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Vol.I, No.2
March 15, 2015
The Wearing Of Green
By Pat Farrell
U.S. Postage
San Antonio, Texas
Paid Permit #1590
Many folks all over the world
enjoy, in some fashion, the holidays or
remembrance days that are associated
with the Saints, and in particularly the
three most well known: Saints Valentine,
Patrick and Nicholas. It has been only
three months since many of us received
gifts allegedly delivered by Santa Claus or
St Nicholas during this past Christmas
season and expect to repeat the annual
event next December. Last month on
February 14th, in honor of Saint
Valentine, we took the opportunity to
declare our love for those most important
to us and at that time probably offered
candy, flowers, jewelry, etc. as tokens of
that love. This month, on March 17th a
great number of us will join with others in
the wearing of green and celebrating Saint
Patrick’s Day when parties are common
and the exchange of gifts is rare.
Though he is recognized as a saint
in the story (depending on whose work
you read) of the man behind Saint
Patrick’s Day starts with his birth (on an
uncertain date) during the latter part of the
fourth century to an aristocratic Roman
family thought to be living in England,
Scotland or Wales at the time. At around
age 14 he was captured during a raid on
his home by pirates and taken to Ireland
where he was sold into slavery and made
to tend animals and serve as a shepherd.
During his captivity he turned to religion,
becoming very prayerful and according to
his own writings in “Confessions” Patrick
reported that he heard a voice during a
dream directing him to leave Ireland and
even pointing out his escape route to the
port from which he was able to sail home.
Patrick was about 20 years of age at
the time of his escape and shortly after
that he began his studies for the priesthood in Gaul. After his ordination he continued his studies and was later elevated to
Bishop and in response to hearing another
voice directing him, he returned to Ireland
to preach the gospel. Despite being
harassed by the Irish Royalty and being
constantly exposed to beatings by thugs,
he and his followers were able to convert
a great number of pagans and in some
cases entire kingdoms to Christianity and
were very successful in establishing many
churches throughout the country.
After 40 difficult years Patrick died
on March 17, 461 at Saul, site of the first
church he established and he was largely
forgotten until centuries later when he was
recognized as the patron saint of Ireland.
Though the greatest number of historians
agree, for the most part, with the previous
account, one or two seem to think that the
work attributed to Patrick was actually
done by a Roman gentleman
named Palladius, a cleric who
was also reported to be in
Ireland around that time. In any event it is
St. Patrick who is not just the patron saint
of Ireland, he is the embodiment of all
things Irish.
It frequently happens that when
historical details are sketchy all kinds of
mythological and/or legendary stories will
arise to fill the questionable space. For
example, St. Patrick is frequently pictured
with his staff in hand which he would
stick into the ground while he was evangelizing in various towns. Legend has it
that while teaching in Aspatria (ash of
Patrick) the process took so long that his
ash wood staff had taken root by the time
he was ready to move on. And since there
are no snakes to be found in all of Ireland,
St. Patrick gets credit for having driven
them into the sea. He also gets credit for
using the shamrock, a three leafed plant,
to illustrate the doctrine of three persons
in one God and now the shamrock is considered the central symbol of St Patrick’s
So how did the color green become
so intricately associated with Ireland?
First, Ireland is known as the Emerald
Isle, a nickname that relates to its rolling
green hills and lush landscapes and the
abundance of green shamrocks. Then we
find the tricolor Irish flag has three equal
vertical stripes green, white and orange,
the green representing the early Gaelics
and Anglo-Norman people (Irish
Catholics) and the orange the followers of
William of Orange (Irish Protestants) with
the white signifying the truce (hopefully)
between the two. In 1798, a time when all
of Ireland was under British control, the
Irish rose up against Britain and as a result
wearing green clothing or anything with
shamrocks on it was considered a rebellious act and potentially punishable by
death. The events during this time were
chronicled in the popular, then and even
now, Irish folksong, “The Wearing of the
Green” with some of the lyrics as follows:
“Oh, Paddy dear, and did you hear The news that's going round? The shamrock is forbid by law - To grow on Irish
ground! St. Patrick's Day no more we'll
keep, - His color can't be seen, For there's
a bloody law agin' - The wearing of the
green. I met with Napper Tandy - And he
took me by the hand, And he said, "How's
poor old Ireland - And how does she
stand?" "She's the most distressful country - That ever yet was seen; They're hanging men and women there - For wearing
of the green."
The traditions and significance of
St. Patrick’s Day have changed over the
years. As previously noted St. Patrick
was, in the early years after his death,
essentially forgotten. But as the Christian
churches in Ireland recognized his contributions in replacing the religious control
of the Druid’s religion with Christianity,
they started to honor him on the accepted
date of his death, March 17, with a special
feast day within both Catholic and
Protestant denominations. In the early
years St Patrick’s Day was a solemn occasion in Ireland and eventually became a
private family celebration with dinners at
home. In fact it was not until the late
1970s that it was legal in Ireland for their
pubs to even open on that day.
Later St. Patrick became specifically associated with a Catholic Ireland and
was synonymous with a national Irish
identity, becoming a major patriotic symbol along with the shamrock and the color
green. As the Irish began to emigrate in
large numbers from Ireland during the
1700s, most of them came to our country.
They brought with them many of their
national traditions that have endured
through time probably because of their
association with religious aspects and/or
national identity. Relatively new to the
celebrations associated with the feast day
March 15, 2015
are the parades which were not a tradition
that came here with the Irish but were
rather established in New York City
(NYC) in 1732, by the Irish immigrants.
In fact the NYC Saint Patrick’s Day
Parade is now a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and the parades are
now a common event worldwide even
though it wasn’t until March 1995 that
Dublin held its first parade.
It has been said that on St Patrick’s
Day there are only two kinds of people:
Enjoying the
Premier Edition of
Real Estate
NewsSource is
Philip Banks,
nephew of Tom
and Courtney
Smith, NewsSource
those that are Irish and those that wish
they were. But considering that this is a
celebration that spans the continents, on
this one day in March everyone is Irish!
So remember to wear something green on
the 17th so as to avoid being hit in the arm
or maybe even bitten by a sly little fellow
that snuck in with an Irishman, better
known as a Leprechaun! And if you really
want to get into it here in San Antonio,
you can sip green beer by the river dyed
Sheryl Sepulveda,
Joan Adams,
Stephanie Kelly
and Linda
Vasquez, all with
Keller Williams
Legacy have
been enjoying
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March 15, 2015
By Susie Sheffield
President, Women’s Council of REALTORS
Who Is This WCR And Why
Should I Join?
Who we are…We are established as a reliable source of knowledge committed to the personal and
professional success of our members,
trusted by professional REALTORS®
for more than 60 years. We strive to
be standard bearers of professionalism
and personal excellence, educators…providing the programs to build
builders…generating more than $100
million in commissions annually.
Who belongs and who should
join? We have productive people who
are full-time real estate professionals,
reliable expertise. That comes with
being established in the business. We
are an organization consisting of supportive people helping others take
risks and grow.
Each time I have the opportunity to speak during SABOR New
Member Orientation, I am facing the
“Wall of Honor”. I am at awe looking
at all of the leaders that are past and
present members of WCR San
The current SABOR
Chairman Mary Ann Jeffers is a
Precious Past President on both the
local and State level. She remains
active on the National Level. In addition to Mary Ann, the Immediate Past
Chair of SABOR Missy Stagers is also
a Precious Past President. If that is not
impressive enough the Chair Elect
Bob Jacobs is an active member of
WCR San Antonio. We also have several members serving as Board of
Directors. Sheila Moran, Diane Lauer
and Annette Slater are all current
SABOR Board of Directors and are
WCR Precious Past Presidents.
What a fantastic testimony that
illustrates the power of Women’s
Council of RELATORS ®.
Women’s Council of REALTORS®
builds leaders!
Women’s Council of Realtors®
delivers credibility because we stand
for professional excellence. We provide a support system increasing
referral business and boosting productivity.
We look forward to seeing you
at our next meeting, 11:00 a.m.
Wednesday, April 1, 2015 at the Club
at Sonterra. Listen to William Edge as
he tells us “How to Get our Edge”.
Joining WCR and attending one
of our luncheons will help you acquire
new skills to meet today’s professional challenges. We will increase your
referral business and, sometimes,
become friends for life. If you decide
to participate we will help you define
and reach your next level of achievement.
There are several opportunities
to get involved, please contact a member of WCR to learn more about our
Committee is currently working on a
“Black Party” taking place at The
Bluebonnet Palace, a fundraiser to
benefit a local food pantry. Next, we
are thrilled to host our Bras 4 a Cause
event in October. Our Ways and
Means Committee is already working
hard on this event; we have several
sponsorship opportunities and would
love people to volunteer to design
Please consider joining WCR
San Antonio, it could change your
life. I know it changed mine.
Nik Arrenbrecht, Zippyshell, Cherrie Short, Stewart Title and Charles
Bamford, Zippyshell visit during the WCR Meeting.
March 15, 2015
Balcones Creek Grand Opening Brunch
Debbie Germany and Megan Schauffele, both
with Highland Homes.
Sharon Brenner, Keller Williams – City View and Carla Haley,
Elaine Ludwig Real Estate.
Rhonda Jo Epperly, Keller Williams Heritage,
Michelle Hart, Keller Williams Heritage and Karen
Olivier, Highland Homes
Michael Wilson, MI Homes
Bekah Angres, MI Homes
Sara Maniccia, MI Homes, Robert Olvera, Spouse, and Maria
Olvera, Realty Executives Access
Zandra and Gerardo Aguire, Premier
Realty Group
March 15, 2015
March 15, 2015
Ashton Woods Open House In Highland Grove
Gloria McGhie, Nu
Home Source
Realty, Ray
Anderson, Ashton
Woods and Scott
McGhie, Nu Home
Source Realty.
Laura Gordon and Kima Light, both with RE/MAX Corridor and
Jennifer Davis, Simmonds Real Estate.
Le Velazquez and
Robert Velazquez,
Keller Williams
Enjoying the visit and hospitality.
March 15, 2015
Industry Sound Off
By Keith Gideon,
Professional Development Director
What’s Your Negotiation Style?
We all have stories of people
who have used anger and intimidation to attempt to get what they want.
I think we can all agree this method
is far from ideal when it comes to
negotiations. If the angry person gets
what they want, the other person has
contempt for him or her and is not
likely to want to do business with
them again. If the irritated individual
does not receive what he or she is
trying to receive, then they continue
to be angry. Many times negotiations
break down as a result.
The REALTOR® Code of
Ethics states, “REALTORS®, therefore, are zealous to maintain and
improve the standards of their calling
and share with their fellow REALTORS® a common responsibility for
its integrity and honor.” This means
there is an obligation to treat each
other fairly and respectfully, and of
course to extend the same courtesy to
clients. That includes putting our
anger and ego on the back shelf. I
have often heard it said, “You can
catch more flies with honey than you
can with vinegar.” I just wonder what
I am supposed to do with all of those
You may have heard of Aikido
which is a form of Japanese martial
art. The philosophy behind it is not to
destroy your opponent. The assumption is that if someone is attacking
you, he or she is out of control. The
practitioner of Aikido is to stop the
attack and help the other person gain
self control. It should be the same in
real estate.
The Code of Ethics also says,
“The term REALTOR® has come to
connote competency, fairness, and
high integrity resulting from adherence to a lofty ideal of moral conduct
in business relations.” It is important
to remember to treat others as you
would like to be treated, and to
demonstrate the value of a REALTOR® as a fair, trustworthy and
respectful professional.
Rick Orozco
Cell: 210-232-2440
Regional Sales Manager
Welcome to the team
Rick Orozco, Regional Sales Manager, Cell: 210-232-2440
NMLS# 303906, Rolonda Pierce, LO, NMLS# 1018730,
Benita Mott Admin Asst, Tim Schmit LO, NMLS# 1090011,
Aileen Arriaga, LO, NMLS# 1159479, Yvonne Godina, LO,
NMLS# 312632, Cynthia Coates, LO, NMLS# 233291,
Ginger Guerrero Admin Assistant,
Lynn Lomoe, Processor, Kim House, Processor
and Shirley Linares, Processor.
March 15, 2015
Willis Ranch Open House
Sherrell Russell, Keller Williams Heritage and
Frieda Little, Reliance Residential Realty.
Julie Chapa and Mike Whittenburg, both
Woodside Homes.
JJ Rodriguez, JJ Rodriguez Real Estate and Elsa
Cantu, Mitchell Realty.
Ann Kelley and Kevin Kelley, both BHHS Don
Kim Compton, Reliance Residential Realty
and Ruth Horace, Keller Williams Heritage.
Mamerto Luzarraga and Smiley Orosco, both Joe Gonzales, Wells Fargo and Krista Daries, Imagine
Woodside Homes.
Laeni Bendzik,
Woodside Homes.
Ellen Schuler,
Wells Fargo and
Erin Kopplin,
Imagine Homes.
March 15, 2015
March 15, 2015
VAREP Meeting AT KB Home
Stephanie Brown, Oasis Company, Rhonda Rowell, ICON Realty, Cecilia
Sosa, North American Title, Pat Farrell, Slater Realtors, Jimmie Gutierrez,
mortgage professional and Art Ramirez, Starkey Mortgage.
Martha Garibay, ICON Realty and Adolf Torres, City of San
Jay Beitely, attorney and Katy Morris, Keller Williams Heritage.
Gracia Campos, VAREP hospitality
Diana Wiedenfeld and Daniel Cruhm, both
Tapman, SWBC.
Julio Rivera, Oasis
Company, Corvette
Wiseley and Jeff Cruz
both with First Cal
Jeff Arias, Stewart
Title and Joe
Wallace, Sell
Smart Realty
Residential Realty
Williams City View.
March 15, 2015
Diane Craig,
RE/MAX Associates,
Gwen Derry, Trinity
Title and Stephanie
Kelley, Keller
Williams Legacy
visit during the CRS
meeting at Silo.
The Apartment & Relocation Center folks are working on their company
Come Visit Us
At Our
New Office!
15600 San Pedro
Direct: 210.833.2349
15600 San Pedro, San Antonio
NMLS# 1155064
March 15, 2015
Independent Real Estate Professionals Meeting at SABOR
At the IREP Leadership
meeting Abel Longoria,
with James Butler, JB
Properties, Paul
Ugwokaegbe, Abalite
Realty Group, Norma
Evenski, Alamo Title and
Stephanie Stringer, mortgage professional check
out the new website.
Frances Escobedo, Fresco Properties and Paul
Ugwokaegbe, Abalite Realty Group.
Laura Lizcano, R.F. Sanchez and Merlie Sanders,
Ottey Investment Realty.
Teresa Brown, Brown Realty and James Butler,
JB Properties.
Congratulations Joe!
South Texas Area Star Performer
82 Units
Joe Gonzalez
The Preferred Lender
NMLS #413777
40 NE Loop #301
March 15, 2015
March 15, 2015
Tiffany Wright,
RE/MAX Access
was spotted
wearing her “R”
Jeff Mayer, BBVA Compass and Lori Mayer, First American Title visit with Ed
Guerrero at his presentation for Realtors.
Jack Shull, Guild
Mortgage helping
David Birdy, Birdy
Properties with his
live broadcast from
the Rodeo on KLUP.
March 15, 2015
Lance Bryce, Sente
Mortgage and Pat
Farrell, Slater
Realtors show they
are a match at the
WCR Luncheon.
Johnny Martinez, Sitterle Homes and James Lee, Coldwell Banker D’Ann
Harper Realtor
Loans To Veterans
Are My Specialty!
Todd Forbes: Loan Officer,
NMLS# 208825
March 15, 2015
Hill Country WCR Installation
Judy Hickman,
Sterling Property
Management with
husband Andy at
Hill Country WCR
Installation of 2015
At the Hill Country WCR Chapter Installation are Isaac Mahone,
2014 President, Marie Gabriel, 2015 President and Sharon Morton,
Texas WCR Chapter President.
Frank Hamilton,
Dawson &
Associates and
Beckie Whittier,
Coldwell Banker
D’Ann Harper
Realtors attend
the Hill Country
WCR Installation
of 2015 Officers.
Dee Osbon, Sidney Miller, Marty Chrisman Melissa Elizondo and Isaac
Mahone, all Chapter Past Presidents of the Hill Country WCR Chapter
attend the Installation of the 2015 Officers.
It’s Spring And Sales Are Booming
Announcing Our New
Canyon Lake Location
Jolene Sutton
Escrow Officer
[email protected]
Canyon Lake
New Braunfels
2010 FM 2673 Suite 3
267 W Mill Street
3900 FM 3009 Ste. 105
Canyon Lake, TX 78133 New Braunfels, TX 78130
Schertz, TX 78154
March 15, 2015
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John Kuntz III..................Reliance Residential Realty
March 15, 2015
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Loan Officer, NMLS# 314894, Kim Trinidad, Loan Officer, NMLS#
1133778, Arlene Harris, Receptionist and Heather Ryan, Loan Officer,
NMLS# 205601 with (Front row) Becky Jackson, Loan Officer, NMLS#
294926, Christine Tovar, Underwriter, Jeremy Garcia, Loan Officer,
NMLS# 758429, Michelle Noble, Branch Manager, NMLS# 199832,
Vivian Sanchez, Loan Officer, NMLS# 1164113, Ampy Klonek,
Loan Officer, NMLS# 215228 and Kesha Thomas, Processor.
We’ve been doing loans in South Texas for twenty five years.
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Karen Hale......................Keller Williams Legacy
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Cathy Vise ......................Phyllis Browning Company
Hubert Parker ................East Central Realtors
Emilio Arroyo ................Landin, Realtors
Holly Gottschalt ..............House San Antonio Real Estate
Jada Baker ....................Orange Blossom Real Estate
Denise Martinez ..............Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper
Denise Martinez ..............Keller Williams City View
March 15, 2015
Creamy Green Rice
1 1/2 cups heavy cream
1 1/2 cups long grain white rice
Kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
1/4 cup finely chopped fresh cilantro
3 green onions thinly sliced
2 roasted poblano chilies, finely diced
Place the heavy cream in a small saucepan over high heat and bring to
boil. Reduce the heat to medium and simmer until reduced by half.
While the cream is reducing, bring 2 3/4 cups water to a boil in
medium saucepan over high heat. Stir in the rice and season with salt.
Bring to boil again, stir place lid on pan, reduce the heat to medium
and cook until all the liquid is absorbed, 15 to 18 minutes.
Remove the rice from the heat and let stand for 5 minutes with lid on.
Remove lid and fluff with a fork. Return the rice to the stove over
medium heat , add the reduced cream and season with salt and pepper.
Sir in the cilantro, green onions and poblanos. Enjoy!
Bertha Luna and
Steve Tyson, SA
Builder Guide
Candi Meyer
Real Estate Newsline
Sales & Marketing
210-308-9334 - 210-557-8722
March 15, 2015
Kimberly Howell Properties Mardi Gras & Awards Event
Jacob Frye, Kimberly
Howell, Lauren
Leavell, Guest,
Cathleen and Dustin
Blackmon, both
Kimberly Howell.
Jeff Japhet and Paige Japhet, both Japhet Builders
and John McNair, McNair Custom Home.
Lanise Bailey and Terri Saari, both Kimberly
Howell Properties.
Linda Mosse, Kimberly Howell Properties with
Husband Scott Mosse.
Gail Jones and Sonia Flores, both Kimberly Howell
March 15, 2015
March 15, 2015
Paige Japhet,
Japhet Builders
and Buba Djenic,
Real Estate Muses
visit during the
Napa Oaks
Realtor lunch.
At the Napa Oaks Realtor Lunch we find Bob Borders, Keller Williams
Boerne, Patricia Broyles, Realty Executives Select Properties and Vi
Arnold, Japhet Builders.
Welcome new JB Goodwin agents Katherine Davenport, Winona Parizo,
Patricia Parker, Lillian Hanna and Chamita Lee.
Sherry Outlaw and Mya Johnson, both Reliance Residential Realty
are enjoying their Company Awards Event.
Rachael Clutter,
Stewart Title visits
with Amy Karns,
Northwest Real
Estate at the CRS
Luncheon at Silo.
Mary Esther Carrasco,
RE/MAX North “Agent
of the Year” is congratulated by her Broker
Kate Keating.
Sente Mortgage became a reality on October 16, 2007. It had been
planned for over a year by a group of
colleagues who wanted to create a
mortgage company that both provided
a high level of excellence in customer
service and had a purpose of helping
people improve their financial lives.
Starting with two branches in Austin
and in New Braunfels, it has grown to
include branches in San Antonio,
Houston, and The Woodlands.
Even with growth, Sente has
remained focused on the Texas market. For example, they have created
their own roster of appraisers, assuring that the person completing an
appraisal on a property is familiar
with the area and not from halfway
across the state. This focus has paid
dividends as the Austin Business
Journal has ranked Sente Mortgage
#10 among the city’s top mortgage
March 15, 2015
companies and #6 in fastest growing
companies while the San Antonio
Business Journal has honored them as
one of the best places to work.
In San Antonio Lance Bryce,
with more than 20 years experience in
real estate and the home financing
business, serves as the Regional
Manager for Sente Mortgage. Over
the years he has hired and coached
hundreds of loan originators and operational employees and has always
taken pride in being able to help them
meet their life goals. One of the most
important reasons Lance chose Sente
was that he can, within a phone call,
reach the person in leadership that can
quickly make a decision if there is an
issue on a specific loan.
Every aspect of the mortgage
process that touches the customer is
local, including originating, processing, and underwriting the loan. If an
issue arises, the person who can help
resolve it is across the office and
readily available. To further assure
that performance is at the highest
level, Sente regularly tracks and measures how well they perform. One
key measure is the percentage of
loans where documents are received
by the title company at least three
days before closing. This assures
everyone that the closing process will
be smooth—and has prepared Sente
for the new requirements to be implemented industry-wide on August 1.
One question often asked of
Sente is where the name came from.
The concept originated from a strategy game where “being in sente” meant
the ability to make any move you
wanted to make. Sente Mortgage
translates this to a person’s financial
life, helping them to be in control of
their financial future. Since the net
worth of a homeowner is 36 times that
of a renter, providing the financing
for a home helps an individual to
achieve their financial as well as residential goals. With the many loan
products available, selecting the right
combination of product, down payment, and payment level is something
that every Sente mortgage banker
spends time talking about with their
Sente also views the closing of
a loan as the beginning of a relationship with the lender, rather than the
end. Continuing the learning process
started during the loan process, Sente
shares information regularly with its
clients, friends, and other associates
about a “Smarter Money Move.” This
is designed to distill guidance from
financial experts to allow recipients
to improve their financial lives.
Their commitment to education
goes beyond these regular communications. Through the sponsorship of a
financial learning program with the
local Kipp Academy, Sente is helping
kids learn about managing their
money at an early age—in this case,
middle school. It’s never too early to
talk about smart money choices.
Over the years Sente Mortgage
has developed, tested and proven
business building strategies that have
resulted in a consistent 20% growth,
year after year. Because they believe
that success is community driven,
they are willing to share what they
have learned with their real estate
partners. On the company website:
h t t p s : / / w w w. S e n t e M o r t g a g e . c o m ,
REALTORS® can find a listing of
educational opportunities to help
them improve their own businesses
under “Mortgage Services-Real Estate
Agent Resources.” As a real estate
professional you can attend offerings
or can arrange for a specific subject to
be presented at your office. To learn
more you may email questions to
[email protected]
Locally Sente Mortgage is
located at 14100 San Pedro Av. Ste
510, San Antonio, TX 78232 and the
telephone number is (210)-496-2220.
March 15, 2015
Imagine Homes REALTOR Appreciation Event At Silo
Greg Collier, Erin
Kopplin, Efren
Martinez and
Dana McDaniel,
all Imagine Homes
with Jeremy Shaw,
RE/MAX Preferred.
Debbie Sandoval, Imagine Homes, Grace Abdul,
Ahad Larson Properties and Angela Haydan,
Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper Realtors.
Jeanne Koplan, ERA Colonial is a Winner!
Courtney Smith,
Real Estate
Emma Lopez,
Realty Executives
Access and Kathy
Brown, Realty
Executives Alamo.
Joe Gonzales and Ciara Zuniga, both Wells Fargo
with Coleen Taylor, Imagine Homes.
March 15, 2015
to Missy Stagers
and her team for
being named
Coldwell Banker
D’Ann Harper
Realtors top
Agent for 2014
with D’Ann
Reliance Residential Realty celebrates Chinese New Year – Doris McNair
Kires, Liz Perales, Amanda Arriaga, Laura Gutierrez, Barbara Harwell, Lynn
Ellis, John Kuntz, III, AL Kiris, Mike and Holly Hermes, Linda Byron, Rebecca
Padilla and Carolyn James.
At the Keller
Williams Heritage
Awards are Tami
Price, Josh Boggs,
Holly Ramos,
Eagle Award
Winner and Trent
Boarnet, Spirit
Award Winner.
Simon Guajardo, Northwest Real Estate, Johnny Martinez, Sitterle
Homes and Amy Karns, Northwest Real Estate attend the Sitterle
PT 50 event at Triana in Helotes.
Right Way
The Right People The Right Way
211 N. Loop 1604 E Suite #125
San Antonio, Texas 78232
(210) 490-3222
March 15, 2015
KB Home Opens New Phase Of Its Crosscreek
Community In San Antonio
KB Home is pleased to announce
the grand opening of the newest phase of
single-family one- and two-story homes
at CrossCreek, a desirable northwest San
Antonio community.
Homebuyers at CrossCreek will
have the opportunity to enjoy a new home
that is built to their preferences in a community that is conveniently close to major
Centrally located near Loop 1604,
Highway 151 and IH-10, CrossCreek is
the perfect place for those who want to
live close to popular entertainment destinations like Seaworld and Fiesta Texas.
Minutes away from destination shopping
choices at La Cantera and The Rim. There
are also family-friendly restaurants and
shopping at nearby Alamo Ranch
Marketplace. In addition, CrossCreek is
served by the highly-desirable Northside
ISD public schools.
KB Home’s CrossCreek is an
established community of beautiful
newly-built homes. This grand opening
marks the launch of a new section of the
popular neighborhood, enhanced with
additional planned premium amenities
including a community park and pool, a
children’s playground, picnic pavilion,
walking trail and the lovely Culebra Creek
meandering through it.
In addition to the 12 flexible oneand two-story floor plans currently offered
in CrossCreek, 16 new home designs,
ranging in size from 1,792 and 3,699
square feet will be added to the collection.
All KB homes sold in San Antonio
are ENERGY STAR® certified, meaning
they are designed to be more water- and
energy-efficient than most typical new
and resale homes available in the area.
The water- and energy-saving features
built into every new KB home can also
help homeowners save money on their
monthly utility bills.
Scott Joins RE/MAX North – San Antonio
Fiona Scott has
North – San Antonio.
Scott brings to the
office over 6 years of
experience in real
estate, recently relocating from Corpus
Recently Scott
became certified as a Military
Residential Specialist (MILRES), with
the goal of guiding military families
through the home buying process here in
San Antonio. She also specializes in
HUD properties and assisting first-time
For more information about Scott
or RE/MAX North – San Antonio, please
contact 210-695-4850.
Copper Ridge Model Home Now Open
Ashton Woods has a new model
home now open in Copper Ridge in New
Braunfels. This spectacular gated community features one acre home sites
which are beautifully treed and nestled
among the breathtaking hills of the Hill
Country. Copper Ridge includes a resort
style pool, Texas style pavilion with fireplace, barbeques, picnic tables, tennis,
basketball courts and walking trails.
Four new one-story floor plans with
optional 2nd story (Texas Basement)
have been designed for this distinguished
community. For more information contact Yvonne Perez at 210-884-9222 or
[email protected]
Martinez Joins South Texas Realty Services
R a y m o n d
Martinez has joined
South Texas Realty
Services. He is a service-oriented agent
who enjoys working
with buyers and sellers, and has a firm
belief in analyzing a
customer’s needs.
Raymond attended schools in
Leakey, Texas went to college in Missouri
and returned to Texas to start his career.
Raymond has 14 years of experience in the Insurance Industry, 7 years as a
Licensed Claims Adjuster traveling around
the United States and 7 years as a Licensed
Insurance Agent in San Antonio. Being an
agent for so long enabled Raymond to
develop close relationships with his customers. His knowledge and love of the San
Antonio area, including the Texas Hill
Country, made becoming a Realtor® a
great transition and a natural fit.
RE/MAX Associates Welcomes Guerra
R E / M A X
Associates in San
announced the arrival
of Felix Guerra to its
Felix is a
REALTOR and eager
to work with area buy-
ers and sellers, as well as referring
clients to his network of RE/MAX associates throughout the world. Felix will
also be involved in assisting investment
buyers find their income producing
properties. He is a graduate of The Real
Estate School of the San Antonio Board
of REALTORS® and has a background
in customer service, which included
working as an event coordinator.
Century Communities Offers “Build On Your Lot”
Century Communities, a national
homebuilder with communities in
Colorado, Georgia, Nevada and Texas, is
pleased to announce its Build on Your Lot
semi-custom homebuilding program in
Austin and San Antonio. The program
offers landowners and those seeking to
purchase a house lot a wide selection from
hundreds of Century Communities’ quality designs. Century Communities will
work with each homeowner to customize
the new home to best fit the lot and the
homeowner’s preferences.
Century Communities’ Build on
Your Lot program also assists homeowners with one-time close loans, allowing
homeowners to purchase their land and
finance the homebuilding costs in one
streamlined process. The program complements Century Communities’ extensive
line of product offerings and home divisions, and enhances the company’s ongoing commitment to deliver diverse home-
building options, high-caliber designs and
expert craftsmanship in superior locations.
“If you’ve fallen in love with a
piece of land, Century Communities will
help you build your dream home there,”
said Steve Hayes, Central Texas Division
President at Century Communities. “Our
Build on Your Lot program gives homeowners the flexibility to customize
upscale single-family homes on their own
hand-selected locations.”
Interested homebuyers can attend
quarterly seminars in Austin and San
Antonio to review the process from start
to finish and understand which options
best fit their lots and future home designs.
As with all of its new homes, Century
Communities offers its warranty and
ongoing care services to all Build on Your
Lot homeowners. Century Communities
has continued the Build on Your Lot program in central Texas following its acquisition of Jimmy Jacobs Homes in 2013.
Ed Guerrero CPA Welcomes Adams
Ed Guerrero, CPA, is pleased to
announce that Ron Adams, CFP®,
CLU, CHFC, MSM has become our
new member with our office and will
now be assisting with your tax strategy, retirement and financial planning
needs. Ron has over 25 years of
experience.Please contact
Adams Contact Ron at 490-7100 or
Email [email protected]
Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper REALTORS® Celebrates 25th
Anniversary Milestone with the Coldwell Banker® Brand
Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper
REALTORS® celebrates its 25th
anniversary as an affiliate of the
Coldwell Banker® network.
Since joining the Coldwell
Banker brand in 1985, we have proudly served the San Antonio, surrounding
communities, plus thousands of homebuyers and sellers, “ said D’Ann
Harper. “We take great pride in the professionalism and commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience shown by everyone at Coldwell
Banker D’Ann Harper REALTORS®.
Being part of Coldwell Banker allows
us to benefit from the trust earned over
the 107-year legacy of the brand, our
leadership in innovation, and the
industry’s most powerful network of
the best in the industry. We all recognize the importance our homes play in
our lives and are privileged so many in
our area continue to choose us to represent them in their real estate needs.”
Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper
REALTORS® was honored by
Coldwell Banker Real Estate President
and Chief Executive Officer Budge
Huskey on the milestone with a personally signed letter. Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper
REALTORS® located at 18756 Stone
Oak Parkway, Suite 301, San Antonio,
TX 78258, can be reached at (210)
483-7581. Coldwell Banker D’Ann
Harper REALTORS® has been an
affiliate of the Coldwell Banker
Franchise System for 25 years. March 15, 2015
2015 Project Fiesta T-Shirt Fundraiser benefiting the San
Antonio Humane Society
Suburban Spaces Real Estate
Group is proud to be the presenting
sponsor for Project Fiesta 2015, benefiting the San Antonio Humane Society.
Partnering sponsors for this year's
fundraiser also include First American
and Supreme Lending. These fun and
festive shirts are available by advanced
purchase only until noon on Sunday,
March 22.
Thanks to underwriting from our
sponsors, all proceeds from the sale go
directly to the San Antonio Humane
Society. Everyone who purchases a shirt
will be invited to the Project Fiesta
Backyard BBQ on Sunday, April 19.
The event is family-friendly, including a
small street parade and silent auction.
Food and beverage will also be provided.
For additional information and to
place your order, please visit the Project
Wednesday, April 1, 2015 - 11:30am - 1:300
The Fiesta Siesta
Win a tropical getaway for two to a deluxe all-inclusive resort
Primo Fiesta Tickets
Two sets of tickets to popular Fiesta events
$1,000 Realtor Signing Bonus If a contcat is signed withing 60 days of the event, you get $1,000 bonus!
Catered by Don Strange
Tour the community in comfortable fiesta golf carts
To RSVP contact Sheryl Uresti, [email protected], 210.828.6121 Ext. 117
Providing Excellent Service On
Your Home Loan Transactions!
Patrick Moore
Assistant Vice President,
NMLS # 267263
Office: 210-582-0200
Cell: 210-842-1511
Ron Robinson
Loan Originator
NMLS # 212871
Office: 210-878-4921
Mahone Joins Trinity Title
Isaac Mahone
started his career in
the title industry during high school. He
grew to be a very
successful marketing
rep for 10 years, all
while continuing his
education and comMAHONE
pleting his Bachelor’s
Degree in Business Marketing. In
2012 Isaac joined a dynamic Realtor
and Brokerage firm to help develop a
successful team from the ground up.
While a real estate agent, Isaac was the
first male President of The Women’s
Council of Realtors for the Hill
Country Chapter in 2014. Now Isaac
is back in the title business, his first
love, with Trinity Title, and has joined
the New Braunfels team as the newest
Escrow Officer.
Baughn Joins Chapa Fuller Realty
Chapa Fuller
Realty is proud to
announce that Cindy
Baughn has joined
their company as a
Cindy Baughn is a
San Antonio native
skills are well known
throughout the Real Estate industry
and the community. She has established a personal mission to set industry standards by being a model of
integrity and dedication. Cindy is passionate about Realtor education, having achieved her ABR, GRI, the
ALHS, the SRES, CNHS, CRS, and
was honored as a Graduate of the
Texas Realtor Leadership Program
(TRLP-TAR, ALUMNI 2008). Please
help us welcome Cindy to our team!
Read Us Online At:
March 15, 2015
NAHREP Top 100 Event
Anna Gallegos and Gail Couser, both Independence Title with Debbie
Blackerby, American Home Shield.
David Moore, Stewart Title and Cecilia Sosa
North American Title.
Enrique Lira, Norma Lira and Jackie Galvan, all RE/MAX
Johnnie Childs, ICON Realty, Crystal Villanueva, Gold
Financial and Mike Meyer, Stewart Title.
James Rodgers, Sandra Rangel and Tony Martinez, all with RE/MAX
Lori Kasper and Vicki Roark, both Stewart
Jenny Bingham, RE/MAX Northeast, Sarah Gerrish, RE/MAX
Unlimited and Mary Esther Carrasco, RE/MAX North.
Johnnie Childs, ICON Realty and Robert Rae Saldana and Jesse Ramirez, both imortDunn, Legacy Mutual Mortgage.
Angie Sanchez, Lucy Heurtas and Jessica Beltran, all
Alamo Title.