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Explorations of Northern Irishness – Queen’s University Belfast, 12th March 2015
9.00 - 9.30
9.30 - 9.45
Registration & coffee
Introduction by John Thompson – Director, Institute for Collaborative Research in the
9.45 - 11.25 Session 1 - Media Representations of Northern Irishness
Giada Lagana - L’Osservatore Romano : the voice of the Holy See on Northern Ireland
(1969 – 1998)
Owen Fenton - Media Representations of Northern Irishness: Narrative Visualisations of
Identity Change
Augusto Soares – The Political Satire of Loyalists Against Democracy (LAD) in Northern
Ireland: Social media engagement, digital remixes, and tensions between parody and
Portia Ellis Woods – The identity of 2BE: 1924-1934.
Thursday 12th March
11.25am 11.40am
11.40am –
Coffee break
Session 2 - Social & Psychological Insights into Northern Irish Identities
Erin Hinson - Fifty shades of Northern Ireland: artworks and identities in loyalist exprisoner narratives.
Patrick Flack - Identity Change amongst loyalist paramilitary organisations in Northern
Kevin McNicholl - A Shared Identity in a Divided Society? Modelling the cause, effect
and asymmetries of the Northern Irish identity.
Angela Stephanie Mazzetti - The long-term impact of ‘growing-up’ during ‘the
Troubles’ on coping behaviours.
1.15pm 2pm
2pm 3.40pm
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3.55pm 5.35pm
Session 3 - Cultural and Material Identities in Northern Ireland
Michael Dwyer - Rediscovery of Cultural Identity: A Comparative Analysis of the
Irishman, the West Indian and the Latino in the Post-Colonial Age.
Rachel Hanna - By our tongues united? Irish and Scots language contact in rural Ulster.
Rachel Tracey – An Archaeology of Cultural Identity: Evidence from 17th-century
Matthew Jackson - Representing the Troubles: A critical re-examination of the
Maze/Long Kesh project.
Coffee break
Session 4 - International & Civic perspectives on Northern Ireland
Sophie Long - Silencing the Guns.
Bronagh Bowerman - Translating Conflict: Domesticating and Orientalising Palestinian
Identity in Northern Ireland.
Jonathan Evershed - 'Commemorative Controversy: The contentious politics of
memory in the 'new' Northern Ireland'.
Julia Andrade Roche - TBA