Special ThM Instructions - Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Instructions for Registration: Summer and Fall 2015
1. Registration for all THM students begins on March 23, 2015.
2. Prior to registration, you must complete Term Check-In, which can be found on the Self-Service menu bar located
at the top of the screen.
3. Please register via Self-Service for all upper-level MDiv courses or continuous enrollment (THM8000).
Please consult Registration Help for assistance.
IMPORTANT: Some Courses WILL NOT be open to Online Registration—
o THM8500 Bibliographical Research
o THM8580 ThM Guided Reading I
o THM8581 ThM Guided Reading II
o THM8582 ThM Guided Research
o ThM Thesis (Consult with your Major Professor)
o PHD Seminars (Contact the Registrar’s Office at [email protected] for registration)
* Upon approval from the Th.M. Office and seminar professor
4. For Payments and Deadlines, the FACTS payment plan, and other Accounting Services information, please
refer to the Accounting Services section of CampusNet. The Accounting Office will be updating the
information on these links shortly.
5. If you plan on GRADUATING, submit a graduation application upon completion of registration. Applications
received after August 31, 2015, are subject to a $125 Late Fee. No applications will be accepted after September 25,
6. SUMMER 2015 Drop/Add Information: Students may add/drop a Summer Main Course up until Friday of the
first week of class. Students may add/drop Summer Short-Term Courses by the first day of class (for courses
scheduled to meet for one week) and before the 3rd day of class (for courses scheduled to meet for two or three
weeks) to avoid an academic penalty and loss of payment. After these deadlines, a student must withdraw from the
course (without a tuition refund) and can do so up until the last day of class.
7. FALL 2015 Drop Information: Please consult Registration Help for instructions on dropping a class. Please note
that after the last day to add classes on August 28th, the “Drop” feature on Self-Service will be disabled and you will
have to drop your class in person in the Registrar’s Office.
****************************** IMPORTANT NOTE ******************************
Fall 2015 registration changes after August 3, 2015 will be charged add and/or drop fees.
8. Academic Calendar
May 18- Aug. 7
August 4
August 17
August 28
August 31
September 4
September 25
Summer Term. Please note that individual class dates will vary.
Add/Drop Fees begin.
Fall Classes Begin
Last day for adding courses. All drops after this date must be made in the Registrar’s Office.
Last day to notify the Registrar of your desire to graduate in December.
Last day for dropping courses with a refund.
Final graduation application deadline.
October 5-9
October 30
November 13
November 23-27
December 1
December 9
December 10
December 11
Fall Break
Last day to submit Theses, Project Reports and Dissertations to Major Professor.
Last day to withdraw from a class and receive a “W.”
Thanksgiving Recess
Last day to submit Theses, Project Reports and Dissertations to The Library.
Last day of classes.
Graduation Rehearsal, Binkley Chapel
Commencement Exercises