FS-ISAC Monthly Newsletter March 12, 2015 1 Newsletter Contents

FS-ISAC Monthly Newsletter
March 12, 2015
Newsletter Contents
FS-ISAC Webinars........................................1
Upcoming Events..........................................1
Annual Summit Approaching.........................1
Webinar: Introduction to FS-ISAC Alerts.......1
Webinar: fTLD Registry Webinar Featuring...1
2015 CEO Update and Member Newsletter..2
FS-ISAC Webinars
New Account Fraud - Understanding
Fraudsters Behavioral Prints
BioCatch | March 30
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Monitoring for Network Security
ThousandEyes | March 31
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Upcoming Events
Information Sharing Workshop
Bangalore, India | March 18
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Member Meeting
United Kingdom | March 19
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Information Sharing Workshop
Malaysia | March 23
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Cyber Threat Intelligence Training
Virginia | March 23-27
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Information Sharing Workshop
Singapore | March 25
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Advanced Threat Technical Exchange
Washington DC | April 13
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The Power of Community Defense
San Francisco | April 22
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Escape the Cold – Join Us in Miami Beach for the Annual Summit
• Compelling member sessions on topics including: sessions on data breaches and
lessons learned, utilizing cyber intelligence to augment your security operation and
defenses, case studies of security awareness practices, reviews and predictions of
security trends and threats.
• 13 panels of members and industry thought leaders on a variety of topics, including
Apple Pay, Third Party Risk management, collaboration between Retailers, Payment
Processors, and Financial Institutions, detection of insider threats, cyber defense
strategies and many more.
• Interact with hundreds of senior executives, including CISOs and industry thought
leaders from the world’s top financial services organizations.
The brochure offers full session descriptions and agenda at a glance.
Visit the hotel page to make your reservation.
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Webinar: Introduction to FS-ISAC Alerts, Basic Filtering Techniques
FS-ISAC’s number one goal is to get you the threat intelligence you need, when and
how you need it. While it may feel like there are many emails coming into your inbox
(new members especially experience this), there are ways to manage and filter alerts so
you get what you need. This session will review the best practices around formal alerts,
discuss high volume distribution lists and their purposes, and how to make informed
decisions to manage intelligence provided by FS-ISAC.
Date: March 24, 2015
US and Europe: 11am EST (8am PST, 3pm GMT, 4pm CET)
APAC: 9:00pm EST (9am SGT, 10am Tokyo, 12AM AEDT)
(save the date and watch for a portal announcement for the link)
(This Webinar is for Premier and above members. We’ll hold another version specific to Basic, Core
and Standard Members in a few weeks)
Webinar: fTLD Registry Webinar Featuring .Bank TLD Key
Business Values
Learn about fTLD Registry Services (fTLD) and the .bank gTLD. While this webinar will
focus on .bank, many discussion points will also apply to .insurance. Attend and learn:
• What services fTLD provides
• How to use .bank to establish higher levels of trust with clients and customers
• Enhancements to use in .bank to mitigate risk and build a high-trust environment
• Costs associated with registration and implementation, including registration fees,
security controls, and awareness and education programs
• Expected long-term value and savings to institutions and consumers from this hightrust .bank gTLD.
March 30, 2015; 12:30 pm ET
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FS-ISAC Monthly Newsletter
March 12, 2015
2015 CEO Update and Member Newsletter
March, 2015
Dear FS-ISAC Members,
2015 truly is the year for Information Sharing. From President Obama’s recent Executive Order “Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity
Information Sharing” to the recent Ramnit botnet takedown activities, Information Sharing is now front page, headline-grabbing news. FSISAC and our members have never been in a better position to take advantage of the trust we have developed (both member to member
and collectively) over many years of sharing. And we stand ready to do even more. I wanted to provide a summary of just a few of our key
accomplishments during 2014 as well as focus areas for 2015.
Achievements in 2014
• 173% increase in dues paying membership. The largest growth came from new International members as well Basic and Core due
to a focus on community institutions and smaller firms. We also added a new role: Business Relationship Manager, to help members
maximize their use of FS-ISAC resources.
• Partnerships leading to memberships & action. We collaborated heavily with FFIEC regulators, SIFMA, CUNA Mutual, the PA
Bankers Association and ABA to amplify the value of joining FS-ISAC. We partnered with the NCCIC to notify FS-ISAC member
institutions of malware infections detected by DHS.
• New Security Operations Capabilities. FS-ISAC invested in a new 24x5 Security Operations Center (SOC) operation with IBM in
Poland to support all members globally and better align with regional and time zone needs.
• New Sharing Forums, Communications. Members enthusiastically joined new European and APAC bi-weekly threat calls. They
exceeded attendance expectations at the first European Summit. They also provided positive response to the new Community
Institutions Weekly risk report. Our bi-weekly threat calls experienced a 176% increase in attendance.
• Next Generation of Intelligence Sharing. In partnership with DTCC, FS-ISAC launched Soltra, the joint venture to deliver a security
automation solution called Soltra Edge. 900 companies downloaded Soltra Edge within 60 days of launch. FS-ISAC also deployed
Soltra Edge as our central repository.
• Exercises & Workshops Continue to Grow. Over 1000 financial institutions participated in this year’s CAPP Cyber Simulation
Exercise. FS-ISAC also participated in US government exercises. 20 regional workshops in nine countries were held during 2014 as
well as 255 speeches and webinars. And, we added a highly lauded Members Technical Forum to our Summits.
• Strong Working Group Engagement. Existing groups experienced a 60% increase in participation. We added Asset Manager and
Broker-Dealer groups and an Insider Threat Working Group. We also activated Europe-specific working groups and committees
including Joint Working Group Initiative and the European Threat & Strategy Committee (ETSC). In Asia Pacific, we helped form the
Singapore Threat Intelligence Group amongst other regional activities
• Global Outreach Continues. FS-ISAC led in-person outreach to hundreds of members and potential members in Australia, Brazil,
Canada, Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and more. FS-ISAC also matured its liaisons with regional law enforcement
and cybercrime-related external relationships.
A Strong Start to 2015
• Botnet Takedown. FS-ISAC collaborated with Microsoft and other technology providers as well as appropriate law enforcement on a
4th takedown operation, this time against Ramnit-related botnet resources.
• Influence to Presidential Executive Order. Through Soltra, FS-ISAC participated in recommendations to help influence the
Presidential EO on information sharing. Our key message: FS-ISAC is in place and working, so let’s build off of what works well.
• Media response to Carbanak Hype. A technology vendor released a report that hyped the impact of Carbanak. FS-ISAC worked with
ABA to respond to media claims with a fact-based approach.
FS-ISAC Monthly Newsletter
March 12, 2015
• An Updated Portal. We have just rolled out an enhanced Secure Portal with features and capabilities our members have often asked
Looking Ahead
• Membership Growth & Support. FS-ISAC projects the addition of 1000 new members in 2015 and continues to improve the
onboarding and engagement process for members.
• New Products and Services focus. We have put in place a strategic initiative to identify the next generation of products and services
that our members need, have created a roadmap to deliver these products and services and added key executives to support these
• New Resources, Staffing. The Executive Staff and Board have done a comprehensive analysis of the staffing needs for FS-ISAC to
support the current and future needs of the membership. We are undergoing a productive re-organization to align around this plan,
while also identifying and hiring highly qualified new resources. We will have resources dedicated to Community Institutions as well
as Global Business Services.
• Expansion of Exercises, Training. FS-ISAC is planning a European-specific CAPP exercise as well as evaluating a potential APAC
exercise. We are now also offering a new series of comprehensive hands-on Cyber Threat Intelligence training sessions and continue
to evaluate additional training offerings.
• Additional Automation Solutions. FS-ISAC and DTCC continue to collaborate on Soltra and are deepening the Soltra solutions
roadmap. We are already seeing traction well outside the financial services sector and are looking for ways to leverage the potentials
of cross-sector sharing. We are also working closely with vendor partners to deliver a complete set of integration adapters for Soltra
• Enhanced Partnerships. FS-ISAC executive staff continues to collaborate with regulators to recommend membership, work with
industry associations and utilize partners in specific regions and countries to help achieve our membership goals.
• Helping Other Sectors Succeed in Sharing. FS-ISAC has been approached by multiple other ISACs to help apply our lessons
and best practices to other sectors. We continue to evaluate how we can best help others while also maintaining our commitment to
innovation on behalf of our members. We believe that any work we do with other sectors will directly result in improved cross-sector
It’s All for You
We undertake all these activities and investments on behalf of our members in order to improve the efficiency and efficacy of cyber and
physical risk and threat prevention and response. We are deeply appreciative of your active support and engagement.
And don’t forget to get even more involved, and get your colleagues involved:
• Utilize your circles of trust to share information and take action on it
• Sign up for our Annual Summit May 17-20, Miami Beach Florida
• Volunteer and participate in a working group. Start with Cyber Intel. Try the Software Automation Working Group. Engage with the
Payments Risk Council. Join the Community Institution Council. FS-ISAC working groups shape the future of this organization.
• Attend the Bi-weekly Threat calls, a regional workshop or an upcoming webinar.
Thanks for being a critical part of FS-ISAC. Looking forward to working with you 2015 and beyond.
Best Regards,
William B. Nelson
President, Soltra