(SR116-HP-1) Sidewinder Propulsion System Fact Sheet

Sidewinder Propulsion System
The United States’ premier short-range air-to-air missile system
The AIM-9 Sidewinder is the premier short-range, infrared air-to-air missile system for the U.S. Air Force and U.S.
Navy. The Sidewinder is also exported to NATO countries and other U.S. allies under foreign military sales. The
Sidewinder’s primary mission is to neutralize high performance enemy aircraft under all weather conditions. The
missile is carried on a multitude of aircraft, such as the F-14, F-15, F-16, and F/A-18.
The Mk 36 Sidewinder motor is a single-thrust propulsion system used to propel the AIM-9M short-range air-to-air
missile. The AIM-9M Sidewinder’s effectiveness and all-aspect launch capabilities have been combat proven in
several theaters throughout the world. In addition, the AIM-9M missile incorporates advanced countermeasure
features, including the reduced-smoke Mk 36 rocket motor.
ATK’s McGregor, Texas, facility was chosen as the second-source contractor for the Mk 36 propulsion system in 1981.
ATK was subsequently awarded a production contract in 1982 and is the sole source supplier of the Mk 36 rocket
motor. ATK has delivered more than 12,000 reduced-smoke (RS) propulsion units to the U.S. Navy.
Wing Ribs
Propellant Grain
The United States’ premier short-range air-to-air missile system
• Temperature limits:
– Operating: –65°F to +160°F
– Storage: –65°F to +160°F
Radial burn, finocyl propellant grain
All-boost thrust profile
Mechanical arm/fire device
Forward end bayonet igniter
Submerged nozzle design
Same basic configuration as the Mk 112 propulsion unit
used for the Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM)
For information contact:
ATK Defense Group
Tactical Propulsion and Ordnance
210 State Route 956
Rocket Center, WV 26726
Tel 410-392-1080
Mobile 443-907-7221
Technical Data
Weight: 99.0 lb
Length: 71.0 in.
Diameter: 5.0 in.
Case: 4130 steel
Insulator: R-184
Nozzle: Glass/phenolic
Propellant: Reduced-smoke hydroxylterminated polybutadiene (HTPB)
• Igniter: Pyrogen
Fax 410-392-1780
Approved for release to the public domain 3/98