Patron Reposado shaken with fresh lime juice
and Cointreau and served in a Martini glass
with a half salted rim, the Mexican Classic!
The quintessential woman’s cocktail, Absolut
Citron, Cointreau, fresh lime and Cranberry
juice complete this favourite amongst the
Bloody Mary £6.50
Too much the night before? Not to worry! Our
Bloody Mary, with Absolut Peppar, tomato
juice, Worcester sauce, horseradish, celery
salt, Tabasco and a drop of Port will heal the
hangover blues!
When H.G Menckel said, “The Martini is the only
American invention as perfect as the Sonnet”
he wasn’t joking! We use Beefeater 24 gin with
a Noilly Prat rinse to complement this classic.
Hemingway’s favourite, we muddle fresh
English mint, sugar and limes then add Havana
Especiale over crushed ice for this cool,
ubiquitous summer drink.
Another one that Cuba made famous, Havana
Especiale Rum, limes and a touch of brown
sugar shaken over ice makes this sharp and
popular drink. Bonita!
Add Fruit + 50p Strawberry/Raspberry/
Passion Fruit/Spiced
Add Fruit + 50p Strawberry/Raspberry/
Passion Fruit
Old Fashioned
An absolute classic that exerts masculinity
with every sip. Woodford Reserve bourbon
stirred over ice with orange peel, bitters and
brown sugar.
Makers Mark bourbon stirred with Martini
Rosso with a dash of Luxardo Maraschino
stirred over ice build this elegant,
sophisticated drink.
A little keepsake of our old menu and Italy’s
most popular cocktail. Beefeater gin, Martini
Rosso and Campari topped with a dash of
Bitters create the ultimate Mediterranean
aperitif cocktail.
Mai Tai
A taste of Polynesia, we mix Havana 3, orgeat
syrup, Grand Marnier and pineapple juice and
finished with a Gosling’s float.
The official cocktail of Brazil, Sagatiba Cahaça,
plenty of fresh lime and brown sugar create
this refreshingly sharp taste of Mardi Gras.
Add Fruit + 50p Strawberry/Raspberry/
Passion Fruit
Originally from The Soggy Dollar Bar in the
British Virgin Islands, Pusser’s navy rum, fresh
pineapple and Pineapple juice blend together
for a bit of Caribbean flavor.
Mint Julep
Delicious and sophisticated, Wild Turkey
bourbon with coarse brown sugar and
fresh mint.
A refreshingly sweet and tangy mix of
Beefeater gin, crème de mûre, fresh
blackberries and a squeeze of lemon juice
served over crushed ice create this English
Long Island Iced Tea
No introductions necessary! Half a shot of
Absolut vodka, Havana 3, Beefeater gin,
Cointreau and Patron Silver shaken with lemon
juice and layered over a dash of Pepsi,
definitely not one for the lightweights
amongst us!
Amaretto Sour
Both sharp and sweet, this gorgeous drink
goes down rather easy! Luxardo Amaretto
and lemon juice with a touch of sugar make
this interesting and deliciously sour drink.
Amarula White Russian £6.00
South Africa meets Russia with our own take
on the classic. Amarula liqueur, Patron XO and
Absolut vodka combined with cream form the
perfect desert cocktail.
Bajan Carnival
Mount Gay Eclipse rum blended with Luxardo
Amaretto, caramel syrup and lemon juice
completed with a dash of ginger beer for
this sweet and spicy short.
Whiskey Sours
At Oak we agree with W.C. Fields when he said
‘when life gives you lemons, make Whiskey
sours’ hence we mix Monkey Shoulder, Lemon
juice and a dash of bitters for the perfect
thinking mans cocktail.
Gin Garden
A gift from Mother Nature herself, we use
Hendricks gin and St. Germain elderflower
liqueur with muddled cucumber, mint, green
grapes and Braeburn apple juice for this
natural beauty.
French Martini
Fun, flirty and fruity, a mixture of Absolut
Raspberri, Chambord and pineapple juice
create this sweet and foamy beauty!
Espresso Martini
A rich shot of Bristot espresso, Absolut Vodka,
Crème de Cacao and Patron XO shaken over
ice creates this perfect foamy pick-me-up
Lychee Martini
A taste of the orient! Kwai Feh lychee liqueur
shaken with Lychee juice and Absolut vodka
create this beauty of Beijing.
Pornstar Martini
Tastes much classier than the name. Absolut
Vanilla shaken with fresh passion fruit, vanilla
syrup and a splash of Passoa and finished
with a drizzle of Prosecco.
Heavy On The Heart
A mouth-watering blend of Bailey’s,
Chambord, Vanilla syrup and Milk create this
equally creamy and fruity little gem!
Palma Violette Martini £7.00
The Violet Martini done the OAK way to our
Dawn’s recipe! We cant tell you our secrets
but if you love Palma Violet’s, this is for you!
Il Rossano
Named after the man himself, Mirto Di
Sardegna Amaro with a touch of lemon and
ginger make this botanical beauty that’s
reminiscent of the sunset of Cagliari. Salute!
Bella Jordana
Oriental Apple and Ginger Absolut and Grey
Goose La Poire with muddled Lemongrass and
cranberry juice create this beautiful summer
drink that refreshes the palate with notes of
elegant spice.
Earl Grey Martini
Don’t fancy a regular brew? We use Absolut
Wild Tea vodka, home-made Earl Grey sugar
syrup and lemon juice for this quirky and
§surprisingly delicious martini!
High Roller
A real classic that boasts decadence and
sophistication, Martell VSOP Brandy, brown
sugar and bitters topped with Perrier Jouet
Kir Royale
Another classic we had to include, Crème de
cassis with Prosecco layered on top.
Aperol Spritz
The light, refreshing and fun Venetian drink
perfectly balances, Prosecco, Aperol
and soda to create a bitter-sweet flavour
with a beautiful orange colour and a
uniquely zesty taste that captures the
Italian spirit.
Apple Pie £7.00
Tastes just like the name! We take a Laphroaig
rinsed glass for that smoky-warm texture
and add the succulent blend of Zubrowka
vodka, home-made apple and brown sugar
syrup, Bols yogurt liqueur, fresh apple, a pinch
of cinnamon and a cream float!
Named after the only food worthy of the
Gods of Olympus, this delicious Greek dessert
cocktail tastes truly divine! Metaxa 7* Brandy
shaken with Frangelico, crème de cacao, Patron XO, cream and finished with a
nutmeg cross.
Jouet La Poire
An elegant, light and refreshing sparkling
drink that embodies the beauty of Paris. Grey
Goose la Poire vodka and St. Germain
elderflower liqueur lengthened with Perrier
Jouet champagne.
Vesper Martini
Made infamous as the tipple of James Bond in
Casino Royale, our version involves Beefeater
24 gin, Absolut Elyx vodka, Kina Lillet and a thin
slice of lemon peel. We do ours stirred not
shaken though, sorry James!
Becks Vier 4.0% £3.70 (1/2 £2.00)
Stella Black 4.9% £4.00 (1/2 £2.50)
Boddingtons 4.6% £3.60 (1/2 £2.00)
Briska Pear Cider 4.0% £4.00
(1/2 £2.50)
Guinness – £4.00
Estrella Damm – Spain £3.70
Estrella Inedit (75cl) – Spain
Peroni – Italy £3.50
Sol – Mexico £3.50
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