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The Newsletter of Quilters Connection
March 2015
President’s Letter
Dear Fellow Quilters,
QC's NEW LOCATION: At 7pm on March 16, the Search Committee will introduce you
to our new location with the presentation that had been planned for our February
meeting. You will see photos of our new location and hear the reasoning behind this
move. There will be time for Q&A if we begin the presentation at 7pm sharp.
The intrepid 50 who braved the snowbanks to come to the Winter Free Workshop were
rewarded with a lovely day of sewing, a warming lunch, and a first look at QC's future
Huge thanks go to Julie Weinstein and Monica Mehigan for their expert
organization (and for the wherewithall to transfer everything from Jan 24 to Feb 21), to
Ann Bonsett and Susan Stemporzewski for their new venue presentation, and to Louise
Cohen, Naomi Uesaka, and Esta Lichtenstein for the lovely lunch.
Quilters! It's showtime! I have a small piece finished (almost) for the show. How about
you? You will find details about entering the show in this newsletter, and there will be an
information table before the meeting on Mar 16. Instead of a raffle quilt this year, we'll
hold a Challenge Quilt silent auction like we did last year. The challenge is "What is your
Shape?" What is the shape that most intrigues you - a circle? a line? squares &
triangles? You are invited to play with your shape and see what you come up with. Last
year the silent auction netted $1,700 for the guild. Shall we see if we can surpass that
sum this year? We'll have instructions posted online and at the Mar 16 info table.
It is time to begin gathering names of members who will step up and take a more active
role in moving the guild forward. We are looking for people who are good with numbers
to take over for our Co-treasurers, who unhappily will be unable to continue. There are
other committee positions to be filled, so if you'd like to be instrumental in seeing the
guild progress, please send me an email or give me a call.
I can't wait to see you all at the meeting.
gathered with my guild!
It's been several long months since I've
QC is moving!
Come early to the March 16 meeting to hear all about it:
March 16 at 7pm in the Mosesian Theatre.
Executive Board
President, Deborah Rocha
[email protected]
2014/2015 Mee*ng Calendar Monday March 16 Judy Coates Perez Tuesday April 28 Nancy Crasco Vice-President
louise cohen
Monday May 11 Annual Business Mee>ng
[email protected]
Secretary, Eileen Kahan
[email protected]
treasurer, Marie Cotton
[email protected]
All events are held at
The Arsenal Center for the Arts
321 Arsenal Street, Watertown, MA Doors open at 6pm
Mee>ngs start at 7:30pm Non-­‐member guest fee: $10
Programs, Deborah Gonet
Annual Quilt Show [email protected]
May 29, 30, 31 2015 Membership Co-Chairs:
Debbie Kuhlman-Hussey
[email protected]
Sharon Monahan
[email protected]
Board of Directors:
Bea Grayson
Barbara Degan 2013-2015
nancy crasco
Past President: Elaine Stone
Quilt Show 2015
Mark your calendars for the Quilt Show
Entry deadline April 15th
Entries by mail only
Drop Off Thursday May 28th
Show Dates May 29-31st.
We will have flyers and posters at the
next meeting.
Please stop by our table and
pick up some flyers to post.
We will only get people to come to the
show if they know about it.
President: Deborah Rocha
Tricia Deck
newsletter Editor:
Laurie LaConte
Program Notes
March Speaker and Workshop: Judy Coates Perez
Membership Meeting: Monday March 16 7:00pm at the ACA in the Mosesian Theater
International award-winning mixed media textile artist Judy Coates Perez will join us from
Sacramento California on Monday March 16. Prior to her presentation “It’s All in the Process” on
Monday she will be leading two workshops on Saturday and Sunday “10 Textile Techniques using
Acrylic Inks”.
If you registered for one of Judy’s workshops please refer to the QC website at http://
www.quiltersconnection.org/workshops to double-check your workshop day and to review the
supply list so you’ll be prepared for class.
As a reminder if you have a scheduling conflict for the workshop you had signed up for it is your
responsibility to trade or “sell” your space to another member. The programs committee does not
issue refunds or get involved in brokering openings. You can always post availabilities as well as
take advantage of openings on the QC Yahoo email
Stay warm and safe!
Deborah Gonet
Membership News
QC Members,
It's time to renew your membership. With a new home for meetings next fall, it looks like QC is set for an
exciting year! There will be space for new members, so please encourage your quilting friends to join.
Sharon Monahan and I are unable to make the March meeting. We will resume passing out membership
booklets and name cards at the April meeting. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to
members. Your patience and understanding is appreciated!
Debbie Kuhlman-Hussey
Membership Co-chair
News and Notes
Art Quilts on Display in April
From the Studio of Beatriz Grayson, come to see a show of
her students’ work in Fiber Art. Two dozen artists’ work will be displayed.
Gallery of the Beebee Estate, 235 W. Foster Street, Melrose, MA 02176
Join us for an Artists’ Reception on Friday, April 10, 2015, 7PM-9PM
Visit the Gallery on Saturdays,
April 4, 11, 18 and 25, from 11AM-3PM
JoAnn Janjigian had a fiber art quilt accepted into the
show "Pursuing Justice Through Art: 2015",
A Multi-Cultural Genocide Exhibition and
Symposium, at the Whistler House Museum of Art,
Lowell Art Association, 243 Worthen St, Lowell, MA.
(978) 452-7641
The exhibit will be on display from March 18 through
April 25th, 2015.
Quilters Connection Challenge
What's Your Shape?
No,I don't mean the shape of you body! What is your favorite geometric shape? As quilt artists, we
are inspired by the visual world and use this inspiration to design our quilts. Geometric shapes are
the building blocks of both traditional or non-traditional quilt designs. We gravitate toward those
shapes that we find aesthetically pleasing and use them repeatedly in our quilt designs. This
challenge celebrates our diversity as quilt artists by focusing on the common element, the
geometric shape.
Create a piece based on your favorite geometic shape, such as circle, square, triangle,
octagon,rectangle, oval or one of the many other shapes. The geometric shape should be the
main focus of the design but other shapes can be included. The design can be abstract or
representational, traditional or non-traditional. Examples include a mini traditional quilt, an
embellished photographic print, or an abstract design.
The maximum size of the final piece is. 12 by 12. The piece should contain 3 layers (front, back
and batting) of any type of fabric. Embellishment can be used but should be attached securely to
the quilt. Attach a sleeve to the quilt for hanging. Please include a piece of wood with 2 holes T
either end.
Quilts will be sold by silent auction at the annual quilt show with the proceeds donated to charity.
Deadline for submission:
Thursday may 28,2015 at 10:00 AM
New England Quilt museum notes
Current exhibits:
Vibrant American Quilts from 1830 to the Present
January 14 through April 4, 2015
Guest Curator, Anita Loscalzo, brings her Passion for Prussian Blue to the New England Quilt
Museum with this dazzling array of unique, vibrant and diverse quilts assembled from private
collections, museums, and historical societies.
Prussian blue, a mineral colorant discovered around 1706, became an important pigment for
artists in the eighteenth century and a low-cost alternative to indigo for coloring textiles in the first
half of the nineteenth century. Fabrics colored with Prussian blue appear most frequently in quilts
made in the United States between 1830 and the mid-1850s.
The exhibition highlights the use of this vibrant colorant in textiles of the period, with explanation
of the various techniques used to make them in the context of the times.
The popularity of Prussian blue as a colorant for textiles coincided with improved printing and
dyeing processes developed in Europe and adopted in the United States. Contemporary quilt
makers have rediscovered the beauty of the color through the use of the cyanotype technique in
their creations.
Quilters’ Connection 2015 - 2016 Membership Form
Name: _______________________________________________(as will appear on membership ID)
Address: _______________________________________________________________
City: ___________________________________ State: _______
Zip: ___________
Telephone:____________________________________□ Do not print in membership booklet
Email:_______________________________________ □ Do not print in membership booklet
Regular: All Meetings, exhibit in show, take workshops, Quiltations by email
□ Associate:
2 Meetings, exhibit in show, take workshops, Quiltations by email
International: Living overseas, exhibit in show, Quiltations by email
Student: 2 Meetings, exhibit 1 quilt in show, Quiltations by email
Quiltations newsletter by mail
Payment enclosed
This membership is
□ Cash
□ Check # ______________
□ Renewal □ New
Please volunteer for one or more of the following positions or committees:
□ Comfort Quilt Projects
□ Communications (Yahoo, QC Website)
□ Publicity
□ Get-Away Weekend
□ Holiday Boutique
□ Raffle Quilt
□ Meetings (Adopt-a-Fabric)
□ Membership
□ New Members’ Reception
□ Newsletter
□ Nominations
□ Programs
□ Quilt Show
□ Caring
□ Winter Free Workshop
□ Your Special Talents _________________________________________________
Membership is from September 1 to August 31.
Return completed forms with payment so they are received by May 31 to:
(A-L) Debbie Kuhlman-Hussey 1 West Pine Dr. Walpole, MA 02081
(M-Z) Sharon Monahan
942 West St.
Walpole, MA 02081
Instruc(ons for 2015 Quilters’ Connec(on Show Entries:
Please par>cipate by entering your quilts and wearable art. We encourage every member to submit at least one quilt or wearable. Our show provides an opportunity to display our work and invite family and friends to see the magnificent display at the ACA. One of the founding principles of QC is that none of the pieces in the show are judged or juried. We want every member to feel great about submiXng their work to be on display. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new member… we want everyone to be represented.
• Entries are due by Wednesday, April 15, 2015.
• Mail completed entry forms to Susan Stemporzewski, 37 Litchfield Circle, Pelham, NH 03076. • Please include a 4 x 6 photo with each entry with your name, quilt name & size wri`en on the back. It is your responsibility to print your own photo.
• All first choice entries with forms fully completed will be accepted.
• Use a separate form for each submission.
• Each QC member is allowed up to 3 quilt entries and wearable arts are also encouraged. Please make sure your piece has not been in a previous QC show.
• For quilt entries, please indicate your first, second and up to third choices. Every effort will be made to accept everyone’s first and second choice for quilts. • If you have wearable art (vests, jackets, clothing, bags, etc.) we also encourage you to enter some of those. Please be sure to indicate if you have a body form to display it on.
Photos of your Entries:
The photos are used to determine placement of quilts in the show. Accurate representa>ons help us to group quilts effec>vely so that each piece is shown to its best advantage. The >me that you put into geXng an accurate image of your quilts helps to improve the show. We need an overall photo of the en>re piece – no close ups please. Please size it to 4 x 6 and include it with your entry form. No electronic photos, please.
2015 QC Quilt Show Registra*on Form -­‐ Quilts
Completed entry forms are due by Wednesday, April 15th, 2015
First Choice _______ Second Choice_______ Third Choice_______
Member Name_____________________________________________________
Email _____________________________________________________________
State______________________Zip Code_________________________________
Phone (Home)_______________________ (Cell)___________________________
Your local newspaper_________________________________________________
Year Completed________ Dimensions in inches: Width________Height________
Check if quilt is for sale. Price $______________
Check if quilt is not for sale. Insurance Value $____________
Brief Descrip>on
Quilted By_______________________________________________
Hand________ Machine_______________ Combina>on _________
Please include a 4 x 6 photo with your name, quilt name and size printed on back. Please send a separate entry for each quilt submission.
Mail completed forms to Susan Stemporzewski, 37 Litchfield Circle, Pelham, NH 03076. 7
2015 QC Quilt Show Registra*on Form – Wearable Arts
Completed entry forms are due by Wednesday, April 15th, 2015
Type of Wearable:
Vest__________ Jacket____________ Dress________________
Bag____________ Other, please indicate what it is_________________
Member Name___________________________________________________
Email ___________________________________________________________
State______________________Zip Code______________________________
Phone (Home)_______________________ (Cell)________________________
Your local newspaper______________________________________________
Year Completed_________ Size_______________ Check if wearable is for sale. Price $______________
Check if wearable is not for sale. Insurance Value $___________
Brief Descrip>on
Please include a 4 x 6 photo with your name, quilt name and size printed on back. Please send a separate entry for each quilt submission.
Mail completed forms to Susan Stemporzewski, 37 Litchfield Circle, Pelham, NH 03076. 8
Please read form carefully.
Name: _______________________________________________________
Phone: (cell)
___________________ Phone: (home) ____________________
Pre-show Tasks – Thursday, May 28
____ Quilt check-in 7:30 am – 9:00 am
____ Hang Show 9:00 am until finished
Members’ Night – Friday, May 29
____ 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Show - Friday, May 29 – Sunday, MAY 30
Gate – Hostess – Member’s Room – Demonstrations – Silent Auction
Indicate shift preference with 1, 2, 3, etc; we will do our best to accommodate you.
FRIDAY, May 29
_____10 am – 1 pm
____ 1 pm – 3 pm
____3 pm – 5 pm
____10 am – 1 pm
____1 pm – 3 pm
____3 pm – 5 pm
____11 am – 1 pm
____1 pm – 3pm
How many shifts can you work? One____Two____Three____
Anytime ____________
Yes !!!
Willing to do whatever needs to be done?_________Yes !!!
Any special skills: ________________________________________________
Do you need to have a seated job? ____________________________________
Return form to: NANCY HOWARD, 8 Cogswell Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140
You can contact Nancy at [email protected]
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