11.03.2015 - Ashburton Primary School

Ashburton Primary School
Fakenham Road Ashburton 3147
MARCH 11 2015
PH: 98852559 FAX: 98854703
Principal’s Report
Dear Families,
Resilience Parent Night
We are thrilled to announce that Hugh Van
Cuylenberg from the Resilience Project will be
speaking to parents about resilience on Monday
April 20 at 7:30pm in the school hall. I cannot
recommend this night highly enough to all our
parents. He is extremely engaging and very
thought provoking. You will walk away feeling
energised with prac.cal ideas to use at home. Type
in Hugh Van Cuylenberg into You Tube and you will
see two talks about Resilience and Gra.tude. Many
of his ideas we have adopted as part of our SMILE
Please register your interest by emailing the school
on [email protected]
School Council
Congratula.ons to the following people who have
been nominated on school council for 2015:
Patrick Stronell, Fraser McLisky, Joyce Chan, Paul
Radelczyk, Josh Brown (DEECD representa.ve) and
Natalie Nelson ((DEECD representa.ve)
School Council Members for 2015 are:
Sarah Quin, Robert Burns, Richard Zvirbulus, Patrick
Stronell, Fraser McLisky, Joyce Chan, Paul Radelczyk
and DEECD representa.ves Natalie Nelson, Julie
Gilbert, Michelle DiGiovanni and Josh Brown.
con.nue the work on improving numeracy with a
focus from 2016 on wri.ng, spelling and grammar
and punctua.on.
*Increase the acve parcipaon of students in
their extra curricular learning- a huge focus over
the four years will be on the integra.on of
mul.media into student learning.
*Improve each child’s capacity to create and
maintain posive relaonships - an evalua.on of
the SMILE program will occur and a look at SRC role
and developing ways for children to demonstrate
social responsibility.
*Improve the effecve and efficient use of school
resources – the focus over the next four years is to
introduce COMPASS to streamline processes,
manage the $900,000 on maintenance promised by
DEECD and manage enrolment restric.ons to keep
the school popula.on stable.
School Reviewer Report
The report from the School Reviewer, David Gurr is
available on the website. The summary of the
report states:
Students at Ashburton Primary School tend to perform
at level commensurate with the socio-educaonal
advantage of their families, with learning outcomes
consistently above state and naonal medians and
mostly at a level comparable to similar schools. The
mandated student and staff surveys, and a parent
survey that school has constructed, suggest that this is
an engaging and rich learning community where
students are encouraged and supported to do their
best. The school has benefi'ed over the previous
period from major improvements to the buildings and
grounds, resulng in a variety of high quality learning
spaces that facilitate contemporary approaches to
teaching and learning. The school is well led, with a
stable leadership profile that has helped the school to
not only minimise any adverse impacts of the building
program, but also to show significant improvement in
teaching and learning pracces. Staff plan and work
together to cater for the needs of all students, and
resources are both acquired and ulised to meet the
goals and improvement foci of the school.
The first School Council mee.ng will be held on
Tuesday March 17 at 7:30pm. Office bearers will be
elected at this mee.ng.
Ashburton Primary School Strategic Plan
2015- 2018
Thank you to the Strategic Plan sub commi4ee
members for their support and assistance with the
interpreta.on of data and the development of the
new Strategic Plan. The full document has been
endorsed by DEECD and is available on the school
website. In essence the goals of the Strategic Plan
Natalie Nelson
*Improve student outcomes in numeracy and
wring from prep to Year 6- the first year we will
Diary Dates
A&'()*+,- P*./0*1 S2',,3
Page 2
Balance of School Expenses Due Friday 13 March
Thursday 12 March
Fair Mee6ng 7.30pm
The balance of the 2015 School Expenses is due this
Friday 13th March.
If you paid a deposit only at the start of the year, the
balance will be deducted automa.cally this Friday 13th March
with the credit card number you supplied to Compass.
You don’t need to do anything further. The balance is different
for each year level and is listed below:
Preps: $232.30
Year 1, 2 and 3: $222.75
Year 4: $291.20
Year 5: $188.60
Year 6: $280.50
Any families that have Payment Plans set up with Trish, please
make sure you have updated all arrangements with Trish.
Friday 13 March
Sibling Photos Today
Sunday 15 March
Fair-2nd Hand Goods
drop off 11-2pm
Monday 16 March
Compass Bookings Open
for Parent Teacher
Wednesday 18 March
School Council 7.30pm
Saturday 21 March
Drop Off Lego Exhibits
Hall 10-2pm
Sunday 22 March
Tuesday 24 March
Curriculum Day Students
do not aGend school
Tuesday 24 March
12 noon-8pm
Friday 27 March
End Term 1 2.30pm
Monday 20 April
Parent Info Night
‘Resilience’ by Hugh Van
Cuylenberg 7.30pm
Tuesday 24th March-Curriculum Day and Parent
Teacher Conferences between 12-8pm
Tuesday 24th March is a Curriculum Day, children do not
a4end school.
On this day, Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held for all
students in Years 1-6.
If you have a student in Year 1 and 2-Parents and teacher
only meet.
If you have a child in Years 3,4,5 or 6—Parents, teacher and
student a4end the “3 Way Conference”.
From Monday 16th March you will be able to book in your .me on
Compass (look out for the Parent guide on making your Booking in
Compass coming home this Friday).
Grand Fair Raffle Tickets Due
All raffle .ckets are due back this Friday 13th
March-please return to the Office
A&'()*+,- P*./0*1
Page 3
Sibling Photos
Win a Block of Chocolate
A reminder that the Sibling Photos will
take place on Friday 13th March. If you
haven’t already paid and would like a
sibling photo taken, please collect an
envelope from the Office
Before & AOer School Supervision
A reminder to parents that children are
not supervised in school grounds before
8.45am in the morning and aUer 3.45pm
in the aUernoon. A teacher is on duty
around the whole school from
8.45-9.00am and from 3.30-3.45pm aUer
school and also one teacher assis.ng at
the 2 minute drop off zone.
Please donate a family size chocolate
block of any nut-free kind for the
Lob-a-Choc at the Ashburton Primary
School Grand Fair and come and try to
win it back on the 22nd March 2015.
Thank you to all of you who have already
Indigo W will be
singing and playing
piano at Assembly
on Monday 16th
March. She will be
performing ‘You
Belong With Me’
A&'()*+,- P*./0*1 S2',,3
Page 4
Smile Awards
James L 4KH His determina.on and persistence with his learning. Congratula.ons James, you are
making great progress with your learning.
Cate G 4DW For approaching all tasks with enthusiasm and her terrific efforts to ensure group work is
Compass is our main form of communica.on between school and parents. Please check Compass on a
regular basis. For important events that require parent consent or payment, an email reminder will be
sent to parents. Please make sure your email and contact details are up to date on Compass. Compass
does have an App for phones, however, for most ac.vi.es like giving consent or payments a PC or iPad is
best. Consent for excursions and payments cannot be done on your phones. If you are having any
problems accessing Compass please let the Office know. Tiqbiz will con.nue for the mean.me, however
will only be used for urgent alerts and reminders. Diary dates are best accessed via the school website or
the Newsle4er.
Congratula6ons to our SRC
Representa6ves who
received their badges at
Volunteer at The Grand Fair
To Volunteer your .me to help out
on a stall at the Grand Fair, log into
Volunteer Spot via the link on the
Ashburton Primary School Grand
Fair web page
A&'()*+,- P*./0*1 S2',,3
Page 5
Missing Bookclub
Are you missing a book from
We have two books at the
Office with no students name or
grade wri4en on the order
form. The .tles are:
1. Totally Rad book of secrets
2. Maths Puzzles ac.vity
Bookclub orders & money due
this Friday 13th March
A&'()*+,- P*./0*1 S2',,3
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