E Letter - Mullingar Sailing Club

Mullingar Sailing Club
March 2015
Committee: Gearóid Ó Brádaigh (Commodore), James Hackett (Vice-Commodore), Seán Duffy (Secretary), Pat Mc Ardle
(Treasurer), Cormac Meaney (Fleet Captain), Katie Johnston (Junior Organiser), Kieran Milner (Rear Commodore),
Veronica Lucey (PRO), Brian Walker, Susan Hogan, John Malone
Sailing in Decline? Not in Mullingar!!
Junior Winners 2014
Junior Champions Michael &
Jack Moran receiving the
Mirror Trophy
The Irish Sailing Association has reported a general downturn in sail
racing and a 25% loss in membership from its peak to 2014. A UK
survey reported that in general sailing has been declining in popularity
over the last decade, with the decline most pronounced in the small
boats sector. With this alarming news in mind, the MSC committee has
risen to the challenge and has drafted proposals for a Club Development
Strategy for 2015 – 2020. We are looking for your input, ideas and
suggestions to help with this plan. The British Marine Federation has
looked at the growth of 567% in British Cycling since 2005 and asks can
sailing do the same? With our combined experience, knowledge and
skills we can ensure the sustainability of sailing for future generations. If
we don’t do it for ourselves, nobody else will do it for us!!
Club Forum and Start of Season Get-Togetherr
Saturday 28th March
It is planned to kick off the season on Saturday 28th of March at 3.00
p.m. with a get together in the clubhouse. The draft Club Development
2015 – 2020 document will be under discussion on the day and we wish
to consult all our members to better understand the range of sailing and
social activities and facilities we need to provide to serve our existing
members and attract new members. Refreshments will be served.
Club Development Strategy 2015 – 2020
The following are some proposals which have been put forward and we
would like to get your opinions on these as well as any other suggestions
you may have. As already mentioned the strategy will be discussed at
our get-together on Saturday 28th of March or indeed anytime by
contacting a committee member.
Stuart McCormick & Bernie
Briody receiving the Vista Med
Family Sailing Day; perhaps make Saturdays a day to expand
access to boats and sailing to all family members.
Training/Rental Club boats; Purchase of a number of Club
Training boats.
Club boat funding; investigate securing grants, funding etc.
Adult training; expand the course to involve our junior instructors
with follow on training for adults trainees
Transition Year students; look at providing a Start Sailing Course
James & Rosie Hackett
receiving the Founders’ Shield
from Keith Pinder
Race Coaching; get some quality race coaching for the racing
Coaching days for juniors outside the junior course.
Qualify Rib Drivers.
Run a certified course in ‘CPR and Drowning Resuscitation’.
Develop strategies to keep 16 – 22 year olds sailing.
Local Advertising.
Introduce more diversity/options for racing and leisure sailing.
Develop sub-committees to complete short, specific projects.
Develop a leisure sailing element in the club using the Smugglers.
Junior Course
29th June to 17th July 2015
We hope to have the following instructors for the course: Darach Milner,
Kevin Hackett, Anna Potterton, Josh McCormack, Isabelle Duffy, Hugh
Duffy, Jennifer Hunt, Laura Hunt and Roisin Hackett
This year, we are hoping to encourage non sailing parents to actively
participate in any area of the club where they feel they may like to
contribute. Volunteers are always required for cleanup, catering, boat
repairs, dry land supervision etc.
Adult Course
8th June to 15th June
ISA News
ISA’s Ciarán Murphy meets with Committee
Alan Pinder…. The Club
ISA held a regional meeting in January to outline and allow discussion of
a new strategic plan. This meeting was attended by Brian Walker and
James Hackett. Again the decline in sailing membership was discussed
and the ISA strategic plan will be presented at the 2015 AGM in March.
The club invited ISA’s Ciarán Murphy to a meeting with the committee to
discuss the benefits and advantages of our club retaining ISA affiliation.
Presently the ISA is looking to develop closer links with clubs and is
appointing regional officers to liaise with clubs.
Electronic Log Books
ISA is actively looking at the implementation of an electronic log book
scheme for sail training.
Brian Walker & Michael
Collender receiving the
Church Island Chalice from
Kieran Milner
Junior GP14 (under 20s) being run over the Easter weekend in
Youghal Sailing Club, contact Cormac Meaney.
Sunday 12th April
Saturday 18th April GP14 O’Tiarnaigh Challenge Swords Sailing
Sunday 19th April Sunday Series I starts
Wednesday 22nd April Wednesday Series I starts 7.00 gun
Leisure Sailing
We really want to hear your views and preferences for developing this
important aspect of our Club…… so please make a note to join us in the
Clubhouse on Saturday 28th March at 3.00 p.m.
The Full List of Winners in 2014
Mirror Trophy: Michael & Jack Moran
One-and-a-half-tonne cup: Gary Walshe & Michael Higgins
Roise and James Hackett
receive the Jubilee Jug from
Ivor Fogg
Following trophies were kindly sponsored by Paddy Mulholland of Vista
Vista Med Cup: Stuart McCormick & Bernie Briody
Championship Shield: Alan Pinder & Kevin Hackett
Founders’ Shield: James & Rosie Hackett
Jubillee Jug: James & Rosie Hackett
Lough Owel Plate: Stuart McCormick & Bernie Briody
Church Island Chalice: Micheal Collender & Brian Walker
Travellers’ Shield: Michael Collender & Brian Walker
Club Calendar
A very colourful and comprehensive calendar of the upcoming season is
available on club website. It details all racing, courses, social events and
details of rescue boat duty.
Stuart McCormick and Bernie
Briody receive the Lough Owel
Plate from Mick Wallace
Contact Us
Gearóid Ó Brádaigh
(Commodore) 087 2217818
Or any committee member
PRO [email protected]
Watching the Leinster GP 14 Regatta
Lough Owel May 2014 – Bob Heath, Michael Higgins,
Sean Duffy and Keith Pinder