$ Mojito 13

Mojito $13
A wonderfully refreshing drink, originally created in Cuba, the Mojito gained
popularity in the 1930's in the bars of Havana. White rum, fresh lime, mint and a
splash of soda in one of our bamboo castaway cups.
A favourite drink of author Ernest Hemingway.
Daiquiri $16
First created by Mr Jennings Cox in the summer of 1898, long before the blender,
near the town of Daiquiri... Jennings used White Rum, lime and sugar, to make this
perfectly balanced, refreshing cocktail.
Painkiller $18
Originally invented by Daphne Henderson and drunk by pirates at the Soggy Dollar
Beach Bar in the British Virgin Islands, the Painkiller has become a Tiki Classic.
Pussers Navy Rum, a healthy dose of pineapple juice a splash of orange juice and
coconut syrup, shaken and garnished with nutmeg and orange.
mint julep $18
Doctor Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy's favourite tipple; A healthy dram of bourbon
whisky that has been steeped in mint, served with crushed ice in a traditional julep
cup. Beware, this is a serious drink.
South Island Slammer $16
A delicious, tropical mix of Gold rum, passionfruit, pineapple and fresh mint, shaken
and topped with ginger beer. A great session sipper to enjoy on Joes Balcony.
White Choc Lychee Colada $16
Our friend Mick’s twist on the Pina Colada combining white chocolate, Lychee and
gold rum – creamy and moreish.
Suffering Bastard $16
Named after the long suffering bar steward at the Shepherd’s Hotel in Cairo, the
team here at Mojito Joe’s have tweaked this drink. A potent mix of whisky, gin, fresh
apple & lime juices charged with ginger ale. Time magazine May 1950
"Egypt's favourite drink is called a Suffering Bastard"
Available as 4 shooters to share - $20
planters Punch $18
A drink that’s origins go back to Jamaica in 1878 and made famous in the Tiki
revolution of the 1940's and 50's
This intoxicating libation consisting of Myers Jamaican Rum, Lemon juice and bitters,
perfect Sunday session material.
Pina Colada $16
”…If you like Pina Colada's and getting caught in the rain”?
The Famous Pina Colada, the official beverage of Puerto Rico.
We use a Caribbean gold rum, fresh pineapple juice and cream of coconut.
Blue Mesa Margarita $16
This big, blue, bad boy is best consumed with a few friends.
Gold tequila, blue curacao, fresh lemon, lime and agave nectar all jam pack full of
ice to keep your beverage and your evening chilled
Singapore Sling $18
Celebrating its 99th year, the infamous Singapore sling,
now making an appearance at Joe's.
Gin, Cherry Herring, pineapple and lemon juice, with a dose of herbal liqueur.
Superb with Joe's Singapore Soft Shell Crab.
Joe's Bloody Thai $18
Feeling lasts nights drinking efforts a little too much, or just looking to kick start
tonight's efforts?
Taking some inspiration from Chef Vic
Joe puts an Asian spin on the traditional Bloody Mary.
An aromatic mix of Asian herbs, spices and sauces,
spiked with tequila and topped with tomato juice.
hansen's Handsome Elixir $16
Created by our very own Handsome Hansen,
the Hansen's Handsome Elixir combines, Amaretto, Passionfruit liquor
a touch of Campari and fresh lime. This Elixir is said to make you better at just about
especially being handsome.
available as 4 shooters to share - $20
ZombiE $18
Proceed with caution! A heady mix of 4 types of rum and tropical juices. Concocted
one afternoon by Donn Beach (one of the fathers of Tiki culture) in the mid-1930s for
a friend who had dropped by his restaurant before flying to San Francisco. The friend
left after having consumed three. He returned several days later to say that he had
been turned into a zombie for his entire trip. After that Don the Beachcomber
restaurants limited their customers to 2 zombies apiece!
Mai Tai $16 A winning combination of gold and aged Caribbean rums , orange, lime and a hint
of almond, this adaptation of Trader Vic's original Tiki recipe, "mai tai roa ae" quite
accurately translates to
"out of this world, the best!"
(Trader Vic is the other father of Tiki culture)
Pharmaceutical Stimulant $18
Better known as an Espresso Martini - reworked as we like it.
White rum, rich coffee liqueur fresh espresso and a hint of agave syrup. A wickedly
addictive combination.
Applesinth $16
Joe took a trip to Europe and got carried away drinking absinth, he brought back the
Absinth, cloudy apple juice, a handful of mint and just a touch of vanilla make up this
surprisingly refreshing beverage.
tokyo sour $16
A sour with some truly Japanese flavours of yubari melons and lychee tarted up with
some fresh lemon juice. Domo arigato it's so fresho!
Caipirinha $16
The national cocktail of Brazil. Crushed ice, a generous measure of Cachaça, a spirit
made from sugarcane juice, lime and sugar will send your taste buds on a party to
Rio de Janeiro!
French martini $16
Luscious blackcurrant liqueur and fresh pineapple juice spiked with Vodka. Simple,
delicious and very fruity.
Available as 4 shooters to share - $20
Our Jugs of cocktails are the perfect accompaniment to our
share-fare food as each one is 4 serves. These can be made as
individual drinks on request.
Pimms no 1 cup $30
The essential drink for a hot English summers day, for the five or so a year they
get. At Mojito Joe’s we serve the famous 'No 1 Cup', in jugs full of fruit, Pimms,
ginger ale and lemonade. An exceptionally refreshing drink for you to share with
your friends whilst discussing the weather.
Blue Mese Margarita $40
This big, blue, bad boy is best consumed with a few friends.
Gold tequila, blue curacao, lemon, lime and agave nectar all jam packed full of ice to
keep your beverage and your evening chill
Lynchburg Lemonade $40
A homage to the deep south and their bourbon making prowess. The Lynchburg
Lemonade consists of a healthy smack of Jack Daniels, a touch of Cointreau and
fresh lemon juice, topped with lemonade. Delicious and refreshing!
Dark and stormy $40
A simple classic drink popular worldwide, specifically in Commonwealth
countries, such as Bermuda and here in Australia. Dark rum and ginger beer with
a squeeze of fresh lime.
Tom Collins $40
A very refreshing and balanced mix of fresh lemon juice, gin and soda. A
traditional lemonade with a botanical kick! This cocktail was created in the
1820s; it was what drinkers called for until air conditioning became standard!
MockTail Menu
No-jito $6.00
Joe’s awesome Mojito without the rum!
Lime juice, fresh mint, mint syrup and soda on crushed ice served in a bamboo
castaway cup
Joes Juicy $6.00
Joe shakes his fresh juices, orange, pineapple, cloudy apple, cranberry, adds a touch
of lime juice and a few splashed of Peach Bitters.
Merry BlueBerry $6.50
Blueberry's muddled with lime and shaken with cloudy apple juice.
Satisfy your sweet tooth.
Strawberry Sweetener $6.50
Strawberry's muddled with lime, shaken with pineapple and orange juice topped off
with Lift.
Its refreshing!
The Balcony Smash $6.00
Mint, lime and cucumber all in entwined in a tall glass of soda, this one goes down
very easy sitting in the sun.
Virgin Pina Colada $6.00
A homage to the Tiki God's we praise at Mojito Joes, Pineapple and cream of
coconut, shaken and served in a Grande glass