Bulletin, Issue 6, , 12th March

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Issue 6
12th March ‘15
Dear members of the Mount Carmel College community,
As we commence Week 6 and I glance back at this year's calendar, already I
note at least ten opportunities for College families to get involved in the life
of the school, to meet and discuss the year ahead or to share information and
ideas. A few of them include: welcome cuppa for new parents on first days of
school year; Kinder and Prep evening; Year 7 parent barbecue; Information
Evenings for Grades 1-5 and 8-10; Parents and Friends meeting; Fish & Chip
night… and the list goes on.
I am confident that all who came along to our first primary assembly last week
would have been impressed by the focus on values and on affirming others.
Parents who attended our Information Evenings were hopefully reassured
about our shared commitment to building a respectful and rigorous learning
community. Families who travelled to Lake Barrington on the weekend to
cheer on and support their daughters involved in rowing would have enjoyed,
not only the pleasant weather and beautiful outlook, but a sense of
community, and an opportunity to see their daughters/sisters thrive as part of
a team. A close working partnership between home and school is so vital to
student achievement. There are plenty more opportunities to visit the College
and get involved. Coming up this month, we invite you to consider the
Year 8 Mother/Daughter Evening, hosted by Bill Jennings on Monday
16th March 7-9pm
Primary Parent Teacher Interviews, Tuesday March 17th
Twilight Fair, Friday 20th March, 3:30 - 7:30pm
Autumn Concert, Monday 23rd March
Secondary Parent-Teacher Interviews, Monday 30th March.
Friday, 13th
Monday, 16th
Tuesday, 17th
Friday, 20th
Monday, 23rd
Tuesday, 24th
Wednesday, 25th
Thursday, 26th
Friday, 27th
STCPSSA Primary Swimming
Year 8 Mother/Daughter
Evening 7pm – 9pm
Primary Parent Teacher
Year 10 Reflection Day
Twilight Fair
Autumn Concert
Year 8 Camp 1 departs
Year 7 Varicella and DTPa
SATIS Swimming Carnival
Primary Parent Interviews
Year 8 Camp 1 returns
Year 8 Camp 2 departs
Junior SSATIS Swimming
Kindergarten Open Afternoon
1.30 – 2.45pm
Year 8 Camp 2 Returns
School Fees
Many families have already taken advantage of the Early
Bird Discount of $60 per student and paid their fees and
levies in full for the year. The College has direct debit and
direct credit facilities to assist you with fee payments
throughout the year. If you require assistance with your
fees in 2015, please contact me on 62167902, or the
Principal, Susan Ryan on 62167905.
Kerrie Loveluck
Finance Officer
An opportunity that I highly recommend to you is on Wednesday, 22nd Aprilthis date is not noted in your MCC calendar but I do strongly encourage you
to mark the date as it is the first week of Term 2 and should not be missed.
We have been fortunate to engage cyber expert, Susan McLean, to come and
speak to students, staff and to host a parent information session. More details
about the evening are included in this newsletter – having worked with Susan
on several occasions, I strongly recommend this to all parents. We know that
cyber safety is one of the most confronting issues for young people and their
families today, and being aware of the responsibilities is a critical challenge for
parents and educators. The evening will be relevant for ALL parents as it is
never too early or too late to be informed about this important topic. I urge
you to mark the date now and join us for this Cyber Safety information
I look forward to seeing you at any or all of the above occasions. Do remember
that you are always very welcome.
On Monday, 23 March our students will be
staging the annual Autumn Concert to
celebrate some of the outstanding musicmaking that goes on at Mount Carmel
God’s blessings for the week ahead,
Susan Ryan
Dear parents and carers,
A letter has recently been sent to you outlining the arrangements for booking
Parent-Teacher Interviews. For secondary students these interviews will be
with Homeroom teachers and will be between 3:30pm and 8:00pm on
Monday, 30th March.
Interim reports on student progress will be handed out to parents on that
evening, so we look forward to seeing you there.
See the letter home for an explanation of the interview booking procedure,
including login and password details.
The concert will extend from 7.00pm 8.30pm in the College Hall. Featured in the
concert will be the Mount Carmel College
Secondary and Chamber Choirs, College
Orchestra, some Elective Music and
Instrumental Music Students, as well as all
Year 9/10 students in the third annual
House Sing-Off. It promises to be a great
night of entertainment, showcasing some
very talented musicians.
All performers need to ensure that they
are well presented, in full summer
uniform and that they arrive no later than
6.45pm to prepare for their performance.
I would like to invite you to come along to
support the students and enjoy this
evening of music.
Mr Dave McNamara
Head of Department (The Arts)
Mr Kevin Lindorff
Acting Director of Teaching and Learning
Athletics Carnival
The Secondary Athletics Carnival will be held on Wednesday, 1st April and is coming up soon. Students will receive a letter in
the coming days with details of the event, with a return slip to indicate preferred transport home from the Domain after the
carnival, and inviting parents or friends to volunteer.
Mount Carmel College
Issue 6 – 12th March, 2015
In last Sunday’s Gospel we listened to a passage when Jesus came to the temple and found a lively trade going on in animals
and birds for sacrifice, and money changing. Jesus was angry and he drove the traders out of the Temple and overturned the
tables of the money changers with the words: ‘Stop making my father’s house a marketplace!’
Jesus was angry not only because the Temple was being desecrated but also because these traders were part of a system
which used the Temple to exploit the poor.
This allows us to think about all those in our society who are exploited and who are living in poverty. It is this concern for the
disadvantaged that drives Caritas Australia to support programs such as the Centacare Wilcannia-Forbes Manage Your
Income, Manage Your Life Program, which aims to break the cycle of poverty and malnutrition for First Australians in remote
While there is abundant food in Australian cities, the story is vastly different for some Australians living in rural communities,
where low incomes and limited access to nutritious, affordable food reduces the health and well-being of families.
Karen, a sole mother-of-six living in remote Central NSW, had few places to buy food and prices were high due to freighting
costs, and lack of local competition. Karen had neither the skills nor the money to provide a nutritious diet for her family –
until two years ago when she enrolled in the Centacare program.
Through a series of budgeting and nutrition workshops and monthly budget planning sessions and cooking activities, Karen
has gained the tools she needed to take control of her money, and provide regular, healthy meals for her family, ‘food for
Your donation to Project Compassion 2015 helps Australians in remote
communities gain the skills to make healthier food choices, building a
better future for their families. Please continue to fill the Project
compassion boxes that you received three weeks ago. Every little bit can
go a long way especially in helping the marginalised in our own country,
www.caritas.org.au/projectcompassion 1800 024 413
Ida Saracino
Director of Mission / Head of Religious Education - Primary
The Nippers Surf Life Saving State Championships were held throughout Australia on the weekend and Tasmanian Surf Life
Saving Clubs competed in Burnie representing Clifton Beach Club.
Ella Chapman, Maya Chapman, Jenna Stacey & Aimee Stacey had a fun weekend competing after training all season, and
competed in around 8 events each including: board rescue, board relay, swim, beach sprints, beach flags and the iron
person race.
Maya came first in her age group for the swim and the board race and second in beach flags.
Jenna toughed it out for the iron person race in exhausting conditions. Aimee did very well in her
swim, board race and beach flags events. Ella made the finals of the board rescue and also did
really well in her swim and iron person events. There was tough competition from all round the
state and the girls did extremely well!
Kath Chapman
Mount Carmel College
Issue 6 – 12th March, 2015
National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence
The fifth National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence will be held on Friday, 20 March 2015. This annual day
provides a focus for all schools to say Bullying “No Way!” and to strengthen their existing everyday messages that
bullying and violence at school is not okay at any time.
Mount Carmel will be taking part on the day with activities organised for students to promote the College's antibullying work in our community. In the week leading up to the event, secondary students will focus on this issue in
Wellbeing lessons whilst primary class teachers will be working with their students during class time. On the day,
activities have been organised that will include all students to highlight this important issue.
College Uniform Review
As an outcome of our Strategic Direction Plan, we are undertaking a review of Mount Carmel College’s uniform and
will be setting up a uniform review committee. The committee will comprise current staff members, those with a
historical connection, senior students and parents. The committee members are as follows: Lyndal Tewes (Chair),
Anne Haward, Robyn Bessell, Mel Sluyters, Sussan Riley, Anthony Chapman, Jodie Willcox (P&F), Megwyn Mosenthal
and Zoë d’Orey (College Co-Captains).
I will lead this committee which will have the collective task of gathering input from key stakeholder groups, developing
a brief of what we are hoping to achieve. Critical to the process would be the sensitivity to the history and traditions
of the College, whilst at the same time leading the College in the direction of a contemporary and refreshed look. The
first part in the process will be to collect the data. This will be undertaken through a survey of parents, which will be
sent via the Bulletin email list. All College staff together with students from Grade 4 to Year 10 will have an opportunity
to comment via input to the same survey.
From the brief, the uniform review committee will invite several uniform suppliers to respond with a detailed
presentation of sample garments. The committee will then make the recommendation to the Leadership Team as to
which company would be best placed to take on the task of manufacturing our revised uniform.
Any modification would be communicated to families and a phase-in of any new garments would be considered.
Homework Timetables, read in conjunction with the Homework Policy, indicate the amount of time students should
be spending on homework for each subject, each night. An additional copy of each secondary class’s homework
timetable can be downloaded from our webpage for parent reference. Working in partnership with your daughter
and her teachers is the key to obtaining the best educational outcomes. If students or parents have any concerns
about the amount of homework being set (too much or too little), please do not hesitate to make contact with the
relevant subject teachers.
Immunisations for Year 7 (Human Papillomavirus), Varicella/Varivax (Chicken Pox) and dTpa (Diphtheria, Tetanus,
Pertusis) will be held at the College on Tuesday, 24th March 2015 at 9.30am – 10.30pm. Only those students who
returned a consent form will participate. Students receiving these immunisations are permitted to wear their full PE
uniform on this day. Please avoid appointments for these students on this day.
Lyndal Tewes
Deputy Principal
Mount Carmel College
Issue 6 – 12th March, 2015
Our girls had an amazing weekend of rowing at Lake Barrington. They rowed well, above even coaches’ and parents’
expectations. Sunday was a turning point for all the girls, with them realising what it takes to perform at this level.
The Under 16’s started the day off with two solid double rows.
The Under 15’s then took to the water and won their quad against a very strong field. It was neck and neck all the way with
a strong Fahan boat. Our girls took the win by half a boat length. Great healthy competition.
Then they all took to the water in the 8’s. They came 3rd in the Under 16’s with five of our girls being only 15 years old. It
was a very strong row; after only being in an 8 board a couple of times, the girls came up against teams who have been
training all year for this. Our girls were only 6 strokes off the winning boat – a fantastic achievement for a young crew!
The 8 then rowed back to the ways where four of the girls jumped out into doubles and raced up to the start line to
compete in the Under 15’s doubles races. The first team pulled out an amazing feat and won their race and the second
double came 2nd. This is an extraordinary feat which led to one of the coaches jumping into the water of the ways after
losing a bet with the other coach that they wouldn’t be able to pull it off.
As parents and coaches, we couldn’t be prouder of the girls who have fought so hard and worked together as an amazing
team, supporting each other through the whole weekend.
We are looking to recruit some more rowers for next year! The girls have learned so much from the time they have spent
rowing, and have developed lasting friendships. The early mornings are made enjoyable and social with breakfast at the
rowing sheds together after training, then off to school. The camping at Lake Barrington is fantastic, and such a social time
meeting with friends from other schools.
Lyn Haley
Rowing Manager
0407 566 986
Mount Carmel College
Issue 6 – 12th March, 2015
The College Orchestra has made a great start to the new year. Rehearsing every Thursday for an hour after school, this group
is comprised of 5 violins, 2 cellos, 4 flutes, 2 clarinets, 3 alto saxophones and 5 trumpets. The level of experience ranges from
students who have been learning to play their instrument for several years to students who are beginning this year.
Having had an outstanding year in 2014 as a new Grade 5-10 orchestra, this year’s new, larger group is already making some
excellent music together in rehearsals, improving their ensemble sound with each week that passes. Their first performance
for the year will be at the Autumn Concert on the 23rd of March where they will be playing excerpts of pieces by Handel and
Beethoven amongst others.
Students wishing to join the Orchestra can get in touch with Mr McNamara or Ms Lincoln for more details.
The College provides Outside School Hours Care for students aged 4 to 13.
Located on College grounds in our Kindergarten centre, the aim is to provide a nurturing environment that is home away
from home. We have spacious open areas, quiet rooms, excellent educational and play resources, and a playground
designed to meet the needs of the younger age group. We recognise that some students will need to complete school
activities and homework and we always allow for free play as well as some quiet time.
Students who attend Outside School Hours Care also have supervised access to the College’s main facilities such as the
library, hall, computer labs, music rooms and physical education spaces and equipment.
A well-balanced afternoon tea is provided in accordance with our Nutrition policy, with the day’s menu displayed in the
Services Provided:
Before School Care
After Kinder Care
After School Care
Vacation Care & Students Free Days
7.30 – 9.00am
12.00 – 3.00pm
3.00 – 6.00pm
8.30am – 6.00pm
How to Book:
All bookings must be made through the College Office.
Registration forms can be obtained from the College Office or online and must be completed if permanent or casual child
care places are required throughout the year.
We also provide care for School Holidays and Student Free
For more information: http://mountcarmel.tas.edu.au/afterschool-care/
The Child Care Benefit and/or Child Care Rebate is available
to all parents & carers using the Outside School Hours Care
Service who meet eligibility requirements.
Mount Carmel College
Issue 6 – 12th March, 2015
Primary Swimming Carnival
We had a wonderful day at the Glenorchy Aquatic Centre on Monday 2 March for the Primary Swimming Carnival.
The weather was great and the atmosphere was electric, as the houses chanted and cheered for their team mates,
under the wonderful direction of their house captains, dressed in coloured costumes. The infant students enjoyed
a morning of fun novelty events in the small pool, while the primary swimmers competed in a range of races in the
big pool. The 50m events were run first, followed by the 25m and then the novelty events.
Carmel finished the day on top with a massive 1161 points, followed by Loreto on 763 points and Lourdes on 608
points. Congratulations to everyone who took part, it was great to see all girls putting in their best efforts.
The Age Champions and Runners-Up have also been awarded to recognise those girls who performed particularly
well in the 50m and 100m events. They were as follows:
Grade 3
Champion – Coco Erin
Runner Up – Heidi Preshaw
Grade 4
Champion – Olivia Nichols
Runner Up - Felicity Wilson-Haffenden
Grade 5
Champion – Imogen Nation
Runner Up – Cleo Bortkiewicz
Grade 6
Champion – Tessa King
Runner Up – Sarah Wilson-Haffenden
A number of individual records were also broken on the day. Congratulations to the following girls for their
fantastic individual performances:
Olivia Nichols
Grade 4
Felicity Wilson-Haffenden
Maya Chapman
Tessa King
Grade 4
Grade 4
Grade 6
50m Backstroke
50m Freestyle
25m Freestyle
25m Backstroke
50m Breaststroke
25m Breaststroke
25m Backstroke
New Record
Old Record
53.14 (Elly Muller)
40.92 (Alice Sutton)
15.33 (Alice Sutton)
20.61 (Christina Koerner)
1:01.80 (Elly Muller)
22.96 (Elly Muller)
16.65 (Elly Muller)
Thank you to all the people that assisted on the day, and made it a great success:
Mrs Caroline Wilson-Haffenden, the primary teachers and assistants for their organising, timing,
marshalling and house supervision.
Miss Kirstin Palfrey, Miss Sophie Roe and Miss Ashton Ferguson for their work in the preparation for the
day, and for their pivotal roles on the day.
Mr Anthony Borghesi for being the chief recorder.
Year 10 students Zoë d’Orey, Megwyn Mosenthal, Lucy Watt, Charlotte Sutton, Brooke McDermott, Urshla
Connor, Sophie Scott, Madeleine Fasnacht, Molly Hibberd and Mackensie Belbin, who gave up their
valuable class time to assist.
All the parents who very generously volunteered their time, and without whom such events would simply
not be possible.
Mount Carmel College
Issue 6 – 12th March, 2015
Primary Swimming Team
From the results of the Primary Swimming Carnival, a team has now been selected to represent Mount
Carmel at the Southern Tasmania Catholic Primary School Sports Association (STCPSSA) Primary Swimming
Carnival on Friday 13 March and the Junior Southern Sports Association of Tasmanian Independent Schools
(JSSATIS) Swimming Carnival on Thursday 26 March. Congratulations and good luck to the following
Grade 3
Heidi Preshaw
Josephine Cooney
Coco Erin
Lita White
Isla Gerathy (Reserve)
Grade 4
Olivia Nichols
Charlotte Webb
Felicity WilsonHaffenden
Maya Chapman
Lillian Harris (Reserve)
Grade 5
Zara Hart
Adele Hart
Imogen Nation
Ruby Erin
Cleo Bortkiewicz
Matilda Cameron
Grade 6
Christina Koerner
Tessa King
Olivia Farrell
Dayna White
Sarah WilsonHaffenden
Term Two Sport
With Term 1 sport now underway, we now need to think about Term 2 sport. A new round of sports is on offer for both
primary and secondary students.
Information regarding carnival/roster dates, days and times for most sports, uniform requirements and other guidelines
and Sign Up is available online for both Primary and Secondary sports, on the school website,
http://mountcarmel.tas.edu.au/sport-activity-sign-up/. If you haven’t already, please visit this page and download a
copy of the Sports Information Booklet/s.
By visiting the sports hub on the Mount Carmel website and clicking on the “Sign Up” button you will be taken to an
online form to nominate students to play sport. If you are able to help out with coaching, managing or umpiring, please
note this on the sign up form or contact Nikki Stuart directly.
Teams are entered based on the number of students that sign up, so please consider all other commitments and only
sign up if you are able to keep that commitment. This includes transporting students to and from games. There is also
space on the sign up form to nominate other students that you may need to be with, for transport requirements.
Please Sign Up for Term 2 Sports by Friday, 27 March.
Below is a snapshot of what is on offer this term:
Secondary Sport:
Water Polo
May – August
27 April – 24 August
29 April – 26 August
25 May – 10 August
Mondays - 4-6pm
16 May - 4 August
4 May - 29 June
15 May - August
Mount Carmel College
Nikki Stuart
Sports Administration Officer
Phone: 6216 7926
[email protected]
Issue 6 – 12th March, 2015
For Parents & Guardians
Growing up Online:
An informative &entertaining session for Parents and carers is
delivered with Susan's famous 'no nonsense' approach & will cover
the positive benefits of technology as well as what parents need to be
aware of: What are kids doing online – The popular social networking
sites and apps. What they are, what are the legal ages to use
them & why these rules should be obeyed. The difference
between an 'online friend' and a 'stranger'.
 Online Grooming – What is it and when/how does it
What are the warning signs & what to do if you suspect this is
happening to your child.
 Cyberbullying - What it is, where it happens, what it looks
like, how to prevent and what to do if it occurs. Also the
legal consequences and the possible criminal charges.
 ‘Sexting’ – the taking and sending of explicit images...what are
the REAL consequences. (Primary school kids to).
 Potential dangers and safety tips – how to assist the
children in your care to stay safe online via parental
controls and restriction passcodes.
 Learn the lingo…….be able to converse with your children
in the language of cyberspace.
 Be confident in setting rules and boundaries around
internet use in the home. It's OK to say NO!
 The session will conclude with time for Q's. Susan also
provides a range of useful handouts and information about
where to go to access further up to date information.
Susan Mclean is Australia’s
foremost expert in the area of
Cybersafety and young people. She is
a mother of three and was the first
Victorian Police Officer appointed to
a position involving Cybersafety and
young people. She took her first report
of cyberbullying in 1994 and since
then she has conducted extensive
research and has completed advanced
training in this area in both the USA
and UK and is a sought after
presenter and advisor to Schools, elite
sporting bodies such as the AFL,
GP’s, and both State and Federal
Governments. She is a member of the
National Centre Against Bullying
(NCAB)Cybersafety Committee and
is afforded ‘expert’ status on the Safer
Internet Programme Data Base. She
is also a member of the Australian
Government's Cybersafety working
group and a published author. Her
book 'Sext's Texts & Selfies', is the
definitive parents' guide to helping
their children stay safe online.
What Susan doesn’t know about Cybersafety is not worth knowing! She is absolutely brilliant and her
presentations are dynamic and entertaining. She has the unique ability to connect with each audience from
young people to adults.
(Dr Michael Carr-Gregg Adolescent Psychologist)
Volunteer Coaches, Managers and Supervisors – New Working with Children Check
All volunteers involved in coaching, managing or supervising sports teams are required under new
State legislation to have a Working with Children Check in place by 1 April 2015.
The purpose of the legislation is to significantly improve safeguards and child protection processes to
help keep children safe from harm. I encourage all parents and carers to register as soon as possible
if there is any chance you will be involved with a sporting team this year. Volunteers will not be able
to take up their role until the WWC has been cleared, and we do not want any students missing out
on playing sport because we don’t have a registered volunteer. We very much appreciate your
generosity in volunteering to assist the College sporting community. Thank you for taking the time to
obtain your WWC registration.
How do I apply for a WWC Check and Number?
1. Complete the online application form. This is available from the website:
2. Print the ‘Application Receipt’ which is generated when the Application has been completed in
full. (If you do not have access to a printer, record the reference number and take that to a
Service Tasmania Shop).
3. Take the ‘Application Receipt’ to a Service Tasmania Shop, pay the prescribed fee ($17.76 for
three years) have your photo taken and have your identity confirmed. You will need to provide
100 points of identification. A Driver’s Licence is 100 points.
4. The Tasmanian Department of Justice will assess and process Applications and issue the
appropriate Assessment Notice and Working with Children Card directly to the applicant.
5. Once your card is received, please bring it to the College office for copying, in order for your
registration to be recorded.
How long will the Checks take to process?
Generally applicants will receive their results within six weeks of completing the application process.
There may be delays, however, depending on the applicant’s personal information and Service
Tasmania workloads. Volunteers in Catholic Education cannot commence volunteering until they
have received a satisfactory WWCC.
Please refer to http://www.justice.tas.gov.au/working_with_children for more details on how to
apply or contact the College office.