March-April 2015 - York Art Association

March/April 2015
A non-profit community of regional artists
celebrating the visual arts for over 100 years
220 S. Marshall St.
York, PA 17402
Happy Birthday YAA!!!
Phone: 717-755-0028
FAX: 717-755-0028
[email protected]
110 years old this month!
Board of Directors
“York Art Association, formerly York Art Club, was organized in 1905 by a small group of York artists who met at the studio of A. A. Bosshart, 8 West Market Street. The group incorporated as a non-­‐profit organization in 1962 and became known as York Art Association, Inc. YAA built and owns its building located at 220 South Marshall Street, York, PA. The building, opened in 1970, house a studio and gallery.”
Kate Hufnagel, President
Dan Walczyk, 1st Vice President
Brett Greiman, 2nd Vice President
Phyllis Stump, Secretary
Charlene Freed, Treasurer
Janie McKnight, Past President
Carol Little, Education
Kathy Becker, Publicity
Jutta Stallman, Membership
Milton Leake, Building Trustee
Pat Teller, Historian/Librarian
Les Jones, Director
Suzanne Collins, Director
Our Mission
To encourage and develop
interest in the visual arts.
To provide opportunities for
education through classroom
instruction, workshops, lectures
and publications.
To support interaction within the
community, and to provide a
venue for members and nonmembers to exhibit their work
in a gallery setting.
When I joined the York Art Association in 2008, I assumed the present building had been converted from a residence. As I have learned through studying the archives, the earliest location was no longer available in 1947 which resulted in a series of moves which ended in 1970. In that year, through the generosity of Guy V. and Mary H. Glatfelter and as a result of a fund drive carried on through its members, the organization, under the presidency of E. Kurt Rottler, was able to establish itself in its own new building. The land and cost of building was approximately $63,000 of which cash and pledges received were $54,000. A copy of the architect’s drawing is in our archive.
We can be proud of the long, productive history of our organization. You can contact me through email if you would like to see some of the old documents or have a particular question about our history. [email protected]
• During the week when the school year is in session, YAA closes when York Suburban cancels school. YAA does not close if the district has a delay.
• During week-­‐ends and when York Suburban is not in session, the instructor determines whether or not to cancel and is responsible for notifying students by phone or e-­‐mail.
From the President...
What fun!
Hi everyone. Are you aware of all the fresh fun events that are happening at YAA? On February 14, we staged a Valentine Tea in collaboration with Cultural Alliance of York. Kids made art with Rebecca Brodbeck for an hour or so, while a fancy tea was set in the Nancy M. Woodward Gallery– complete with scones and fruit salad, table clothes, centerpieces and cloth napkins. Parents were free to take a break while the kids painted and collaged. A few joined me for a gallery talk as we toured the World Views Exhibition. Then everyone regrouped for fine dining and lots of happy chatter. It was a great success and a fun way to bridge art across the generations.
We are working on another innovative event for this summer. YAA will join with the folks at Nixon Park to stage an ’art-­‐in’ focusing on the park’s large collection of taxidermic animals. These wonderful beasties include exotic creatures from foreign continents, posed in active and interesting ways. Look in this and following Brushstrokes issues for details of YAA’s Wild & Wooly event.
Our upcoming exhibitions will include two themed events to stimulate your creative juices. Articles inside this issue give more details of the Then and Now, and Page to Palette exhibitions.
YAA will continue to thrive if we broaden our programs to attract all ages. Bring a friend to class, entice a child to join you for a gallery visit, drag your significant other in to meet your friends and see the art at the exhibition openings. Follow us on our website and follow us on Facebook to keep up with current events.
We are staging these new programs, and developing new class and workshop offerings to keep YAA interesting and relevant to you and your families. We have been kicking around other ideas to broaden our services and programs. It is enormously satisfying to join together in staging these events. But good ideas don’t get done without help, and we need more hands and volunteer time to get things done. So look for a committee, event, program or project where you can help. Find a few hours of your time to help us at Yorkfest or at Second Saturday’s this summer. You can connect directly with the relevant committee chair, or send me a message and I will reroute it to the appropriate activity coordinator. Keep generating those new ideas. Let us hear or your questions and concerns. You can send them to me by emailing [email protected]
Kate Hufnagel, President
[email protected]
Please check website for details
March 8 2–4 Opening Reception
(Rescheduled due to bad weather)
April April 28 30 31 2 3 4 12 12–1 9–3 9–3 9–3 9–3 9–12 2–4 Pick Up “Rottler Selection”
Pick Up “Rottler Selection”
Pick Up “Rottler Selection”
Intake “Spring Members”
Intake “Spring Members”
Intake “Spring Members”
Be a Part of the Big Picture Every Piece Counts!
Opening “Spring Members”
To all who
generously give of
their time to volunteer
at York Art Association!
The following Office Staffers were inadvertently left off of the “Thank You” list in our last issue:
Suzanne Seebald
Barbara Rooney
Louise Scalet
Dolores Cooper
Thank you to these and all the staffers who are willing to donate one afternoon a month to help out in the office. If you would like to add your name to the list, please give Phyllis or Jessie a call at 755-­‐0028.
Volunteers are the heART and soul of York Art Association. Because we are a volunteer driven organization, we count on our membership to help on a daily basis, whether it be answering phones while our office managers take a lunch break, helping with intake, hanging the show, or serving on a committee. Thank you to each and every one who helps keep our organization running smoothly!
We want
to hear from
Please contact us if • you would like to take a class
• you would like to learn more about volunteering opportunities
• you have any questions regarding the galleries or showing your work
“Like” Us on Facebook
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Discover us, discover yourself!
From the Education Committee
The Spring Art Classes brochure has been mailed and the office is ready and waiting for you to register for a class! Look in your brochure or visit us online at to decide what you would like to learn about this spring. Maybe try oils or pastels with Phyllis Disher Fredericks or Barb Buchanan on Mondays. Tuesdays are great for Watercolors with Debi Watson or Dynamic Acrylics with Brett Greiman.
Have you ever wanted to try your hand at sculpture? Come to William Chambers’ class, Assemblage and Found Object Sculpture on Wednesdays. Other offerings that day include Landscape and Wildlife painting with Jason Tako, or learn everything you ever wanted to know about color with Phyllis Disher Fredericks! Finish off the week on Thursday with a time of Open Studio with Barb Buchanan or explore Experimental Mixed Media with Julie Yountz Rupp. Or join Robert Oughton’s Black and White Only class and express yourself using pen and ink! Plus, don’t forget the kids! Fridays are for Homeschoolers learning about art history through hands-­‐on projects. Saturday classes offer ways for young artists ages 5-­‐8 and also ages 9-­‐12 to learn more about art and to express themselves creatively using different techniques and mediums.
Erika Rispoli, Hands-­‐on Art History
Home schoolers class
If workshops are what you like, there are many (in June) listed in our brochure. Check it out!
If you need more details, visit our website and call 717-­‐755-­‐0028 to sign up no later than a week before the classes begin.
Beat those winter blues!
Participate in an art workshop at YAA!
March 9-­‐11: Back by popular demand! Glenn Blue: Watercolor Secrets You Will Learn: Atmosphere & Effects Finally Understood 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Intermediate to advanced) •
March 12 & 13: Paul Gallo: Basic Oil/Acrylic Painting
Learn the fundamentals of getting started and creating a successful painting.
9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Beginners – intermediate) •
March 14th: Artist Trading Cards (ATC) with Kate Hufnagel
Create 2 ½ “x 3 ½ “works of art made specifically to swap with other artists. 12:30 p.m. – 4 p.m. (All ages)
March 16 – 18: Barbara Buchanan: Answers for Success
Learn how to use composition, color and technique to fulfill your initial concept. 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. (All levels)
March 20 (evening) and all day March 21 – 22: Linda McCloskey: Abstract Painting
Explore non-­‐objective painting starting with basic concepts and simply add on to the process, using canvas and paper with acrylic and watercolors. Friday 6-­‐9 p.m., Saturday 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Sunday 9:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. (All levels)
March 23-­‐25: Phyllis Disher Fredericks: Artistic Growth and Mentorship
Through critique, creative exercises and individual instruction you will learn to look at your work from a different perspective. 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Intermediate to advanced)
March 26-­‐27: Robert Buchanan: Watercolor That Works: Steps to Success
Personal instruction and critiques geared to individual needs and goals with an emphasis on organizing and planning spatial composition. 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. (All levels)
March 28-­‐29: Dana Bellis: Watercolor Portraits
An excellent overview of successful techniques, tips and tricks in regards to watercolor portraiture from photographs. 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. (All levels)
All offerings are self-­‐contained 2 & 3-­‐day workshops within one week.
• Allows you to leave work and materials in place during the workshop, minimizing having to load, unload and deal with wet paintings
• Gives you flexibility to schedule workshops around your travel plans
Want details, prices and more info?
Margaret Evans returns from Scotland for two workshops!
Pastels Unleashed (With Other Media) June 10 – 12 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. $320
Learn to simplify plein-­‐air painting with pastels, pen, wash &watercolor (or any medium you prefer) with visits to local scenes, and plenty of indoor studio sessions to develop your outdoor sketches. Learn to be imaginative, creative and confident in your painting. •
Figures (Human or Animal) in Landscapes June 13 & 14 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. $220
Using clothed models and photographs we will explore the human figure with a view to incorporating them into landscapes, building your confidence to add figures into your own paintings!
Margaret Evans is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art, and a teaching graduate of London University. Renowned for her pastel painting, she also tutors watercolors, oils, acrylics and other media. She is internationally known for her portraits in oil and pastel and is a member of the Portrait Society of America, and is featured regularly in the International Artist magazine. Shinafoot in Scotland is Margaret's home base and venue for her workshops.
Early registration for a June workshop gets you a bargain! $20 off for first 10 registrants: ACT NOW! Class Cancellation Policy
In general any classes or w o r k s h o p s n o t m e e t i n g minimum enrollment will be canceled one week to the day from the first class. Exceptions may apply to classes or workshops that are supply intensive, special events or require travel plans for the instructor. In this event the class or workshop will be canceled up to two weeks prior to the starting date. 6
in the News
Hi Y’all! Ello!
I’m Deborah Leah, your new editor of Brushstrokes.
I moved to York, PA two years ago from Atlanta, Georgia. I am originally from across the pond in England. I have traveled in and out of the states
for most of my life.
Art is a huge part of my World!
I am an artist along with a fine art photographer. I am so excited to be a member of YAA!
Big thanks to Janie McKnight for being so helpful and patient as
I get the hang of everything!
I’m so thankful for this opportunity to get involved more in my new community. I hope to get to know
many of you through our joined
love for ART!
Exciting Happenings!
Member artist & jazz musician,
Barrie Spessler provided
music for artist, Ned Wert’s opening reception at the Lancaster Arts Hotel on Oct. 3,2014.
Wert’s latest collection of mostly smaller works reference some of his earlier characteristics rich & bold colors & brushstrokes, & influences of his past.
New York abstract artist, Todd Lehman also exhibited a collection of paintings. Ned Wert, Todd Lehman & Barrie Spessler were all schoolmates in Millersburg, PA before launching their independent art careers years ago. Spessler’s Jazz Duo performs in S. Central PA & in the Washington D.C. metro area.
New Members!
[email protected]
Francine Shortino
Beth Jordan
Margaret Runkle
Cheryl Handy
Mary Boeh
Adrienne Brenner
Susan Scofield
John Loucks
Harmony Stier
William T. Clark, Jr.
Yubelkis Fabian
Nancy Lamontagne
Daniel Malott
Deborah Old
Susan Hodge
Keith Jones
Sue Himes
Delora Bubb
In Loving Memory...
William K. Fengfish, Jr.
June Crunick
“You only live once, but if you
do it right, once is enough.”
To!register:[email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
News from the Gallery Committee
How Has Your Art Changed?
One wonderful aspect of making art is recognizing how our art changes over time. Those first crayon masterpieces of childhood lead to explorations in new media. As our interests change, our subject matter may also change. With practice, our first amateur efforts grow as we achieve mastery. Taking on a new medium leads to new interpretations of older subjects.
From time to time it is interesting to compare pieces of our art from different periods. It is encouraging, to the artist and other viewers, to see our techniques improve and our styles grow.
From July 12 through August 15, YAA will stage the Then and Now Members Exhibition. Entrants are asked to bring in two pieces of art that demonstrate how their art has changed over time. This kind of show generates lots of interest and discussion. It is a rewarding experience for the artists, who demonstrate how much they have grown. For the viewers, especially those who are shy about their skills, it is encouraging to see how time, effort and growth can lead to mastery. So look through your files for those early crayon masterpieces. Dig out the first watercolor exercise that was good enough to keep. Find an example of an early attempt in one medium and compare it to a recent flight of fancy in another one. Bring in the first sketch you saved and show it next to newly made drawing.
We want to see how you have grown!
Call for Artists!
The Gallery Committee is now accepting applications for individual or small group exhibitions for 2016. Take advantage of these excellent opportunities to show your work in the Nancy M. Woodward Gallery, the Sally Little Danyo Members Sales Gallery or York Art Association at Marketview. Check online for guidelines and applications, or stop by the office.
Show Us What You Read & Hear
Do you suffer from ear worms? You know, those pesky tunes or lyrics or words that loop in your brain and won’t go away. We all get captured by words or phrases or lyrics that stick with us. Some are inspirational – consider how many people memorize prayers or psalms that give them great comfort or inspiration. Some are tied to memory – every time I think of the lyrics to Mairzy Doats, I remember skipping down the sidewalk with a childhood friend.
We can even gain fresh inspiration from written materials. When you can’t think of a new subject for a painting, reading some poetry can give you ideas for ways to illustrate the words.
Last year YAA staged a Prose and Poetry Exhibition, based on this idea. The responses from our artist were so interesting that we are returning with a new version. The Page to Palette Open Exhibition, slated to run July 6 through August 2, will feature works inspired by prose, poetry and song lyrics. Visual entries will be displayed along side the words that inspired them.
So start reading for inspiration, searching for pithy quotes, or recording the actual lyrics to you favorite tunes. Listen to a poem or your favorite song as you prepare your art work. Megan Strott
You might even find that painting is the perfect cure for ear worms.
~ Kate
April 12 – May 16, 2015
Members may submit one original piece of 2-­‐D or 3-­‐D artwork, completed within the past three years and/or prior works that are representative of the artist’s current artistic efforts or growth. Artwork must be wired for hanging (no sawtooth hangers) with a maximum framed size of 48” wide x 60” high, and not previously shown in a YAA exhibition. The number of accepted entries will be limited to a total of 100 pieces due to the increasing number of large works, gallery lighting, and space constraints. Diptychs and triptychs must be in the same frame.
ENTRY FEE: $10 members AWARDS BEST IN SHOW: $150 PROFESSIONAL First Place: $100 Second Place: $75 Third Place: $50 NON-­‐PROFESSIONAL
First Place: $100
Second Place: $75
Third Place: $50
Professional/Non-­‐professional: An artist may submit as either unless he/she has won 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in three York Art Association member or open exhibitions. Artists with this qualification must submit as a professional.
If you have any questions, please call 717-­‐755-­‐0028 or email [email protected]
Thursday & Friday, April 2 & 3, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.; Saturday, April 4, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Saturday, May 16, 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.; Monday & Tuesday, May 18 & 19 , 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Spring Members’
Intake Number
ARTIST: PHONE: For Office Use Only
Intake Number
ARTIST: PHONE: TITLE: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
TITLE: Spring Members’ Exhibition
MEDIUM: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
MEDIUM: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
For Sale
For Sale
Not for Sale
Not for Sale
PRICE OR NFS VALUE: _______________________________
PRICE OR NFS VALUE: _______________________________
Live Painting Demo!
Come enjoy a live painting demo during the Opening Reception of the Annual Spring Members’ Exhibit on April 12th at 2pm by Jonathan Frazier, the judge for the recent World Views Exhibit. Jonathan will be leading a new oil painting workshop at YAA this summer. "Painting with Jonathan -­‐ Oil painting, for beginners to intermediate”
Join Jonathan at the YAA for this 3 day workshop Aug. 24, 25, 26, 9:30-­‐4:00, including numerous live painting demonstrations as well as one-­‐on-­‐one assistance with students' individual painting projects. Students may paint from their own chosen subject, or beginners may choose to paint from a shared still-­‐life. Class is primarily geared for oil paint, but acrylic and watercolor painters are welcome as well. Just want to sketch and watch the live painting demos? That's fine too. Jonathan is very flexible.
Jonathan Frazier received his BFA from Kutztown University in studio paintings. After a stint in the Air Force, he returned to PA where he has since made his livelihood as an artist and performing musician. His paintings have been in numerous shows and juried exhibitions, and he is the youngest member of the locally known "Seven Lively Artists", a group that travels and paints together. He is known for his vibrantly colored landscapes. Please visit for additional information. He will be excited to talk with you about his work and upcoming workshop while he paints in the studio!
The Education Committee is finalizing the summer class/workshop catalog which will soon be distributed. Recent press releases have highlighted YAA offerings, including a combined tea pARTy in cooperation with the Cultural Alliance of York. Committee reports include the following: update on repairs both inside and outside of the building; new ideas for upcoming gallery shows; new membership volunteers; and, finalizing plans for an art scholarship in Doris Cohen’s name.
The York Art Association turns 110 this year! The board will be looking at facility needs as we continue to grow and offer varied classes/workshops/events to promote the art experience and to connect with the community.
Look for information about “Wild and Wooly” -­‐ a combined activity with Nixon County Park. This event will begin on May 2nd at the park and will have two opportunities for artists to show their work at Marketview on June 6th and at Nixon Park on July 12th. This event will require many volunteers and would be a great way to give back to the YAA as well as displaying your work.
Many Artists – One Gallery
Can the works of many artists co-­‐exist harmoniously on a small gallery’s walls, or will they battle for attention? Arranging original creations rendered in oil, photography, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, and a new medium called scanography will be a challenge for Kate Hufnagel, YAA’s Marketview Art Gallery’s coordinator. “There’s always an answer,” is Kate’s battle cry when tackling art display challenges. Find out how the challenge is answered at the opening reception showcasing artwork by YAA’s Gallery Group at Marketview Arts. “Meet the Artists” will be held March 14, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Can’t come to either event? The Gallery Group Exhibit runs through March 30th. Marketview Arts’ posted hours are Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
YAA members participating in the Marketview Arts March exhibit are Bill Andrew, Joanne Bast, Katie Dinkel, Ginny Fitz, Beth Fowler, Jan Ivers, Kay Koehler, Jessica Lee, Carol Little, Alison L. Baker, Judy Orcutt, Sonia Rohrbaugh, Phyllis Stump.
The YAA Gallery Group is dedicated to making their art available in community settings.
For more information contact YAA at 717-­‐755-­‐0028 or [email protected]
First Fridays in York
5 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Featured artist for March: The YAA Gallery Group
Featured artist for April: Jennifer Calvalcante
York Art Association at Marketview
37 West Philadelphia Street
Applications are now being accepted for featured First Friday artists.
Please check the website or call the office for “Request for Exhibit” application
Gallery Group Information
WHO: Any YAA member may “join” the Gallery Group by coming to a meeting and speaking with the secretary or moderator. By joining, the member can attend meetings and will become an active participant in Gallery Group functions.
WHAT: The Gallery Group provides opportunities for YAA members to exhibit their work outside of the YAA, in addition to the shows offered at the YAA. Some of the exhibits are ongoing with periodic rotations and some are one time shows. There are “coordinators” for each exhibit and there are many “jobs” for the members to do. Each member is expected to help out in one or more areas so that the workload is spread out evenly.
WHERE: The Gallery Group meets at the YAA, either in the studio (if available) or in the gallery. Any YAA member is welcomed to attend a meeting, and if interested, then to become an active member.
WHEN: The meetings occur on the third Friday of the month, starting at 1:00 pm.
WHY: A YAA member wants to join the Gallery Group to:
learn more about exhibiting their work
learn about sales of their work
share their knowledge with other gallery group members.
HOW to find more information? Go to the Gallery Group’s blog at or speak with the secretary or moderator.
Membership implies a commitment to exhibit regularly, to help in developing community-­‐based venues for group shows, and to help in the implementation of exhibits.
Title: The Waning Day Medium: Pastel 13
Artist: Kay Koehler A very special thanks to those who have supported
our Sustainability Drive during the past 12 months!
Louis J. Appell, Jr. Sally and Kermit Ayers Mary Lou Benton
Susan Biros-­‐Dawes
Eamonn and Susan Boyle
Tina M. Callahan
Jenifer Cavalcante
Bud Chevaux Jr
Anne Davis
Katie Dinkel Chloe Eichelberger
Beverley Felter
John and Ginger Finlayson
Ginny Fitz
Phyllis Disher Fredericks
Charlene and Bob Freed
Joan and Tim Fulton
Leonard R. Giknis
Glatfelter Insurance Group
Joanne Gotwalt
Diana F. Graham
Brett Greiman
Judy Grupp
Michael and Melanie Hady
Evelyn Hall
Tim Henkle
Kate Hufnagel
Janice Illfelder
Leslie Alan Jones
Nan Kamper
Nita Sue Kent
Dr. Daniel and Shelly Laux
Milton Leake
Stanton S. Lebouitz, MD PC
Susan Liebegot
Jane Leinbach
George and Bambi Long
Romaine L. Marshall
Janie and Russ McKnight
Louise McLane
Edith McMullin
Anita Mitchell
Linda Myers
Richard Poole
Alexander Rosenkreuz
Betty Sampsell
Suzanne Seebald
Paula A. Sgro
Diane M. Smith
Jack and Linda Sommer
Craig and Sue Souser
Barrie Spessler
Phyllis A. Stump
John Tomchik
Marilyn L. Touhey
James Tritt
N. Daniel Waltersdorff
Mary H. Weed
Rhea Weinbrom
Kim Whiteley
Metza Whiteley
Show Your Stuff at Marketview Arts
There are still a few choice openings for YAA professional members to stage exhibitions at our Marketview Arts gallery in 2015. Artists may stage solo shows or join with others. Application forms are available in the office or on the website:
Opens Sunday, April 12th
Opening reception from 2 – 4 p.m.
(pictured at left: Best of Show 2014 – Three Sisters by George Clark)
220 South Marshall Street
York PA 17403