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are found throughout the world. Our products have become the solution for many applications and business
challenges. Because of our vast selection and variety, we can match the needs of the user with the exact item to
maximize production and minimize wasted water. Jain products are used primarily within the irrigation
industry: landscaping, agriculture, greenhouses, and nurseries. We also produce items for very specific needs
which are not related to irrigation: mining, plant tissue culture, sugar factories, oil/gas exploration, optic fiber
ducting, advertisement and signage, water shed development, and fruit and vegetable processing.
Jain Irrigation products are used both commercially and residentially. Our customers range from ranch owners
and farmers to do-it-yourself homeowners looking for a better solution. Contractors appreciate our products
because of the quality, ease of use, and the value for what they get.
Jain Irrigation is a company that works in continuous harmony with nature and the resources she provides. We
sincerely care about our environment and the people in it. “We will neither advocate to maintain status-quo nor
encourage exploitation of natural resources for short term economic objectives. Instead, through sound and
sustainable practices, we shall establish a creative partnership between development and environment. Increase
in green cover, conservation of scarce resources, control of pollution, and the promotion of economic progress are
important guiding lights we will follow for nurturing such a relationship.”
Jain emission devices encompass a wide range of needs.
The solution we provide may consist of low flow emissions
and a check valve — or perhaps your needs require something with a higher flow that can handle grit. We have the
solution to meet your emission needs.
Multi-port bubblers
allow system flexibility
and control.
J-Bubbler PC and
Adjustable Flow
PC Emitters
Emitters with strong CV's
and grit tolerance. Specific
emitters have check valve
and cleanable parts.
Non-PC Emitters
Emitters for when
pressure compensation
is not a priority.
Jain Emitter
Flag Emitter
J-Turbo Key Plus
Multiple solutions
when light sprays
is needed.
Aqua Spray Sticks
One Piece
Shrubblers Spectrum 360™
Vortex Spray™
Rotor Spray
Emitterline is a great choice for dense plantings. Having multiple sizes, colors, and spacing, Jain
Irrigation Inc. has a solution to meets your needs. Custom spacing and colors are available.
Signature Aqualine PC
Mini Pepline
Consistent and efficient watering from start
to finish.
Convenient product
for raised planters
and plant rows.
Jain extruded products are made from reliable FINGERPRINT™ polyethylene resins from
DOW — a great solution to create a flexible and durable tubing that is less likely to kink. Jain is
one of the largest producers of quality drip tubing and builds custom orders per request.
Micro Tubing
1/4” Poly and
Vinyl Tubing
Supply Tubing
1/2”, 3/4” and 1”,
Poly Tubing
Assorted Tubing
IPS Vinyl Pipe
Algae Resistant IPS Available
Swing Pipe
Jain filters are some of the best known filters in the world — offering sizes from 3/4" plastic up to 12"
steel. Our patented Spin Clean design keeps the filter clean and gives longer life to your system. We now
offer a series of filter kits to match your irrigation needs, whether residential or commercial in nature.
Residential Filter Kits
Residential/Commercial Filter Kits
High quality components to meet your
residential needs
Top quality, high end filter and regulator combo
Economy Filter Kit
Residential Filter Kit
Filter Kit
Commercial Filter Kit
Residential Filters
4E Filters
Economic or high end filter offerings
Top quality filters for residential or
commercial applications.
Jain 3/4" & 1" with nylon or
stainless steel screen
4E 3/4" - 2" sizes and larger
Pressure Regulators
Senninger Low,
Medium and High
Flow Regulators
Hose and Pipe
Thread — Medium
Flow Regulators
No one can boast the quality fittings offering that Jain has. We carry all sizes of
fittings in many different styles. We also carry all the assorted parts and pieces
that go with drip irrigating, such as stakes, plugs, caps, risers, and punches.
Premier Fittings
Multi-size fittings
maximizing flexibility
while minimizing the
effort needed for
Compression Fittings
Probably the most
well-known fittings
in the drip irrigation
market. Stable and
API Compression Fittings
Insert/Barb Fittings
Insert fittings are
easy to install.
Large selection
of sizes.
Barb & Insert Fittings
J-Turbo Fittings
Stakes & Parts
Stakes allow for better placement and
better control of your
drip irrigation system.
Jain provides all the
accompanying parts
and more…
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