2015 FlashSystem Pre

FlashSystem family 2015
IBM® FlashSystem™ Boot Camp
Flash Realized. It’s about time.
Kickoff & Highlights of 2014
IBM FlashSystem Family
IBM FlashSystem V9000
Scalable Performance: Grow capacity and
performance with up to 2.2PB scaling capability
Enduring Economics: Next generation
IBM FlashSystem 900
Extreme Performance with IBM
MicroLatency™: Delivers 100 microsecond
response times
flash media with lower cost per capacity
Macro Efficiency: Lowest latency offering
Agile Integration: Fully integrated system
with >40% greater capacity at a lower cost per
management to simplify management and
improve workforce productivity under a single
name space
Enterprise Reliability: IBM enhanced
Micron flash technology which contains MLC
offering with Flash Wear Guarantee
Powered by
IBM FlashCore™ Technology
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What we achieved in the market in 2014
IBM Ranked #1 for Flash Storage(SSA) Market Share, Worldwide based on
revenue for 2013 and shipment data for 2014
Global market acceptance
#1 with 25% market share
Clear leadership position
44% greater revenue than next
closest competitor*
Shipped more capacity in 2014
than the two closest competitors
© 2015 IBM Corporation
*Calculations by IBM based on Gartner Report: Market Share
Analysis: SSDs and Solid-State Arrays, Worldwide, 2013
**Source: IDC, 2014
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Accomplishments in 2014
Flash Wear Guarantee
Introduced the IBM FlashSystem 840
for better peace of mind
for economic efficiency
Added 1TB MicroLatencyTM modules
for better entry price point for SMB
Introduced iSCSI and FCOE
for more connectivity options
Introduced the IBM FlashSystem V840
for advanced feature capability with extreme performance
Upgraded to higher performing control enclosure hardware (BFN)
for improved compression performance and scalability
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EcoSystem 2014 Solutions
Epic Healthcare
IBM z Systems
IBM® Storwize
V7000 Unified
IBM Data Engine for NoSQL
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