Mrs. Glenys Alexander (Australia)

Mrs. Glenys Alexander (Australia)
Dog breeding and showing became a part of her life at a very young age
and Glenys became a partner in her family's well known Walamara Dobermann
Kennels at 12 years of age. There have been innumerous wins over the years
with well over 100 WalamaraChampions in several different countries,
including Australia, New Zealand, USA, Singapore, India and Greece and too
many Best in Show and Specialty winners to count, with hopefully many more
to come. One of their most famous dogs, American Ch. Calliope Night Sentry
(Imp USA) has sired nearly 80 Champions. After marrying into a Terrier
family Glenys began her infatuation with Smooth and Wire Fox Terriers and
was lucky enough to own and handle one of the biggest winning Terriers ever
in Australia. The Wire, American and Australian Ch. Aldee's Poncharelo of
Ana-Dare (Imp USA) won 110 Best in Groups and 85 in Show awards after
arriving in Australia at 4 years of age. Two other imports followed and several
Best in Show winners were bred under her own Ivanhoe Kennels. Whippets
wound their way into her heart when she acquired a dog in the mid eighties for
her son and several Best in Show winners and champions have owned them
since. She began handling a Pug in the mid nineties and currently has, in
partnership, Champions and Best in Show and Group winners. Judging called
Glenys at a young age and she was lucky to be encouraged by some gifted
mentors who gave of their knowledge gladly. Always interested in giving back
to the dog world, she has lectured and been involved in the training of judges in
Australia and several other countries. Judging appointments have taken her to
all states of Australia and other countries including New Zealand, India, Japan,
Indonesia, USA and the Philippines.
Mrs. Joanne Sewell
Joanne was born into a family with Smooth Fox Terriers (her
Grandfather bred them), then when she was 18 she received her first Cocker
Spaniel who lived to be 21. In the meantime Joanne fell in love with Old
English Sheepdogs in 1971 and still has three in her home. She has exported
to the U.S.A. and Sweden, and has over 38 Champions, two of them being
Grand Champions, around Australia and abroad. Became an All Breeds judge
in 1994. Been Secretary, Treasurer of many clubs, also currenty Chairperson
of all disciplines for Trainee Judges . Was on original Working Dog Club and
still President of that club together with President of Fremantle All Breeds
Dog Club. Is a Canine Councillor and past Chairperson of the Canine
Fundraiser Committee. She has judged in every state of Australia, many times
within New Zealand, U.S.A., Indonesia, Manila, Thailand, Japan, Sweden,
Denmark, Norway, Germany, Singapore, Ireland, Spain and Italy. Has judged
Best in Show overseas at least 25 times. So proud that her daughter now has 4
Groups and has enjoyed judging with her in Australia, New Zealand and
Mr. Yao-Ming Wong (Taiwan) Judge.3
Year of Birth: 1956
Qualification in the Dog World
F.C.I. All-Breed Judge
A.K.U. All-Breed Judge
K.C.T. All-Breed Judge
K.C.T. Judges Committee Member
K.C.T. Long-Coated Dogs Committee Member
Breeding Career
In 1976, he started breeding Boxer, Doberman Pinscher and German Shepherd Dog.
Under his affix “Ya Teng”, he has been active in show ring since 1979 with breeds
including Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier, Bull Dog, Wire Fox Terrier, Welsh Corgi
Pembroke, Chihuahuas, Shetland Sheepdog, Border Collie, Dachshunds, Golden
Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Miniature Pinscher, French Bulldog, West Highland
White Terrier, Toy Poodle, and Maltese. Championed numberless BOB, BIS with
home-bred French Bulldog, Toy Poodle and Maltese.
Judging Career
Qualified as All-Breed Judge in 1996. Has been judging at many shows in Taiwan
including the FCI International Dog Show. Has also judged in Philippines, Japan,
Hong Kong, and Thailand.
Mr. Kwon Sang Kook (Korea) Judge.4
Qualification in the Dog World
FCI All-Breed Judge
AKU All-Breed Judge
KKF All-Breed Judge
Chairman of KKF judging committee
KKF approved Groomer Master Grade
Breeding Career
Began breeding Bulldog at the end of 1970’s and after that has been also
involved in breeding Pomeranian, Pug, Toy poodle, Kerry blue terrier,
Yorkshire terrier and so on.
Judging Career
Approved as an all-breed judge in 1990.
Has been judging at many shows throughout Korea including the FCI
International Dog shows.
Has also judged at shows in China, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan,
Thailand and The Philippines.