebrates after scoring his team’s first goal
Dartfish course concludes today
DT News Network
course using computer
programme ‘Dartfish’ is set to
conclude today at the Sports
Training and Development
Centre (STDC) premises,
located at Manama Club
premises in Juffair.
A total of 23 coaches from
sports clubs and associations in
Bahrain and abroad are taking
part in the course, including
six participants from Kuwait,
two from Saudi Arabia and one
from Oman.
The course is organised
by the BOC’s STDC and is
part of the committee’s plan
to prepare and develop the
abilities of national coaches,
reinforce their efficiency, and
have a positive influence on the
outcomes of Bahraini sport.
Mahmood Fakhro conducts a dartfish programme session
The course is being
conducted by dartfish expert
and international instructor
Mahmood Fakhro.
Dartfish is the most advanced
video analysis technology
on the market and is utilised
by thousands of education,
coaching and professional
sporting organisations across
the globe.
It’s cutting edge technology,
combined with it’s simple
layout and wide range of
features, make it hugely
popular with sport, education
and healthcare professionals
ALBA sponsors Flex Bodybuilding championship
DT News Network
nder the patronage of
Airmech Bahrain and
International Federation for
Bodybuilders and Fitness
Asian Bodybuilding and
Physique Sports Federation
Bahrain Weightlifting and
(BWBF) President Shaikh
Abdulla bin Rashid Al Khalifa,
BWBF and Aluminum Bahrain
(ALBA) will organise the
fourth Flex Bodybuilding
Championship on May 14, 15
and 16.
The organising committee
of the championship expressed
its gratitude to Airmech
General Manager Omar Al
Sinan for patronising the event,
confirming that “this support
will sure have a positive impact
on the fourth version of the
The officials explained
that the championship is
considered as a sports festival
that attracts local, regional and
international talents and that
the championship will include
a variety of events, in addition
to its ten weight categories.
Thursday, March 12, 2015
Today’s Match
Sri Lanka beat Scotland by 148 runs
ri Lanka’s Kumar Sangakkara on Wednesday
became the first player to score four successive oneday international centuries, setting a new record in a World Cup match
against Scotland in Hobart.
The prolific 37-year-old reached the landmark when he guided Kyle Coetzer to third
man for two runs as the Sri Lankans
raced to 237 for two in the 37th over
after electing to bat in the Pool A
match at the Bellerive Oval.
Sangakkara had made
105 not out against Bangladesh, an
unbeaten 117 in the game
with England followed by 104 against
surpassed six players who had scored
three ODI centuries
in a row.
Th e y
were Zaheer Abbas and Saeed Anwar of
Pakistan, the South African trio of Herschelle
Gibbs, AB de Villiers and Quinton de Kock,
and Ross Taylor of New Zealand.
Sangakkara was eventually out for 124 in the 37th
over having hit 13 boundaries and four sixes when he
was caught behind off Josh Davey.
Sangakkara is due to retire from one-day internationals
after the World Cup where his team has already qualified
for the quarterfinals.
Successive ODI tons for
Srilanka beat Scotland
Sri Lanka thrashed Scotland by 148 runs in the World
Cup in Hobart on Wednesday. Sangakkara hit 124
off 95 balls and Tillakaratne Dilshan made 104 as the
Islanders piled up 363 for nine and then bowled Scotland
out for 215 in 43.1 overs in the Pool A match at the Bellerive
Skipper Preston Mommsen and Freddie Coleman put on 118 for
the fourth wicket but they provided the only Scottish challenge as
seamers Nuwan Kulasekara and Dushmantha Chameera grabbed
three wickets each.
Sangakkara also took two catches to overtake Adam Gilchrist as
the most successful World Cup wicket-keeper with 54 dismissals. The Australian had 52 victims to his name.
Sri Lanka ended the league with four wins from six
matches and now await an undecided opponent
in the first quarter-final at the Sydney
Cricket Ground on March 18.
South Africa v UAE at Wellington
(14:00 local, 01:00 GMT )
Where they stand
Sri Lanka:
L. Thirimanne c Mommsen b Evans
T. Dilshan c MacLeod b Davey
K. Sangakkara c Cross b Davey
M. Jayawardene c MacLeod b Davey
A. Mathews c Coleman b Machan
K. Perera c MacLeod b Taylor
T. Perera c Coleman b Berrington
S. Prasanna c Coleman b Evans
N. Kulasekara not out
L. Malinga c Leask b Berrington
D. Chameera not out
Total (for 9 wkts, 50 overs)
Fall of wickets: 1-21 (Thirimanne), 2-216 (Dilshan),
3-244 (Jayawardene), 4-244 (Sangakkara), 5-289 (K.
Perera), 6-326 (Mathews), 7-328 (T. Perera), 8-331
(Prasanna), 9-336 (Malinga).
Bowling: Taylor 10-0-46-1, Evans 10-0-72-2 (w3), Davey
8-0-63-3 (w5), Berrington 6.1-31-2, Leask 7-0-63-0,
Coetzer 4.5-0-39-0, Machan 4-0-46-1 (w1).
K. Coetzer c and b Malinga
C. MacLeod b Kulasekara
M. Machan lbw b Dilshan
P. Mommsen c Thirimanne b T. Perera
F. Coleman c T. Perera b Kulasekara
R. Berrington c Kulasekara b Chameera
M. Leask c Sangakkara b Kulasekara
M. Cross c Sangakkara b Chameera
R. Taylor c T. Perera b Malinga
J. Davey c Thirimanne b Chameera
A. Evans not out
Total (all out, 43.1 overs)
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Coetzer), 2-26 (MacLeod), 3-44
(Machan), 4-162 (Mommsen), 5-189 (Coleman), 6-192
(Leask), 7-200 (Cross), 8-209 (Taylor), 9-210 (Berrington),
10-215 (Davey).
Bowling: Malinga 9-0-29-2 (w2), Kulasekara 7-0-20-3
(w1), T. Perera 7-0-41-1 (w2), Dilshan 5-0-15-1, Prasanna
8-0-57-0, Chameera 7.1-0-51-3 (nb1, w1)
+3.09 10
1 1
1 1
+2.15 10
+1.46 6
-0.51 4
-1.69 0
P31 century-kkara
Thursday,March 12, 2015
bayern 7 - o Shakhtar
Champions League
ayern Munich have cruised into the quarterfinals of the Champions League, beating Shakhtar
Donetsk 7-0 at the Allianz Arena this evening.
Shakhtar’s hopes were dealt a blow almost immediately
as Oleksandr Kucher was dismissed less than three
minutes after kickoff for a foul on Mario Gotze in the box.
The incident also resulted in a spot kick for the German
champions, which Thomas Muller converted with ease as
the keeper dived the wrong way.
Robert Lewandowski had a couple of chances to
double Bayern’s advantage early on, but Arjen Robben
was unable to reach the Polish striker’s pull-back, while
his header from a Rafinha cross was kept out by the
post. Lewandowski was involved again before the break
though, blasting another effort into the keeper’s
path, but the parry fell for Jerome Boateng to tap in
from close range.
Bayern continued to cruise at the start of the
second half as Franck Ribery forced his way into
the box before slotting a low finish into the bottom
corner. Muller was in for his second of the night just
two minutes later, as Ribery had his shot saved, but
once again the keeper could only parry, setting
the German international up for an easy finish.
Pep Guardiola’s men continued to push,
and came close to making it five when
Bernat rounded a couple of defenders
before attempting to rifle the ball in
low, but this time Andriy Pyatov got
it clear.
Bayern cruise into
quarter finals
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