Scholarship Bulletin - Valders Area School District

Scholarship Bulletin
March 11, 2015
Important: Keep a copy of every scholarship that you submit, whether you submit it or Student Services
submits it. In the event you are awarded the scholarship, you will be responsible for contacting the
agency/person who awarded the scholarship to you and follow their directions to collect your money.
 Start the application process early. Don’t procrastinate.
 Read & FOLLOW the instructions. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.
 Highlight the deadlines – note who the deadline is TO (Student Services or the organization).
 Allow ample time for mailing the scholarship or transcript if needed. (Official transcripts are
mailed from Student Services to the organization and not given to Students. We will mail
scholarships if a transcript is needed. You mail scholarships when transcripts are NOT needed.)
 Write and rewrite the essay – remove the “fluff,” provide solid reasons. –
 Computer generate or type everything -- typed applications make it to the top.
o Hint #1: Typewriter available in Student Services for student use.
o Hint #2: Use a pdf-to-word converter available on line.
 Do not use acronyms or abbreviations – spell everything out.
 Be professional, check for grammar, and check for spelling errors.
 Be neat – no whiteout, erasures, or paper smudges.
 Take responsibility for your application. Does it need to be signed or have other documentation
submitted with it? Submit all materials together. Keep a copy for your records.
 Scholarships collected in Student Services are due on the due date by 4:00PM unless noted
otherwise below.
Please note: You may access scholarships using either *Internet Explorer or Google Chrome from home. If
you have difficulty accessing local scholarship web links, check your browser to see that it is up to date and
in-sync. If still having difficulty, you can also try to save it to your desktop (see below * if you have an older
version of IE or Windows). From school, use only the Google Chrome browser. These files should open as we
do test them; however, if you ever note difficulty and have tried these methods, please let us know.
Attention all students who have *Internet Explorer AND Windows XP (or older version) of Microsoft Word:
there is a KNOWN Microsoft error. If you have IE, you may want to use Google Chrome or try this wraparound fix: Open the file. Choose “SAVE.”When it states the file name, it will have “.zip” after it. Change
this “.zip” to “.docx” and save it to your home computer drive. You can then open the document from your
drive. If you have any questions or would like to be shown what to do, see Mrs. Wilhelm or Mr. East.
Seniors: Don’t forget to periodically check the High School Announcements for
information on contests open to HS students that could net you money for
Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP) A tuition reduction program that
makes attending out-of-state colleges and universities more affordable for nonresident students.
Agriculture Scholarships through the FFA website for FFA members and nonmembers sponsored by varied companies are available to match a wide variety
skills, experiences, career goals and higher-education plans. Approximately $2
million in scholarship money is available each year.
Employment Scholarship
Holy Family Scholarship Program offers $800; $2,000; or $2,500 per semester
for technical, state, or private college respectively to students for tuition in highdemand medical programs and who are willing to make an employment service
commitment. 3.0 GPA
Daughters of American Revolution DAR provides a legitimate site for a variety
of scholarships in various fields for high school seniors, undergrads and graduate
Year-Round Consideration Rolling Thunder, Inc. Chapter 3 Wisconsin Scholarship is intended for a high
school graduate and full-time student with a minimum 2.5 GPA at an accredited
technical college, college or university. U.S. Citizen, WI resident, and a
descendent or child of a U.S. Military service veteran who was killed while in the
line of duty, or who passed away as a result of being in the line of duty, between
the Vietnam war and the present.
The Christian Connector, Inc. offers a scholarship drawing and information for
select/participating Christian Colleges.
Students attending any UW System advising office need to pay close attention to
scholarship deadlines and processes. (See Page 5 after clicking link below.)
They have gathered all the information in one chart:
For UW Manitowoc:
For Lakeshore Technical College:
Don’t Forget
Scholarship Applicants
Hint: Check the websites of the colleges you are applying to for their
scholarship applications and deadlines!!! Many are SOON!
Students should no longer have to manually type or handwrite any pdf
document or paper copy!
If the document is a pdf file on this bulletin, (we suggest using Google chrome)
open and download the document by doing a “save as” Next, click on “sign” on
the upper right hand corner. Then, click on “Add Text”. You will not be able to
do this directly from the browser…do a save as. If you need assistance, see Mrs.
Wilhelm or Mr. East. (Hint: You can always sloppy copy at home and then type
at school if having difficulties.) Additionally, if you only have access to a paper
copy or pdf file of a scholarship not listed on this bulletin—SEE MRS.
WILHELM. She can scan and email you the scholarship from the big copier so
that you can then enter your information on it.  Good luck and if ?’s see us!
March 13, 2015
See above if you need Tech Assistance
for an older computer.*
Whitelaw Lions Club Scholarship is available to graduating seniors from
Reedsville or Valders High School who are furthering their education at an
institution of higher learning beginning in Fall 2015.
March 15, 2015
Richard & Ione Beernsten YMCA Scholarship is intended to provide awards
to Manitowoc County graduating high school senior(s) planning on a career in a
human service field of study (teaching, nursing, social work, medicine, YMCA
work, etc.). YMCA affiliation is NOT needed.
March 16, 2015
HEAB Technical Excellence Scholarship (TES) If you are going to a technical
college—CHECK THIS OUT! There is a new scholarship for technical college
students who have been involved in FFA, FBLA, Youth Apprentice, completed
technical programs such as CNA, or who are a CTE (career & technical education
course) concentrator, or who has completed select summer enrichment programs.
For complete listing see the information sheet below and then return the
completed and signed “Student request for consideration” form to Student
Services on or before 4:00PM March 16, 2015.
March 18, 2014
Now writable!
Sheboygan Area UAW CAP Council is sponsoring scholarships to any son,
daughter, or legal dependent of a parent who has been a UAW member for at least
one year & is a current member of any Sheboygan Area UAW including: Local
833 Kohler; Local 1076 Eclipse Mftg, K-P Welding, Sheboygan Paint; Local
1291 Toro; Local 1332 VPI Corp.; or Local 1472 Vollrath.
March 20, 2015
Wisconsin Electronic Security Association WIESA awards scholarship to a
son/daughter of an active member of a Wisconsin police or fire department.
March 20, 2015
St. Nazianz Lions Club offers scholarship to a graduating senior from either Kiel
or Valders School District who is in the top 25% of class with 3.0 GPA and has
demonstrated outstanding participation in community service.
March 27, 2015
Manitowoc County Sports Official Association will offer a Manitowoc County
senior who earned a varsity letter from at sport(s) officiated by members of the
MCSOA: football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, or softball w/2.5 GPA and
who exemplifies excellence towards Athletics, Sportsmanship, School, and
Community a scholarship opportunity.
March 30, 2015
See above if you need Tech Assistance
for an older computer.*
Valders Lions Club Scholarship is open to all Valders High School seniors
planning to attend college or technical college. It is not necessary that your
parent be affiliated with a Lions Club. Special consideration will be given to
seniors who have completed forty hours of community service.
March 30, 2015
March 31, 2015
Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship is an essay scholarship for students ages
16-25 with a GPA of 2.5 or greater and who are US citizens and have at least one
full year of post-secondary studies remaining or who are a current high school
Transition Improvement Grant (TIG) Scholarship is awarded to students
receiving special education services and pursuing further education. Essay.
March 31, 2015
See above if you need Tech Assistance
for an older computer.*
Cleveland Athletic Club will award scholarship to graduating senior(s) from the
Cleveland zip code (53015), telephone exchange (693) or a graduating senior of
an active Cleveland Athletic Club member.
March 31, 2015
SFM Foundation Scholarship provides an opportunity for scholarship to
students whose parents were killed or seriously injured in workplace accidents
while working for Minnesota or Wisconsin employers.
March 31, 2015
Country Visions Cooperative will offer a scholarship to the son/daughter/ward
of a coop member in good standing and who has a cum GPA of 2.75 or higher.
March 31, 2015
Lakeshore Business and Professional Women offers scholarship opportunity to
Lakeshore Area students as part of its support of education.
April 1, 2015
Calumet Medical Center Auxiliary provides scholarships to individuals
pursuing a health care degree. Must be a resident of the Calumet Medical Center
service area – Brillion, Chilton, Hilbert, Kiel, New Holstein, Stockbridge, or
Valders w/GPA of 3.0.
April 1, 2015
Wisconsin Covenant. If you signed the Wisconsin Covenant Pledge in 8th grade
(VHS names are listed below), NOW is the time to complete the pledge.
Earn a high-school diploma.
Maintain at least a “B” average in high school. 2.85 GPA
Complete the classes they need to prepare them for higher education.
Demonstrate good citizenship and participate in their community.
Apply for state and federal financial aid (FAFSA) by April 1st.
Submit the WI Covenant Senior Confirmation Form senior year by April 1st.
Submit the Record of Service form by April 1st.
Take the necessary steps to gain admission to a University of Wisconsin System institution, a Wisconsin
Technical College, and/or a Wisconsin private college or university.
In return for meeting these goals and keeping the pledge, a Wisconsin Covenant Student will be recognized as a Wisconsin
Covenant Scholar, expect to earn a place within our partnered systems of higher education, and receive a financial aid
package, based on their family’s financial need, to help make college affordable. If you did not sign the Pledge in 8th
grade, it is too late to do so now. This program has been discontinued but will be honored for those who had already
signed a pledge. If you signed a pledge, you should have been receiving materials from the State the past four years.
As reported from the State, the below-listed seniors signed up for the Wisconsin Covenant Pledge in 8 th grade. If their gpa
is 2.85 or higher, they may be eligible for the Wisconsin Covenant Scholarship and should go to to complete the next steps by April 1, 2015. First: Complete the Senior Confirmation
form AND the Record of Service form. Second: On or after January 1, 2015, go to and complete the Free
Application for Federal Student Aid.
Eligible, if GPA met, are:
Alison Booher, Jordan Bruechert, Devon Buechel, Courtney Christel, Elizabeth
Evans, Trevor Griffin, Sydney Gutman, Emerald Hastreiter, Lauren Hoeppner,
Morgan Kelly, Samuel Koenig, Paxton Korslin, Trevor Kretschmann, Benjamin
Lang, Mitchel Meissen, Brandon Recore, Kasey Reilly, Dominic Reindl, Kristin
Schneider, Nicole Schoenberger, Thomas Schwoerer, Alleia Tyson, Ryan
Valleskey, Ryan Walsh, and Whitney Zutz.
April 1, 2015
Students who complete these steps should show their award letter/financial aid
package to Mrs. Wilhelm so that it may be acknowledged for the Senior Awards
Night. The dollar amount of the WI Covenant Award will not be published by VHS as it is also family income based.
Peter Pasula Mortgage Solutions “Study Habits” Scholarship provides an
essay scholarship opportunity to students attending an accredited post-secondary
school in fall. A student may be enrolled at any level in any program that is two
years in length or longer. US citizen.
April 1, 2015
Manitowoc County Farm Progress Days Donald R. Peterson Scholarship will
be awarded to a deserving individual who has been accepted to a 4-year degree
program in an Ag-related field to one of the following Universities: UW-River
Falls, UW-Madison, UW Platteville, or UW-Stevens Point.
April 1, 2015
2015 Manitowoc County University Of Wisconsin Agriculture
Alumni Association Scholarships will be available for students from Manitowoc
County enrolling in agriculture and life sciences majors at the University of
Wisconsin: Madison, Platteville, River Falls, Green Bay or Stevens Point.
Eligible majors include dairy science, soil science and agronomy. Other majors
may also qualify including: biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, forestry,
horticulture, environmental science and more. Scholarships for the Short Course
available. Preference given to first-year; however, second-year students are
eligible to apply.
April 1, 2015
Thomas H. Lutsey Waseda Farms Scholarshipis available for students
interested in pursuing occupations that enhance rural communities and who have
a financial need. FAFSA must be completed and submitted with this application.
If interested in this scholarship, start your FAFSA NOW! All applications must
be complete to be considered for scholarship. Applicants either should have a
rural farm background OR should be pursuing ag or ag-related environmental, ag
science, ag business education etc.
April 1, 2015
Eck Education Scholarship will be awarded to graduating seniors from
Manitowoc County high schools who are planning to attend an accredited college,
university or technical college in Wisconsin. Special consideration given to those
majoring in engineering sciences. Among equally qualified candidates,
preference may be given to children of Eck Industries.
April 3, 2015
Manitowoc County Market Animal Exhibitors will award scholarship to
qualified 2015 senior(s) and/or first year college student(s) enrolled in a post
secondary education. Applicant must have participated in the Manitowoc County
Market Animal Show and Sale in one or more previous years.
See above if you need Tech Assistance
for an older computer.*
April 6, 2015
The Chamber of Manitowoc County will offer a $1,000 scholarship for a
student pursuing a 4-year degree and a $500 scholarship for a student pursuing a
2-year degree. Applicants should be a graduate of the Class of 2015 who
demonstrates a capacity for leadership, shows an interest in the community and
school activities and who is employed by or has a parent/guardian employed by a
company that is a member of The Chamber of Manitowoc County. Academic
excellence and financial need are not required for qualification, nor are they basis
for disqualification. Hint: Check this out! A variety of Manitowoc County
businesses, contractors, factories, retail stores, and restaurants etc. are members
of The Chamber. You may be surprised that yours or your parent’s employers
are members of this organization. Click here to view the application.
April 7, 2015
Valders Fire Department/Lt. Michael Knier Memorial Scholarship Fund will
be given to a qualified student pursuing a career in fire protection or emergency
medical services and who resides in the Valders Fire Department/Ambulance
Service response area. This includes the Villages of Valders, St. Nazianz,
Whitelaw and Reedsville; and the Townships of Cato, Liberty, Maple Grove,
Franklin, Rockland, Eaton and Newton. Qualifications to receive the scholarship
funds include: Successful completion of one semester of training at an appropriate
facility and second semester enrollment.
April 7, 2015
Fred and Marion Brockman Scholarship will award one Valders Area High
School graduating senior a $500 scholarship. Essay.
April 7, 2015
See above if you need Tech Assistance
for an older computer.*
Joseph Gintner Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a qualified Valders
High School senior student-athlete applicant who will be attending an accredited
university, college, or technical college.
April 9, 2015
Deprey-Skyline Family Information Technology Scholarship is available to
college-bound students who are high school graduates of a 19-county area--which includes Manitowoc---and will be enrolled and studying in the information
technology field.
April 10, 2015
Rice Engineering Scholarship is a multi-year award to a graduating high school
senior from Kewaunee, Door, Brown or Manitowoc County enrolled/accepted for
enrollment in an ABET accredited engineering program.
April 10, 2015
Just Orthodontics is awarding a non-renewable scholarship to a graduating high
school senior that was a post patient at Just and who is planning to enrollin in a
technical or 4-year college/university.
April 10, 2015
Aurora Health Care Foundation offer three different opportunities for a high
school graduating senior or above. Students must be a Manitowoc County
resident or attend school in Manitowoc County and enrolling in a health care
program. Information flyer:
April 13, 2015
See above if you need Tech Assistance
for an older computer.*
April 13, 2015
See above if you need Tech Assistance
for an older computer.*
Valders Basketball Club will award scholarship to qualified individual(s) in
good standing for four years of the Valders High School Basketball program.
GPA, co-curriculars, service to VBC, community service, coach’s
recommendation, and essays are also considered components.
Valders Youth Wrestling Club will award a graduating senior in good academic
standing who has been a member of the Valders wrestling team for at least two
years of his/her career and who has supported the Valders’ Youth Wrestling
Program during their high school career.
April 15, 2015
MCCWRT-Manitowoc County Civil War Round Table will award a
scholarship based upon essay topic to a graduating senior from a Manitowoc
County high school with min. cum. GPA 2.5. Applicant must be willing to
present the essay at local MCCWRT meeting held on the second Monday of May.
April 15, 2015
Manitowoc County Home and Community Education (HCE) Association will
be awarding scholarship to children or grandchildren of current HCE members
who are continuing their education after high school.
April 15, 2015
WPS Wisconsin Public Service Foundation offers area technical college
scholarships to for high school students on a merit competitive basis.
April 17, 2015
Norman Krueger American Legion Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to
a qualified applicant who is a child/grandchild of a US veteran, ranks in the top
1/3 of their class and resides in the Am Legion 6th District which includes
Manitowoc County.
April 17, 2015
The Smile Clinic offers scholarship to a Manitowoc County resident attending
UW Manitowoc, Silver Lake College or Lakeshore Technical college during the
2015-2016 school year.
April 25, 2015
Dream Pool Foundation awards scholarship to qualified aspiring artists
enrolling in accredited institution as an Art Major (includes art therapy) and is a US
April 30, 2015
UW System’s Ab Nicholas Scholarships are open to boys and girls participants
or managers in their senior year basketball programs. Wisconsin resident; not
participating in Division I, II, or III level in college. Based on need, academics &
character. Renewable scholarship $5,000 a year for 2 year programs $10,000
year for 4 year UW programs.
April 30, 2015
Masquers Inc Scholarship is offered to Manitowoc County residents pursuing
an undergrad or graduate degree in the performing arts.
NOW accepting 2014-15
Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund honors Americans in our Armed Forces
who have sacrificed life or limb defending our country by providing renewable
educational scholarships for their children under age 26 at time of application and
are a high school senior or currently enrolled as a full-time undergrad student.
Students must be dependent son or daughter of a U.S. Soldier, Sailor, Airman,
Guardsman, or Marine AND whose military parent meets one of the following:
has become permanently disabled as a result of an operational mission or training
accident; OR, has been KIA; OR, has been classified as MIA; OR, has been
classified a POW.
Rolling Deadline
TIP Grants. To be considered for the TIP grant a student must meet two
criteria. The majority of the dependent students who qualify have a parent
contribution below $200 (EFC on the FAFSA) and are first generation. First
generation means neither parent graduated from a four year college. See Mrs.
Bruckner with questions or if you think you may qualify or need assistance. This
grant is open until funds are exhausted.
 This award-winning site includes a comprehensive database of scholarships, student
financial aid information, tools and advice including:
Lessons Learned: Apply for every scholarship for which you are eligible, no matter how small (or how large). Every dollar you win
in scholarships is a dollar less you have to borrow. Your chances of winning a small scholarship are greater than your chances of
winning a more lucrative scholarship because they are less competitive. But winning several small scholarships can add up to big
money. It also gives you practice for the bigger awards and provides you with credentials to add to subsequent applications. Essays
can often be reused on multiple scholarship applications with slight tweaks, saving you a lot of time. Winning a scholarship is a mark
of excellence, indicating that someone thought it worthwhile to invest their money in your future.
Be thorough in searching for scholarships. Besides the free online scholarship matching services like FastWeb, ask every
organization with which you are associated whether they offer scholarships. These include you and your parents’ employers, unions
and fraternal organizations, religious organizations, ethnic groups, cultural organizations, volunteer groups, clubs, your local PTA
and your high school. Ask local businesses, such as community banks, grocery stores, bowling alleys and any other business that is
not part of a national chain, whether they sponsor scholarships for local students. The chamber of commerce might have information
about local businesses that award scholarships. Also ask your high school guidance counselor and the financial aid administrators at
nearby colleges about small local awards.
Free Scholarship Search Engines – ;;;;;
Hint: Check the websites of the colleges you are applying to for their scholarship applications and deadlines!!!
Many are SOON!
Additional information for colleges, technical colleges, specialty schools, scholarships, FAFSA, ACT & financial aid are
available at
 Fast Tip: Applying for financial aid should never cost more than a postage stamp!
 Bonus Tip: An upfront fee is not needed for scholarship or loan applications!
 If you have questions about financial aid, see the counselor.
 FAFSA HELP!!!!! College Goal is on Saturdays, February 7-28 & Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at various locations
throughout the state, including UW Manitowoc February 25, 2015 6:00PM. Bring your tax forms and information and get
help with the FAFSA. Info online for various locations
 UW Help Online
 If you do not have access to a computer at home and do not have study halls to access a school computer, feel free to
see Student Services for assistance.
Nondiscrimination Statement
The Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of any characteristic protected under State or Federal law including, but not limited to,
religion, race, national origin, sex, disability, age, color, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, physical,
mental, emotional, or learning disabilities, or genetic information in its programs, activities, or employment.